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(Some Guy)   Remember Speak 'N Spell? Annoy your co-workers by pressing "B" 400 times   ( divider line
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25693 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2003 at 10:29 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-04 10:32:24 PM  
Or not.
2003-03-04 10:32:29 PM  
Link doesn't work
2003-03-04 10:32:41 PM  
You cant press "B" 400 times without erasing, good try though.
2003-03-04 10:33:21 PM  
what a jerk...
2003-03-04 10:33:34 PM  
"Spell 'Flood'



Fun. Kinda. Yeah. *cough* Wow this sucks.

F-A-R-K T-H-I-S.
2003-03-04 10:33:55 PM  
Yes, the link works.
No you can't press "B" 400 times. Why I would want to is beyond me.
2003-03-04 10:34:10 PM  
2003-03-04 10:34:17 PM  
2003-03-04 10:34:22 PM  
heh, this guy screwed up his speak n spell and recorded the results... quite frightening...

Small Sample

Large Clip
2003-03-04 10:34:29 PM  
Hmm....must just be my crappy interweb connection then. Oh well.
2003-03-04 10:34:45 PM  
AHHH! I can't stand the non-qwerty format. Where are all the letters?
2003-03-04 10:35:33 PM  

1) Not the first virtual Speak-n-Spell (I wonder where those samples came from?)

2) It's kinda hard to circuit bend the Flash version

3) The real thing 'tain't all that expensive, see eBay

Color me underwhelmed.
2003-03-04 10:37:41 PM  
There was a bug in speak & spells that made it so you could cause it to start saying gibberish. I can't remember what it was though.
2003-03-04 10:37:43 PM  
I loved that when I was a kid. We had a red one and an orange one.
2003-03-04 10:37:55 PM  
This is obviously a lesson for those of us fortunate enough to hear. This is what life must be like for the handicapped.

Deafness is not anything to silently laugh at.

Not that you need to laugh quietly around someone who is hearing impaired...
2003-03-04 10:38:04 PM  
Ahh, speak n spells. These things are LOADS of fun in an analog Live PA set.
2003-03-04 10:38:27 PM  
It sure does work! My roommate and I just enjoyed 5 minutes of I C U P and the always original variant I C U P P
2003-03-04 10:39:54 PM  
Come on Drew, start putting up better links.
2003-03-04 10:40:15 PM  
Ah the memories :)
2003-03-04 10:43:35 PM  
Smashing it over someone's head always seemed to work.
2003-03-04 10:49:53 PM  
Dane Cook had a funny joke that included this toy. Involved calling it the toy that sounds like it's possessed.
2003-03-04 10:50:20 PM  
whee... now i can recreate the stunning background sounds of A's second album all on my ownsome... no wait that was a speak 'n' math, never mind :-/

f u d p s h t
2003-03-04 10:51:16 PM  
It's not that the hearing impaired are actually hearing impaired. They just don't give a fark about what you're saying.
2003-03-04 10:54:46 PM  
A... U... X... eighty... eight.
2003-03-04 10:55:02 PM  
When I was really young, my brother and I had a "speak and read". We thought it was the funniest thing in the world to key in the letters B-U-T press enter, and a few seconds later it would reply in it's robotic voice "This word is: but"

If only I was as easily entertained now as I was when I was 5..,.
2003-03-04 10:58:48 PM  
Cool, I get to make my own Kraftwerk song!

ichi ni san shi....
2003-03-04 11:02:38 PM  
Or maybe,

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-04 11:13:01 PM  
Ah, the membrane keypad version. My friends had the pushbutton version. I always thought it looked like a bunch of nipples.
2003-03-04 11:15:40 PM  
I am sofa king.
We Todd it.
2003-03-04 11:16:10 PM  
Ohhh I still have these in the basement! Speak n' Read, Spell, and Math. I'll have to dig them out.. they need new batteries, but they'll be hours of stoned entertainment.
2003-03-04 11:16:27 PM  
Compile enough of those words and you can sound like Stephen Hawking.
2003-03-04 11:17:46 PM  
Speak n' Spell used to get me in soooooooo much trouble when I was a kid. It used to rat me out whenever I typed f*ck into it. :(
2003-03-04 11:18:07 PM  
circuit bending used to be cool before all those 15-year-olds got involved. most of 'em couldn't solder their way out of a paper bag.

that said, between me and my friend, we have about 60 or 70 speak&spell/read/math units that we've amassed from thrift stores over the last two years. that, and touch and tells, V-tech this and that, casio SK-series keyboards...we have mounds of bendable crap. but we're moving on to analog synthesis. the circuit-bent sound will always be a novelty in our sonic palette, though. it's just that all these half-wit disciples of q. reed ghazala with their imbecilic faggotry are going to run the idea headlong into the ground.

oh, well. we're geniuses. 'tis a minor setback.
2003-03-04 11:22:56 PM  
also, vici; I'll give you ten bucks if you ship the trio of them to me. contact me via e-mail for address. in addition, you are an attractive female. I mean nothing further by this, it is intentioned solely as a compliment.
2003-03-04 11:26:02 PM  
I work by myself, and I really annoyed me pushing those b's this afternoon. Tommorrow I will glue my hand set to the receiver, oh wait, I just told myself what I would do. Dangnabbit, I mess up all my practical jokes.
2003-03-04 11:36:16 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-03-04 11:37:05 PM  
Good God, I'm 28 years old and I'm sitting here playing this Speak n' Spell emulator, taking it seriously and spelling the words to the machines approving praise, when it hits me. Maybe I need to get a life!
2003-03-04 11:40:17 PM  
That screwed up speak and spell sounds EXACTLY like that stupid robot thingy in SWE2 when dooku is amassing his allies, and a robot thing says, 'The *gibbersish taht sounds like screwed up speak and spell* will join you.'

I fark you not.
2003-03-04 11:41:47 PM  
03-04-03 10:34:22 PM Kukuman

2003-03-04 11:46:19 PM
2003-03-04 11:48:13 PM  
my brother used to have a talking school bus thing that you put blocks in, and if you pushed the right thingies it would say "man goat--look again" and "this is the number can you find?" and some others i forget.
2003-03-04 11:50:20 PM  
My uncle worked for TI as an engineer and was showing me insides of a speak and spell prototype. He also showed me this new operating system called CP/M. Years later when he worked for Corona (remember that no-name company?) he brought home a miniframe computer with an unheard of 2MB of memory on two pull out cards. Those were the days.
2003-03-04 11:52:46 PM  
Quarlie, Werd to the AUX 88 reference. I especially like their big bootied dancer chicks that tour around with em.
2003-03-04 11:53:25 PM  
uh, that was 2KB in that miniframe computer, not 2MB... :(
2003-03-04 11:53:26 PM  
Uh, hehe, uh, Insert closing BOLDface tag here.
2003-03-05 12:03:44 AM  
I get the headline, and thought it was funny.

Give me a "B".
Give me another "B".
Give me another "B".
Give me another "B".
Give me another "B".
Give me another "B".
What does that spell?
2003-03-05 12:09:44 AM  
Where did the camwhore thread go?
2003-03-05 12:14:17 AM  
I had a Speak and Read when I was freaked me out, too. It all started with a dream I had where the horrible thing was in my closet and started yelling at me. That awful, demonic voice...aaah! After that, the neon yellow demon and I had a tenuous relationship...I'd still play with it, but only on the easy games/levels...I didn't want to get yelled at again.

Speak and Math, though...that was awesome.
2003-03-05 12:21:09 AM  
You can use a SPEAK 'N' SPELL as a component in a device used to contact aliens!
2003-03-05 12:30:43 AM  

I think some attention sponge started threadjacking, and the Odd Mods of the Universe made that little world go bye-bye.
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