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8931 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Mar 2003 at 7:19 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-05 07:20:21 PM  
For freedom!
2003-03-05 07:20:42 PM  
Man, is a decent translation too much to ask for? I guess so.

Anybody understand what the hell this was about?
2003-03-05 07:22:10 PM  
2003-03-05 07:22:16 PM  
Oh god! The articles are multiplying!
2003-03-05 07:22:49 PM  
and the days of our lives...
2003-03-05 07:23:10 PM  
Must be a new Mike Judge vehicle.
2003-03-05 07:23:52 PM  
All your base are belong to us...
2003-03-05 07:24:44 PM  
I have no idea what the hell this article was trying to tell me.
2003-03-05 07:25:49 PM  
I hate Pravda...un-possible read-ably...
2003-03-05 07:26:35 PM  
With Pravda I'm not beginning to even understand what is if ever meant by the thing here.
2003-03-05 07:28:36 PM  
"The prophecy could be considered ravings of a madman. But it is well known that no madmen are adopted into intelligence, especially on top positions."
Ravings of a madman indeed...
2003-03-05 07:29:50 PM  
You guys' mistake is reading the translation. Hit the 'original' link and it all makes sense.
2003-03-05 07:31:02 PM  
After reading all of "Interview with a Spammer" and struggling through apathy to read half of "Extreme Tourism", I couldn't force myself to do anything more than glace at the first line of this one. I just find absolutely no motivation to even read this crap.
2003-03-05 07:31:30 PM  
I am going to taking up Russian or whatever is the language is of for the Pravda. I can be getting better than whoever is the translation now.

But it is well known that no madmen are adopted into intelligence, especially on top positions

Waiting a second please here. Are we talked on about sex now or something other else?
2003-03-05 07:35:49 PM  
Knights in Satan's Service?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 07:49:18 PM  
Why does Pravda have such trouble translating their articles? The Mainichi Daily News manages well, and I'm pretty sure English has a more in common with Russian than it does with Japanese.
2003-03-05 07:50:57 PM  
I'm expecting all of my kittens to be at home and safe after this article.
2003-03-05 07:51:06 PM  


2003-03-05 07:55:13 PM  
jesus christ...i got half-way through that article and my eyes crossed..someone needs a new english translator...those ones you can get free on the net don't always do the trick..
2003-03-05 07:57:23 PM  
In S0v!et RVss!a, some jerkwad actually understands this Pravda CRAP!
2003-03-05 07:57:50 PM  
That article was impossible to read. I think I'm going to try studying my Russian more so I can read it how it actually is..

*disgruntled 1st year Russian student
2003-03-05 07:58:20 PM  
That article was not bad hard to mastrubate on.
2003-03-05 08:00:05 PM  
What, you guys all go to public school!? The article is pretty clear and is an interesting tale to boot.

Or do you just have nothing better to do than biatch?
2003-03-05 08:04:25 PM  
So what is it about, privately educated one? What are the prophecies that are supposed to come true? Why was that one guy wearing his hair in a bun?
2003-03-05 08:06:49 PM  
The Samurai added: "I agree that we will lose the war. However, it is not that awful in fact. WWIII will break out. During WWI Russians were together with British and French; in WWII, no matter how fanatic it may sound for you, they will be once again with you (the British) and Americans. But WWIII will be quite different. A transformed Germany will also join the general coalition. And we, the hell and the darkness, will resist all of you. And your armies, with the super-strong weapons will be helpless all the same. This is because nobody of you will know from where our next attack will be, from where a kamikadze will come."


Nostradamus surrenders.
2003-03-05 08:07:06 PM  

it will all be answered in the next episode...
2003-03-05 08:07:33 PM  
Oh Lord, how long has there been a Russian Fark? I thought that was a pretty interesting look.
2003-03-05 08:10:14 PM  
the samurai has no place here...his prophecy is well-written and coherant...we are on the island of misfit translations...
2003-03-05 08:10:33 PM  
"He said: "Well, lieutenant. This is not a performance, but a mystery. There was a session of the Teutonic order knights. There is blood mixed with wine in the bowl, the Saint Grail.""

WHAHAHAHAAA, can you believe that??

No, of course you don't.
2003-03-05 08:11:20 PM  
"best football results twice again..."
2003-03-05 08:11:45 PM  
Btw, I like the title and tag of this post. Hilarious.
2003-03-05 08:15:40 PM  
This article should be the basis for the next Wolfenstein game...
2003-03-05 08:18:12 PM  
Sir Arthur, the Once and Future King, has returned!

(And, he's having conversations with Hitler's ghost writer??)
2003-03-05 08:19:09 PM  
2003-03-05 08:22:11 PM  
Pravda is the Weekly World News of Russian journalism. It's a shame to say that this rag was more informative and believable when it was the mouthpiece of the communist party.
2003-03-05 08:23:32 PM  
Does anyone know why out of all russian sites Fark is associated with lame
2003-03-05 08:27:02 PM  
Yep, pravda still sucks!
2003-03-05 08:28:17 PM  
I call bullshiat on the whole "translation", if not the underlying story.

Quotes like this: "The Samurai added: "I agree that we will lose the war."

Who enters war expecting a loss? Not the Germans in 1939, whom this (blue-eyed) "samurai" belongs to.

The Germans had no interest in involving the Americans, and tried to influence Japan in this manner. At the time, the US was giving every possible indication that it would refrain from conflict. How could these gentlemen predict such involvement? It was not inevitable, nor rational, to think Germany would provoke American aggression.

Bullshiat, Bullshiat, Bullshiat. Something is not correct here.
2003-03-05 08:30:08 PM  
Agreed, I read through it just fine. Sure you have to overlook certain things, and fill in other words where nessecary, but after you get over that its not impossible.

Cool read, too.
2003-03-05 08:31:19 PM  
How could these gentlemen predict such involvement? It was not inevitable, nor rational, to think Germany would provoke American aggression.

It appears that he was deeply involved with the Japanese, and they were the ones that drew us into the war.

Either way, its impossible to say.
2003-03-05 08:37:37 PM  
I farking hate Pravda.

"Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
2003-03-05 08:39:45 PM  
As far as this comment: "There was a session of the Teutonic order knights. There is blood mixed with wine in the bowl, the Saint Grail.>/i>"

The Luftwaffe fancied themselves as something of modern Teutonic Knights. Look at the color schemes of the aircraft, and you will see the large black + (cross) of the Teutonic order. (not the swastika, the other one) Goering might or might not have enabled such a meeting of top luftwaffe. Who knows?
2003-03-05 09:09:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:12:05 PM  
Wake me up either

a) when it's over or
b) when they get a decent translator

2003-03-05 10:00:35 PM  
I had no problems reading the article.
2003-03-05 10:09:32 PM  
Ooooooh yeah? Well my level 99 Swordsman can take your Knights of the Hell anyday!

::laughs like Mandark::
2003-03-05 10:20:26 PM  
I'm a 150th level bastard with a +8 cock and magic beer mug.

To hell with your Knights...of Hell.

Fock it. I've got nothing.

Where's that smegging article about screech eating babies?
2003-03-05 10:26:17 PM  
I just can't read past the headline..

Knights of the Hell!

They come from the hell!
2003-03-06 12:43:20 AM  
I really have no problem with reading the article, I dont see what the fuss is...just some minor translation problems where you had to read the sentance before and after to comprehend what it was saying, but really, come on ppl, you cant be serious about it not making sense.

extremely brief summery:
Some dudes happened across a occult chamber in France
lead them to Japan
found out everything about the nazi party is the occult..
Japan using hitler as a pawn for some deeper darker secret
knows Germany will lose but wants to change balance of energy or something for WW3, so takes holy symbol and makes it unholy symbol...more magic power to baddies that way...
makes predictions in 1930s about WW2 and senario for WW3 which pretty much are spot on and kinda scary

hope you understand that better.
2003-03-06 02:13:34 AM  
Article is not hard of the comprehending. You must into intelligence be the drafted incorrectly, no?
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