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(   Unveiled at the Cool Products Expo 2003: Saddleco's "Flow" bicycle seat which promises to avoid "sore butts and genital numbness."   ( divider line
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2003-03-06 05:13:30 PM  
S: "You know the problems I've been having with genital numbness."

O: "You have some serious-ass genital numbness problems."
2003-03-06 06:15:54 PM  
I just need one of those things to help fix the genital numbness I get when I go to work.

Or maybe I should just see the doctor...
2003-03-06 06:33:17 PM  
I never complained about genital numbness. I kinda like it.
2003-03-06 06:34:40 PM  
don't masturbate with anesthesia creme!
2003-03-06 06:35:57 PM  
Genital numbness is winning the war on terror.
2003-03-06 06:36:40 PM  
No more swollen scrotums!
2003-03-06 06:36:42 PM  
2003-03-06 06:37:18 PM  
y'know this would be a good time to talk about prison life... but i'm not gonna do it.
2003-03-06 06:37:50 PM  
A bicycle seat smells divine in the heat!
2003-03-06 06:38:26 PM  
Anyone notice the last product?

Salt Lake City-based Trilogy Studios attended the expo to flaunt "MovieMask." Using the software, which costs $79, movie watchers can filter their DVDs in order to tone down or even eliminate the violence and bad language in films that MovieMask staffers have already edited. A child could theoretically watch "Saving Private Ryan" without the violence, or "Titanic" without the love scenes. For some people, that might really be cool.

Is anyone besides me entirely not surprised to find out this product comes from a company based in Salt Lake City?
2003-03-06 06:38:41 PM  
How I wish I were a bicycle seat...
Golly gee wouldn't that be neat...
Nestled between those creamy thighs..
Oh my I can't believe my eyes.
2003-03-06 06:41:55 PM  
Leave it to scientists to take the fun out of everything.
2003-03-06 06:42:29 PM  
Actually, riding for too long can lead to impotence and reduced sperm count. sad but true!
2003-03-06 06:42:47 PM  
Hey, I have those Logitech Z-680 speakers and they do rock.
I don't know about the "beefiest" speakers, but they sound great and you can get for $300-$350.

Now back to my other job...
"Cancer merchant! Cancer Merchant!"
2003-03-06 06:43:08 PM  
Whoops, forgot the link:
2003-03-06 06:43:35 PM  
Numbness taint nice.
2003-03-06 06:43:54 PM  
I use to ride alot and this is a real probelm. I cant really remeber genital numbness that much but the other is a big problem
2003-03-06 06:43:57 PM  
See, the thing about a bike seat and a sore ass is you have to ride fairly regularly and develop "saddle ass", or else it's gonna hurt when you just ride every other weekend or so. Ironically, the most comfortable saddles have very little or no padding.
2003-03-06 06:44:25 PM  
Fat Tuesday
Ash Wednesday
Scrotum Thursday?

does Drew know something we don't??
2003-03-06 06:44:47 PM  
I've been using a Specialized Body Geometry saddle. But this looks cool.
2003-03-06 06:46:06 PM  
"Actually, riding for too long can lead to impotence and reduced sperm count. sad but true!"

I see that as a win-win situation: ride more and don't have kids. If only that deal came with free ice cream
2003-03-06 06:46:17 PM  
I have to agree, Mr Beaverwood. I use a Troxel plain leather unpadded saddle, and it's damn comfy. I used to have a Velo Trishock, but the Troxel beats that hands-down.
2003-03-06 06:48:19 PM  
saddle ass is somethign that happens. but still, you bike enough you're going to lose blood to the no-no place and that leads to problems. this saddle looks nice to me and cheaper than most saddles. As cheap at least. I'm going to take a look once they're sold. Not sure I'll buy one as my seat is pretty comfortable, but if it's as good as they say it is then maybe it's worth it.
2003-03-06 06:50:56 PM  
I don't get the numb sac so much as a nice pleasant tingling.

But that's prolly not good either.

I wonder how much that thing weighs....
2003-03-06 06:54:23 PM  
Maybe it can alleviate the burning, chafing sensation associated with threads being shut down.
2003-03-06 06:56:47 PM  
an entire techno convention, and only three lousy pictures? sheesh....
2003-03-06 07:01:01 PM  
Welcome to the future kids
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-06 07:04:54 PM  
What happened to the Lepper bicycle saddle company?
2003-03-06 07:07:45 PM  
When my dad was in Japan at a meeting with Honda, they got to go down into the lab, and he met Asimo. Then the japanese said something in japanese that my dad couldn't understand and they all laughed.
2003-03-06 07:12:22 PM  
i want one of thoes Asimo thingee hope he knows how to make a good cocktail
2003-03-06 07:13:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Feel how cool and dry you are between your legs, an area that (for the most part) likes to be cool and dry.

Thanks, SaddleCo! I think I'll do just that.
2003-03-06 07:29:31 PM  
That has got to be one of the best web sites I've ever seen;
simple, clean, easy, even artistic. Good job, folks.
2003-03-06 07:30:15 PM  
Oh, and funny. Their writer is a hoot.
2003-03-06 07:31:12 PM  
Using the software, which costs $79, movie watchers can filter their DVDs in order to tone down or even eliminate the violence and bad language in films that MovieMask staffers have already edited. A child could theoretically watch "Saving Private Ryan" without the violence...

Wha-huh? Would the story still make any sense with all the violent scenes removed? Along those lines, I'm just dying to see the 15-minute version of "South Park the Movie".

2003-03-06 07:35:08 PM  
I'm talking about the SaddleCo site, mind you.
2003-03-06 07:38:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
That's one funky looking bicycle seat.

Wait, maybe you're supposed to ride it like a bicycle seat... I'll stick to walking, thanks.
2003-03-06 08:20:55 PM  
I can't believe nobody here has mentioned the best bicycle seat ever, the Brooks Saddle. I put a little over four thousand miles on one last year, so believe me I know.
2003-03-06 08:27:29 PM  
I am going to start riding more in the spring. I got a new bike for my birthday in november. it had a racing saddle on it. hurt like hell. got the massive padded old style saddle real wide. hurts like hell as well so I don't know where to go from there. I used to have a "saddle ass" but have not biked since like 92. eventually you get used to that but the scrotem thing is a differnt story.

of course I don't want no rug rats so it can do its worst, as long as I can still get it up.
2003-03-06 08:29:23 PM "hurts like hell as well so I don't know where to go from there."

Get a Brooks B-17 and you won't look back.
2003-03-06 08:32:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I love my loveseat!
2003-03-06 08:36:00 PM  
I like my Oasis Web Spring saddle. The synthetic suede surface of it is waterproof, neither slick nor hot, and requires no special attention. It's gel filled. It's a comfortable seat. And, at eight inches wide, it's enough to sit on without looking like a satallite dish.
2003-03-06 09:01:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-06 09:01:53 PM  
Is he KISSING the seat????

It doesn't look very comfortable at all.
2003-03-06 09:03:51 PM  
make sure your bike fits
learn to sit correctly on a saddle
its the seat bones you aim for

anything else leads to a numb dik

no problem 1000 or 10000 miles
2003-03-06 09:09:18 PM  
Bannerrefugee you make it sound like the seat doesn't matter. Trust me, the seat matters.
2003-03-06 09:20:17 PM  
The seat is the most important part of the bike. Its no coincidence that Lance Armstrong got testicular cancer. That shiat is a factor.
2003-03-06 09:20:50 PM  
A girl visits the Gyenecologist for the first time and is very nervous. The Dr. senseing this, asks the girl if she would prefer to be numbed up down there before the examination. Relived, the girl says yes. So the Dr. puts his face in her crotch and goes num num num num num num num.........lets hear it for genital numbness!!
2003-03-06 09:25:48 PM  
It looks like the same material that covers my Aeron chair.. Best.Chair.Ever. so i bet that seat is pretty comfy too
2003-03-06 09:32:37 PM  
I thought of that chair when I saw this saddle, but I forgot its name. I understand they are, indeed, the best chairs, ever.
2003-03-06 09:37:19 PM biker out of thousands of pros has to be chalked up as coincidence. I haven't heard of any decent studies that link biking to cancer (there are some shaky ones connected to impotence/low sperm count). Cancer is very unlikely to be caused by low blood flow, especially considering malignant cancers thrive in a high blood environment (the main danger). Low blood flow isn't going to cause any of the mutations necessary to create a cancerous cell.
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