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(AP)   The Naked Jogger of Binghampton keeps up his streak   ( divider line
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8299 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Mar 2003 at 3:09 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-04 03:12:19 PM  
He is off like a flash...
2003-03-04 03:12:55 PM  
Police said they can't figure out how he's able to get dressed and emerge from the garage undetected.

Yeah, that's a tough one Dick Tracy.
2003-03-04 03:13:00 PM  
"temperature near freezing"... I picture shrinkage
2003-03-04 03:13:21 PM  
I would jog naked except my dick keeps flopping around and hitting my ears.
2003-03-04 03:13:35 PM  
...flops through the air with the greatest of ease...
2003-03-04 03:13:51 PM  
So what type of shoes does he wear?
2003-03-04 03:14:44 PM  
Streaking is sooo 1970's.
2003-03-04 03:14:56 PM  
I hope he is wearing his pun intended
2003-03-04 03:15:23 PM  
"I'm NAKED Laslo, NAKED! And there's nothing you can do about it"

2003-03-04 03:15:42 PM  
There's no "P" in "Binghamton". Let's keep it that way.
2003-03-04 03:16:12 PM  
Maybe because he hopes into his car, throws on a shirt and drives out of there?

Or maybe he gets back into his janitor pull overs, puts his wig on, and begins to mop...
2003-03-04 03:16:54 PM  
Nothing beats the Mifflin Streak. PSU represent.
2003-03-04 03:17:29 PM  
That's punny.
2003-03-04 03:17:39 PM  
it's official: the terrorsits win.
2003-03-04 03:17:40 PM  
2003-03-04 03:18:15 PM  
I would jog naked except my dick keeps flopping around and hitting my ears.

I thought I was the only one with that problem. I also hate it when my balls get snagged on a log when I'm jumping over it.
2003-03-04 03:18:45 PM  
03-04-03 03:14:56 PM PlumCrazy
I hope he is wearing his pun intended

Your honor, I submit that PlumCrazy did indeed intend a pun with that statement.
2003-03-04 03:18:58 PM  
What would happen if they did catch him?
First cop: Johnson...go bring him down!
Second cop: No way Johnson, you do it!
2003-03-04 03:19:44 PM  
Thanks Joeshlabotnik, you saved me from a pointless post about it being said "BING-HAM-TON" not "BING-HAM-Puh-TON".

/old resident from Broome County...
2003-03-04 03:23:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-04 03:24:15 PM
2003-03-04 03:26:16 PM  
He was running to Nirchi's.
2003-03-04 03:32:50 PM  
I still wear an eyepatch as a result of a nasty accident when I jogged naked. I had tied Willie to my leg, but it came undone.

And there sure won't be any pee in Binghamton. If he's jogging maked when the temperature is going up to near freezing, he'll be lucky if he ever pees again.
2003-03-04 03:36:54 PM  
Proven fact, smart naked man more dangerous than dumb naked man : film at 11
2003-03-04 03:37:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Pink as the Binghamton cherry.

2003-03-04 03:39:26 PM  
BillDarryl: Sure it wasn't Boscov's?

/former Johnson City resident
2003-03-04 03:40:12 PM  
How does he get away with it?
A police uniform.

And at these temperatures, I doubt he could keep it up.
2003-03-04 03:40:32 PM  
Excellent. This is much better for all involved than when the police couldn't figure out how the snipers could shoot all those people and then drive away undetected.

If people must be criminals, the world would be a much better place if people only committed "crimes" like this.
2003-03-04 03:41:28 PM  
i'd hit him. no really, i'd punch him.
2003-03-04 03:46:05 PM's Binghamton, not Binghampton. I went to college in this town. It's not even an armpit of America. It's not even the boil on the armpit of America. Binghamton, New York is the pus-soaked, deformed hair growing out of the boil on the armpit of America.

That being said, spiedies are damn good. (Southern Tier people know what I'm talking about.)
2003-03-04 03:46:44 PM  
Vaxhacker: BillDarryl: Sure it wasn't Boscov's?

My guess would be Old World Deli

/Binghamton resident (notice the lack of a P)

Mods, please delete my bold type fiasco

2003-03-04 03:48:17 PM  
BillDarryl, Bedevere, Vaxhacker~

Actually, I think he was running for a beef patty with cocobread and cheese at Kennedy Fried Chicken on Main.
2003-03-04 03:49:31 PM  
wow, i live in binghamton and this is the first i've heard of it. but rest assured that i'll keep a vigilant watch from now on :)
2003-03-04 03:51:57 PM  
Streaking during the winter proves you're not afraid to show the world that you suffer from blue balls.
2003-03-04 03:56:15 PM  
Craphola: spiedies rule, especially Lupos! And Binghamton isn't that bad. Sure, it has crummy weather year-round except for a couple weeks in June, a decrepit economy, nothing to do on weekends, hordes of unkempt SUNY students, etc. But it's still way nicer than, say, Troy NY (near Albany).
2003-03-04 03:57:15 PM  
Are you people Binghamton students or townies?
2003-03-04 03:59:04 PM  
Another former Binghamton resident here...I think I was naked in that parking garage once......
2003-03-04 04:00:32 PM  

"I would jog naked except my dick keeps flopping around and hitting my ears."

Are sure its not your tongue hitting your ears?
2003-03-04 04:01:05 PM  

I'm a townie and proud of it (although there was no way I was sticking around for college)
2003-03-04 04:01:10 PM  
Spiedies RULE!
2003-03-04 04:01:30 PM  
Damn, I could go for a hot spiedie right about now.

/SUNY-B graduate here.
2003-03-04 04:01:51 PM  
Chumley, meet DisobedientMuffin. No charge for matchmaker services.
2003-03-04 04:02:30 PM  
The Cocoa Bread Patties are so repellantly delicious!

-McGrue, victim of SUNY Bingo
2003-03-04 04:03:50 PM  
I bet this guy voted for Nader.
2003-03-04 04:04:06 PM  
Woo-Hoo! My alma mater finally makes the headlines. I crawled home naked from the Ratt many a nights and it never made the headlines. What gives?

/wishing I had a Scorpion Bowl in my hand.
2003-03-04 04:04:50 PM  
There's lots to do on the weekends here as long as you like drinking.
2003-03-04 04:05:52 PM  
As much as I hate upstaters, I hate people who can't spell more.
2003-03-04 04:06:58 PM  
Former Suny-B student...and Vaxhacker, although I recognize your sarcasm, comparing Binghamton to other upstate NY towns is like comparing a kidney stone to a hemorrhoid.

And yes, Lupos rules. I used to live near there. But seriously, the only, and I mean only thing I miss from Binghamton are the beef pattys from Kennedy Fried Chicken on Main. Someone please tell me they still make those. Back when Cheers was on Main you could walk across the street, order one wrapped in cocobread and cheese, smother it in hot sauce, and forget your worries. Mmmm...I'm salivating just thinking about it.

If there's any current SUNY-B students on here, would you be so kind as to tell me that my old fraternity, SAE, has gone down the shiatter? I always hoped that farking frat would die after I left. I've no way of telling since I'll never set foot near Binghamton again.
2003-03-04 04:08:25 PM  
Is this the guy?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-04 04:09:38 PM  
This probably won't work, but what the hell.

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