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(The Sun)   J-Lo gets nervous when peeing. Asks that floor be evacuated. The Sun is there   ( divider line
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22373 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 9:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 03:51:02 PM  
Tyler Durden: Do not watch. I cannot go when you watch.
2003-02-28 04:03:40 PM  
Are they sure she had to pee?
I cast a vote for numeral dos.
2003-02-28 04:04:55 PM  
J-Lo was wiggling her bum on stage - but stopped when one of his tracks came on and clasped her hands over her mouth in mock horror.
There's a reason that the word "Diva" can be considered an insult in some circles.
2003-02-28 04:06:29 PM  
Anybody who is that spoiled/high maintenence, should be drug out into the street and shot. I hate spoiled brat biatches.
2003-02-28 04:17:19 PM  
Feh, killing people like this isn't the answer. Just give her precisely what she's due. That is, if you're in the bathroom when this call to leave comes out, don't hurry in the slightest. Live your life, and realize how much better your life is without that pathos.
2003-02-28 04:22:22 PM  
Of course she doesn't want people to see that her ass is really too big for the toilet seats.
2003-02-28 04:31:27 PM  
I'm with you Monkeyknife. I say monster dump.
2003-02-28 04:57:14 PM  
Now, I don't know. Perhaps it wasn't #2 at all. Perhaps it was just bad gas. You can't be a delicate lady if you're letting 'em rip like a frat boy.

"And, Head...LIGHT A MATCH!"
- So I Married an Axe Murder
2003-02-28 05:07:27 PM  
I'm with ya'll - she was dropping the cosby kids off at the pool. She was launching a brown sub, heaving a havana, dropping a load, pinching a loaf, taking the browns to the superbowl, birthing a mudd shark, recycing her corn....

I just don't get the infatuation with her. Any chick who's been with Puff Daddy needs to be incinerated. You simply cannot wash enough after something like that.
2003-02-28 05:31:16 PM  
Isn't her 15 minutes up yet.
2003-02-28 06:04:03 PM  
She originally thought about using 8 limos, but that was just "too much" for her.
2003-02-28 06:04:43 PM  
Whoops, wrong forum. I really got nothin'.
2003-02-28 06:09:01 PM  
"Holy diva, you've been down too long in the
midnight sea...oh what's becomin of thee.
Ride the tiga, you can see it's stripes but
you know it's mean...oh don't you see what I mean?

Gotta get away...get away
Holy Diva!"

I got nothing. She's a biatch. Ben, pull back on the joystick of love, brutha!
2003-02-28 06:16:57 PM  
Oh good god, why doesn't she just go away already? I watched Out of Sight last night, and whenever she was onscreen all I could think about was how much I hate her.
2003-02-28 06:36:52 PM  
i have a feeling J-Lo will be amusing the masses with her antics for many years to come.

(shoots self)
2003-02-28 07:03:23 PM  
No one can be this bad, really...a lot of this shiyat has got to be made up.
2003-02-28 08:40:36 PM  
"But J-Lo's guest of honour, mum GUADALUPE, struggled to get anywhere near her daughter during the bash because her entourage of minders told her to move on."

Killing people like this wouldn't be useful -- they'd enjoy the exposure.

They should be forced to wander through life without EVER being recognized. Ever.
2003-02-28 09:34:35 PM  
I feel for her Mom. That poor woman is probably wondering when her little girl turned into the biatch-princess.
2003-02-28 09:36:39 PM  
"go for a widdle"

Which obviously means "extremely malodorous mudslide".
2003-02-28 09:37:57 PM  
2003-02-28 09:38:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

MmmmMmm...J-Lo's finger lickin' good.
2003-02-28 09:41:56 PM  
I'd still hit it....but she is about the biggest dumb-ass prima donna. Still Jenny from the block my ass.
2003-02-28 09:45:11 PM  

woulda been the best opportunity to fark her

I'd hit it over and over and over till till the cinema got suspicious, sent in lady officers to check up on her.

after i'd hit it, she'll have nightmare about peeing..

2003-02-28 09:45:42 PM  
What a farking biatch
2003-02-28 09:47:56 PM  
I said it before I'll say it again; I blame all your farkers who paid for cds and movies. It's what we call in the psychology business "enabeling"
2003-02-28 09:49:20 PM  
What? No pics?

Oops. I said too much.
2003-02-28 09:50:51 PM  
good luck ben...

2003-02-28 09:55:09 PM  
Probably had her bodyguards block the entrance to the bathroom, Michael Jordan did that to me once when I had to take a monster piss.
2003-02-28 09:56:10 PM  
Then she refused to dance to a song by her ex PUFF DADDY.

Thats not that bad. I do the same thing whenever a P. Diddy track comes on.
2003-02-28 09:56:51 PM  
Man... just imagine what she'd be like if she ever actually did anything important... or good... or even slightly mediocre...

It's so amusing how she gets everyone to treat her like a big star simply because she tells everyone she is one. I hope the spotlight she put herself under burns out fast, and we can quickly forget about her.
2003-02-28 09:57:16 PM  
How did she get her start being so unmanageable? Unless she did "favors" to get there...
2003-02-28 10:02:42 PM  
when she gonna have babies?
2003-02-28 10:04:27 PM  
Hell, I've cleared out a whole floor when I've gone to the can. Of course, I didn't need any help.
2003-02-28 10:05:57 PM  
Didn't take long for JOHNDX's pic to disappear...
2003-02-28 10:11:26 PM  
She doesn't want people to know she has a really smelly vagina.
2003-02-28 10:12:44 PM  
what was the pic of?
2003-02-28 10:14:50 PM  
Usually that only happens when I take a dump. And I never have to ask for it.
2003-02-28 10:16:22 PM  
Peter North, when it becomes fashionable again.
2003-02-28 10:28:40 PM  
Bump, you forgot one: releasing the hostages.

But really, why is this news? Why? Why?
2003-02-28 10:33:12 PM  
I'm sorry, but even Gloria Steinem couldn't object to using the "C" word in J.Lo's case.

What a C%NT

a Prick
2003-02-28 10:35:58 PM  
Oh, give her a break! She probably had to defecate, and didn't want to offend her adoring fans with her malodorous excretions.

On second thought, perhaps she just wanted a quiet place to pick her nose.
2003-02-28 10:43:18 PM  
I'd like to start a pool to gather funds to hire an assasin to off this farker. I swear to farking god. And it's not that I don't 'get' that this is all done for publicity. I'm just sick of hearing about it.
shiat, maybe just off every journalist who files one of these dumbass stories...
2003-02-28 10:48:28 PM  
what the hell was kevin smith thinking?
2003-02-28 10:49:35 PM  
hey, regardless, i'd hit it! .... UPSIDE THE HEAD! (i'm so clever)
2003-02-28 10:49:44 PM  

Mods please delete that!

My bad.
2003-02-28 10:52:28 PM  
This is going to be one helluva hilarious Behind the Music or Where Are They Now? in about 15 years.
2003-02-28 10:53:07 PM  

A girl needs her privacy.

2003-02-28 10:53:44 PM  
hmm. maybe another tabloid exaggeration? (sp)
2003-02-28 10:55:30 PM  
Pardon my vulgarity, but...

J-Lo definitely was easing out a fecal log so studded with corn kernels that it felt like it was ribbed for her pleasure.
It didn't splash, but instead spiraled as it submerged, looking uncannily like a 15" Baby Ruth heat-twisted into a curly-cue.
The poor woman found herself in a dilemma because it was too densely coiled to flush, and it was snaking over the lip of the porcelain like a scat tentacle bristling with nutty "suckers".

That disgusting image aside, I really would enjoy sodomizing Ms. Lopez' bulbous ass very much.

Sorry, and thanks for listening.
2003-02-28 11:04:25 PM  
Too much JLO
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