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15036 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2003 at 2:20 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-01 03:19:21 PM  
personally, I think anything we can do to better iraq needs to be done, and that includes removing someone who's into torture from power.

However, I think GW has a hidden agenda (addmittedly one that's not so hidden) and is being ignorant about the why and the when. As far as world events go, this was more or less out of the blue, and it reeks of 'war is peace'.
2003-03-01 03:19:26 PM  
SquirrelWithLargeNuts: no I hadn't been aware of that, but I'm not surprised that he refused. Also, my own ignorance of current events is what usually keeps me from spreading my mental faeces around when these fights come up.
2003-03-01 03:19:45 PM  
Mandrake, pacifists can only exist if others will do their fighting for them.

Lame. Lame. Lame.
2003-03-01 03:19:56 PM  
not a bad catch. this guy even tried to assassinate the Pope on his visit to Manila.

2003-03-01 03:21:43 PM  
GEAH: you're misunderstanding me, in the event that force is necesarry, I say we fark 'em up, but that force should always be a last resort.
2003-03-01 03:21:44 PM  
I say bring him to the U.S. and just release him at ground zero-after you notify the friendly folks of New York of his arrival. Vegas can take bets on how far he gets before he caught and skinned alive. Maybe some pay per view on HBO to boot.

Than it's off to the 72 virgins that await him.
2003-03-01 03:22:04 PM  
Hey Feuk, what was your point?
2003-03-01 03:23:37 PM  
Short of turning half of the globe into glass we seem to be at the mercy of the terrorists outing themselves through indiscretion rather than being able to find them solely on our own.
I hope I'm wrong.

Getting rid of every terrorist isn't something that is likely to be accomplished. What can be accomplished, hopefully, is to destroy the leadership of the terrorist organizations. If you take out the leadership of Al Qaeda and cut off their funding, you're still going to have the operatives left behind, but their ability to inflict mass casualties will be severly hampered if not destroyed.

You may never be able to stop someone from blowing up a bus every so often, but you probably can prevent attacks of the magnitude that occured on 9/11. Hopefully.
2003-03-01 03:25:01 PM  
Put him in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson, or 100 rabid wolverines, or a riled up bear or something.

Whatever we do, we should put it on pay-per-view.

I bet that would go some ways into paying back our national debt.
2003-03-01 03:25:30 PM  
NO that's too easy, if he did do the things they say he did, put him in the biggest baddest Jersey State Pen, let the 72 virgins get him after 25 years of ass pounding that await him.
2003-03-01 03:26:29 PM  
Irascible Technically he wouldn't bother with the board...ya think?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-01 03:26:32 PM  
"and cut off their funding, you're still going to have the operatives left behind"

that will soon rise up and become a leader them selfs

there will allways be terrorist's ALLWAYS
2003-03-01 03:27:20 PM  
Walt, he wouldn't last an hour. That would be perfect for pay-per-view.
2003-03-01 03:27:25 PM  
This guy doesn't know how lucky he is. In 5 years, he will be on a reality show on Fox.
2003-03-01 03:28:02 PM  
03-01-03 02:23:22 PM SDKaneda
you know, i'd love to turn on the tv and hear that osama was captured. i'd drink to that.

/non-cynical uncharacteristic of fark comment

That's never going to happen. Years from now, it will be 'discovered' that osama never made it out of Torra Borra. It's true.

A very sharp old military guy from WWII (a regional commander) told me that you get the best info from your Seargents. Well, Seargents on the ground spotted Usama on a mule in a valley trying to escape Torra Borra right before they dropped a daisey cutter on his coordinates.

Osama's dead, we just can't make a martyer out of him. FWIW, these 'UBL' tapes are wishful thinking, and only serve our purpose, for as long as "Usama's out there", we have more leverage in operations overseas...much like the one that netted this asshole.

P.S. you idiots saying that you've never heard of this cat are showing your ignorance. Funny thing is that it's the same folks who are against deposing Saddam Hussein. Coincidence? Clearly you guys aren't paying why should we listen to you on Iraq? ...well?
2003-03-01 03:28:39 PM  
Lucidavid, that's a Zerg Overlord you putz, not a mastermind
2003-03-01 03:29:14 PM  
"Joe not a terrorist mastermind"
2003-03-01 03:29:31 PM  
DarkJohnson: You read my mind and put it in jpg format!
2003-03-01 03:30:31 PM  
Let's go Mengele on his ass until he spills the beans.
2003-03-01 03:30:40 PM  
Yes we do still get to fight Iraq. This has nothing to do with the fact that Iraq is still in breach of 1441 and there are still plenty of terrorists he could give his WMD to so they can attack us without his fingerprints.
2003-03-01 03:31:14 PM  

Pro-war: I think claiming oil is a motive is idiotic. If anyone is motivated by oil it's the French. I support war because Saddam is a monster and his people want him gone. To paraphrase Three Kings, we can go show them the "bright shining light of American democracy". Or something =p I'm hopeful it will help spread political freedom in the region, with the resulting economic upturn creating more jobs for young Arabs, who can then stop turning to extremism.
2003-03-01 03:31:15 PM  

got one and thanks yes i am a He and in S.F. gotta love it here (EG)
2003-03-01 03:31:27 PM  
now there is a new number 3...
2003-03-01 03:33:10 PM  
that will soon rise up and become a leader them selfs

there will allways be terrorist's ALLWAYS

Uh...didn't I just say there will always be terrorists?

But you're mistaken if you think anyone can lead a terrorist organization. Al Qaeda is a unique group; they've pulled off things nobody has been able to. They've been able to because they have access to lots of money and they've been able to have free reign of a country for several years. Their country is gone and that has already clearly hurt them. Take away their leadership and their money and they'll become another group of extremists rather than a global threat.
2003-03-01 03:33:26 PM  
HOORAY!!! We captured the bad evil terrorists!

Can I have my civil rights back now?
2003-03-01 03:35:52 PM  
Short-term: This won't be a new war, it will be the resumption of the '91 war. Saddam agreed to a shiatload of conditions for cease-fire back then and has spent the last 12 years not holding up his end of the deal. It's only now that we have an administration in place willing to insist that the game-playing be ended and that the U.N. stand up and enforce its own treaty.
Long-term: The Arab world is one huge festering armpit of corrupt regimes and the civilized world is seeing firsthand the spillover effects. If a stable, secular, reasonably democratic government can be established in one Arab state, and allowed to take root, others will eventually follow and the extremist influence will be marginalized. Iraq has a modern infrastructure and will offer a pretty decent opportunity for such cultivation.
I'm not saying this will be anything other than monumentally difficult, and there is no guarantee of success. But the long-term benefits to the world of a stable, functioning Middle East will be incalculable. It's time to Dare Greatly.
2003-03-01 03:36:53 PM  

i bow down to you. you are right! but i got a gut feeling that there is more groups out there that we should be afraid of as well
2003-03-01 03:38:11 PM  
it's been fun guys see you on the flip off work ..
2003-03-01 03:38:52 PM  
Code_Archeologist no shiat - I mean because of these aszhats one of my favorite freedoms is on the ropes.

Check this shiat out.
2003-03-01 03:39:00 PM  

Right on. Who Dares, Wins.
2003-03-01 03:40:01 PM  
HOORAY!!! We captured the bad evil terrorists!

Can I have my civil rights back now?

yeah, i know somewhere in the constitution im guaranteed the right to fly without waiting in line at a security check for "too long"
2003-03-01 03:41:51 PM  
I've never seen the dumb song before....but I really do have a problem with fellow liberals and their seeming inability to create an intellegent argument against the war. I'm against the war, but i'm not posting silly parody songs, or pictures of poor little Iraqi children.

LittleCamel are you military? Where did you hear about that? Just interested. Thanks.

2003-03-01 03:42:11 PM  
Interesting footnote to this: According to AOL news (I'm only using the free trial, then I'm going to People PC), this asshat's nephew was the guy responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing. Terrorism runs in that family big-time.
2003-03-01 03:42:47 PM  
Link dropped from my previous post, here it is fixed.

Check this shiat out.

If this isn't fixed, Aszhats like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed win another victory.

2003-03-01 03:44:20 PM  
03-01-03 02:31:32 PM Joxette [insert stupid song]

I think I've figured out why 68% of americans support the war (Info from a survey taken by MSNBC). Conservatives offer up fact based, poignant arguements, while Liberals wave signs, scream simplistic chants, and make up childish songs.

Oh for farks sake dude, do you have to turn everything into a flame war? I think everyone, conservative or liberal, will be happy to hear this asshole is caught.

farking chill for a bit, ok?
2003-03-01 03:44:22 PM  
You are correct Alph there is no constitutional guarantee about short lines. But there is a right in there about unreasonable search and seizure... and personally I am getting tired of the body cavity searches and the suggestive winks the airport security people are giving me.
2003-03-01 03:44:26 PM  
Score one for the good guys
2003-03-01 03:45:20 PM  
The real reasons to invade Iraq.

-The annual military budget of Irak is estimated at 396 billion dollars. Nearly six times the millitary budget of Russia. Irak has a permanent Army of 1,5 million men as well as a reserve of 2 million soldiers.

-Iraq has the world's largest carceral population in the world with over 2 million men and women in jail.

-According to Amnesty international, Iraq has the forth largest execution rate in the world, behind China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. In the last decade 65% of all executions of young offenders took place in Iraq. As of 2002, Iraq is the only country in the world to execute people under the age of 18. Many among them, it has since been known, were innocent.

-In Iraq, individuals identified as « fighting adversaries » have no legal recourses. They can be held in small jail cell 24 hours a day without access to a lawyer or contact with their families. Any information regarding the date of their trial (if such trial is to happen) is kept from them.

-In 2002, Iraq has requested to foreign governments not to ratify an agreement stipulating that they will not deliver to the international penal court any Iraqi nationals accused of war crimes, genocide or crimes against humanity.

-Over the course of last year, Iraq as substentially augmented the surveilance of its own people under pretext of preserving national security. The Iraqi Government has looked for ways to established a national network consisting of informant who will report any «suspicious» behavior.

-Officialy, internet access is legal in Iraq, The Government annouced measures in order to establish a centralised system allowing to control a large portion of the web and, quite possibly, using it as surveillance of its users.

-In Iraq, private sector employees can be fired from their jobs for any reasons. Those employees can be subjected to drug testing and can also be punished for their political views. It is legal for the employer to exercise secret control of their employees by electronic means, be it video, computer and/or telephone surveillance.

-Iraqi police have the right to seize the personal property of any Iraqi citizens as long as the police has any « reasonable motive ». The police can seize the residence, vehicule and life savings of a citizen.

-In Iraq, the right to assembly is forbiden. A citizen who wishes to organize a public protest must request a permit. The name of that citizen can be filed in a permanent record.

The facts mentioned above are true. Anybody who values freedom and liberty can legitimately be outraged... and what is even more outrageous is the fact that all of this does not apply to Iraq but to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
2003-03-01 03:47:22 PM  
Feuklor - I am anti-Bush, but I am actually pro-war, and for none of the reasons that Bush has given us. I think that if we don't go to war, Saddam will work hard at either retailiting, or gathering more allies in the region so that it would be much more difficult politically to attack him.

We are not invading because of oil. We are not invading because we feel bad for the Iraqis. I'm pretty darn sure that we're going to war because Bush jr. feels the need to clean up the mess that Bush Sr. left behind. I don't think he's going to get a lot of disagreements with Dick Cheney and Colin Powell as his aides (both who may feel personally responsible for letting Hussein live).
2003-03-01 03:47:31 PM  

Interesting theory, and i agree with you on your last point.
People are asking why go to war with Iraq if these guys are hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan has arrested hundreds of terrorists so far and Iraq has arrested 0. I would rather have Pakistan as an ally than Iraq.
2003-03-01 03:47:49 PM  
Very cool that this buttplug has been captured. For torture he should forced to watch the Anna NIcole show non-stop. Just loop a single episode and let the bastard's mind be consumed by the torture. He'd probably crack inside of 48-hours.

/seeker of technically 'humane' condition of imprisonment/interrogation
2003-03-01 03:48:19 PM  
I want my civil right to say, "Hi", to my friend Jack while seated in 8C.
2003-03-01 03:48:48 PM  
You do realize that Joxette's post was in response to someone who posted a non-sequitor, childish anti-war remark. Basically, someone had already initiated the flame war

true. and to be fair, the airport security system is moronic. maximum amount of inconvienence without any real security.
2003-03-01 03:50:32 PM  
TentaclePr0nRocks you want a good liberal arguement against going to war? Here is my best one. Twelve years of containment has worked so far, why invade now? Oh and here is another one. North Korea has admitted that they have a weapons program and are also in breach of UN resolutions and have nuclear weapons that CAN hit US interests and cities... so why are we invading Iraq? I have plenty of them...
2003-03-01 03:50:53 PM  
B0rg9 you forgot the "ta da bump" - but on a similar none you can say it to your buddy Gene and no one will complain.

cha ching

thank you, I'm here all weeek

2003-03-01 03:51:11 PM  

Hehe. That was Beautiful. I hope your comments fool cause a few flames from careless people. That would be quite amusing to see.
2003-03-01 03:52:01 PM  
There is a point to this question, so bear with me.

Nu? Your point was......?
2003-03-01 03:56:00 PM  
Why is it every time I see anti-USA propaganda, Bashturn is at the top of the shiate pile? Could he be the sultan of shiate?!? YES
2003-03-01 03:56:33 PM  
They arrested Karl Rove?

heh heh!
2003-03-01 03:57:13 PM  
Where were the people screaming for Saddam's head five years ago? Eight years ago? The man has been in a position of power since 1968, and has been dictator since 1979. How long have we known that he uses chemical weapons on the Kurds?
What nuclear weapons have we found in Iraq? I have yet see a headline on Fark saying Hans Blix has found anything. Why has Iraq, in the last year, become such a larger threat than usual? Becuase they are developing weapons of mass destruction? They've been doing that for years. Ohh, and they're linked to al-Queda? Who the hell isn't! Good god, one of the operatives they gave up in interrogation was a hispanic guy that worked in a Taco Bell!
Is Saddam evil? Yes. Does he need to be dealt with? Definitely. Is Bush dumber than smegma? Yup (I wanted McCain). It's like Ari said, "I can only say the cost of a one-way ticket is substantially less than that. The cost of one bullet, the Iraqi people taking it (on) themselves, is substantially less than that, the cost of war is more than that."

Do we really want to INVADE Iraq and create a whole new generation of people that hate and want to destroy us. We will never win the war on terror. It is an intangible. It will exist as long as there is hatred. All we can do is monitor our actions and work towards the dismantling of the network and ensuring it can build back up to its former strength. Saddam is not another Hitler, he is a Stalin.
And let's not forget all the military aid we gave him when he attacked Iran.
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