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(WDP)   Nobel prize winning scientist seeks out the 'stupid' gene   ( divider line
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3668 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2003 at 8:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-01 08:16:52 PM  
Next up....the asshat gene!
2003-03-01 08:18:02 PM  
Existence of communism threatened.
2003-03-01 08:19:27 PM  
Actually, Watson himself probably has two copies of the asshat gene. Or at least so say the people who work/worked with him.
2003-03-01 08:20:55 PM  
they can kill 2 birds with 1 stone by giving bono the nobel stupid gene prize.
2003-03-01 08:21:32 PM  
It probably isn't, so I'd like to help get rid of that to help the lower 10 per cent.

Yep! Let's weed them out. Maybe I'm taking this out of context?
2003-03-01 08:22:05 PM  
Wait a minute, I have a copyright on stupidity. I feel a lawsuit in my favor coming on soon.
2003-03-01 08:23:14 PM  
Fancis Crick surrenders. wow. someone shoot me.
2003-03-01 08:23:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Found him.
2003-03-01 08:23:55 PM  
I'm personally in favor of human genetic engineering. I've always wanted to be a Mutant Ninja Turle.
2003-03-01 08:24:24 PM  
News flash: most farkers have this gene.
2003-03-01 08:25:47 PM  
I was going to post a picture of a rifle with the catch 'cure (for) those born with a thick head'?
Found it!
written underneath, but some people out there don't think things like that are funny and would have flamed me so I refrained.

/being p.c. is teh svck
2003-03-01 08:25:52 PM  
Of course, if I can just get my hands on some of that slime....
2003-03-01 08:27:27 PM  
03-01-03 08:24:24 PM TotallyFarkedDude
News flash: most farkers have this gene.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

Considering that you posted that, I'm assuming that you include yourself with those that have it?
2003-03-01 08:27:55 PM  
I already found that gene. Oh wait, that's my shoe.
2003-03-01 08:29:31 PM  
They could find a DNA goldmine for that gene here:

Republican National Committee | 310 First Street, SE | Washington, DC 20003
2003-03-01 08:31:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 08:33:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 08:33:14 PM  
Stupid people are too stupid to know they are stupid.
2003-03-01 08:33:19 PM  
...And D'limbo_stick pops up to prove TotallyFarkedDude's point.

2003-03-01 08:34:07 PM  
Stupid jean = Ice washed.

And the ones girls wear that have the faded streaks on their butts.
2003-03-01 08:34:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 08:35:02 PM  
yeah, and they should start with the Bushies. whole damned clan is just plain stoooooopid.

/waits for SS to whisk her away
2003-03-01 08:35:23 PM  
This should have a hero tag...definitely.
2003-03-01 08:37:49 PM  
2003-03-01 08:40:23 PM  

They could find a DNA goldmine for that gene here:

Republican National Committee | 310 First Street, SE | Washington, DC 20003
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

Let me get this straight, the GOP controls the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the majority of Governerships, yet that is where the supid gene resides?
I guess the DNC would then control the loser gene.
2003-03-01 08:42:25 PM  
Dr Watson even says genes that influence beauty should be engineered, saying: "People think it would terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great."

--definite hero!--
2003-03-01 08:44:12 PM  
No, the place where they could collect the most DNA of stupid people for manipulation would be at a Wal-mart on an average Saturday. God, I hate my farking job. I am surrounded by idiots
2003-03-01 08:44:29 PM  
"If you are really stupid, I would call that a disease."

I call it a possesion, because, beating out the Demons of Stupidity is so much fun. *Hunts for his giant foam cluebat*
2003-03-01 08:46:05 PM  
img src="" width="640" height="430">
2003-03-01 08:46:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 08:49:01 PM  
2003-03-01 08:53:06 PM  
According to Dr James Watson, who helped unravel the structure of DNA, being bit of a dimwit is the result bad luck in the genetic lottery.

For test subjects in the area of grammar stupidity, look no further than the author/editor of this article...
2003-03-01 08:54:25 PM  
Rhardie you said it. This guy is a
img.fark.netView Full Size
Not only becuause he wants to make boobies more delicious, but also because he wants to destroy all the
img.fark.netView Full Size

For those of you who have no clue who Watson is, he's one of the two peeps who discovered and pioneered genetic engineering. If there's anyone those scientists should be listening to, it's HIM!
2003-03-01 08:54:49 PM  
Think they should hit the ugly gene first?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 08:57:17 PM  
"People think it would terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think it would be great."

But, Beavis, if every girl were pretty, how would we know?
2003-03-01 08:58:46 PM  
They should start the stupid gene hunt in Florida. Think of all of the people afflicted by it there...
2003-03-01 08:59:45 PM  
Wonders what the hell "ropey thinking" means.

On the other hand, I'm all for alleviating stupidity.
Shoot me up with some smarts Baby! Yeah! -And don't forget the A's in math cocktail!
2003-03-01 09:02:57 PM  
Wait ... I thought all girls were already pretty!
2003-03-01 09:21:03 PM  
For a genius this guy is quite a flake.
2003-03-01 09:22:39 PM  

that's because you suffer from the "stupid" gene

2003-03-01 09:30:58 PM  
Has he looked in Tennessee?
2003-03-01 09:45:40 PM  
For the record, Watson and Crick didn't discover genetic engineering. They discovered the structure of DNA, which eventually led to gen. engineering.

2003-03-01 09:47:00 PM  
The triangle of stupid is Tennessee,Mississippi and East Texas.
2003-03-01 09:51:47 PM  
bmr68: You forgot Florida there.

/tired of all the jokes about Florida being dumb

...Hell, at least we ALMOST didn't go for Bush.
2003-03-01 09:52:24 PM  
And yes, I'm a Floridian. Though I was born in New Jersey.
2003-03-01 09:54:28 PM  
Rosalind Franklin surrenders...

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!
2003-03-01 10:07:19 PM  
Brm68 Help me with my geography. Is Shrubya from east Texas?
2003-03-01 10:59:31 PM  
GIS for "stupid gene":

[image from too old to be available]

No actually I'm just kidding.
2003-03-01 11:06:27 PM  
Well, apparently he is quite insane.

" opinion influenced by having a son who suffers from an autism-like disorder."

I'm going to try my level best not to launch into a tirade about all of the hardships that I've faced in my life because of Asperger Syndrome, I'm just going to get straight to the point: Amateur eugenics is bad, mm'kay? I suppose it's good that the guy's son with an "Autism-like disorder" (ten bucks says it's AS) has inspired him to go into genetics and try to fix things, but he's going about it all wrong.

Instead of trying to fix things like stupidity, he should be concentrating on improving the quality of peoples' lives by finding some way to reverse the effects of Autism and autistic-spectrum disorders in vitro. Sure, I'm far from being like farking Gilbert Grape, but I'd be a metric shiatload happier in life if there were a cure for AS back when I was still in my mother's womb.

Still, this presents somewhat of a chicken/egg problem. Would it be better to find a cure for neurological disorders first so that people don't have to suffer from them, or would it be better to find a cure for stupidity so that people with neurological disorders don't have to hear shiat like, "What's Asparagrus Syndrome," or, "Oh, Asperger Syndrome, isn't that thing where you swear a lot," or, "Dyslexia... does that mean you read things upside-down and backwards?" Both would be valid points to start with in that it's been proven that neurological disorders are a genetic trait handed down through generations (though not necessarily the same disorder each time, my mother has Dyslexia), and if this guy isn't talking out his tailpipe, so is stupidity.

2003-03-01 11:10:05 PM  
I second the "Watson himself probably has two copies of the asshat gene" comment. Read "The Double Helix" (his own account of his Nobel Prize-winning work) and you'll have to stop every two seconds to laugh.
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