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(Telegraph)   British 'Millionaire' TV show coughs up grand prize to alleged cheater whose method wouldn't fool a grade school teacher   ( divider line
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28548 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Mar 2003 at 3:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-05 10:11:05 PM  
best line of the whole thing is when they refer to his wifes occupation. "...a nursery nurse" lol
2003-03-05 10:23:15 PM  
i would love to see someone try that on the american show, with our simple questions.
"How many stars are on the American flag?"
2003-03-06 01:12:19 AM  
The cougher is clearly audible on the tape, masking the word "No" behind a splutter. Ingram changed his mind and opted for Paris, the correct answer.

One of the funniest things I've read this year.
2003-03-06 01:20:43 AM  
The top question was about the number googol? Are you farking kidding me? I've known what that was since I was about 10 years old!
2003-03-06 02:17:29 AM  
The next thing you know people will claim O.J. killed his wife and Ron Brown. Heaven help us.
2003-03-06 03:23:15 AM  
Whelmed - what?! How dare you slander the man's sterling reputation?! Shame on you sir!
2003-03-06 03:24:17 AM  
Yeah, Random, agreed that 'Googol' was easy. However, bear in mind that the show hasn't coughed up the top prize - when there were questions, I belive they stopped the cheque so he never really got it in the first place. Hence it went to court.
2003-03-06 03:30:52 AM  
The cougher is clearly audible on the tape, masking the word "No" behind a splutter.


2003-03-06 03:33:23 AM  
The guy's wife and brother-in-law were both on the show previously, winning $32,000 each. hmm... pretty shady if you ask me.
2003-03-06 03:33:56 AM  
me sick of teevee
2003-03-06 03:35:36 AM  
ricardomontalban LMAO!!!
2003-03-06 03:43:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-06 04:00:06 AM  
The next thing you know people will claim O.J. killed his wife and Ron Brown. Heaven help us.

yeah,or even that other dude his wife was screwing.....ron goldman.
2003-03-06 04:08:02 AM  
Much better headline than the one I submitted.
2003-03-06 04:11:37 AM  
what i want to know is how in hell you can almost pull off scamming the millionaire producers out of a million pounds and NOT know that baron haussmann redesigned paris or what a googol is.

i mean, those things are basic knowledge. or, at least, they're things i've known since i was about nine years old. i remember i had this book that was really simplistic, about cities. it was like "After the Great Fire a long long time ago, Christopher Wren helped to redesign London! He built lots of pretty buildings, like this Church!" "Baron Haussmann was the Chief Builder Guy in Paris in the 1800s, and he paved streets through the busy city. Some people were mad, but they were poor people so it didn't matter"
2003-03-06 04:19:29 AM  
Google on Googol

Thanks Knickers, as the submittor that's really cool to hear!
2003-03-06 04:25:36 AM  
Am I like the only person out there who can't see these telegraph links?
I'm getting the feeling I am.
Poor me.
2003-03-06 04:37:52 AM  
You have to sign up (submit personal info) in order to see telegraph links -- not a big deal but it does suck. I'm getting tired of all these sites wanting people to sign up in order to see the page -- that's not what the internet is supposed to be about.
2003-03-06 04:54:41 AM  
2003-03-06 05:36:42 AM  
I never signed up for anything on Telegraph and I can see everything.
2003-03-06 05:36:47 AM  
That's odd. I can see Telegraph links just fine and I've never signed up. ESPN links on the other hand always give me a 404 error even if I click it right when it's posted. That's ok I guess. Sports suck.

2003-03-06 05:37:25 AM  
Why you gotta knock on grade school teachers?
2003-03-06 05:38:45 AM  
Because nobody likes a low grade teacher.

Thanks folks. I'm here all week. Try the tofu.
2003-03-06 05:41:15 AM  
Coming soon..

Who Wants To Be In A Multimillion Pound Lawsuit?
2003-03-06 05:47:00 AM  
The Major's next appearance will be in:

'Who Wants To Pick Up the Soap in the Prison Shower?'
2003-03-06 05:50:24 AM  
Ok, wtf is with the sign-ins. This link shouldn't have even gotten approved.

login: fark­l­og­ins[nospam-﹫-backwards]kr­af*com
pass: fark
2003-03-06 05:54:55 AM  
wtf are you talking about, KnightShyfte? I don't have to log in to read the article...

2003-03-06 05:58:07 AM  
Well fvck, let's start an argument over it all ready.
2003-03-06 05:58:17 AM  
"We were inverted Ma'am"

"Bullshiat" *cough*
2003-03-06 06:00:29 AM  
To see the article, try the "drag and drop" method. (Click on the explorer icon at the far left of the address bar and drag it into the address area.)

I can't see the Telegraph articles until I do that.
2003-03-06 06:03:29 AM  
JackRabbitSlim -

Good one!

I didn't sign up and I could see the links just fine.
2003-03-06 06:23:21 AM  
or just click on the printer icon and read it in the popup.
2003-03-06 06:49:51 AM  
SGI and Linux* Simply the best
2003-03-06 06:55:03 AM  

Top Gun, innit?
2003-03-06 07:01:47 AM  
hiller is a fag
2003-03-06 07:06:19 AM  
I've tried the various methods mentioned here and I get the banner across the top and the sidebar, but no article content, no error, nothing saying 'now, be a good chap and log in'.
I do a view source on it and it tells me I'm looking at fark farker's telegraph.
This happens at work and at home for me.
So it seems to be either an IE 6 problem or a problem with my ISP not getting along with that limey site.
2003-03-06 07:07:04 AM  
So, I decide to try it just one more time.
And it works.
Blah. Wasn't worth it.
2003-03-06 07:28:44 AM  
"And I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids."


For what it's worth, I've never had any trouble reading Telegraph links. Hate the link, not the linker.
2003-03-06 07:32:14 AM  
Kaveman: of course. You are Barry White. (right) Not in the least bit obscure!
2003-03-06 07:51:22 AM  
I always get a login prompt at this site, as KnightShyfte says fark­l­og­ins[nospam-﹫-backwards]k­r­a­f*com and password fark does work.

It is possible that some of you are carrying a cookie from a previous login if you don't use any cookie control , blocking or spoofing referrers might also cause the login page to display?

Then again it may just be more general interwebthingee weirdness.
2003-03-06 07:52:40 AM  
is the grass realy greener on totalfark?
2003-03-06 07:55:13 AM  
I'm surprised that the show didn't toss the cougher out of the room after the first one. Maybe they wanted to leave him there and hope that he farked up and lost the guy the big prize, and even if he won, they could deny him the cheque.

If so, very clever.
2003-03-06 08:14:30 AM  
2003-03-06 08:24:28 AM  
Those crazy Brits. That's a cheating method we came up with back in oh,....second grade!!
2003-03-06 08:29:06 AM  
Some people were mad, but they were poor people so it didn't matter

Does it ever, really?

My take on Who wants to be a Millionaire - Russian style:
"Who wants to eat a meal!?"
2003-03-06 08:54:06 AM  
Didja notice when this took place? September 9 and 10, 2001.

I think Osama was in on it. He needed the million pounds to buy those airline tickets.
2003-03-06 09:29:07 AM  
Serves 'em right for providing such shiatty TV in the first place.
2003-03-06 09:33:41 AM  
"To see the report or section you have just selected, you need to login, or register if you have not previously done so. Registration takes a moment and gives you access to deeper levels of content. We benefit from registration because we get a clearer view of our readership. You benefit because that view helps us to improve the site."

THANKS FARK! Some of us care enough about privacy not to visit this site.
2003-03-06 09:35:10 AM  
This still hasn't been resolved. Their court system is as slow as ours.
2003-03-06 09:46:02 AM  
My headline was "British Major gets by with a little help from his friends on 'Milllionare' "

That's all.
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