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(Some Guy)   Casey's General Stores, Inc. offers refund to customers who were price gouged, says sorry. (I say it will still be a cold day in hell before I ever spend a $ at Casys again -RapMstr)   ( divider line
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3877 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-14 12:06:53 AM  
They have a nice little 'send us an email' at the bottom...
use it appropriately, I did.

by the way, boobies
2001-09-14 12:08:56 AM  
"In the case of Tuesday's devastating events this system simply didn't work. We realized we needed another approach."

We're so sorry for trying to rape you guys when we though we could get away with it.

You bet I'll use that 'send us an email'...
2001-09-14 12:24:30 AM  
My email to gasp­ric­es[nospam-﹫-backwards]s­y­e­s­ac­*co­m:

Your press release states:

"For a variety of reasons including panic, rumors and misunderstandings,
gasoline prices in a few stores skyrocketed," Lamberti explained.

I, for one, will never again spend a single cent at a Casey's
EVER AGAIN unless you add the phrase 'and disgusting, opportunistic,
profiteering greed' to the list of reasons.

thanks for your consideration
2001-09-14 12:24:38 AM  
here... let me put some kyjelly on the gas nozzle...

oooh, yeah

oh, baby... how does it feel?

deeper? oh yeah
2001-09-14 12:25:43 AM  
damn breeze... I just put farking jerks (f-a-r-k) :)
mebbe they'll know where it came from
2001-09-14 12:43:03 AM  
Note to self: Sell all Casey's stock. NOW!
2001-09-14 12:51:43 AM  
And now a LOST DEEP THOUGHT by Jack Handey :

One good thing about hell , at least , is you can probably pee wherever you want to
2001-09-14 12:54:14 AM  
Do not sell stock today, BP.
The market does not need that.
Everyone needs to calm down and buy a little stock.
That will beef-up the economy.

2001-09-14 12:58:22 AM  
Hello boys and girls

The word for today is Soulless Opportunistic Bastards

Can you say Soulless Opportunistic Bastards?

Good... I knew that you could.
2001-09-14 01:01:56 AM  
I was doing my 'Norm McDonald' bit from.......oh never mind. (read: sarcasm)
2001-09-14 01:11:16 AM  
I live in central Iowa, and these little Casey's shops are all over small towns, peddling lousy service, smelly bathrooms, bad "homemade" pizza, and stale doughnuts.

They suck, and this is just what you can expect from their poor managment.
2001-09-14 01:12:50 AM  
I am at work staffed for the aftermath for all of this WTC stuff and I did not even think there would be anyone else farking around this late...I love this place
2001-09-14 01:15:50 AM  
I know, BP.
Please excuse me for taking your jape as an opportunity to get preachy.
(You know how I get off on that.)
2001-09-14 01:27:23 AM  
Rabbito: The Farking NEVER stops!! We are the Energizer Bunny's of the net, man.

Nanookanano: No prob. Get on your soapbox any day. We all get up there every now and then. That's what makes Fark great.
2001-09-14 01:27:53 AM  
I feel good about this story, I grew up in Ankeny (sad I know) and many a night lifted my share of beef jerkey and assorted fun-to-eat-while-wasted convenience store items. Actually I think it was my actions that caused this necessary gas deal, theyhad to recover somewhere.
2001-09-14 01:28:41 AM  
A couple of observations...

1) How are they issuing the refunds?!? Are they going to require a receipt? If so, how many people who pay with cash EVER get a receipt?

2) Pretty convenient to offer refunds after several Attorneys General have stated that they would prosecute price-gougers...
2001-09-14 01:42:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-14 04:40:00 AM  
heh. my grandma's car kept getting the 'check engine' light on, she took it to a shop a few times, eventually the mechanic decided she needed better gas. she had been using the hyper-premium at casey's, now she has to go out of town to get gas from someplace better.
2001-09-14 08:00:04 AM  
Those boys were not thinking.
Momentary profit leads to eventual downfall
2001-09-14 08:10:51 AM  
They were more than thoughtless folks. Every instance where a citizen of a 'friendly' nation takes advantage of another citizen due to this event is a win for the terrorists. They didn't do it with complicity, but our countries are open books. Our press is not (and should not) constrained from leaving our borders. The terrorist factions have already seen the pictures of line ups around gas stations on Tuesday and rejoiced. They've heard about gas being jacked up from 1.80 to 5.00 in some cases (and most likely ignored that most stations didn't do so).

A lot of people are asking what they can do. They've donated blood, they've donated money until its hurt. Some people have joined the military. Those in the military anxiously await their chance for retribution. For most of us the best thing we can do is "carry on". I'm not saying forget what has happened. I'm saying that this was an attack on our way of life. Raise your fist and extend your middle finger to the terrorists. Return to your way of life with as an act of defiance to the heartless terrorists.

2001-09-14 08:20:40 AM  
and yes, their gas is bad too!
2001-09-14 10:26:11 AM

ghouls plain and simple
2001-09-14 10:28:05 AM  
The casey's store here didn't change there prices, but the total store did.
2001-09-14 11:42:07 AM  
Once again in the capitalistic society, the consumer is eventually proven to hold the key. Casey's will experience from this a tremendous backlash and no amount of refunding will wash away the bitter taste of profiteering.
2001-09-14 12:16:53 PM  
Well the neat thing about th ecorprate machine is that when this chain goes under, and boy howdy I pray they do. There employees will be able to find gainfull employment at teh 7-11 or Allsups or BP that will rise in thier ashes. Besides I have been a clerk if my store went under and forced me to find other employment it would be a blessing. Quitting 7-11 was the smartest thing I ever did... Other then that one thing that I cant mention yet
2001-09-14 01:48:03 PM  
I work in the production end of a company that makes some of Casey's brand-labelled items. I always knew our salesmen were in league with Evil itself. Hmmm...I'll have to swipe some of their packaging film for fun photoshopping.
2001-09-14 02:39:46 PM  
Oh my I love that place...

Remeber the Casey's Cup?

*brings back memories*

Although I never got gas there... Only Pop... well that could cause a bit of gass if to much was drank but that is beside the point
2001-09-14 04:04:45 PM  
PresNixon, you are right, I lived in Des Moines for 5 years, and the Casey's are everywhere. The ironic thing is there is a little town in West Central Iowa called Casey, that doesn't have a Casey's. Found that interesting...
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