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(Some Guy)   Photoshop the D4. Top five vote-getting photoshops get a free CD. See thread for original. Link goes to their music so you can listen while you work.   (flashtracking.com) divider line 73
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2003-03-08 08:44:04 AM
2003-03-08 09:32:27 AM
2003-03-08 09:41:43 AM
2003-03-08 11:00:40 AM

now with voting!
mods please delete my previous entry.. thanx ^_^
2003-03-08 11:05:51 AM
2003-03-08 11:17:56 AM
2003-03-08 11:24:33 AM
2003-03-08 11:25:39 AM
A vote for me is a vote for the Dillinger Four, a band that doesn't need a publicity department. Eat it, flavor of the week.

2003-03-08 11:39:37 AM
2003-03-08 12:00:03 PM

I had this idea the other day, and now it seems I'm not alone!!!

/faux bitter
2003-03-08 12:08:56 PM
Damn right!

A vote for me is a vote for real punk rock!
2003-03-08 12:11:05 PM
2003-03-08 12:40:31 PM
Did this for the last thread

Kick out the jams

2003-03-08 12:59:32 PM
very first photoshop
2003-03-08 01:39:49 PM
2003-03-08 01:47:42 PM
2003-03-08 02:31:29 PM

I know I'm a little late but...

subtle, isn't it?
2003-03-08 02:33:43 PM

Obvious, and really late

2003-03-08 03:34:38 PM

Even later than Torgos
2003-03-08 05:02:38 PM

Late,lame and quite possibly hellbound.
2003-03-08 06:48:38 PM

...yes it's late and yes, they're not Aussie, but it's practice and it's what came to mind...

and one of these days I will remember to click voting. It's so hard being the new guy.
2003-03-09 12:58:13 AM
So i see "D4" on fark and i nearly flip my lid, thinking i wasn't the ONLY person in the world who likes Dillinger Four, and that a punk band finally got some sort of article on Fark. Little did i know it was some unknown craptastic band that needn't be mentioned any longer. However i voted for the 2 dillinger four entries, so thanks guys. oh and, ah what the hell, i'll enable voting anyway.
2003-03-09 02:35:18 AM
Dillinger Four is one of the few bands around playing rock music that actually matters...the "D4" can keep their hype machine.

PS - I flipped over the Asexuals pic. God...haven't listened to them in years...
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