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(NewsRadio720)   An eyewitness account of the arrests at NYC yesterday   ( divider line
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2001-09-14 08:01:45 AM  
"One network report says those arrested had knives, fake pilot ID's and even knives. The report says there were nine men and one woman"

But did they have knives?
2001-09-14 08:02:25 AM  
One network report says those arrested had knives, fake pilot ID's and even knives.

Geez, did they have knives?
2001-09-14 08:02:50 AM  
Someguy: LOL!
2001-09-14 08:06:14 AM  
This is definitly not over.
The problem is, the coward terrorist
will use any means to destroy.
Car bombs, explosives strapped to themselves...
Any crazyass imaginable scenerio you can think of,
these bastards have thought of also.
Be careful, keep your eyes open, donate blood, spend money.
2001-09-14 08:08:50 AM  
We should give them thier wish to die (if they are found to be connected to ANY terrorist group.

Only, instead of Lethal Injection, we should execute them in Islamic fashion and be-head them.
2001-09-14 08:13:03 AM  
I think beheading is too slow and gentle. Unless the instrument of beheading is, maybe, dental floss? Just saw back and forth , replacing the string when necessary, until the person expires.

Ordinarily I dislike the idea of capital punishment, but this is my gut speaking, and not my better self.
2001-09-14 08:18:36 AM  
Dammit, Someguy, Overlord, you guys BOTH beat me to it.
2001-09-14 08:22:37 AM  
I think that they MIGHT have had knives ;) one network report indicated they had KNIVES

I interviewed the guy this morning, he sais that he never saw a weapon other than the rifles that the swat team had, and possibly a marshal on the plane, who got the first suspect.
2001-09-14 08:49:10 AM  
well i'm guessing Grumman that they weren't going to pull the knives out until after take off!!!!

very very scary... i think i'll stick to my car, ty
2001-09-14 09:26:49 AM  
Ordinarily I dislike the idea of capital punishment, but this is my gut speaking, and not my better self.

Same here, Someguy. I am totally against capital punishment, but right now, I'm thinking that most every form of it we can come up with is far, far too good for these assholes.

A coworker of mine suggested suspending Bin Laden from a pole in NY Harbor and letting anyone and everyone who'd like to take a couple of shots at him with a small caliber rifle have at it. Seemed good.

Personally, I think that if we *do* capture him and some of his jackass suicide followers, we find a way to get rid of them that is not only apt punishment, but shames them in front of their followers and their *religion*. Rather than just wipe out the terrorists, we should wipe out their *cause*.
2001-09-14 09:36:57 AM  
Let's marclar the marclars, for the marclar they perpetrated the other marclar.
That should wipe the marclars off their marclars.
Once that's done, we need to examine the marclar of how to prevent further marclars from believing they have a divine marclar to inflict their marclar on marclars, marclars and marclars.

Marclars are on me!
2001-09-14 09:38:27 AM  
news this morning says they were not hijackers, had no weapons and something else but I forget
2001-09-14 09:38:58 AM  
Someguy and Overlord stole my line!
2001-09-14 09:46:13 AM  
Those of you saying, "Ordinarily I am against capital punishment, but..." should take this moment to consider that you're experiencing what victim's families normally feel.

Vengeance isn't good enough for them, but it's good enough for you?
2001-09-14 09:54:39 AM  
This is what I think they should do to this bin Laden guy and all his little buddies.

They should push them off of a one-story building, then maybe a few will sprain their ankles or something, but when each of them is better, they should push them off of a two-story building. Then they do what they can to heal them, keeping them from pain-killers of any kind, then when they're completely better advance to the three-story building, and by this time they might have to operate on a few of them and the no-pain-killer thing starts getting pretty nasty, which it especially will when advancing onto four- and five-story buildings. Then they keep doing this until none of them can be saved.

Costly? Yes. Time consuming? Yes. Inadequate? Definately. But it's the closest thing to appropriate that I've been able to think of.
2001-09-14 10:03:03 AM  
Benjamin: Yes! First rational voice I've heard here today. The rest of you, especially those who aren't normally against capital punishment, should realize what you're doing. I'm not excusing anything done on Tuesday, but if you start being swept away by your emotions things are only going to get worse.
2001-09-14 10:03:45 AM  
that should be, "those who are normally against...
2001-09-14 10:11:53 AM  
It's official. The suspects arrested at JFK did NOT have knives, and may not even have any connection to the attacks.

People, we need to take a breather and let the investigation go on. The media is seizing upon any scrap of rumour in order to be first to broadcast. In the last two days, they have misreported 5, count em' 5, different pieces of "news" which they have then had to backtrack on. If they continue presenting false statements as facts, it will only serve to raise the ire and hostility many Americans are feeling for those of foreign origin.

As a country, we must mourn the dead, and steel our will to fight for justice. But not at the expense of our rationality, and the ideals of justice and tolerance that have made this country great.
2001-09-14 10:12:37 AM  
So the CIA paid for this : SCARY!

Experts said that besides bin Laden -- who honed his guerrilla skills against Soviet troops in the 1980s commanding Arab fighters funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency -- few have the cash or expertise to mount such attacks.

Look in your own backyard America!
2001-09-14 10:33:10 AM  
I think this bears repeating

One network report says those arrested had knives, fake pilot ID's and even knives. The report says there were nine men and one woman.

- Kramerica
2001-09-14 10:41:49 AM  
Funny how we help fund Ben Laudens cause back during the cold war. Helped train the Afganistan people to fight off the Russian invaders, but now the USA is evil. I know we were helping them out of self interest, but it just goes to show you what good it does for the USA to get involved in foreign conflicts. As a rich nation whichever side we help, we are engaging in Impirialism. If we do nothing then we are "acting irrisponsible" by "sticking our head in the sand", isolating ourselves. People all over the world are all alike it seems. Let's look for someone to blame, beside ourselves.
2001-09-14 11:47:46 AM  
Who is Ben Lauden? Is he that guy from "Win Ben Lauden's Money"?

Seriously though, it looks like all that these people were guilty of was being Arabic and being at the airport.
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