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(I (heart) mass transit)   Farker Woodrow318 issued citation for crossing between cars on a stopped L train in order to avoid the suffocating stench of vomit. What's the stupidest ticket you've ever received? Vote for the worst   ( divider line
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2003-03-02 02:05:30 PM  
My roommate, friend and I took a trip to Canada last month. We live in maryland and took my roommates new Elantra. Back in Maryland, he dropped me off at a park and ride to collect my car and took a different way than I did back to our apartment.

Anyway, he was driving along MD 30 and was getting tailgated by a crappy car, what he thinks was a Geo Metro. He was doing about ten over, but was pissed that he was being tailgated, so he slowed down to the speed limit to try to send the guy a hint. The guy STILL tailgated him, so he dropped to ten under the limit, just to piss the guy off.

After about twenty minutes of this, my roommate was pissed. The Metro tried to pass him, and being the dumbass he is, my roommate SPED UP and didn't let this guy pass. The guy fell back in line behind him and continued to tailgate.

At the next red light, the guy pulls up behind my roommate, jumps out of his car and runs up to his window. My friend thought he was an off duty cop because he had an official looking uniform on, so he complied with the obviouly irate semi-cop and gave him his license. The psuedocop yelled at him for about five minutes, took his info, and sped off.

My roommate told me the story, and it is pretty obvious that this guy in the Metro was an overzealous security guard. This was over a month ago (mid january) and we haven't heard anything about it. I wonder what someone can do with a license number?

OH yeah, and cops dont have quotas.
2003-03-02 02:20:33 PM  
I got a ticket for "Improper Lane Usage" one time.

That's when you are in a turn lane, about to turn right into a multi-lane road, and you turn into the far lane, instead of the near lane.

The scary part is, I got this ticket in Washington State, where you get tried by jury for traffic offenses. I plea-barganed.
2003-03-02 02:24:27 PM  
I've never gotten any sort of ticket...I speed all the time, I've been drinking since I was 14, and yet I always get out of everything. I don't understand it...but oh well.
2003-03-02 02:24:33 PM  
Okay, here's my story:

I got on the train and someone had just launched all over the aisle, so the entire car reeked. It was making me nauseous, so as soon as the train stopped at the next station I went through the back door to the next car so that I didn't end up making my own contribution to the mess. Who's waiting for me on the other side? Two of Chicago's finest. I told them what was going on and they gave me a citation anyway, even explaining to me that lots of people lose their legs every year crossing between trains. I don't doubt it; those cars get bouncing pretty good when they're moving and there's a little gap between the steps on the cars. But it was stopped!

And the worst past of the whole situation? This was the first time I'd ever crossed between cars!!
2003-03-02 02:25:42 PM  
Oh, yeah... And all you who have gotten tickets for jay-walking... HOW DO YOU DO IT???

I have, for years, been trying to get a ticket for jay walking. I cross the street every time I see a cop approaching. But it never works.

Mr. J. Walker (my real name)
2003-03-02 02:27:27 PM  
4 tickets in 8 days. All for speeding. Now I have no license.
2003-03-02 02:44:01 PM  
I did an article on a local cop for the school paper. When I was interviewing him, he tried to sound cool and say that he wasn't one of the cops who pull people over for stupid stuff.

The next day he pulled me over for having my license plate too far to the left. Jackass.
2003-03-02 03:00:45 PM  
I got a ticket once for riding my bicycle after dark...
2003-03-02 03:08:16 PM  
I got one a few weeks ago for running a red light that was yellow. And I saw someone get a ticket for jaywalking not too long ago. Jaywalking when the nearest crosswalk is about half a mile away and there were no cars anywhere near. The cops in a nearby town are on a rampage trying to make up the budget gaps just with tickets.
2003-03-02 03:13:58 PM  
i hope there are police officers everywhere reading this, and perhaps they'll think back to this article later, relax for a minute, and let me go home.

just last friday night i went downtown with a coworker whom i didn't know at all for happy hour. perhaps i should've seen the night would lead nowhere good just based on our conversation - i asked him if he liked sports, and he started telling me about how he likes to draw girls in magician's outfits... it turned into a rather long happy hour, surprisingly, and i decided to skip out at around 10:30p. i'd driven us downtown, but as it looked like he was going home with, well, a quite rotund girl, and i was already pretty snookered - i summoned a pretty rare sense of social responsibility within myself and called a cab.

the tequila and the terrible buffet we'd had caught up with me when we were turning down my street. the cabbie overshot my house by a few, and i told him to pull over - just in time for me to lose my shiat all over someone's yard. as i was puking my guts up a sherriff rolled by - and though i was only a handful of homes from my own, he wouldn't let me finish stumbling home. took me in for Public Intoxication, which even the police officers downtown laughed at. or maybe they were laughing because i'd found myself a PI before midnight...

best part is, after about three or four hours in the drunk tank, they eventually threw in the bartender who had been serving me most of the night - something about some guy trying to pick a fight with his girlfriend, so they maced both dudes. i drink for free at that bar when i head downtown now, which is a good and terrible thing.
2003-03-02 03:34:18 PM  
I one time got a parking ticket from the city for parking where my employers told me to. We were supposed to park on the street so customers had enough room, but it was no parking any time. Employers wouldn't pay for it.

Also, one time me and my brother had a flat tire at like 1 am. We went to the gas station to fill it (slow leak), but they took the hose in so no one could steal. Takes us forever to find and release the spare, and in the mean time cops are driving by every five minutes. (A couple teenagers at a gas station with tire irons in the middle of the night and they never stop.) As soon as we pull out, they pull us over. He forgot to turn his headlights on. Just a warning, luckily.

And finally, I'm in a tiny little town now for college, so of course, it's a good-old-boy system police-wise. Got pulled over and the cop just sat in the car, waiting for me to get out and go to him to see what I got pulled over for. Below zero temperatures, I'm staying in my car. He sits behind me for 45 minutes before he finally pulls away, never doing anything. Apparently, that's all he ever does: makes you talk to him. Kind of a fat fark. Dumb cops.
2003-03-02 03:35:18 PM  
the best damn jailtime i never got.... lewiston, maine, usa. friend gets pulled over for speeding. we had 6 ecstasy pills and a tiny bit of weed hidden in the center console. i also had 3 more pills in my pocket. the cops called for the K9 unit to search the car, as well as me, because there wasn't a female officer available. my friend got a $100 fine for civil disobedience [aka the weed], and some change for the speeding. they never found the pills in my pocket. but what about the pills in the console?!

when we got back into the car, the center console was open, and the pills were lined up ever so nicely on the plastic baggie they were in. i have no idea why we didn't get charged with possession or distribution. it still amazes me to this day.
2003-03-02 03:37:09 PM  
My speeding tickets this year. Cops are going after WRX's
2003-03-02 03:45:03 PM  
5 counts aggrivated assault, 2 counts attempted murder in the 1st degree, 1 count murder in the 2nd degree, 2 counts possession of a concealed weapon, and they actually had the nerve to prosecute me.

god bless consular immunity.
2003-03-02 03:50:07 PM  
Hunting over bait in the woods. The game warden comes up and says, hey you're hunting over bait. I'm clueless to this charge and he kicks up some leaves and dirt to uncover a VERY weathered BROWN salt lick. OMG, it's fall and it's covered in leaves and dirt. How the hell did the warden know it was there. No one could see it if they didn't know where it was. So, $360 fine for planted bait by those bastards. I hate them.
2003-03-02 03:54:50 PM  
A couple of years ago my rents and I were just out exploring the state one weekend, driving like mad crazy around trying to find something new to see. We stopped and had a late lunch in this po-dunk town, when we were leaving, about to pull out onto the main road, we were hit by a drunk driver (considering it was 3 pm), he was apparently driving on the grass and sidewalk coming down the opposite side of the road (like he was coming up on our right, how often do you look on the sidewalk to see if a truck is coming?), after he hit us we had about 30 witnesses saying they had to jump and roll to avoid being struck on the sidewalk. The cop showed up and said "Hey it's Ted again!" ted said "Hey peter!" then walked up to us and said " That's ted, he's kinda like the town drunk." NO BULLSHIAT! Ted pissed himself and could hardly stand up! He then proceeded to write us a ticket for causing the wreck, because we didn't get out of ted's way. And when we asked him to do a sobriety test on the guy he said "You big city folks come here and crash into our good folks and we should give him a ticket?!?" My mother insisted he do the sobriety test and he yanked her by the arm and took her away from our witnesses and said "If you keep on insisting, I think your family will get a whole lot more trouble, you're looking at jail time right now."
We took our pride and our bashed up car and fled town before they made us squeel like pigs. And the moral of the story kids! Don't try and argue with po-dunk cops!
2003-03-02 03:55:03 PM  
The stupidest ticket ever recieved was for my illegal art project. I did an installation piece that ultimately got me arrested. You can see a picture of the piece here:
2003-03-02 04:02:25 PM  

03-02-03 03:34:18 PM I_Hate_Iowa

...waiting for me to get out and go to him to see what I got pulled over for. Apparently, that's all he ever does: makes you talk to him. Kind of a fat fark. Dumb cops.

That's really out of line. Highly strange he's still on the force. If there is one thing you learn it's to stay in the friggin car with both hands on the wheel.
2003-03-02 04:03:35 PM  
Way to late for this to matter, but...
I got a ticket for being in a playground.
Ticket read "adult in playground without child under 12".
Got to hang out with everyone who got ticketed for public urination for like 2 hours to have it dismissed.
farkin cops.
2003-03-02 04:16:19 PM  
I got a warning from the University Police Dept. for speeding on my rollerblades (speed limit is 20 mph) and I was on the sidewalk. So I started rollerblading on the street in the bike lane and I got a warning for rollerblading in the bikelane, they told me to stick to the sidewalks.... I guess I have to rollerblade real slow now on the sidewalks.. might as well WALK!
2003-03-02 04:16:19 PM  
Too late, but an interesting (long, sorry) story...

About a dozen friends and I were at a fairly low-key party (drinking, smoking, yeah). Now we're all rather quirky, we like guns, knives, all kinds of sharp shiny things. Most wear all black. One friend "Joe" was sitting on the floor, cutting himself with his knife (not deeply, just "cutting").

Then he sees a bigger, shinier knife of another friend and asks to look at it. He proceeds to "test out" the blade by cutting himself with THIS new knife. Doesn't realize that the knife's owner is particularly strict about SHARP blades. And Joe is ridiculously farked up. Joe practically cleaves his forearm.

I'm sitting there next to him, drunk and farked up, and ol' Joe trying to keep his arm closed, blood gushing out from between his fingers. Oh. "Hey, that's bad, right?" A quick search of the apartment brings duct tape and toilet paper for a makeshift bandage. We find someone that has a car, he's drunk but hey, we don't even have a phone. Somehow we make it to the hospital, about 4 of us came along to help.

Bleeding boy is rushed into get stitches (~30? Fark if I remember), and the rest of us hang out in the waiting room after patting him on the back and wishing him well. It's not 5 minutes before I notice the *looks* we were getting from the receptionist. Looks at us, in disgust. Looks at television. Looks back at us, in disgust. What's up? I walk over (alright, stumble over) and see that she was watching The Jenny Jones show, where they were doing Goth makeovers (make them into "respectable" young people). Oh god, I told my friends to get ready for the cops.

In a few minutes, we're being questioned. Cop lady threatens to bring all of us down to the station for underage drinking (yes this was years ago), drinking and driving, drugs, and STABBING. What?!

She didn't know if it was a "ritual gone wrong" or if we had tried to hurt him and were only waiting there as a threat so he wouldn't talk. I'm easily the most sober of the bunch (by this time) and tried to explain to her what had happened, and the fact that we were doing the "good friend" thing by waiting to take him home when he was fixed up. Problem is I'm horribly allergic to cats (were at the party) and my eyes are all puffy, sniffling, blowing my nose, miserable. She "knew" we were drunk, and -looking straight at me- "and I don't even want to know what ELSE you're on..."

After she questions the "victim," then gives sobriety tests to the folks with licenses (all fail), I finally manage to convince her to let us take a cab home, and since I'm the only one with money and it's a LONG way it seemed to break through her redneck skull that we were being as truthful as our drunk asses could be.

Resolution: we were there so long that our driver sobered up and were able to drive home with our stitched up friend. No tickets- apparently it was enough of an emergency to warrant driving somewhat drunk?. And I'm the kind of person that gets tickets every time she's pulled over, and no tickets or arrests from that mess? Luck-eeeee.


And by the way, if you're running stop signs or riding on the wrong side of the street, not wearing a helmet, popping out into the road into traffic or whatever on a bike... no you're right, you don't deserve a ticket. You deserve to get hit by a car.
2003-03-02 04:18:02 PM  
I got a warning from the University Police Dept. for speeding on my rollerblades (speed limit is 20 mph) and I was on the sidewalk. So I started rollerblading on the street in the bike lane and I got a warning for rollerblading in the bikelane, they told me to stick to the sidewalks.... I guess I have to rollerblade real slow now on the sidewalks.. might as well WALK!

Now with VOTE-assure(R)
2003-03-02 04:20:11 PM  
While stormchasing once I was given a warning and threatened with reckless endangerment while standing next to my car on the roadside, and tresspassing for driving on someones lawn to get around a massive fallen tree.

I had permission from the homeowner who I was talking to about the storm, but I bothered not to tell that to the cop. I just kept my mouth shut and waited for him to go away.
2003-03-02 04:32:05 PM  
I got a ticket once for "hindering an officer." My sister was busted with a fake ID and I told the cop that it was her real ID. The DA ended up dismissing it.
2003-03-02 04:33:58 PM  
Too late for voting, but:

One morning I forgot my backpack, so pull outside the front of our house, which btw is a residential area with a park next to it - not a high traffic city block. I left my car running with the flashers on in a Tow-Away zone and run inside to get my bag. I was inside for no more than two minutes when I come back outside to find a parking ticket on my windshield and a tow-truck backing up to take away my car, which was still running with the keys in it. I can only assume the metermaid was getting a kickback from the towing company he was in cahoots with ... but the greedy bastard was in such a hurry to get the ticket on my car before I got back outside, that he left 2 letters out of my license plate tag.
2003-03-02 04:35:12 PM  
Zelkova, no, the guy didn't die. He suffered two broken shins, head trauma, and various other small injuries. He was an older Mexican man who was in the country illegally. Otherwise my parents probably would have been sued and I'd be working it off to this day (was back in 1996). We wanted to send the guy a card in the hospital we felt so bad, but my dad's lawyer advised against it because it "sounded like an admission of guilt". Uh, WE WERE GUILTY, farking lawyers. Take heed those of you who speed recklessly, of my experience. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. What if he had died? What if it had been a little girl? What if it had been someone the driver knew?

What if YOU had been the driver?
2003-03-02 04:43:20 PM  
I got a 75 dollar ticket because i was a 16 year old in a 68' mustang driving home from work at 11pm. i had gotten my car painted about 4 days earlier. my license plates were in my windows. but seeings how my car is loud and flashy, they had to give me a ticket for something now didnt they. supposedly your plates are to be securly fixed to the EXTERIOR of your vehicle.
2003-03-02 04:45:54 PM  
I went to LaGuardia airport to pick up my brother. So, I was in my car parked in the passenger pickup area. There were many large green signs saying 'Passenger Pickup Area'. After about 15 minutes, an airport cop comes up to me, I roll down the window, and he says, 'Hold on, I am giving you a ticket'. Mind you, I am in my idling car. so, I get pissed at him, and ask 'why are you giving me a ticket?' , he says 'You are not allowed to stand here' .
I promptly point out the numerous and very large lit up passenger pickup signs. He then tells me to get out of the car. I get out, and he points out, this small sign, the size of a no parking sign. This sign says 'no standing', plus the sign was blocked my many large suv's, which were standing there just like me.
I ask, 'How am I going to pick someone up', considering, this is the passenger pickup area. He points out the parking garage, which you have to pay an exhorbidant fee to park. And he says, you then go in the airport, and wait. I try to argue the point, that this is the pickup area, but, obviously, I didn't get anywhere.
So, my brother gets to the car, and he puts his stuff in. The asshat hands me the ticket.
As I drive off, I see the ticket is for $150, lots of swearing, and yelling then took place.
2003-03-02 04:49:29 PM  
This was a several day adventure.

I was at my brothers house for a week. He had a really small driveway with one car in the garage, and one car in the front, so where was I supposed to park? I ended up parking on the street for the night, got a ticked for that. Parked in his driveway for crossing the sidewalk, got a ticked for that. Parked on the lawn, got a ticket for that.

This is the fourth day now, and we were really getting inventive. Parked on the lawn with one tire on the street crossing the sidewalk, a total of three tickets. Best three tickets of my life.
2003-03-02 04:55:18 PM  

$10 Fix-it ticket for having the rice window washers. I fixed it right there and still got the ticket. (CHP)
90mph in a 55mph... the 25 zone was about a mile behind me. (Fresno Cnty. Sherriff)

Pulled over when I was waiting for some friends to pass by on the side of the road. cop threatened me with jail because there were street racers just up the road a little and thought i was looking out for cops. (Fresno Cnty. Sherriff)

Pulled uver for doing about 95 through a red light right in front of the cop, but he says he didn't see if the light was red, so he couldn't give me a ticket, but it lookedlike I was going fast, so slow it down (Clovis PD)


Pulled over in a radio flyer wagon that has an eletric motor. Cop wrote him up for not having saftey belts, headlights, turn signals, tail lights, licence plate, brake lights, and anything else that would make a radio flyer a car. (Clovis PD)

Pulled over a for doing 50 in a 35 about 3 houses away from his house. (the zone is a 40 and he was doing 40)(Fresno PD)
2003-03-02 05:00:05 PM  
I got pulled over for doing 55 in what i thought was a 55 zone on a divided (interstate) highway where the speed limit was changing from 50 to 55. The cop explained that the limit was indeed 50 and not 55. I then said to him, "Well what about that sign?" (pointing to the speed limit sign that read 55 on the other side of the road). He said that on that side of the road it was 55, but in the exact same place on this side it was 50. The judge threw out the ticket.
2003-03-02 05:02:03 PM  
I got a summons for leaning on a train door once. On a train who's doors didn't open on the left side, the side I was leaning on. NYC Transit cops gives some of the dumbest tickets known to man.
2003-03-02 05:22:12 PM  
I don't have any myself but a friend of mine got a speeding ticket when galloping through town on her horse once. Was great fun in court, 'why is there no license plate on this paperwork' 'my horse doesn't have a license plate' 'your what?!?'
2003-03-02 05:25:38 PM  
"When I was 16 I was rushing to get my brother to his Tae Kwon Do class, was pulled over for speeding, and got the ticket for driving barefoot.. "

Ku-no-ichy, what country are you in? Because I've never been able to find a country where driving barefoot is against the law, many people (even some cops) think it is, but it's definitely not against the law anywhere in the US. Even on a motorcycle it's only illegal in a few states. Did you go to court for it or did you just pay up?
2003-03-02 05:30:55 PM  
cop pulls me over for doing 87 in a 55 and weaving thur traffic and says he can thorw me in jail for that. i'm scared cause i was on probation for some bad charges.the car i was in had a expired emmissions tag, puffing blue smoke, didn't even have a seat belt amog other things, i told the cop that i was in a rush to the store because it was my moms birthday (lie) and i had forgoten and i need to get her a present, he let me off with a warning for not wearing the seatbelt that i didnt even have. i guess he just felt bad for me.
2003-03-02 05:45:18 PM  
It's too late I suppose but once I got a parking ticket for parking more than 12 inches from the curb. And it was expensive, too!! That was about five years ago but now every time I parallel park, I always have to get out and make sure I'm not too far away.
Damn Chicago cops.

/my two-cents
2003-03-02 05:54:03 PM  
Cops pull people over for that stuff all the time. Any visible blue light on your car is illegal in most states. Besides, the cops probably thought those things were stupid just like everyone else does...
2003-03-02 05:56:02 PM  
I was crossing a street near a construction zone, and didn't know they changed the direction of traffic in one lane to let gravel trucks in. I was hit by a gravel truck and thrown 15 feet.. hurt not too bad considering. Got $45 jay-walking ticket while on the emerg room bed being checked out.
2003-03-02 05:59:30 PM  
oh I also got a ticket 1 day after my 19th birthday for having a youth pass on the bus. I hadn't thought and bought the ticket I normally did...which you can have up until you're 19 and above, I'd never even had so much as a warning and they're supossed to give one for the first offense...but instead he gave me a $100 ticket for having improper fair.

oh and the traffic ticket the cop seemed disbeliving that I actually had insurance and registration proof....he had the nicest look on his face when I quickly grabbed the little leather portfolio I keep in my glove compartment with registration on one side and proof of insurance on the other.

I really have lost any liking for traffic cops. The only thing that keeps me from outright hating them is a very nice one who pulled me over a few days after I bought my car to tell me my tail lights weren't working and then gave me her card to show to anyone else in case I got pulled over again and adviced me to get them fixed asap.
2003-03-02 06:01:08 PM  
This is a story about my brother, but it amused me, so I thought I'd post.

He got off work one night about 2am. (They closed at 1 and they have to clean up and stuff.)

So he asked his friend if he wanted to go to Jack in the Box with him, since they're open 24 hours. His friend said sure, and got into his PT Cruiser while my brother drove over in his Camaro.

Well, seeing that it was 2AM and the streets were empty and he has a Camaro, he floored it and left his friend behind. He kind of slowed down by these rail road tracks near the Jack in the Box for his friend to show up, and then started pulling into the parking lot for JitB as a police car pulled in behind him and flashed his lights.

The cop came out and said "Get out of the car!" so my brother did. The cop asked "So, how much have you had to drink tonight?" My brother said nothing, he just got off work. The cop asked where he worked and he said In-n-Out.

About this time his friend pulls into the lot, *also* with a police car behind him, heh.

The cop more or less said "Oh yeah, you work at In-n-Out and you come to get something to eat at Jack in the Box?"

My brother explained that he hasn't had something to eat since 6PM, was really hungry, and he's pretty sick of eating hamburgers.

The cop told him to wait while he went to talk to his partner and see if their stories matched up. He came back and said to my brother "125 - what do you think of that number?"

My brother said "Well, that's pretty fast, but I wasn't going that fast."

The cop said "No, that's how fast *I* had to go to catch *you*."

(I asked my brother how fast he was going and he said about 100-110 - I've only gone 110 in a car once, and he was driving.)

He said, "I'm going to charge you for speeding, excessive speeding, and reckless driving. That's $710."

My brother just said, "Okay."

The cop said "Just kidding, you can go," and left, hehe.

Apparantly they had been in the parking lot across from In-n-Out and saw my brother and his friend peel out of there and it took them 2 miles to catch up with him. My brother's friend said "Yeah, I saw this cop race past me and I wondered where he was going..."
2003-03-02 06:29:37 PM  
-failure to use turn signal (x3) on 5 lane freeway at 3am with only 2 cars around and the chp
-illegal u-turn in a business district (195$ ticket)
-failure to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk ..plead not guilty saying they had plenty of time to run and and its not like i hit a nun or anything
-the one u didnt get...j-walking...i ran when i saw the officer signal for me to that felony evading?
2003-03-02 06:45:02 PM  
120+ in a 65 in kansas 15 hours after i got my lisence in Indiana.

ticket was only 55 bucks!
2003-03-02 07:53:43 PM  
I got warned by a rent-a-cop at my high school. I was working at school over the summer and was given a golf cart to drive on campus (huge campus, so the cart really was necessary). The speed limit on campus was 10 and I was going the empty parking lot in July, so no cars. Luckily she said that she couldn't technically ticket me since the ticket would just have been sent back to the school (since the school owned the cart). But damn, she must have been really bored if she was pulling over golf carts in an empty lot.
2003-03-02 08:00:50 PM  
I was ticketed for unsafe backing when I backed into a police car that was tailgating me across a divided four-lane road. My car had stalled and I was trying to get out of the way of a car approaching my passenger door at high speed.

The ticket was later dismissed, but the original reason for getting stopped was upheld: having a disconnected muffler (damned thing never would stay on that piece of junk).
2003-03-02 08:01:39 PM  
I got a ticket the other day for an obstructed windsheild. I was pulled over because I was young and in a hurry. I accelerated quickly past a slow moving police officer, and I guess he had a problem with my failure to yeild to his "authority." The cop was also a complete pig while giving me my citation. He peered into my wallet and insisted that my school ID was a fake until I let him through it. He laughed at all attempts by me to be civil and turned his back and walked away when I made it clear I would be challenging this citation. Anyone have pointers? My only goal is to destroy this pig in court, shiat like this is rediculous, I have no problem respecting authority so long as that respect is mutual.

Anyone have any pointers on how I should proceed? I looked up the specific sitation and its rediculous what hes trying to pull.
2003-03-02 08:03:33 PM  
damn how did I manage to post the unproofed copy.
2003-03-02 08:19:24 PM  
failure to offer bride - $900 and two years probation (DWI 1st offense)
2003-03-02 08:20:03 PM  
um bribe
2003-03-02 08:22:28 PM  
I suppose I neglected to mention I had water on the windshield, yeah a few drops that were promptly removed by cycling the left washer once.
2003-03-02 09:19:14 PM  
I was recently ranting about this on another article...

I am currently stuck paying $50 for parking without a permit. I was parked 100 feet away from my house. I didn't have my permit because the City of Somerville will not allow you to get a permit without a utility bill, but you can't get a utility bill until you've lived in a place for about a month. I had only been living there for 2 weeks. I owe $50 for parking without a permit that they would not allow me to have.
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