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(Herald Tribune (SW Florida))   Officer resigns over diploma forgery   ( divider line
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8314 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Mar 2003 at 4:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-03 04:26:56 AM  
All policeman should be shot.
2003-03-03 04:27:05 AM  
Stupid bastard officers...another reason why I hate them!.....I just hope none are reading this....

2003-03-03 04:28:33 AM  
I'd certainly hope so. What kind of dumb asshat forges a diploma when applying for the farking police?
2003-03-03 04:30:15 AM  
I've only been asked for a copy of my diploma once, in 5 years. And even then it was just a black and white copy. Degrees for everyone!
2003-03-03 04:30:29 AM  
Oh boy, bring out all the Fark cop-haters!
Forget that most of them are heroes who protect you on a daily basis.
2003-03-03 04:34:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

And I agree with Begoggle 100%.
But I still like the tag...
2003-03-03 04:35:50 AM  
Goatman264 not a very nice comment. hope u didnt really mean that.
2003-03-03 04:36:03 AM  
dont be a fewl
stay in skewl
2003-03-03 04:36:31 AM  
i bet dan hedaya would know what to do with this dude...
[image from too old to be available]
once again, dan hedaya is the man. not just a man, but the man.
2003-03-03 04:38:34 AM  
Depends on what your interpretation of "nice" is, doesn't it Dr. Knockboots?

Personally I think that too many people are resigning over diploma forgery instead of concentrating on their relationship with Jesus.
2003-03-03 04:42:54 AM  
...not being a cop-hater, i'll keep it pretty short. most cops have not done anything to better my life, and i don't see it happening anytime soon. where i live crime isn't too bad so they go around looking to write tickets, and rape us all with fines.
i'm sure if i was ever being jacked and they were right there they'd probably help me, but then they'd treat me like a perp and make sure i wasn't offending the queen or something stupid that they see as ticket-worthy.
not that i hate cops, they're mostly good people, but they're just tools of bigger fools.
it's the politicos that tell them what to do that i'd like to see on autopsy tables, but i dunno if im allowed to say that.

enjoy the dan hedaya site.
2003-03-03 04:47:36 AM  
the politicos have come up with brilliant idea of putting teams of 20 year old national guard troops with loaded machine guns in various ny subway stations. i uncomfortably walked past a group of three this evening. i have no doubt that one of these kids will mistakenly shoot someone before the summer. manhattan is a fully functional police state. lots o' fun.
2003-03-03 04:48:01 AM  
where i live crime isn't too bad

That's because of the cops, dimwit.

so they go around looking to write tickets

So fix the shiat and then maybe you won't get fined.
Normal people do not get fined by the cops on a regular basis.
2003-03-03 04:51:22 AM  
Forge a diploma? Doh. mmmm doghnuts
2003-03-03 04:51:51 AM  
If only we could turn this thread into hating religion, we could have the Fark cop/army/religion hating trifecta.
2003-03-03 04:54:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-03 04:54:37 AM  
Hadn't you noticed?
Today is spew-as-much-hate-as-you-can day on Fark.
Pretty much across the board.
Feh. I might as well be working.
2003-03-03 04:55:40 AM  
Nyla's trend didn't continue =(

(see previous thread.)

2003-03-03 04:56:48 AM  
I used to live in Charlotte County. and i am NOT suprised.
2003-03-03 04:57:43 AM  
Forget that most of them are heroes who protect you on a daily basis.


Not most of them are heros. some of them certainly are, and the ones who work on theft and murder and rape, and do so without violating rules, are, but the ones who go after drugs/traffic offenders/people who drive while black are not hero's. The ones who take bribes, and protect officers who do take bribes are not. It is said that alot of potential serial killers end up as cops because being a cop gives them alot of the same power that being a serial killer would.
2003-03-03 05:01:19 AM  
ha! it was true then. they're all just bully/jock from high school. they haven't gotten an ounce of intelligence, that's why they can't make it. man, if this dude had used out of state degree, he could've passed.
2003-03-03 05:02:15 AM  

there are 2 kinds of cops.
#1 male-children who have machismo issues & take their grudges/issues etc. out on the public.

#2 the sort you worry for because they're good people who went into law enforcement to help & make a difference.

/has met both
2003-03-03 05:05:19 AM  
What about the guy he allegedly pistol-whipped? He should do the time and pay back any increase in salary he received thru fraud.
2003-03-03 05:07:22 AM  
A couple bad seeds will exist in any profession. Anyone who wakes up every morning to risk getting shot at and has to deal with the scum of the earth on a daily basis for 30K a year commands my respect.
2003-03-03 05:08:37 AM  
Oh boy, bring out all the Fark cop-haters!
Forget that most of them are heroes who protect you on a daily basis.

Protect who? From what?
Cops don't protect anyone - they investigate after the fact.
If they're "protecting", they're doing a pretty shiatty job of it.
Puh-lease. While I'm sure there are a few good cops somewhere, and the bad ones we hear about unfortunately tar the rest...SOME cops are sodomizing people with broomsticks, beating the shiat out of people in handcuffs, unloading 11 bullets into another guy in handcuffs, standing by while a crowd assaults women in Central Park....

Heros? Rarely.
Potecting? You want protection, buy a big dog and a gun.
Daily? The only thing cops protect daily is the local doughnut shop.
2003-03-03 05:09:15 AM  
Feukulor - I never had the idea that this city wasnt a police state but the whole machine gun thing really made me think about it and how serious this lockdown is. Unfortunately, the National Guard kids they are using are mostly kids from the suburbs who have no place being down there with loaded automatic weapons. I'm not even trying to say that they are stupid.. just that new york (especially underground) takes some time to get used to and "learning on the job" with a gun is a scary proposal.
2003-03-03 05:09:47 AM  

Am I back?
2003-03-03 05:09:59 AM  
Feukulor>> Make my day. I'll call the cops and have them tow your van. Then where would you be? Homeless I tell you.. ;-)

Beer151>> And I usually like what you have to say....
I don't think the bad are greater in number than the good. I think we hold them to higher standard which is why we hear about it when they do wrong so it only appears that they are bad in a greater percentage than other people doing other kinds of jobs.
Think about it this way, how many shmucks are busted for faking their degrees every day? I've had two people apply to my tiny little company that, when I ran a background on them, didn't have the creds they claimed to.
Not news-worthy in the least...
2003-03-03 05:11:36 AM  
<Really wants to know what Harmonia got banned for>
2003-03-03 05:18:59 AM  
LOL Feukulor
2003-03-03 05:24:37 AM  
All policeman should be shot.

You peacenik,you.
2003-03-03 05:25:12 AM  
Feukulor - right now the N.G. kinda do their thing, standing with their guns, and that is it. But I would imagine when making shift changes, they are using NYPD's MTA station facilities. Often I see them grouped together in conversation, so from a visual standpoint they are already united. For the average transit rider, one of these dudes now equates to seeing a cop. Does it make me feel safe? Unfortunately not. If a bin Laden operative started doing his thing, what would these guys really do? Blow off a few dozen rounds into the crowded platform? Call the cops? Their inexperience isn't hard to see.
2003-03-03 05:25:20 AM  
If they're "protecting", they're doing a pretty shiatty job of it.

I guess tatum could predict crimes and stop them from happening before they do.
seriously tatum.. what the hell do you expect from these people? do you want superheros? what would the world be like with no one to "protect" and "serve"?
Sounds like you just get too many speeding tickets or public masturbation violations so you have built up a real hatred.
2003-03-03 05:29:59 AM  
If they're "protecting", they're doing a pretty shiatty job of it.

Obviously, the fact that they exist at all protects us, and prevents most crime. If there was no policing at all, we'd all be criminals, as with no chance of being arrested, there's nothing to stop us. Why pay for shiat when you can walk out the shop with it? Why not kill that person who pissed you off this morning? etc. etc. Anarchy is not all it's cracked up to be.
2003-03-03 05:35:29 AM  
And to think, I'm wasting my degree in Cracking Wise from CGNU.

/Starting course work in Sending Me A Dollar.
2003-03-03 05:46:45 AM  
Ku_No_Ichi, being naughty...

2003-03-03 05:56:05 AM  
Beer151, there are different kinds of drugs, remember? You think that drugs like crack should just be ignored, or were you forgetting that your weed isn't the only illegal drug around?

Traffic offenders should be let off? Yeah! Let's let the idiots who can't drive, drive as much as they want! Who cares that they will probably kill someone through their own asshatishness.

I have no idea what to say about that serial killer thing. Doctors, nurses, judges, CEOs, bank managers, firemen and so on all have "power" so by your logic lots of them must be serial killers? Well, I'm with you when it comes to doctors anyway.
2003-03-03 06:05:19 AM  
being the type of person who likes the whole last word thing i just hafta say...
crime isn't bad in my area because the people generally don't comit crimes, meaning no cops are needed to solve (not prevent) said non-existent crimes, so they go after those terrible skateboarders and those vicious pot-smokers, and the kids with loud stereos in their cars (who might be dangerous pot-smokers as well).
all in all cops are a necessary evil, but when there's nothing happening thats doing any harm to any people, why would you still need to fill a ridiculous quota?
oh yeah, anyone who says something like <annoying nasal whine>"well smoking pot and skatboarding are crimes, dumbass."</nasal whine> ...well, you don't really exist, so im not hearing you.
2003-03-03 06:06:36 AM  
He's funding terrorism.
2003-03-03 06:10:51 AM  
Sorry, I'm still awake.
So you're telling me there's no child abuse, no spouse-abuse, no sex-crimes like rape that you might not hear about? No theft? No meth-labs?

Or are you just bragging about how much better it is where you live ;-)
2003-03-03 06:11:11 AM  
oops, i mean skateboarding. i dunno what skatboarding is, and i seriously dont want to. sounds messy. too "extreme" for me.
2003-03-03 06:13:51 AM  
bragging? hell no. bring me a ghetto, its waaaay more fun than this white bread factory i'm in.
ok, touche on the whole child abuse and methlab thing, but then get to work on that shiat, and ease up on the pointless locker room bragging fodder. theres no need to bust some kid smoking a joint with his buddies. ...especially when theres meth labs about.
2003-03-03 06:18:26 AM  
i wonder how many of these "anti-cops" would enjoy living in a place where there arent any cops or real law enforcement to speak of? there are bad cops.. but im certain that the good cops outweigh them by leaps and bounds.
stop sounding like doped up 10th graders who think nothing of personal responsibility.
2003-03-03 06:20:30 AM  
Fair enough.
I'll agree with you halfway then.:)

((please say at least one other thing so it won't look like I'm trying to get the last word in..))
2003-03-03 06:26:32 AM  
some of these "anti-cops" are also upstanding adult citizens who dont like being legally bullied by some washed up jock with a chip on their shoulder when all they did was walk with a strut.
and some of the "anti-cops" probably deal with things their own way, because court dates and lawyers only solve paperwork, which doesn't apply to real life.
and some of them are little shiats who really liked the nwa they bump in the car with their homies and think thats real life, but im pretty sure most of the people posting on fark are the upstanding type, yo.
2003-03-03 06:27:07 AM  
hey, i already said i like the last word. no worries!
2003-03-03 06:29:00 AM  
Being a CJ major and having been through many police courses taught by local suburban chicago cops, I think they have a bad rap. Do they write tickets for speeding? Yeah. Do they arrest people for DUI during the same shift? Yeah. Do they bust kids they see smoking weed? Yep. Do they also find LSD, cocaine, crack, alcohol (more dangerous than the weed), and illegal guns/other weapons. Yes.

Go for a ride-along with a local cop in a white neighborhood if you think it's easy. Try not to wet your pants when you're pulling up in front of a house where the neighbor called because she heard her neighbor being beaten. Oh yeah, the husband has a gun registered and is known to be an alcoholic.

Smoke your weed in your basements, hippies, and lay off the people trying to make a difference.
2003-03-03 06:37:30 AM  

Yes you are.
2003-03-03 06:53:06 AM  
Hi Goatman, well I'm back I suppose, missed anything exciting?
2003-03-03 06:57:09 AM  
Harmonia Well, where are you back from? Because it's been the topic a good couple of times, and various (invariably amusing) speculation about where you went.

Apart from that, Dubya's about to commit genocide, Blair's ignoring everyone for a change, I'm still the best looking and probably the most popular member of Fark, and people are still stupid.

So... where HAVE you been?
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