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(Telegraph)   British "human shields" told to find a target or go home. Intestinal fortitude nowhere to be found   ( divider line
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2003-03-02 02:25:15 PM  
Two comments about antiwar things that have been brought up in this thread:

1)We gave him weapons and support in the past-
Yeah we did. We farked up, no doubt about it. This just gives us an even greater reason to be the ones to take care of it, to clen up our mistakes.

2)N. Korea has weapons of mass destruction and has threatened us as well.-
Also true. I think its safe to say our next stop should be N. Korea. But just because some other country has a worse dictator doesn't negate Saddam's evilness. And its not a good idea to try to run two large scale liberation style champaigns at the same time.
2003-03-02 06:16:19 PM  

That video was awsome. Thanks. Its nice to actually see how our men in combat think when they do their jobs. Which of course their job is to KILL PEOPLE DUH!. They are suposed elimitate the other force. Not wound it! I saw no problem with that video at all. Very informative and interesting.
2003-03-02 08:22:02 PM  
I don't know about you, but I saw people who were running for their lives from the builings (including a mosque) and trying to escape the scene in what looked like civilian vehicles. They were unable to defend themselves or fight back, and were being blown to pieces by huge rounds from a long way up.
I'll admit that I don't know who these people are or what they were doing, but if the voices you heard were Arabic instead of American, and the place they were flying over was Arizona instead of Afghanistan (and that was a church instead of a mosque), I have a feeling that you wouldn't think it was so awesome.
The cold glee in the voices of your "boys" as they gun down the runners like a sadistic kid burning ants with a magnifying glass makes me wonder about just who the problem is here.
What do you think the friends and family of those people that were killed are thinking now? What would you be thinking if it was a friend or family member of yours? It's these kinds of actions by the US government and military that make the people of the USA a target for terrorism.
War is not a game. Violence breeds violence.
2003-03-02 11:56:45 PM  
Infectious_brain_disease you lament those that may lose their lives in a war against Iraq. Do you care about the hundreds of thousands that are currently dying under Saddam? I'm sure you do. I'm just saying there are many calculations going into everyone's opinion. And the math may determine where people align.
2003-03-03 12:14:55 AM  

How would you stop Hitler? With a hunger strike?
2003-03-03 12:44:21 AM lower case letters....

gut-less asswipes...they could at least cut their own throats is protest...
2003-03-03 01:26:31 AM  

Kuwait paid for its liberation. I'm not aware of US plans to colonize Iraq.

Interesting, especially after the US government were lobbying for a military base in Kuwait that was rejected by the Kuwaiti government just before the invasion. Interesting that at a subsequent meeting between Saddam and the US ambassador to Iraq she took pains to stress that there was 'no agreement between Kuwait and the US, and no opinion on their border dispute', and less than ten days later Kuwait was invaded.

I'd say Kuwait paid all right.
2003-03-03 01:35:25 AM  

Talk about perverting the truth

Like you just did?

They were going over there to protect sites that would be targeted by the US military, or else they would have no need to protect them, right?

Wrong. In the last war, and in Operation Desert Weasel, power stations, water supply and purification plants, and sewerage treatment plants were all targetted. Make it impossible for the civilians to live and you hasten the surrender, so that's what was done. They even bombed the herds of sheep out in the desert to reduce food supplies for the country. War, ain't it grand.

The human shields were going over to station themselves at said power stations to prevent the US from targetting Iraqi assets the civilians need to stay alive. They were never going to protect the military installations, and if you'd read anything on the subject written objectively you'd know that.

I believe Drudge linked a story about how some of the brass in the US military are actually complaining that Bush is taking too many precautions in avoiding civilian casualties, even excluding military targets that would endanger too many civilians, thus hampering the military's job.

So it seems highly unlikely that the places these chicken-dove human shields wanted to guard were not potential targets in the first place.

Right. Public relations crap written all over it. Pardon me while I scoff.
2003-03-03 01:47:23 AM  

BTW, how many people or Iraqi origin have taken place in the protests? For some reason, you never hear about them taking part in the anit-Iraqi-liberation protests.

Heres one from todays newspaper. Hates Saddam, protests against the war anyway. You don't kill civilians to 'liberate' them, and any person with a brain knows it.

"A number of Iraqi families were among the marchers. "We know how bad war is and good peace is," said one Iraqi man, who declined to give his name. "If you want to rescue Iraqi people, then rescue them without war. There is a very peaceful solution for all conflicts."

The man moved to Australia with his wife and sons in 1997 and became a citizen two years later. Having lived through two wars in the past 20 years, he said his family back in Iraq were resigned to the prospect of another.

An Australian Arab of Lebanese descent, Diana Abdul Rahman, addressed the rally on behalf of Iraqis too fearful to speak out. "They've got family still there. The regime is still prevalent, so they don't want to get identified saying anti-regime things," she explained later."

One small and immediate example, but we have plenty of Iraqis here and they are overwhelmingly against this war.

We've all seen the pictures of the protests in Baghdad streets. They might hate Saddam, but they hate the USA more. They also would prefer their country avoid a bombing to rid them of a man who will likely be dead in less than 15 years by natural causes in any case.
2003-03-03 11:02:03 AM  
Farking Up The Wrong Tree...

Very good, point taken, no hard feelings.
2003-03-03 12:36:35 PM  
2003-03-03 02:32:45 PM  
03-03-03 01:47:23 AM TadletteAnagrammer
"They might hate Saddam, but they hate the USA more."

Says you. If they Iraqi people hail the US as "Liberators" as the Kuwatis did after Desert Storm, what will you say then?

"They also would prefer their country avoid a bombing to rid them of a man who will likely be dead in less than 15 years by natural causes in any case. "

Ah, and so we should just wait it out and hope his stalinist regime doesn't continue with a chosen successor. Brilliant.

As an American, I am used to watching people chant "death to America" and burn our flag and burn our leaders in effigy. September 11 forced me (and LOTS of other Americans) to realize they mean it and are willing to kill lots of us. I am NOT willing to wait around and allow our declared enemies to find new and creative ways of killing us.

Civilians will die in a war with Iraq. This is a bad thing. It's an even worse thing to allow Saddam Hussein to remain in his own, private slaughterhouse.

Al-queda and the United States military both kill civilians. The difference is the U.S. didn't mean or want to kill civilians and are sorry about the tragedy. See the difference?

-The Dave Who Doesn't Get Enough Sleep
2003-03-03 04:16:43 PM  
wow, that AC-130 gunship video was awesome!

blam! blam! don't mess with the USA motherfarkers!
2003-03-03 06:34:15 PM  
As an American, I am used to watching people chant "death to America" and burn our flag and burn our leaders in effigy.

And why do you think they are doing that, Dave ?

Might it be because for the past few decades your country has been farking them in the arse at every turn ? Backing dictators, overthrowing governments, helping start wars, interfering in their lives and assisting the deaths of their relatives and friends. Anyone would hate you for that! You don't get to cause the problem then freaking bomb them when they hate you. Don't cause the problem in the first place, eh?

September 11 forced me (and LOTS of other Americans) to realize they mean it and are willing to kill lots of us. I am NOT willing to wait around and allow our declared enemies to find new and creative ways of killing us.

So one bunch of religous loonies killed 3000 people in America (note, NOT 3000 americans, because people from all over the planet were killed) and you think that justifies the deaths of more than 3000 people in a country that had nothing to do with it in reply ?

So I guess the next lot of terrorists, who may indeed be Iraqi, are more than justified in the american deaths they cause. If it's alright for you, why wouldn't it be alright for them ?? After all it's just in reply to what you were willing to do to them right now, isn't it ?

Don't you understand that the violence is cyclical, and you are merely perpetuating the cycle. The cycle that YOU started in the first place.

Congratulations, you are all monsters.
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