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(iWon)   Female Russian soldiers hold beauty pagent. No one wins   ( divider line 69
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20112 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2003 at 9:47 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-06 09:48:41 AM  
2003-03-06 09:49:18 AM  
The winner will be announced on the eve of March 8, International Women's Day and a public holiday in Russia.
2003-03-06 09:50:07 AM  
Are you suggesting Russian lesbians don't all look like Tatu?
2003-03-06 09:50:32 AM  
I think my favorite part of the story is that it was linked from

2003-03-06 09:51:36 AM  
Hey I hear in that Russian Soviet place.. the Soliders beauty pagent you... or something like that...
2003-03-06 09:52:07 AM  
2003-03-06 09:52:41 AM  
VERY weird. I was in Russia in October, and I can tell you that the women in the military-like uniforms for their customs/immigration service were amazingly gorgeous.
2003-03-06 09:54:00 AM  
We hope to promote the defense of the fatherland...

I thought that Russians referred to Russia as the "Motherland" and that Germans referred to Germany as the "Fatherland"

(at least what I learned from "Hogan's heroes)

Anybody know what the deal is with that?

(oh, yeah, and that you can slip a microphone into picture of Hitler without anyone knowing...)
2003-03-06 09:54:30 AM  
The poster didn't read the article, and neither did a lot of people who have replied thus far
2003-03-06 09:55:01 AM  
GIS for "russian soldier"

Not that surprising that no one won.
2003-03-06 09:55:39 AM  
March 8, International Women's Day:

Cause for boobies????
2003-03-06 09:59:35 AM  
wasn't the ex-Ms. Universe former Russian Military?

She was pretty damn hot. An uber-beyotch, but hot.
2003-03-06 10:01:02 AM  
Clicked the link, and apparently Iwon.

2003-03-06 10:01:57 AM  
Call me strange but uh...while in Russia for a soccer tourney...I noticed a startling (sp?) lack of black chicks. Then again after any length of time in Russia im surprised that I'M still black. geez it was cold.
/frozen farker
2003-03-06 10:04:09 AM  
Call me strange but uh...while in Russia for a soccer tourney...I noticed a startling (sp?) lack of black chicks. Then again after any length of time in Russia im surprised that I'M still black. geez it was cold.

/frozen farker
2003-03-06 10:04:53 AM  
2003-03-06 10:05:38 AM  
Yes that's what the world needs, more farking beauty pageants. Meh.
2003-03-06 10:05:48 AM  

Not a Russian...but a military motif!
2003-03-06 10:05:51 AM  
ba ba ba da ba(debris slide!)
2003-03-06 10:05:58 AM  

These beautiful comrades are waiting to meet YOU!
2003-03-06 10:06:16 AM  
I know a russian girl, and she's white. I must therefore confirm that EMKid is totally correct.
2003-03-06 10:08:48 AM  
FarkerJew, IWon actually owns My Way. When I found out about that I was very hesitant to use My Way, but thus far (I think it's been several months now) it's been no problem, I've received no spam or popups, and they provide a great customizable home page which I use daily for news, etc. I thought that it being owned by IWon would be a problem..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing changes. But for all I know they're quietly collecting the email addresses of everyone I send mail to....
2003-03-06 10:09:37 AM  

These beautiful SBS girls are waiting to reject YOU!
2003-03-06 10:10:27 AM  
where are the pics guy?
2003-03-06 10:11:03 AM  
No one's russian toward the manly women, eh?

I'd rather keep my distance.
2003-03-06 10:11:45 AM  
The headline would have been funny... if it was true. There are some very attractive Russian women. There are ugly ones too, just as there are ugly American and European women.
2003-03-06 10:11:57 AM  
But can you order a Black Russian in the local Паб?
2003-03-06 10:12:31 AM  
Fluffypancake: Nice collection of "battle axes" in that firstus-postus of yours....
2003-03-06 10:13:06 AM  
Have you all ever met any Russian women?

The few I have met are damn HOT. Definitely give US-bred cuties a run for it. And they usually aren't as stuck up as American biatches.
2003-03-06 10:13:14 AM  
Ð' ÐiовÐuтской России красота пагÐuнт выигрываÐuÑ‚ Ð'ас!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
2003-03-06 10:14:05 AM  
I don't know about women in the Russian military, but there are some truly beautiful babes from Czechoslovakia and Russia who shatter the old stereotype of U.S.S.R. female Olympic weightlifters.
2003-03-06 10:16:05 AM  
Oasics: That was funny, but not "ha-ha" funny....

I can't believe no one commented on my pic of Catherine "Taco" Bell
2003-03-06 10:16:12 AM  
Hope you were able to find warmth. Guy I work with gets these Russian bride magazines (looser) they never have "black chicks".
2003-03-06 10:16:30 AM  
I have been to France, and do verily support Korzeniowski. The nude/topless beaches were a plus as well.

(...says EMKid as he reapidly tries to retract flamebait offered earlier)
2003-03-06 10:17:43 AM  
Whoever posted this (and anybdy else who still thinks Russian babes are fat higs in potato sacks) obviously hasn't been keeping up with the last ten years of pr0n!
2003-03-06 10:20:35 AM  
Thank you Bass555 what is that beast you are wielding in your profile?

I just bought a Zon Legacy Elite 5 string and so far I am deeply in love with it.

Ð' совÐuтской России бас играÐuÑ‚ на Ð'ас!
2003-03-06 10:21:02 AM  
2003-03-06 10:21:05 AM  
"In shchovetskoy Tsnbsp;ossii the beauty of pagent wins you!"

Damn you Babelfish!
2003-03-06 10:22:08 AM  
THIS guy LIKES White Russians.

2003-03-06 10:23:08 AM  
obviously hasn't been keeping up with the last ten years of pr0n!

Well, I just did a GIS for "Russian Babes" with the safesearch filter off.

Lots of wang.
2003-03-06 10:23:09 AM  
Wouldn't this article be more interesting/relevant on March 8th?

2003-03-06 10:25:27 AM  
2003-03-06 10:30:52 AM  
Oasics: That is a Warwick Corvette 5; she doesn't see a lot of action anymore, though; mostly play my fretless Lakeland 5 or my StingRay 5
2003-03-06 10:37:10 AM  
You know kids, back in the day, there was this Russian track star named Irina Privalova who had the most awesome legs anywhere. If she was in the army, no contest. That is all.
2003-03-06 10:37:21 AM  
In my mind I'm seeing the old Wendy's commercial of the Russian fashion show. Very nice.
2003-03-06 10:37:49 AM  
2003-03-06 10:39:12 AM  
Mmmmmm Stingray, now that's a spicy meatball!

I've got my Zon, and Fender P (original not dated though :-( )

To my shame I also have a BC. Rich Warlock (I was young and really stupid)

and a crappy 80's Fender Jazz that I cannot be parted with cause she's horrid but shes mine. you know what I mean.
2003-03-06 10:40:27 AM  
Every time I go to a rave, complete strangers ask me if I'm Russian. What's all that about?
2003-03-06 10:45:49 AM  
Re: Catherine Bell.
She speaks Russian on JAG. Close enough!

Xfools: dang. The translator module in Sherlock (Mac OS X) didn't even do that well, but it was close. :)
2003-03-06 10:48:37 AM  
Russian women are stunning. Tall blond and generally have good figures. My girlfriend is half russian and she is hot.

However it's like one of those countries like Italy where age does not treat them kindly :)
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