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(Texas Gov)   Unclaimed property all over Texas. Check and see if Texas is holding a little something for ya   ( divider line
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10837 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2003 at 8:08 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-03 07:17:17 PM  
If I have anything coming they can keep it.

If I owned hell and Texas, I'd live in hell and rent Texas out.
2003-03-03 08:12:39 PM  
2003-03-03 08:13:32 PM  
damn. nothing

and I was feeling lucky too
2003-03-03 08:13:49 PM  
wow, they owe me 30 dollars
2003-03-03 08:14:16 PM  
What, Texas is holdin'?

Hot damn!
2003-03-03 08:14:57 PM  
DAMN! Nothing for me...back to work I guess.
2003-03-03 08:16:40 PM  
John doe has lost a lot of stuff, I better claim it for him.
2003-03-03 08:16:45 PM  
Unclaimed shuttle parts?
2003-03-03 08:17:02 PM  
I actually have an unclaimed deposit for some utility company in Texas, but in order to claim it, I have to have the original receipt from when I put the deposit down. Pffffft. Plus they want like proof that I paid it, proof that I lived there, proof that I exist, proof that I'm still alive, proof that God exists. It's insane.
2003-03-03 08:17:44 PM  
I got nothing - I've never been to Texas either.

however Mike Hunt has a lot of stuff stuck in Texas!

first correct reference gets a strongbad email.....
2003-03-03 08:18:53 PM  
Joe Blow is owed $1.50. someone please let him know
2003-03-03 08:19:42 PM  
I show 4 'hits'. What's the catch?
2003-03-03 08:19:56 PM  
Whole buncha people with the same last name as me, but nobody with the same first. Damn.
2003-03-03 08:20:16 PM  
morning breath, tell him yourself.
100% Garbage Pail Kids
2003-03-03 08:20:53 PM  
George Bush is owed $42.84
2003-03-03 08:20:56 PM  
Got nothing. Then again I don't know of any ancestors that were in Texas (mostly Germany/Canada/Great Lakes region) and I've never been to Texas.

*wonders if her son is actually watching the ST TNG pilot episode blaring in the living room*
2003-03-03 08:21:19 PM  
It's like they dangled money in front of me, and then stuck there tongues out when I tried to reclaim it. Who the hell keeps receipts, leases for over 10 years? Bastards. I'll never go back to Texas.
2003-03-03 08:21:22 PM  
I found some stuff!

Gotta get my stuff!
2003-03-03 08:21:35 PM  
holy crap they owe George Bush $42.84 !!!!!

He can buy lots of gobstoppers with that.
2003-03-03 08:22:22 PM
I think that I've been banned from linking too. Crap.
Just in case:
2003-03-03 08:23:41 PM  
Yep. Mods, please already, it has been a month and a half for a minor infraction. No linking, and no images is a pretty damn stiff sentence for this long.
2003-03-03 08:23:47 PM  
get offa mah PRO PER TAY!!
2003-03-03 08:24:55 PM  
Zzeuss: A perfect Fuzzy Lumpkins imitation!
2003-03-03 08:25:09 PM  
Nut'n Honey
2003-03-03 08:25:44 PM  
Isn't this just like most states that have the same kinds of websites? By the way, it's better to let the state keep your money, they pay a lot more interest than banks do.
2003-03-03 08:26:49 PM  
Maybe they can just tell me what they have and I'll tell them whether it's mine.
2003-03-03 08:31:25 PM  
What did you do?
2003-03-03 08:32:22 PM  
"or not" should have been on the end there I think.
2003-03-03 08:33:23 PM  
Holy farking shiat. I just found 56.48 owed to me. Woo Hoo! Thank you Fark.
2003-03-03 08:33:46 PM  
I posted a pic from a NSFW site on the thread about said site. It was a naked german chick walkign around a subway.
2003-03-03 08:33:50 PM  
Doccm, if your HTML privileges were revoked, you need to ask for reinstatement via the Farkback
2003-03-03 08:34:18 PM  
Albert Gore: 5.20
Richard Cheney: 0.28
William Gates: 243.97 (among others)
2003-03-03 08:35:03 PM  
William Gates
Last Known Address 1601 GAY
2003-03-03 08:37:46 PM  
They have a cell for me. I know this trick. They won't catch me.
2003-03-03 08:38:06 PM  

I remember that link from [weeks ago.]

NSFW images don't affect me here at work.

My boss showed me a video he got from a friend via email.

It involved a nice woman and a dalmation.
2003-03-03 08:39:27 PM  
Kolacky, thanks. I just sent a message.
2003-03-03 08:39:29 PM  
Hot damn, now that I own land I can vote...What? You mean they changed that rule? When did they do that?
2003-03-03 08:39:40 PM  

03-03-03 08:24:55 PM Alexandra
Zzeuss: A perfect Fuzzy Lumpkins imitation


What the hell is a fuzzy lumpkin?

I guess I have about $650 dollars worth of stuff in good ole tehas.

2003-03-03 08:41:26 PM  
Milkbone, the pic wasn't nearly as bad as half of the photoshop contests. Lol. I guess my accompanying comment was a little too much.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-03 08:44:26 PM  
searched for RAT -- big donut there

also, RAT-Farker -- still, nada

but, I looked for Tattoo, and found out that Ricardo Montalban was looking for me for one of the lost episodes of fantasy plane boss, de plane
2003-03-03 08:45:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-03 08:47:24 PM  
Sh!t to bad my name is so freakin common in hispanics. Well I found my name and no known address so i guess its me? Ill let you guys know if it was me that they owed. Its likes 800.00 dollars.
2003-03-03 08:48:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-03 08:48:34 PM  
Looks like they're holding some property for J.R. "Bobby" Dobbs.
2003-03-03 08:51:12 PM  
$100 from an old phone deposit in college. Woohoo!!!
Dats a fat sac of kind!
2003-03-03 08:52:32 PM  
found $18 they owe my grandmother who passed away in 1996...guess i might as well put in a claim on it
2003-03-03 08:58:38 PM  
Oh goody, I'm owed El Paso. Woop.

I'm just going to see what I can get for it on ebay.
2003-03-03 09:00:35 PM  
aww shuks i got nuttin see TEXAAS has nothing at all for anyone let's get rid of em
2003-03-03 09:14:44 PM  
Cold Cold Steve Austin - 122.76
Owen Wilson - 241.67 (apparently Jackie Chan is picking it up)

ps ready for a sucky remake from the director of Old School and Road Trip.

Snoop Dogg .... Huggy Bear
Ben Stiller .... Starsky
Owen Wilson .... Hutch
2003-03-03 09:15:42 PM  
worst link ever.
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