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(CNN)   What the HELL has happened to Doogie Howser? (with shocking pic)   ( divider line
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179325 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Mar 2003 at 9:36 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-05 08:48:49 AM  
I can take the severed head pictures that have been making the totalfark rounds, but that picture of doogie is gonna give me nightmares for weeks.
2003-03-05 08:59:15 AM  
Oh my has Doogie changed....
2003-03-05 09:00:58 AM  
That aint right.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:15:44 AM  
I was looking at the top of the page and was wondering what you guys were talking about. Yeah, sure he's a little pale, but a little sunlight and he looks like the old Dooggie. Then a quickly scrolled down and let out an audible "holy shiat"
2003-03-05 09:27:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:39:58 AM  

/vomit sound
2003-03-05 09:40:10 AM  

Everything near and dear to my childhood is different.. Now I bet your going to say Billy Joel DID start that fire.
2003-03-05 09:40:45 AM  
Ah no, but I played one on TV...
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-05 09:41:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

wrong, on at least 11 levels
2003-03-05 09:41:38 AM  
Guys, he's in Cabaret.

SOMEBODY has to be the lead. Good for him. Who'da thunk he'd even HAVE a career at this point?
2003-03-05 09:41:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Starship troopers was a cool movie, but I think the book was better...
2003-03-05 09:42:12 AM  
Umm. No one here has seen Cabaret before? No matter who's playing the character that's usually how the emcee is portrayed. Big deal. You're all a bunch of small-towners.
2003-03-05 09:42:31 AM  
Haven't you people ever seen Cabaret? That's the costume of the lead performer. Get over yourselves.
2003-03-05 09:43:04 AM  
He seemed ok in Undercover Brother, I wonder what happened...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:43:48 AM  
I saw an ad for this yesterday on WNBC. The thought of seeing Doogie AND Debbie (sorry, Deborah) Gibson in the same show put me into a state of 80s overload.
2003-03-05 09:44:19 AM  
2003-03-05 09:44:22 AM  
He was in a short-lived TV show with the guy from "Monk".

God, did it suck.
2003-03-05 09:44:39 AM  
2003-03-05 09:44:48 AM  
What the heck was that sitcom with him and Tony Shaloob? I liked that one... Tony Shaloob is kewl.
2003-03-05 09:44:54 AM  
Umm, people, that's what acting is all about...
2003-03-05 09:44:58 AM  
He played an awesome role in Boomtown. Anyone else see him in that?
2003-03-05 09:45:23 AM  
Here is something wierd about Doogie Howser that I read.

He was a character in a TV show played by an actor named, get this, "Neil Patrick Harris."

Apparently, these "actors" play all kinds of roles, which are occasionally sensational and outrageous!

(Not trying to agitate, just attempting to be funny)

Crap, what was his name on "Son of the Beach?" He was in Johnny Queefer's BMX gang, I think.
2003-03-05 09:45:34 AM  
Jesus H. Christ!!! My eyes, they burn!!
2003-03-05 09:45:51 AM  

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

What the child of George Michael and Dr. Frank 'n' Furter would look like:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-05 09:46:11 AM  
I've seen him in the play. He's very good. Almost as good as Alan Cumming.
2003-03-05 09:47:01 AM  
Why is everyone referring to "Cabaret"? Was it in the article or something? Are we suppose to READ the articles too? You guys demand too much!
2003-03-05 09:47:24 AM  
Nicely misleading headline. I figured he'd put on 80 pounds or something like that. Kudos to the poster.
2003-03-05 09:47:42 AM  
He's an ACTOR...
2003-03-05 09:47:50 AM  
I think he's kind of pretty...

2003-03-05 09:48:45 AM  
Boys and girls, it's called "aging". It'll happen to you too!
2003-03-05 09:48:46 AM  
Dear Diary,
Today I gave up the teen doctor schtick and dressed up like a maniac. At least now I have less opportunities to annoy people with my totally moronic show.
2003-03-05 09:49:09 AM  
2003-03-05 09:49:22 AM  
"The distortion of reality is somehow tweaked by the procession of familiar faces that has starred in the production, which celebrated its 2,000th performance this month. The cast has featured, at various times, such actors as Molly Ringwald, Brooke Shields, Tom Bosley and Hal Linden. Michael C. Hall and John Stamos had stints as The Emcee, a role originated by Alan Cumming, who also won a Tony."

So Cabaret stars people who are either on their way out or never had a career to begin with? Stamos as the Emcee...gah.
2003-03-05 09:49:23 AM  
Oh my god...
2003-03-05 09:50:41 AM  
i knew it!
2003-03-05 09:50:57 AM  
"Also, by his standards, there is a lot of dancing, at times in drag and high heels. "I find you're on the balls of your feet, so it's not so bad."

Thanks for the tip, Doogie.
2003-03-05 09:51:16 AM  
i think the real problem is , he looks like he * LIKES IT *
2003-03-05 09:51:41 AM  
You'd think they would airbrush Jane Leeve's leg.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-05 09:52:12 AM  
Johnee, "Stark Raving Mad" kicked ass.
2003-03-05 09:52:17 AM  
The show that Neil and Tony Shaloub (sp?) were in together was "Stark Raving Mad." I remember this because I actually enjoyed it, if only because Tony is cool.

Yeah, people, calm down. Cabaret is a rather ... interesting show, and that's what all the Emcees look like.

Still disturbing to see Doogie Howser like that, though.
2003-03-05 09:52:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:52:54 AM  
Ewww.. John Stamos as the Emcee is frightening.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 09:53:01 AM  
We suck if we haven't seen Cabaret.
2003-03-05 09:53:19 AM  
I think it's cool. Who would have guessed Neil Patrick Harris could sing, and sing well? I remember the first time I heard him singing in Rent. Blew my mind.

Good for him!
2003-03-05 09:53:27 AM  
I think the true fear in that article is the fact they stated that Hal Linden and Tom Bosley have played the same role.
2003-03-05 09:53:43 AM  
Wldncrzy14, you beat me by 5 seconds! Dammit!
2003-03-05 09:55:17 AM  
Bostony, LMAO
2003-03-05 09:55:25 AM  
03-05-03 09:51:41 AM Bostony
You'd think they would airbrush Jane Leeve's leg.

That's what it's about. Drugged up, blemished cabaret "actors" at the close of the 1920's. Just before Hitler rose to power.
2003-03-05 09:55:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wow, thanks for the link, Hufnmouth. Amazing stuff. Look, it's David from "Six Feet Under."
2003-03-05 09:56:00 AM  
Remember the one-off Simpson's character, Howgie Doozer, the child physician? Classic.
2003-03-05 09:56:49 AM  
Hey did anyone notice the stage directors name- Peter Wolf, wonder if this is the Peter Wolf. For J. Geils Band. Now that would be cool. NahNah-Nah-NahNahNah-NahNah-Na-Na, my blood runs cold Neil Patrick Harris is a centerfold!!!
2003-03-05 09:57:47 AM  
Thought that it was weird to see the pic of michael jackson on the bottom add of this article.
2003-03-05 09:58:01 AM  
Stupid post, although it is funny to look at that picture and think "thats Doogie Howser."

Going off on a tangent, is anyone else totally psyched to see Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler in the new xmen movie like I am?
2003-03-05 09:58:19 AM  
Bostony: Ewww - you're right about John Stamos....
2003-03-05 09:58:50 AM  
mmm Cabaret....

What's weirder then Doogie being in it now is that DEBBIE GIBSON is in it now too! I'm almost tempted to see it a fourth time.

They should bring back alan cumming...mmmmm.

*theater nerd mode off*
2003-03-05 09:59:18 AM  
I went to see "Cabaret" on Monday night *solely* because Doogie was in it. We were expecting a train wreck, but -- get this -- he was actually quite good. We were all pretty impressed.

Debbie Gibson (and Tom Bosley!) were also in the cast, but alas, Debbie wasn't that good -- and Tom was terrible. We kept expecting him to hawk trash bags at any moment.
2003-03-05 09:59:19 AM  
C'mon - where are the pics of Tom Bosley all gothed out!

2003-03-05 09:59:28 AM  
I don't know why everyones fussing over Doogies stint as the Emcee. According to the article, TOM fricken BOSLEY (the dad from Happy Days and the crime-fighting priest Father Dowling) played this role. Now which do you think is more disgusting?
2003-03-05 10:01:49 AM  
He is from the town that I live in...about ten years ago we smoked a joint together with some friends. He was the biggest dork ever. He kept referring to tiny size of his penis over and over. Strange fella. I guess perhaps it was because he started in show biz in his teens and maybe had no clue how to relate to others his age.
2003-03-05 10:02:16 AM  
Even worse: John Stamos as the emcee

[image from too old to be available]

But this is Cabaret after all, did you expect anything else?
2003-03-05 10:04:00 AM  
03-05-03 10:02:16 AM VoicesCarry
Even worse: John Stamos as the emcee

But this is Cabaret after all, did you expect anything else?

Wow! If only I hadnt posted that 10 minutes ago!
2003-03-05 10:04:32 AM  
Going off on a tangent, is anyone else totally psyched to see Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler in the new xmen movie like I am?

You better believe it.
2003-03-05 10:04:33 AM  
my mom was in town (NYC) visiting a couple weeks ago, we were walking around time sq./theater distric where there is a cabaret billboard with that pic on it
except that it's 6 or 7 stories tall

she was like "ewww, that's little doogie"
2003-03-05 10:05:37 AM  
Sorry, Bostony, didn't refresh. My fault.
2003-03-05 10:06:26 AM  
All I can say is this:

This is not the thread to be looking at while one is trying to eat.
2003-03-05 10:06:29 AM  
And this is shocking and offensive how? It's just acting.
2003-03-05 10:06:31 AM  
Cabaret is one hell of a great play... If you get a chance I would advise a that you check it out. To most actors, it would be an honor to play that role on Broadway - I for one and glad that Harris isn't stuck in "Doogie" roles. More power to him!
2003-03-05 10:07:07 AM  
Anyone hear that Marv wants to try out for the role?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 10:07:41 AM  
Damn, But I killed a few (ok, a whole heap) of kitten to good old wholesome whinnie...

She was one little hottie. I would love to see her all tramped out like Doogie.

Wait, amd I getting the woder years mixed up with Doogie hoswer? Didn't doogie have a hot little honey of a side kick also, I would bet that I whacked to her also....
2003-03-05 10:08:41 AM  
03-05-03 09:59:28 AM Drdank
I don't know why everyones fussing over Doogies stint as the Emcee. According to the article, TOM fricken BOSLEY (the dad from Happy Days and the crime-fighting priest Father Dowling) played this role. Now which do you think is more disgusting?

He DOESN'T play the emcee. He is currently in the production as an older man, a fruit vendor -- and looks exactly the way he does in real life. No makeup whatsoever.
2003-03-05 10:09:30 AM  
Kevin Smith was frighteningly close predicting this in the graphic novel "Chasing Dogma." Pick it up if you're a fan of the flick (and don't mind seeing Neil Patrick Harris directing porn).
2003-03-05 10:09:45 AM  
Drdank - I gotta say you just really freaked me out. I can handle Doogie in the role, but TOM BOSLEY!!! WTF????

/so scared I'm peeing in my pants
2003-03-05 10:10:26 AM  
Incidentally, I think it should be said that this is the new revision of cabaret from Sam American Beauty Mendes. I couldn't imagine Liza Minelli in this version.

I saw it when it came through Pittsburgh a few years ago. Lea Thompson was in the cast; the emcee was played by some guy who had been in the video for Duran Duran's "Wild Boys."

I went with some college-aged friends, and we were sitting close to some older folks, who probably weren't expecting the show to be as bawdy as it is. I'm convinced that my friends and I were probably in a small percentage of the audience who laughed when they went behind the backlit screen and started simulating sex acts.

Good stuff.
2003-03-05 10:11:33 AM  
I guess thats the shiat ypu deal with for being sucessfull as a one can believe you've grown up...I think Wil has competition for president in the "im grown up and a real person...get over it "club
2003-03-05 10:11:46 AM  
And this is shocking and offensive how? It's just acting.

I completely agree, its like you guys have never attended a play or anything, you uncultured bastards. :p ;)

Maybe its just the former drama geek in me. But my reaction is "Go Doogie". Of course, it could be that when I was younger, people told me the resemblence to him on Doogie Howser, M.D. was uncanny. :/
2003-03-05 10:12:18 AM  
How shocking! Oh, wait, he's just dressed like that because he's in play. Maybe because he's an actor. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.
2003-03-05 10:12:36 AM  
"You'd think they would airbrush Jane Leeve's leg."...............why?
2003-03-05 10:12:42 AM  


2003-03-05 10:13:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Now THAT is funny. It's Uncle Jesse for fark's sake!
And yes I realize the pic has been posted already.
2003-03-05 10:14:00 AM  


2003-03-05 10:15:19 AM  
He grew up. He still has a career, unlike most child stars. Get over it.
2003-03-05 10:15:29 AM  
Next: Dustin "Screech" Diamond.
2003-03-05 10:15:39 AM  
03-05-03 10:12:36 AM Hoopyfrood
"You'd think they would airbrush Jane Leeve's leg."...............why?

Why ask why?
2003-03-05 10:16:15 AM  
Hardly shocking
2003-03-05 10:16:24 AM  
That's nothing. Did you see Michael Myers in Shreck? Talk about letting yourself go!!!
2003-03-05 10:16:42 AM  
Wow, there's a serious lack of reading comprehension skillz in here.
2003-03-05 10:17:55 AM  
That's nothing. Did you see Michael Myers in Shreck? Talk about letting yourself go!!!

Yeah, but at least he didn't stab anybody.
2003-03-05 10:18:16 AM  
My Physics teacher's name is Doug Houser. He does not look like that.

But imagine if he did! What a class!
2003-03-05 10:18:55 AM  
Good for him, one of the few child actors that hasn't gone up in flames.
2003-03-05 10:21:21 AM  
That's quite a switch from the cool black trenchcoat of Starship Troopers.
2003-03-05 10:22:42 AM  
03-05-03 10:16:42 AM Gwinny

Wow, there's a serious lack of reading comprehension skillz in here.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 10:24:53 AM  
Bostony: was that a jab at me? Because, you know, I thought it was pretty clear that I added the z to "skillz" in a purely ironic sense.
2003-03-05 10:26:00 AM  
Maybe it's just me, but when I think of the show "Cabaret," I think of a stage show that's somewhat trashy and bawdy, yet a little classier than this bizarre goth-bondage-Tool video fantasy that it's turned into.

Bring back Joel Grey!
2003-03-05 10:26:15 AM  
Gwinny: Its my nature to think of the worst. If Tom Bosley dressed up like Marilyn Manson isn't the worst, I don't know what is.
2003-03-05 10:27:36 AM  
Now THAT is funny. It's Uncle Jesse for fark's sake!

[image from too old to be available]

Uncle Jessie?!? wow! that's some good make-up

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 10:27:38 AM  
03-05-03 10:24:53 AM Gwinny
Bostony: was that a jab at me? Because, you know, I thought it was pretty clear that I added the z to "skillz" in a purely ironic sense.

Just having fun, oh-moderating-one.
2003-03-05 10:28:19 AM  
he's in Cabaret..

shocking!!!!! haha omg.. he is wearing make-up!!!

Its a good production I suggest seeing it.
2003-03-05 10:28:52 AM  
03-05-03 10:05:37 AM VoicesCarry
Sorry, Bostony, didn't refresh. My fault.

You need the Fark keyboard. Then you'll post correctly.
2003-03-05 10:32:05 AM  
The goggles, they do nothing!
2003-03-05 10:32:36 AM  
I saw him on Broadway last August in Proof. He was good.
2003-03-05 10:32:52 AM  
when i read the headline i was thinking, what happened to doogie howser? he grew up!

seriously though, i would think i would be better for an actor or actress to be able to show they can do a variety of roles. instead of getting typcast as one or two character's like tom bosley, who i will always think of as mr. cunningham from happy days. or bosley from the original charlies angels.
2003-03-05 10:35:10 AM  
You'd have to see the show to understand. I must say, though, that he is REALLY good in it. It plays at Studio 54 here in Manhattan.
2003-03-05 10:35:52 AM  
Well, so much for the baby-faced Doogie Houser. That being said, good for him!

Hielo: His "chickie sidekick" on Doogie, her name escapes me (I think her first name is Danika), is now on West Wing.
2003-03-05 10:37:20 AM  
I don't know. I'd hit it?
2003-03-05 10:39:02 AM  
i think he looks hot in that pic personally
2003-03-05 10:43:51 AM  
just shoot me now.....
2003-03-05 10:44:13 AM  
I was going to say "The goggles... they do nothing!", but CaptainBuggernuts beat me to it. But I'll say it anyways, just for emphasis.

The goggles... they do nothing!
2003-03-05 10:46:21 AM  
AuntofDogface: Close, that's Danica McKellar. She played Winnie on "The Wonder Years"

[image from too old to be available]
Yep, thankfully still hot.
2003-03-05 10:47:26 AM  
**SIGH** I already posted this once, but apparently it was missed..

This is "Wanda" from Doogie Howser.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 10:48:26 AM  
I was amused...but really, the master of ceremonies in Cabaret is one of the most plum roles in existance, guys. I wouldn't be too surprised or critical.
2003-03-05 10:52:33 AM  
Personally, I think he looks hot. I love a man in makeup and lingerie. But, that's just me... I have issues...
2003-03-05 10:55:47 AM  
Our little boy has finally become a to speak.
2003-03-05 10:56:20 AM  
What the simple fark?!?

Seeing that and other pics of people in undies, I wonder, is Cabaret like a live action porno?
2003-03-05 10:57:22 AM  
Wow. First reaction. He's hot. David from 6ft Under looks pretty good too.
2003-03-05 10:57:36 AM  
Cool fact I just read: Vinnie (Max Casella) from Doogie Howser received an "Outstanding Broadway Debut" award for his role of Timon in the Lion King. Good for him.
2003-03-05 10:58:27 AM  
MMMMMM...Winnie and Wanda, what a sandwich that would make.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 10:58:27 AM  

But seriously, Uncle Jesse II as the Emcee? At least he could've had the decency to make the director cast the Olsen twins as Kit Kat Girls...
2003-03-05 10:59:23 AM  
And John Stamos... yum. I think it's because I really became aware of all of the wonderful facets of human sexuality via Rocky Horror.... Love the Frank. Mmmmm. And Eddie Izzard. Sexy.
2003-03-05 11:03:08 AM  
A bunch of people already said this, but he is really good in Cabaret. Saw it last Thursday. I was kinda bummed that Debbie Gibson wasn't in it that night, but her understudy was really good. And according to Gwinny, Debbie wasn't that good, anyway, so it all works out. :)
2003-03-05 11:04:03 AM  

Old Hotness

[image from too old to be available]

New Busted.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-05 11:05:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 11:06:08 AM  
As has been said: Guys, it's Cabaret...the Emcees look like that.
I loved Cabaret. It was strange, touching, and ultimately sad. Unfortunately I missed Alan Cumming but I saw the guy who replaced him (yeah, his name was In a way I like that because you get to see Broadway talent instead of talent culled for stunt casting. Not that I'm against stunt casting, but good musical theater up and comers deserve a chance too. I mean, I graduated college last year in the same class as the guy who I saw play Marius in Les Miserables a year before. I'm a big fan of musicals, and new talent, though I have my favorites too.

Bostony I believe that's Jane Leeves' muscle not cellulite or anything.
2003-03-05 11:08:31 AM  
DaFuente: Too. Farking. Funny.

CDR: yeah, Debbie could sing okay, but in that "Look at me, I've taken voice lessons" sort of way. The main problem was that she couldn't really act.

Why do you bounce back and forth between NYC and Chicago??
2003-03-05 11:09:24 AM  
What the hell's so shocking about that? He's an actor. Actors assume roles and play dress up for a living. Frankly, What I find shocking us that people find his living shocking. I'm shocked that 'shocking' things shock people. Be right back...I'm going to go shock myself in the tub with my toaster.
2003-03-05 11:12:03 AM  
Gwinny: Thank you. Will you go out with me?
2003-03-05 11:12:44 AM  
yep, he's defintely hot in that pic
and Jeebus i agree Eddie Izzard is sexy!
2003-03-05 11:15:28 AM  
I guess Broadway is out of ideas as well...
"The connection led to a workshop for a revival of Sondheim's 1990 musical, "Assassins." However, the show's opening was postponed shortly after September 11. The timing wasn't right for a musical about people who tried to kill U.S. presidents."
2003-03-05 11:18:50 AM  
The Doogie Howser theme song ... try getting that out of your head now!
2003-03-05 11:19:11 AM  
DaFuente: sure...but only if you dress up like the Emcee.
2003-03-05 11:19:24 AM  
doogie howser was such a bad show.
2003-03-05 11:22:28 AM  
Wow. I'm shocked.
2003-03-05 11:22:50 AM  
Gwinny: Dress up? I'm so goth it hurts.

Bahaus OUCH The Cure OUCH
2003-03-05 11:23:03 AM  
Gwinny - Well, I technically live in Chicago, but I've been on a project in New York for a year this month. So, I go back to Chicago on weekends (or more like every other weekend - too much fun stuff to do in nyc).
2003-03-05 11:24:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Come over to the dark side, Herr Doogie.
2003-03-05 11:24:36 AM  
squeaky-clean image

Squeaky-clean? Wasn't Doogie Howser supposed to have had a skinny dip with his g/f at the time and he was only 16 or 17? I realize to most of you, this is not shocking, but expected. But for me, this is not "squeaky-clean".

btw, it was shortly after that season the show went away.
2003-03-05 11:24:44 AM  
Settle down Beavis! it's just makeup for chrissake...
2003-03-05 11:25:18 AM  
Bostony: I couldn't remember the theme song from the show if you paid me.

On the other hand, right now the music in my brain keeps switching back and forth from the "Wilkommen" song from Cabaret (never saw it on stage, but saw the movie several times) and "No Anchovies Please" from J. Geils (actually, only the end of that "song" - "that bowling ball, it's my wife!")

I may have to rent Cabaret again... Broadway just doesn't seem to fit into my budget right now.
2003-03-05 11:25:47 AM  
I'm actually proud of Neil Patrick Harris for this. I remember at some point I was watching a commercial for Starship Troopers on cable, and they listed off everyone's names "Casper Van Dien, Horseface Richards, and ... Doogie Howser In my heart I cried a single tear for Neil.

However, having seen Caberet a few times at Studio 54, I could see him doing a good job. Emcee is all about attitude and ambiguity. ETA I got to see Gina Gershon and Terry Hatcher as Sally Bowles. Gina tore that role up.

Also...the Stamos pic scars me. And yes, I meant to say scars. He doesn't seem to have the right build for the role.

Wow, that was perhaps the most Hoyay thing I have ever said. I'm going to go look at pictures of nekkid wimminz now and try to rejuvinate my heterosexuality.
2003-03-05 11:28:28 AM  
He's an ACTOR .

Sometimes this happens.
You DON'T play a teenage doctor all your life.

Jeez, Wil Wheaton isn't going to be known forever as a teenage.......wait.......nevermind.
2003-03-05 11:29:29 AM  
It's Extreme Dance-Dance Doogie!
2003-03-05 11:31:21 AM  
It's a play. Theater - nothing more.
2003-03-05 11:33:19 AM  
Doogie "Sausage" Houser?
2003-03-05 11:34:22 AM  
"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome...." Meh, he makes a good Emcee.
2003-03-05 11:40:18 AM  
Gentlemen, start your photoshops.
2003-03-05 11:46:20 AM  
CDR: wow, that commuting schedule sounds difficult. As for spending weekends in NYC, I can see why you'd be tempted to do that : )
2003-03-05 11:51:43 AM  
I'd like to see Wil Wheaton in this part.
2003-03-05 11:51:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-05 11:53:22 AM  
Good for Doogie. Good for Debbie. At least it'll make their naked baby pictures look less embarrassing.

I saw Cabaret with Gina Gershon and Mark McGrath (no, not the Sugar Ray Mark McGrath) and the show was AWESOME. Gina is a walking kitten killer anyway. Anyone see "Bound" the movie? <shudder>
2003-03-05 11:57:20 AM  
Hmm, Raúl Esparza as the Emcee [image from too old to be available]....nice, I like his work. Apparently, he's also scheduled to do Assassins with Neil Patrick Harris.

Of course, the first time I saw Raúl Esparza, it was in this role: [image from too old to be available] He made a right-on Riff-Raff.
2003-03-05 12:05:34 PM  
Apparently there was an Emcee bear auctioned off last year by Broadway Cares:

[image from too old to be available]

It's cute :)

The rest of the bears can be seen here
2003-03-05 12:08:04 PM  
Argh, forgive my crappy HTML skills. Please delete my last 2 posts. The site is here:
2003-03-05 12:12:26 PM  
Nice to see that rouged nipples are making a comeback.....
2003-03-05 12:14:05 PM  
Way to go Neil Patrick Harris. That's some pretty damn good costuming.
2003-03-05 12:14:44 PM  
it looks like people enjoy posting that picture, WHY WHY WHY
2003-03-05 12:15:31 PM  
interesting. i think i'd hit it. well with the goth make up off.
2003-03-05 12:24:08 PM  
Saw the play with Doogiee...also saw the play with Cumming.

Doggie was ridiculous...whole audinece was muttering insults under their coughs.

ONE Quote: "Jeez, I could take Jesse..."
2003-03-05 12:42:09 PM  
03-05-03 10:21:21 AM Curator
That's quite a switch from the cool black trenchcoat of Starship Troopers.

Ah! Doogie von Howser.
I'm a fool for a man in jackboots.
2003-03-05 12:45:40 PM  
He looks like the old (err... kid) Dougie in real life. I see him around occasionally. Once almost ran him over.
2003-03-05 12:47:03 PM  
looks like marilyn manson has found a new bass player
2003-03-05 12:54:41 PM  
...he looks HOT.
2003-03-05 12:56:22 PM  
yes, Doogie plays the part well

[image from too old to be available]

but I wonder where the inspiration came from...

[image from too old to be available]

I would KILL to see him as EmCee (swoon)
2003-03-05 12:57:27 PM  
With Madonna:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-05 01:32:06 PM  
03-05-03 10:18:16 AM Yiggs
My Physics teacher's name is Doug Houser. He does not look like that.

[image from too old to be available]
I am Douglas Hauser!
2003-03-05 01:44:42 PM  
Oooh...Michael Hall as the EmCee. Now *that* is awesome.

And I'll have to agree...John Stamos scares the living crap out of me as the EmCee.


But then again, John Stamos' acting scares the living crap out of me.

2003-03-05 01:48:32 PM  
Man, I thought that was gonna be some undercover brother pic or something. Now I have to rinse my eyes in acid.
2003-03-05 01:49:49 PM  
Yes, Winnie from Wonder Years is on West Wing now, still really cute. Saw the show last week for the first time in a couple of years. Now that she's on it, I think I might watch more often.
2003-03-05 01:51:27 PM  

Does she also play the wife in that khakis commercial where the husband goes to vegas for a bachelor party and gets arrested while riding a cow?
2003-03-05 02:08:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
somehere max casella cries
2003-03-05 02:08:56 PM  
Winnie's on West Wing? Dang, guess I'll have to buy a tv. Nah, she probably doesn't have bangs anymore. Gotta have the bangs...
2003-03-05 03:21:49 PM  
doogie trains at my gym.
when his trainer told him he needed to stretch his shoulders out more, the doogster replied:
"yeah, man. true dat. true."
which to me is just WAY scarier than that pic.
2003-03-05 03:36:32 PM  
I think I'm going to cry now.
2003-03-05 03:57:29 PM  
AnonyMouse - AGREED on Raul Esparza. Damn. That man is fine, in every way. I saw him in Tick Tick Boom a couple of times, he (and Norbert Leo Butz, can't leave him out) are god's gifts to musical theater. The day those two men do a show together is the day I... well... die.

Oh, we were talking about Neil? Saw him in Proof last summer, he did a great job with a great role. Heard good things about him as the Emcee.

First time I saw Cabaret, Michael C. Hall was the Emcee... nobody'd ever heard of him then.

Neil's making quite a name for himself in the theater world, in more ways than one. Hmmm.
2003-03-05 04:45:15 PM  
what ever happened to doogie's buddy vinny??? he was awesome!!!
2003-03-05 05:31:58 PM  
WOW Michael Hall looks good enough to eat in that pic.
2003-03-05 05:38:21 PM  
03-05-03 05:07:40 PM BlueGargoyle

Where's my post? I image-sourced a pic of Rainier Wolfcastle with the "acid wave" reflected in his goggles, and now it's gone? Hardly NSFW, what happened?

It was deleted because it had no seeming relevance to the topic at hand.
2003-03-05 05:40:24 PM  
god i hate it when people make an abbreviation into a new word. emcee = MC. i've gotten into so many arguements with people who think 'emcee' is french.
2003-03-05 05:41:43 PM  
But the character in Cabaret is known as the Emcee. It's in the script that way. It's not slang, it's the name of the character.
2003-03-05 05:56:16 PM  
Max Casella was last seen in The Sopranos ... although I had seen his name in the closing credits one week and kept looking for him in the show I couldn't find him for a few episodes.
2003-03-05 05:57:05 PM  
Max Casella, we hardly knew ye.

2003-03-05 06:03:35 PM  
I'm not sure but I think I spotted Max with a part on Law and Order that lasted about 10 seconds. He's a grungy roommate who gets killed to keep quite. It was the episode where the Jewish Grandmother has her daughter-in-law murdered.
2003-03-05 06:09:55 PM  
Where's my post? I image-sourced a pic of Rainier Wolfcastle with the "acid wave" reflected in his goggles, and now it's gone? Hardly NSFW, what happened?

It was deleted because it had no seeming relevance to the topic at hand.

It was an image of the guy who says "MY eyes, the goggles do nothing!" from the Simpsons. A buncha others poste the quote itself, I was posting the image of the character being quoted.

No big whup, just checking.
2003-03-05 06:53:48 PM  
go doogie. that rox0r$!!1

you know, i bet doogie howser has even done some drugs and known the touch of a woman, or the gods forbid a man!!! no not his wholesome image!!!!

he's an actor, he acts, who cares.

go doogie. cabaret is awesome, alan cummings is the best emcee.
2003-03-05 07:08:40 PM  
Nah, that's all crap. Doogie Howser broke his neck break dancing 20 years ago.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-03-05 07:33:50 PM  
Two things: One, I mentioned Doogie Houser two or three days ago in English class, there for I blame his resurgance on myself. Two, WHY DO THEY PAINT THEIR NIPPLES RED!? SO WRONG.
2003-03-05 07:47:25 PM  
I thought he was cute in the goth look *grins* but why is it shocking, it's caberet.
2003-03-05 08:03:22 PM  
the gods forbid a man!!! no not his wholesome image!!!!

Not to be gossipy or anything, but NY theater gossip has it that, uh, well, yeah. You do the math.

Oh, I'm so going to hell now.
2003-03-05 10:50:52 PM  
o/` "I'm just a sweet transvestite... from Transexual... Transylvania!" o/`
2003-03-06 01:32:11 AM  
I'm strangly turned on by those pictures of men all made up.
2003-03-06 02:44:13 AM  
I feel 17% gayer after reading this thread. Shouldn't it come with a surgeon general's warning or something?
2003-03-06 11:59:25 AM  
Max Casella was in Sopranos not too long ago
2003-03-08 02:05:42 AM  
2003-03-08 10:01:51 AM  
Why is this on the top links? Is 62,000 clicks really a lot?
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