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(Washington Post)   3 Northwest employees breach security to prove a point   ( divider line
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2001-09-14 07:32:50 AM  
Scary indeed, but they made a good point.
2001-09-14 08:26:50 AM  
For years I've carried a swiss army knife (since about grade 4 or 5 I think) with me. I never even knew that carrying a pocket knife onto an aircraft was illegal. I've passed through the metal detectors, sometimes beeped and sometimes not. I've placed my pocket knife, in plain view, into the little baskets and walked through again. Nobody has ever raised an eyebrow.

My present pocket knife is a Swiss Army Camper Lockblade. It's not really a small knife. It's an obvious thing in the basket. Apparently its no longer in production, but the closest equivalent is this.

I would have had no problem if I had ever been told I had to stow this away. Heck, I'd be annoyed (no advanced notice, like "Thou shall not carry pocket knives") but understanding if I wasn't allowed to board with it. But its never, ever, happened.

2001-09-14 08:27:46 AM  
"We would ask that nobody intentionally try to break security,"

Well, gee, since they asked so nicely...
2001-09-14 08:41:36 AM  
now watch the employees be discharged for bringing it to their attention!!! very scary indeed.
2001-09-14 08:57:26 AM  
I once was told to take a drink from the soda I was carrying through security at O'Hare but no one even mentioned the Gerber Multitool I had on my belt with 2 3"+ knife blades and a saw blade. At Dulles at least 70% of the screeners are of middle eastern decent. How hard do you think it would be to get a couple of accomplices in there to let an armed person through. Ya get what you pay for when you contract with the low bidder.
2001-09-14 09:03:27 AM  
That is called killing the messenger and is still accepted practice in a lot of places (happened to me when I pointed out a hole in the computersecurity at work, but I got the last laugh, their shares went down the drain without me doing anything or telling anybody outside the company).
2001-09-14 09:20:32 AM  
I've carried a swiss army knife for years, too. It has a 3 inch, serrated main blade. I've never had a problem with getting it through the metal detectors at the airport.

I think the big problem is with things like this:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-14 09:21:57 AM  
"We would ask that nobody intentionally try to break security,"

What they are realy saying:

even after this terrible incident we are going to be as lax in security as always, please don't attempt to show the nation how much disregard we have for it's safety
2001-09-14 09:29:26 AM  
Well, this makes me a little jittery. I was supposed to be on a Northwest flight out of Denver to Birmingham, Al this morning. Needless to say I had changed my flight plans as of yesterday to give things a chance to settle down before I got on a plane. I haven't been home in over a year, but I guess waiting a few more days to fly was probably a good idea. Regardless, unless they ground all the flights again, I'm outta here next week. Considering the mood I'm in, I think I'm fully capable of beating a terrorist to death with a goddamned airphone if anything happens.
2001-09-14 09:35:39 AM  
This pisses me off almost as much as anything I've heard in the past three days.

Absolutely inexcusable.

When are we going to hire some god_damned real security for these airports? We've got barely trained retards doing it now.
2001-09-14 09:49:01 AM  
So the CIA paid for this : SCARy

Experts said that besides bin Laden -- who honed his guerrilla skills against Soviet troops in the 1980s commanding Arab fighters funded by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency -- few have the cash or expertise to mount such attacks.
2001-09-14 09:54:07 AM  
From what I saw on ABC this morning, they didn't intentionally do it, they accidentally carried items they always flew with and realized what happend. Farking Washington Post.
2001-09-14 10:25:07 AM  
FARK!!! Jesus, I hope everything settles down by Monday or my hubby isn't going to let me get on a plane. You guys have no idea what it's like trying to convince your Significant Other that you're capable of taking care of yourself.
2001-09-14 10:38:23 AM  
One of the things that is being discussed by congress is federalizing all airport security. You will pay extra (a little)but I think fully trained feds will be better than "mall security" and rent-a-cops that we currently depend on.
2001-09-14 12:00:35 PM  
PGM_00 - Amen! Airport security is serious business, even before Tuesday.
2001-09-14 12:53:55 PM  
Amen again. As a person who travels of 150,000 air miles each year, I can safely say that almost all the security screening personnel at US airports aren't intelligent enough to serve up french fries at McDonald's. Now that's bad!
2001-09-14 01:00:24 PM  
Why federalized airport security is a good thing:

The type of people that join the military or the FBI are proud of their jobs and do them well, even if the pay is poor, and it usually is. It is a matter of honor and pride to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and to give 110%.

The type of people that do airport security get $5.75 an hour, less than a halfway competent person can make at McDonalds. Would you take a bullet, or jump on a bomb for $5.75 an hour? I sure as hell wouldn't.
2001-09-14 01:22:08 PM  
Airport security has always been joke, and having trained monkeys doing security checks doesn't help. I've always been able to get through with knives.

10 bucks says I could pass a stinger off as a rod tube and walk right by those idiots.
2001-09-14 01:34:11 PM  
Geez, Foos, thanks so farking much. Just what I needed to hear considering I'm going to be hopping a plane Monday.
2001-09-14 02:11:03 PM  
"If you want the job done right, do it yourself", so the old saying goes.

So when I leave on my next trip, I'm arriving at the airport 5 hours earlier so I can search EVERYBODY that gets on that plane.

Some of theser folks are going to get their Christmas goose early.
2001-09-14 02:38:22 PM  
I once walked onto a plane with a bag of telecommunications repair tools including a hammer, several screwdrivers, a utility knife and several other potentially dangerous items. This not including the 4" pocket knife I had. It would be interesting to pull a "Spinal Tap" (watch the movie if you don't know what I mean) to see what they would do.
2001-09-14 02:43:16 PM  
Ozhead: I understand you have the right to speak your opinion. But, please quit posting the same shiat in every thread. Honesty, it comes off as Anti-American. Not because of the actual post but becuase of your incessient need to post it at every oppurtunity.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-14 02:56:37 PM  
All of you who say you've had no trouble getting pocketknives past security in the past- it wasn't an issue in the past. Blades shorter than 4" were allowed. As of yesterday, they are not.
2001-09-14 03:22:12 PM  
After reading the above posts, makes me wonder why I get busted every time I try to get my keychain kubotan thru security. It's nothing but a 6" aluminum rod with annular grooves, blunt on both ends. I must look suspicious or something.
2001-09-14 10:54:06 PM  
Yeah, watch, I bet they get fired for this.
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