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14376 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Mar 2003 at 9:24 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-02 03:21:15 PM  
If a power line has fallen in the road and you want to move it, you simply wrap the line in Twinkies, and then it is safe for moving

It's helpful hints like this that makes Fark the best place on earth
2003-03-02 05:07:40 PM  
I was at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City last night and they were selling deep fried Twinkies served on a stick.
America rocks!!
2003-03-02 05:21:11 PM  
dandamanfl: So how were they? I've always wanted to try one of those or the deep-fried Mars bars.
2003-03-02 06:08:27 PM  
Considering I had just worked my way thru a 8" high stack of strawberry shortcake {1" cake, 3" strawberry's, & 4" whipped cream-build your own rocks to} I chose to pass on that gastronomic adventure. Kinda like gun ownership, I am just happier knowing it is there if I need it.
2003-03-02 07:48:06 PM  
the 'maximun density test' reminds me of

funny stuff
2003-03-02 07:49:04 PM  
These guys need more homework or a job or something. They gots too much spare time!
2003-03-02 09:27:14 PM  
Its back! I haven't seen this in like 6 years.
2003-03-02 09:28:21 PM  
File this under: Oldie but Goodie.
2003-03-02 09:30:22 PM  
I remember surfing that twinkies link from the ADG Antics and Mayhem page back in 96.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 09:30:33 PM  
i dont like twinkies much
2003-03-02 09:30:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 09:32:19 PM  
Trell that's real nice.
2003-03-02 09:33:50 PM  
Partisan beat me to it.
I got all nostalgic about this era and started thinking of this guy and his demented Barbies. ((W/Audio))
2003-03-02 09:34:09 PM  
The apostrophe is your friend, Trell.
2003-03-02 09:34:33 PM  
2003-03-02 09:34:46 PM  
What? I didn't make it... I found it while looking for a nice cup of STFU on Google search.
2003-03-02 09:35:11 PM  
PS, The second link has one pop-up if you're using IE.
2003-03-02 09:35:22 PM  
No, seriously.
2003-03-02 09:37:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 09:38:13 PM  
Someone (else) has been watching The Food Network today... this link was on one of their shows, earlier.
2003-03-02 09:38:58 PM  
I suddenly have an urge for Twinkies.
2003-03-02 09:42:02 PM  
Found this on a GIW for "Twinkies woman"

We believe that the internal structural properties of TWINKIES can be effectively studied through cryogenic alteration of their intrinsic elasticity followed by application of sudden shocks. We have discovered two phenomena which may be worthy of further investigation -- Twinkie Fission and Twinkie Adhesion Molecular Effect (TAME). Each are described in detail and commented upon.

Stored Twinkies(R).

Interesting stuff, wish I could stick around and read it... and continue the search for twinkie boobies but I gotta go.

/Fark On, Fark Off
2003-03-02 09:42:39 PM  
I want 68% of the money I ever spent on twinkies back.
2003-03-02 09:44:59 PM  


2003-03-02 09:47:14 PM

Long live the strawberry poptarts blowtorch.
2003-03-02 09:48:15 PM

Now with HTML!
2003-03-02 09:48:54 PM  
or not...
2003-03-02 09:51:21 PM  
twinkies have expiration dates now??? i thought they had a shelf life of 5-10 years.

LOL! they should have recommended these be part of the emergency supply its for terrorism. you'd probably have a better chance for survival of anything if you sealed yourself in a room covered in twinkies.
2003-03-02 09:55:34 PM  
Gladiator12g That's a famous National Lampoon cover.
2003-03-02 09:56:02 PM  

Just for you.

Stwawberry PopTart Blowtorch
2003-03-02 09:57:25 PM  
none of you guys must watch MTV much. This was on a show they have called urban myths...they myth was they last for like 20 years...but it was proven wrong thanks to the TWINKIE expert scientist dude who runst hat website...funny aired like last week or so and because it is MTV it is aired over nad over again at least 10 times a day.
2003-03-02 09:57:35 PM  
TriXXX, *Strawberry.
2003-03-02 09:58:20 PM  
BTW, I'd like to thank a Farker in another thread some few days ago that posted a link to an on-line HTML tutorial that has allowed me to learn to do things like bold tags and linking. I didn't catch his name, but my biggest thanks go out to him.

Kudos helpful dude. You rock!
2003-03-02 09:59:37 PM  
Someday I'll buy that premium membership to

I've got arthritis and I've been typing all day. Give me a break.
2003-03-02 10:04:16 PM  
thats right...i DONT watch MTV
2003-03-02 10:11:53 PM  
Trell: That pic was on the cover of a National Lampoon circa 197? I think I still have the issue in my archives. Somewhere. In the garage. I think. Or maybe...
2003-03-02 10:12:37 PM  
2003-03-02 10:12:43 PM  
Those were the days, my friends, those were the days...

All the porn was free and there were dozens of sites like this...

Ah, memories!
2003-03-02 10:15:43 PM  
is it just me or does twinkies just sound very very wrong...
2003-03-02 10:15:55 PM  
This was one of the first sites I ran across when I got on the web in 95. I also remember going to and doing a search for every email address in my hometown. Found 36 of them. One was the town gynecologist. No clue why I remember all of that.
2003-03-02 10:31:32 PM  
cool, did you set up an appointment?
2003-03-02 10:34:57 PM  
2003-03-02 10:46:42 PM  
For the un-retro, Trell's photo is a photoshop of the famous National Lampoon cover, except the cover read "Buy this magazine, or we shoot the dog."

My favorite parody of that was in a hockey magazine. It read, "Buy this magazine, or we shoot this guy." Then at the bottom it read, "Who cares? It's only Claude Lemiuex."
2003-03-02 10:48:16 PM  
Please stop biatching about popups and just turn off the javascript in your browser.
biatching about popups is like biatching about the music on your radio. Just learn how to operate it and turn it off.
2003-03-02 10:52:20 PM  
I've always wanted to try one of those or the deep-fried Mars bars.

I had a fried Mars bar at a fair not too long ago. It was suprisingly good. Mars bars aren't the sweetest candy bars, and the somewhat salty batter made it taste delicious. The cholesterol content probably took about five years off my life, though. I'm amazed Swanson hasn't started selling 'em yet... ;-D

2003-03-02 10:55:29 PM  
Um, I don't notice anyone biatching about pop-ups here...
2003-03-02 11:02:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
MMMM... Twinkies....
2003-03-02 11:04:11 PM  
try Safari.
2003-03-02 11:06:47 PM  
Speaking of National Lampoon, here's a fave of mine
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 11:13:09 PM  
Don't forget my classic Bunny Survival Tests. :)
Bunny Survival Tests
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