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(Manchester Online)   Guy passes driving test without using his hands   ( divider line
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13226 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Mar 2003 at 7:49 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-02 05:12:21 PM  
its say he drives with his feet, but it never shows how he shifts...TRULY AMAZING!
2003-03-02 05:33:58 PM  
How does he give people the finger?
2003-03-02 06:12:31 PM  
If it is Mike Hamill, I am impressed.

If it was Mark Hamill, then he's just using the force.

The article apparently isn't sure, but it is highly doubtful we have Jedi Knights on Earth just yet!
2003-03-02 06:30:53 PM  
Years ago my father bought this International Harvester Scout II from a guy who was disabled with polio and had only minimal use of his upper appendages. He could shift the auto trans, but steered with this foot wheel. It was the coolest thing and since the truck had that "dial the phone" power steering it was quite easy. My dad would comb his hair, adjust the mirror with two hands, lean back with his hands behind his head all while making left and right turns. This was before cellphones though.
2003-03-02 06:34:23 PM  
I saw something like this on That's Incredible! Should have seen her eat spaghetti. Neat!
2003-03-02 07:52:39 PM  
Do I go to h@ll if I say this guy deserves a hand?
2003-03-02 07:54:07 PM  
how does he control gas/brake?
2003-03-02 07:57:24 PM  
2003-03-02 07:59:51 PM  
Sooo... how does he kill kittens? Meet Rosey Sole and her five, um, stout sisters?
2003-03-02 08:00:28 PM  
Something doesn't seem right. I think something's afoot.

/got nuthin
2003-03-02 08:00:37 PM  
Too lazy to dig up the HERO tag. But rock on, man with no use of his arms.
2003-03-02 08:01:13 PM  
He may have passed the driving test, but I still don't know that I'd like to get in the car with him, or be driving around him.
2003-03-02 08:01:34 PM  
I can pass gas without using my hands.
2003-03-02 08:01:47 PM  
Check out the wrist... er... anklewatch!
2003-03-02 08:02:02 PM  
LOL TheseBurgers, I somehow don't think that's what the headline meant.
2003-03-02 08:02:21 PM  
It's just Luke Skywalker using the force. This needs an obvious tag.
2003-03-02 08:02:49 PM  

Most people are born with two legs.
He uses one to steer, one to control the pedals.
2003-03-02 08:04:20 PM  
I once smashed into a guy at 5 in the morning due to a deer. Wasn't a bad crash, but they guy had two hooks for hands. That'll freak you out coming home from an overnight master control shift. Had knucle-busters mounted 12 and 6 o'clock... I had to open his glove compartment to get the insurance card...

Very nice guy. I told him his hands would make killer roach clips...
2003-03-02 08:04:42 PM  
Most people are born with two legs.

*sniff* I've been cheated....
2003-03-02 08:05:09 PM  
hmmm... useful
2003-03-02 08:05:12 PM  
That's quite a feat. How about giving this guy a hand!
2003-03-02 08:06:01 PM  
If he gets into a wreck won't that fold him in half?!?
2003-03-02 08:08:32 PM  
Must've been built like that duck:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 08:08:37 PM  
Pretty sweet . . . but I have to admit that I'm curious about the kitten killing thing too.
2003-03-02 08:09:23 PM  
ya beat me to it, stinky.
2003-03-02 08:11:11 PM  
If I were him, I would have one of those helper monkies do the driving!
"Pass him you damn dirty chimp!"
2003-03-02 08:11:38 PM  
okay i have to ask. because people replying in some threads to an invisble person making invisible comments is starting to freak me out...who is theseburgers?????
2003-03-02 08:15:11 PM  
My dad had a driving technique that freaked out my entire family. Between the two parts of Michigan there is a bridge, the Mackinaw Bridge, and its 5 miles long. We would normally stop for breakfast at McDonald's on one side of the bridge and my dad would have a breakfast item in one hand, a drink in the other, steer with his knee, and point out boats etc on the lakes; all while we are about 200 feet above water.

Anywho, congrats to no-handed-driver-man
2003-03-02 08:17:54 PM  

No, it's not just you. I just tell myself it's all because of the bottle of Black Label I just drank.
2003-03-02 08:19:23 PM  
I noticed that too!

/me looks but can't find him/her
2003-03-02 08:24:12 PM  
LOL! i'm glad i'm not the only one wondering......
2003-03-02 08:25:11 PM  
"Most people are born with two legs."

Guess I'm just blessed.
2003-03-02 08:26:31 PM  
This man is my hero!!

Avixxen2 and friends;
Go to the very bottom part of the 'You know you're addicted to Fark' thread from yesterday(?) for your answer...
2003-03-02 08:27:33 PM  
Is the columnist the same Mark Hamill as Luke Skyw... nah.
2003-03-02 08:29:26 PM  

Anyway, that foot thing is a good disguise for the Force.
You cannot just set foot on some backward alien planet and expect your special powers to be warmly accepted. And if you want to get to know the local's as they are, you cannot seem like an outsider. So you fake it. Watch close, dont be fooled by his slight of foot!
2003-03-02 08:29:30 PM  
Well of course he has to use the force. Vader cut off one of his damn hands, remember?
2003-03-02 08:30:48 PM  
England is progressive, who knew?

Anyhow, mad props and kudos to the man. I bet he drives better with his feet than most people do with both hands on the wheel.
2003-03-02 08:33:09 PM  
What a clever dick!!!
2003-03-02 08:34:32 PM  
Mark Hamill was only cool on the Muppet Show. Anyone remember that episode?
2003-03-02 08:36:18 PM  

I failed my driver's test without using hands, can I get a hero tag?

Actually, I haven't taken it. Good luck to me in April.

2003-03-02 08:39:25 PM  
In 7th grade, our science teacher made us watch a film called 'Bonnie Consolo' - it was about a woman who was born without arms, and how she adapted to a 'normal' life.

Among some of her feats:

Cutting her kids' hair
Making bread
Killing a fly
Shopping for groceries

...and Driving.

It was amazing, to say the least.
2003-03-02 08:44:52 PM  
Good for him !! he sounds like a very smart capable man , more so than most of the other drivers around him ( just a suposition , but i bet a true one )
2003-03-02 08:49:47 PM  
The sad part is that this fellow is probably better driver than majority of of drivers with two arms out there...
2003-03-02 08:49:54 PM  
LOL! thanks Ku_No_Ichi. i missed the last part of that thread that day.
2003-03-02 08:49:57 PM  
So, did TheseBurgers ever exist? Or was he/she/it always fake?
2003-03-02 08:50:16 PM  

did he gargle gershwin?
2003-03-02 08:53:33 PM  

Very nice guy. I told him his hands would make killer roach clips...

lol...what did he say?
2003-03-02 09:07:36 PM  
Eight days in prison and no hands to defend himself? Man, I bet this guy walked out with a really sore @$$...
2003-03-02 09:21:09 PM  
TheseBurger's Fark Profile

He exists. I want an answer as well. Perhaps he said something funny and the comment got deleted by a Mod, but people replied when it was there?
2003-03-02 09:29:52 PM  
This story reminds of some Catholic guitar player who was born totally without hands. He's really good at playing the guitar (with his feet) and my religion teacher said he's got a van he drives as well.

In the picture with the article, it looks like that's his foot on the wheel. I don't see how he could do that, especially since he's got to keep his right foot on the gas and brake. I would think he'd have everything on the floor, like Weaps's harvester, or he'd have everything on the steering wheel, meaning he'd put his seat way back to get his feet on to it.
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