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(Worth1000)   Thumbnails of pictures taken of the panic inside the WTC as the photographer fled the building   ( divider line
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14306 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2001 at 4:51 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-13 04:53:10 PM  
Man, I can't even imagine...
2001-09-13 04:54:07 PM  
Farked already?
2001-09-13 04:55:12 PM  
think the farking might have to do with the ridiculous size of the images?
2001-09-13 04:58:09 PM  
no - there are just thumbnails. i'm looking into twhat's wrong.
2001-09-13 04:58:20 PM  
send the pics to me if anyone has them, i'll put up a mirror @ (note: nothing there now).

2001-09-13 05:00:27 PM  
this is frustrating. i'm going to have to mirror this on another site as well
2001-09-13 05:20:56 PM  
We tried to get the pictures as well but the original site gut crushed by traffic
2001-09-13 05:21:11 PM  
God some of those pictures are really spooky...
2001-09-13 05:23:04 PM  
That was amazing. Took me through the whole thing from the inside. Glad I got the VR tour though.
2001-09-13 05:24:42 PM  
I think you need to fix your mime types Jaxomlotus.
2001-09-13 05:25:37 PM  
There we go...
2001-09-13 05:26:45 PM  
We just found the original pics, will have those up too shortly
2001-09-13 05:27:05 PM  
does anyone have full screen images of this? i got 2 of them.
2001-09-13 05:27:52 PM  
i'm with GreyOne.

Spooky to say the *least*

2001-09-13 05:29:40 PM  
very hard to look at those pics and wonder how made it out, and who didnt
2001-09-13 05:34:51 PM  
good job drew...
2001-09-13 05:35:10 PM  
Full photos being installed as we speak. Stay tuned
2001-09-13 05:37:13 PM  
actually full photos will be available in a couple of hours. i gotta get home from work now. Later all
2001-09-13 05:37:30 PM  
holy shiat.
2001-09-13 05:37:35 PM  
rogue what do you mean by mime types?
2001-09-13 05:40:01 PM  
The thumbnails alone are pretty exceptional. The shots after the crumble are surreal. Looks like a foggy night.
2001-09-13 05:43:35 PM  
Firemen running up the stairs = true American heroes. God bless them and look out for their families.
2001-09-13 05:47:31 PM  
rogue what do you mean by mime types?
Oh, the page you temporarily had up at wasn't sending the proper content-type with the full sized JPegs... making (my browser a least) want to save the file to disk instead of display it.
2001-09-13 06:09:10 PM  
the thumbs wont display the full pic...farked.

2001-09-13 06:12:51 PM  
We are getting the full size images now..

Theres 110 Photos at a total of 95.5mb, it's taking awhile to upload on my DSL
2001-09-13 06:15:53 PM  
Drew and Co. Once again thanx for the good work in keeping us informed.
2001-09-13 06:23:21 PM  
Absolutely horrible. Some photos are over a meg, and over 2000 pixels to a side, making it impossible to view the whole thing at once. Can anyone run them through a jpeg optimizer and change the image size? I'd do it, but it would take days with my connection.
2001-09-13 06:33:58 PM  
if anybody can find image DSCN3613.jpg, contact me. i have Instant Messager on the screen name Squirt108.

i should only need that full image. thanks.
2001-09-13 06:49:11 PM  
2001-09-13 06:52:34 PM  
bonobo -as soon as i get the images from Ray i will optimize and repost them
2001-09-13 07:16:06 PM  
Full size images are now up on the site!
2001-09-13 07:16:32 PM  
thanks guys i got the picture. i appreciate all your help
2001-09-13 07:18:17 PM  
Holy god, I couldn't bear to even look at these and then curiosity got the best of me when Zero-graV asked for that one and I clicked Raysmith's link.
It was very dark on my farked up monitor so i run it thru a gamma filter and bam....therethey are....the fireman...the crowd...jeezus I hope these people got out
see gama corrected resized pic here
2001-09-13 07:25:08 PM  
I can't even farking type. I imagine those people got out becasue the photographer did. How do we find out about the fireman???
2001-09-13 07:25:56 PM  
I hope that photo makes its way to the fireman's family.
2001-09-13 07:37:09 PM  
i'm goign to photo correct all of these and put them back on the site. Didn't even check.........sorry :(
2001-09-13 07:46:37 PM  
jesus - gamma correcting these photos reveals blood in some.
2001-09-13 08:09:18 PM  
2001-09-13 08:59:22 PM  
I actually saw the blood on the newspaper without gamma correcting. Terrible
2001-09-13 09:19:52 PM  
Mme - how do you know his name is Byrd?
2001-09-13 09:39:25 PM  
The numbers on his helmet should make it easy enough to track down his identity. I think it should be a fark project.
2001-09-13 09:55:11 PM  
Actually, it looks like "BYRNE." One of the photos shows the back of a firefighter's coat with his last name on it... a bit blurred though. Someone should definitely find his family.
2001-09-13 10:22:44 PM  
oh man... one of the pictures you can see someone who has jumped

(starting from left top of photo)... move right until the blocking building eave (or whatever) is done... look just to the right and just down.
2001-09-13 10:26:05 PM  
hmmm... looking at other pics, it is in same spot. I doubt it is a person.... can anyone identify what it was?
2001-09-13 10:52:40 PM  
2001-09-13 11:06:15 PM  
please be aware fellow farkers the fireman running up those stairs was carrying 70lbs. of equipment and protective clothing on his back. as a fireman in a small town in the woods where nothing is over 2 stories i just cant imagine 100 stories...its superhuman.
2001-09-13 11:24:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-13 11:35:03 PM  
Jaxomlotus: Optimized, resized, and gamma-corrected! Let me say I appreciate the work you did, and that's now a great resource. I'm looking tham all over now, and getting a sense of the panic. Scary shiat.
2001-09-13 11:37:18 PM  
MeeksterThank you for that link, but I think those captions are saying that the photographer escaped with out injury. (It says it on each photo not just the fireman one.)
I'm happy for the photographer but still would like to know what happened to my fireman.
2001-09-13 11:38:58 PM  
Breathtaking image, AntiNorm
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