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8859 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2003 at 8:53 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-06 11:59:07 AM  
In other news: Man creates engine that runs on straight peanut oil. His name: Rudolf Diesel
2003-03-06 11:59:16 AM  
Sunflower oil, soybean oil and even opium poppy oil have all been tested as potential fuels.

Meanwhile, back at the engine-test facility:

"Duuuuude... these emissions RULE... Whoa, everything's SPINNING and shiat..."
2003-03-06 12:04:43 PM  
Hell with these damn dirty diesels. I want a Rotary engine that burns HYDROGEN.
2003-03-06 12:07:05 PM  
Wh0mprat "My point is that if it were that easy to make my own fuel in useful amounts, I probably would. But to make enough of it starts to be a full time job. Collecting 'free' oil, running the process, pouring it into fuel cans, cleanup, etc - would take a long time."

It's really quick and easy. My system is self-cleaning. I just press a few buttons and it makes the fuel. Took $300 to build. It's basicly 1/2 of a 55 gallon drum a mixer, some timers and tubing.

Looks like this, only uglier:

I live in an apartment too, and I make the stuff, or used to. I sold my car when I moved to the city. I ride the bus now. My processor is collecting dust.

It was well worth the savings. Worked out to about $20 per hour of work.
2003-03-06 12:08:14 PM  
Wh0mprat: Today's diesels are cleaner than regular engines. Better mileage too. That's why diesel cars sell so well in Europe.
2003-03-06 12:15:10 PM  
You can also get some of the leftover Cream of Sum Yung Guy from one of the local Chinese restaurants.
It run about as well as my nut oil.
2003-03-06 12:24:35 PM  
Mike So if it's such a good bargain (which it seems to be) what's stopping it from being more mainstream?

I could run a wee fuel operation in my Mom's forge (yes, my mom has a forge) and sell the diesel to...local farmers?
2003-03-06 12:26:02 PM  
"Nut oil, olive oil, rapeseed (canola) oil, corn oil, palm oil, peanut oil, beef fat, pork fat etc. etc."

Mike Weath fuel is fat people!
2003-03-06 12:28:19 PM  
Oh God.

Fuel Club. We'll steal fat from liposuction clinics and make fuel out of it, and sell it to rich people.
2003-03-06 12:29:09 PM  
"So if it's such a good bargain (which it seems to be) what's stopping it from being more mainstream?"

Nothing but a lack of knowlege by the general public. Biodiesel companies have no incentive to tell you, nor do oil companiers, and the government would loose tax money. Nobody has the incentive to tell people except environmentalists.

"I could run a wee fuel operation in my Mom's forge (yes, my mom has a forge) and sell the diesel to...local farmers?"

Or truckers, or people with diesel cars, generators etc. The catch is, with the taxes the government puts on bniodiesel's sale, the savings over regular diesel is virtualy nil, if it's not even more expensive. That's why I made my own. Much cheaper than buying it, even if I had to buy the oil.
2003-03-06 12:29:31 PM  
2003-03-06 12:30:49 PM  
Actually, a byproduct of the fuel making process is soap....

'course iut's usualy black or brown whyen I make it, so I doubt it would sell well. I just gave it to my mechanic, or composted it.
2003-03-06 12:34:21 PM  
Wh0mprat: BTW, if you still want a rotary engine car that runs on hydrogen, these guys might be able to help:
2003-03-06 12:38:42 PM  
I am serious. I don't want to give one more goddamn penny to planet-raping oil companies.

I think Mazda was working on a hydrogen-powered Rx-7 using metal hydride tanks. W00t.

Say, how cost effective would in be to extract hydrogen from biodlesel (or straight form the oil?)
2003-03-06 12:40:30 PM  

Yeah, I've seen the Monito site. I was all over it looking for pics of the RX-8 18 months ago.
2003-03-06 12:43:00 PM  
Selim believes may explain why the engine runs more quietly on the nut oil.

hehe, nut oil.
2003-03-06 12:44:16 PM  
Hydrogen extraction from biodiesel? My guess would be not very effective. What's wrong with extracting it from water?
2003-03-06 12:45:18 PM  
Actually, now that I think about it, you could probably use bio-diesel or plain oil in one of those multi-fuel fuel cells.
2003-03-06 12:49:34 PM  
The cost of the electricity usually exceeds the value of the hydrogen. That would change if there were more demand, though...and electricity coems from fossil fuels plants. We need more nuclear reactors. Forget hydrogen from water.

GM has a converter that turns gasoline to hydrogen. And most industrial hydrogen suppliers get hydrogen fromnatural gas - they blast it with steam.
2003-03-06 12:54:47 PM  
Cripes, I should just open a diesel station on Dixie Road in Mississauga. Thousands of trucks go by every day. yI could make the fuel fresh on site.

Hot damn, this tech could mean the decentralization of the fuel industry! Assuming the real world doesn't lay the smack down on a perfectly legal business operation :)
2003-03-06 01:00:38 PM  
I don't know why I bother ... but those of you saying that this is research is coming out of Saudia Arabia:

"To test jojoba in engines, Mohamed Selim and his colleagues at the United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain and at the Helwan University in Cairo" Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are NOT in Saudia Arabia.

And those of you saying that this only grows in Saudia Arabia: "The plant has been grown for decades in the American south-west and north-west Mexico. It is now cultivated throughout South America and in several Middle East countries."

I know that on Fark facts mean very little but I thought I should point this out. You may now continue your Arab bashing.

2003-03-06 01:01:06 PM  
In Britain, they'll pull you over and fine you for burning bio-diesel. Now you'd better hope your exhaust doesn't smell like shampoo.
2003-03-06 01:15:20 PM  
Whomprat: Decentralized fuel production would be easy with biodiesel. With all the greasy food around, and the requirement to dispose of used cooking oil speerately from other trash, restauraunts would have no problem with selling or giving it to gas stations. i'm sure there's more than enough cooking oil to fuel a good portion of the country. I'd rather just make my own. Screw paying taxes.
2003-03-06 01:18:56 PM  
But watch out for the grease-trap cartels. They will fricking END you. :)
2003-03-06 01:21:19 PM  
If you actualy made a viable business model selling biodiesel, you'd quickly be undercut by McGas, Gas King and Gas Bell. And Let's no forget Kentucky Fried Gas.
2003-03-06 01:25:51 PM  
Yep. Damn dirty corporations.
2003-03-06 01:28:42 PM  
StrikitRich: Only if you don't pay the tax. You can buy it from a bunch of filling stations in England.

Europe is way ahead of us on this. They have more diesel vehicles on the roads though.
2003-03-06 01:50:05 PM  
Not that I know many scientists advocating using electrolosys to get H2 from water, but one upshot of getting it from your electric plants (fossil fuel powered or no) would be that almost all of your pollution would be concentrated at one source. The use of scrubbers and other filtration systems could reduce pollutant content of the air on a massive scale.
2003-03-06 01:54:02 PM  
sweet, i can't wait for Shell or Exxon to get that bill through congress making jojoba plants illegal for da peoples ta own...
2003-03-06 02:21:37 PM  
Somebody tell Mad Max.
2003-03-06 02:36:13 PM  
I'd be happy to run my car on opium oil.

If it broke down i could "siphon" the stuff into my body to pass the time.

"Did you call for the AAA?"
"Dude... You'd look a lot hotter with a revolving bowtie!"
2003-03-06 02:58:20 PM  
Let me get this straight - some researchers/students from the UAE want to help us lower our dependance on their oil?
2003-03-06 03:04:57 PM  
Now it is jojoba's turn.

Hey, yeah, just like they said in 1983 and 1986 and 1988 and 1992 and 1996.

They've said jojoba oil would be the next big thing so many times that it's just got to be true this time.

Infrastructure is lazy, people. It doesn't want to change. Corporations are about inherency, not vision. It takes a lot of push to make a revolution in agriculture or energy or construction, etc. Jojoba oil would've been a great idea in the 70s, too, but no one ever switched over.

Don't hold your breath. Until gasoline and diesel gets up to over $5 a gallon, consumers won't care and big corporations certainly won't try.
2003-03-06 04:07:20 PM  
RandomAxe: What does it matter if the fuel ifs from jojoba, or corn, or canola? The infrastructure HAS changed, and biodiesel is widespread. Just not in the US.
2003-03-06 04:42:54 PM  
Don't tell my Dad about this. He's still waiting to become a gazillionaire from the earthworm farm he sank his retirement fund into...
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