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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Man donates $75,000 in loose change to church. Takes three trucks and 12 men to move   ( divider line
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2003-03-06 08:01:46 AM  
2003-03-06 08:50:04 AM  
I got a handful of change. How much heaven will that buy me?
2003-03-06 08:50:38 AM  
that's just pocket change. lets get a real story.
2003-03-06 08:50:47 AM  
Growing old is kind of nifty-keen. Maybe one day those silly scientists will find a cure for aging.
2003-03-06 08:51:20 AM  
Heh. We're saving pennies for our son. We want to see how many we can save up until he's 18. :)
2003-03-06 08:52:13 AM  
$75,000000.01 worth of used toilet paper as a donation. now that would be a real story.

2003-03-06 08:52:45 AM  
What I want to know is where did he keep it? Maybe I should read the article...
2003-03-06 08:52:55 AM  
"My parents were separated, and he was like a dad to me,"

See what a farked up childhood does to ya?
2003-03-06 08:53:18 AM  
Cool guy. He's now my favorite non-numismatist.
2003-03-06 08:55:39 AM  
they don't mint "half-dimes" any more. Nickels are the new-fangled work of the devil.
2003-03-06 08:56:23 AM  
"And once again tithing is 10% off the top. That's gross income, not net. Please people, don't force us to audit."

2003-03-06 08:57:24 AM  
If I spent all that time collecting them, you can bet your sweet ass I would be spending the shiat out of them somewhere other than curch.
2003-03-06 08:59:19 AM  
Hard to blame him really, it would take forever to roll all that change.
2003-03-06 09:02:35 AM  

Why not, weirder things have gone on in the forum.
2003-03-06 09:05:51 AM  
In a related story, 80% of the CoinStar machines in and around the twin cities seem to be malfunctioning.
2003-03-06 09:11:00 AM  
Lame. He should have just spent the shiat. What the hell is the church going to do with it? Send all of their teenage sunday school classes to Florida for a retreat?? Or maybe send them to Columbia for mission work for people who dont give a shiat? MOOOOORRRRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNN.
2003-03-06 09:11:38 AM  
That's a cool thing to do!! Maybe I should do that and make one big tithe when I'm older since I haven't been to church in SOOOO LONG.
2003-03-06 09:12:31 AM  
"I like to say that one of the purposes of the church is to help people spend their money wisely," Hazel said. "That's the idea of stewardship, and that's been the story of Mel's life. What he's got, he shares."

So ... "spend money wisely" == "giving it to the church".

I'm glad someone cleared that one up.
2003-03-06 09:16:22 AM  
No, Labberdasher, but if someone spends money wisely, they'll have more money to give to the church. The church no longer gets money from members who give all of their money to the church, die, and aren't able to tithe more money.
2003-03-06 09:19:02 AM  
Very generous of this guy, it obviously meant something to him....
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-06 09:20:50 AM  
-- opens desk drawer

/whoa, 14 cents...its a start
2003-03-06 09:21:53 AM  
See folks, this dumbass is the reason pennies still exist. He had roughly 2000$ worth (yes 200,000) pennies. The Mint insists that people "want" pennies -- if you're hoarding 200,000 of them then, yes, they're going to see that as a need. I think this idiot should be taxed heavily and then taken out in the street and horse-whipped for helping perpetuate the penny, then crucified for giving the church a bad name.
2003-03-06 09:23:57 AM  
I'd would have been funny if a tramp had asked him to spare a quarter and he came back the next day and dumped the $75,000 on his cardboard box.
2003-03-06 09:27:18 AM  
"Your change is $17.34, GoodyearPimp. Here's $17.30, because we don't keep pennies. Have a nice day!"
2003-03-06 09:30:50 AM  
Stevarooni - that's the difference between benevolent self-interest and evil self-interest? Ah, no. It's called "stewardship", he said.

Am I becoming cynical in my old age?
2003-03-06 09:31:22 AM  
Sounds good to me, Stevarooni... if you *really* need 4 cents, what are you doing wasting time on Fark?

Simple system: Round to the nearest 5 cents. In half the cases (assuming a very large number of purchases), you'd be 1 or 2 cents to the plus, in the other half 1 or 2 cents to the minus, so it evens out and no pennies are required. In your example -- 17.34 would round to 17.35 and I'm 1 cent to the plus, thanks.
2003-03-06 09:32:10 AM  
Hmm. My brain reversed the numbers in that headline, and I was wondering how three men managed to drive four trucks each.

I don't know why I even try.
2003-03-06 09:38:15 AM  
/off topic
Hey, Alto, how did your proposal go? I assume you're engaged now, right? Congrats.

/on topic
If my hubby was this eccentric, he would have been crushed under the weight of the coins years ago.

And why was he all of a sudden so concerned with his wife's safety? It would be fairly difficult to rob someone of 3 truckloads of change.
2003-03-06 09:42:43 AM  
GoodyearPimp, I'm all for purging the penny. Need to make room in the till for dollar coins.
2003-03-06 09:46:44 AM is up with the dollar coin? They minted all those dollars in 2000, people hoarded them (making an inflated demand even), they specifically engineered them to have the same properties as the anthony dollars (and thus work in most vending machines), yet that was it... they just stopped making them? What a tease that Sacajawea (coin) was.
2003-03-06 09:46:52 AM  
But then you get a Richard Pryor, and the economy goes into the tank. Plus, Kryptonite.
2003-03-06 09:51:14 AM  
There is probably more value in the coins based on the metals they were made with then the monetary value.

I remember carrying $150 worth in pennies... That was a pretty good weight.
2003-03-06 09:52:40 AM  
I'm putting away my cyninc mind and going to say. Right on man. I think it is a pretty righteous thing to do. Good for him. Also did you see he dontaed rental properties to families at risk. Maybe the world needs more weirdos like him.
2003-03-06 09:53:52 AM  

My cup runneth over.

And over and over and over...

2003-03-06 09:58:23 AM  
Sudie you saw that? Awww...she was floored, if you want to know. I took her to the grassy field outside my old apartment where I used to talk to her on the phone until my battery went dead every night, and gave her a fat notebook filled with things I had written her, and after she read it, I busted out the ring (she said yes). Some kids across the way started screaming "EEWWW, THEY'RE KISSING!! GET A ROOM!!," so we went and harassed them. A fun time was had by all. BTW, did anybody respond to that post? My work proxy blocks me from totalfark, so I couldn't get to it. Hope nobody thought I was rude and ignoring them.
[/off topic]

[on topic]
I estimate that the engagement ring about 2,500 pounds of pennies. Now THAT'S a lot of pennies!
[/on topic]
2003-03-06 09:59:18 AM  
RebelTycoon - mmmno. AFAIK, there were only few occasions where this was the case for a short while. I don't know, but I surmise that for instance a "pound sterling" did denote a pound of silver at one point - so you either had a pound of silver to lug around, or a neat banknote ... but I do know that even in Roman times soldiers were on occasion paid in essentailly worthless coinage. The value was derived from, I guess, the nifty weapons the ex-soldiers carried around, and the general power of the empire: accept the coinage, or get nailed to a tree. Forge it, and get nailed to a tree in itsy bitsy pieces. Bit like the Secret Service today.

Oh, you were being frivolous?
My bad.
2003-03-06 10:01:52 AM  
Alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax - you molested some kids together with your fiancee? Dude - cool. She sounds like a keeper.

2003-03-06 10:04:55 AM  
You had about 9 or 10 suggestions on that post, Alto. Are you saying you didn't use mine? ;)

Congratulations again to both of you.
2003-03-06 10:13:44 AM  
I did tell her that I want to name our first three children "Sudie," "Fark," and "Drewcurtis Reed," if that counts.
2003-03-06 10:21:45 AM  
Congratulations Alto
2003-03-06 10:22:45 AM  
alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax Dude you rock, molesting kids and passing out in fields when your batteries died. And giving your fiancee your notebook so she could do your homework. Geez I suck, I just left the ring in the bathroom cabinet with a note when I aked my wife to marry me. (True story)
2003-03-06 10:28:24 AM  
hmmmm, this church is putting the money towards a $5 million remodeling... im wondering what kind of remodeling costs that much money. i think theyre making some kind of lab where theyre breading dogs with wings
2003-03-06 10:43:24 AM  
Nah, Alto, don't name 'em after me. Just give me naming rights. Three kids, huh? Pretty damn ambitious, lol.

You'll love the married life. *cough* Really.

/ends threadjack
2003-03-06 10:43:26 AM  
Hrm...they're breading dogs? Where I come from those are called "corndogs."

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...corndogs and wings...

2003-03-06 11:01:41 AM  
I find about that much everytime I clean out my car.

And by "clean out my car" I mean stealing those little cardboard things they put in stores to collect quarters for sick kids.
2003-03-06 11:23:32 AM  
Strange to see the word "loose" actually being used correctly on the internet.
2003-03-06 11:31:12 AM  
Alto- I saw that post in TotalFark too. I even commented on it. I'm really glad everything worked out so well!
2003-03-06 11:32:47 AM  
wow that's a lot of change...........
i hate pennies!

2003-03-06 11:39:28 AM  
Oliver North made a donation to a church?
2003-03-06 11:39:56 AM  
I'm not surprised to see so much criticism of the guy from Farkers. The guy is trying to make the world a better place. You critics go ahead and spend your money on beer and porn, because you really are superior. Dumbasses.
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