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(AP)   After years of effort, Kentucky bible college finally rids itself of "666" phone prefix   ( divider line
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4677 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 6:10 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 03:33:31 PM  
When I lived in Hollywood, my phone number was 666-CESS. When we were getting the new line, they actually asked us if the 666 would be all right.

Just to broaden the thread, I also once had MEN 1-ON-1, while dating a girl with HON 1-TO-1. I'm sure some Farkers and Farkettes have had better.

Anyone? True stories only.
2003-02-28 04:26:03 PM  
Watch, they'll get the 316 area code instead.
2003-02-28 05:10:24 PM  
I once had the phone number: INC-REDI BLY-HUGE-VIE-NED-AND-SWO-LLEN-BLO-ODBO-MBER but nobody ever called.

True story.
2003-02-28 06:13:58 PM  
my old number: DYK-TWAT
2003-02-28 06:17:22 PM  
Once you are marked by Satan the stain will never completely wash away.
2003-02-28 06:18:03 PM  
My brother's graduating from Ky Mtn BC this May, and while I don't agree with them on much (being an un-Christian) I have to say they (faculty/staff/students) are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

OK, back to odd phone numbers....
2003-02-28 06:19:17 PM  
New area code - 069
2003-02-28 06:20:16 PM  
I've been around some really religious people, and it's amazing what they spend there days obsessing over...I had some friends make a concerted effort to stop killing kittens, which I think is about the most retarded thing I've ever heard of.
2003-02-28 06:20:57 PM  
"Their" days
2003-02-28 06:22:40 PM  

2003-02-28 06:23:37 PM  
666 may be the number of the beast but 69 sure is the number to heaven....
2003-02-28 06:23:58 PM  
Yay for wasting time on superstitious nonsense!
2003-02-28 06:25:36 PM  
There are lots of sites on Google that will generate words by plugging in a phone number. I'm too lazy to look it up but i'd love to see what some creative FARKER can do with their new number.
2003-02-28 06:27:17 PM  
I suppose the bible college would be "less holy" for having a 666 prefix. Did they select 777 in favor? In either case a number is a number, and this is idiocy, in my humble, polytheist opinion.
2003-02-28 06:27:50 PM  
I wonder how many crank calls they get.

515-382-5968 = 515 fark You
2003-02-28 06:28:33 PM  
Damn filter.
2003-02-28 06:29:18 PM  
One time my phone number was 867-5309 but I kept getting all these people asking for Jenny so I changed it.
2003-02-28 06:30:51 PM  
I went to USF a Catholic Univ and the Pre-fix was 666 at one time my number was 666-6668 they changed the pre-fix about 5 years ago.
2003-02-28 06:33:34 PM  
I agree that 666 is meaningless, but what bonehead phone people set it up? The should have known there would be problems with religious nuts and just skipped it and saved themselves the headache.
2003-02-28 06:33:44 PM  
Sigh. Even if they indulged in the superstition surrounding 666, you'd think that teaching the Bible and being good Christian servants would set their mind at ease about having the random phone prefix. How uncertain are they about their holiness if they let their phone prefix worry them?
2003-02-28 06:34:15 PM  
Ironic: Because being Kentucky Bible School means they practice a combination redneck/radical version of christianity which says it's OK to "Kill all who sin before God without mercy or possible redemption." The list includes homosexuals, any woman who has unmarried sex, any woman who uses birth controll, any woman who enjoys sex, any woman who doesn't submit to the missionary position, and it soon will include any woman who doesn't wear her "turin shroud"(a christian version of the oppresive burkah).

These nazies so deserve the 666 prefex.
2003-02-28 06:36:22 PM  
Could be an urban legend, but I seem to remember Ronald Reagan's ranch in CA had a 666 street address. It freaked out Nancy and the city had the address changed.
2003-02-28 06:36:45 PM  

After years of effort...
VANCLEVE, Ky. - After months of asking for a new telephone number

Hm...good job reading...
2003-02-28 06:37:35 PM  
Shouldn't this have a Follow Up Tag?
2003-02-28 06:42:56 PM  
My cell phone number is one digit away from spelling "ANTACID."

/pointless post
2003-02-28 06:44:25 PM  
ladies and gentlemen, the real number of the beast:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-28 06:49:29 PM  
The Rev. Vaughn Rasor, pastor of First Baptist Church in nearby Jackson, said this wee that most people seemed to see the 666 prefix as a curiosity.

"If people start giggling when I give my phone number, I know they have at least read the Bible," Rasor said.

*giggles* The Reverend said "wee"! Hehehe! pee pee wee wee!
2003-02-28 06:50:04 PM  
so what is the new number of their palaentology dept. ?
2003-02-28 06:50:38 PM  
Praise the Lord, and pass the collection plate!

I wonder if Jack Chick is on this one yet.
2003-02-28 06:51:19 PM  
Now, if only I could get rid of my "420" prefix.
2003-02-28 06:52:16 PM  
So let me get this straight - christians all up in arms about a 666 area code, wanting to get it changed ASAP, but delayed because they want their precious 5000 number?

Shows what their priority is.
2003-02-28 06:54:55 PM  
It isn't that this number is offensive, it is just interfering with their soul mongering business.
2003-02-28 06:57:18 PM  
Bwwaaa hhaaahahhhaahhaaa I'm the devil with big pointy horns bwaaa haahahahaaahaaaaa.

2003-02-28 07:00:37 PM  
Ok, under the True Story catagory:

I was in Wal Mart about a month ago. I had three items, and walked up to the check out lanes. There were two young, black girls working the lanes, and they were standing in front of the lanes talking because there were no customers. I walked up and one said "Ready to check out?", and I said "sure". She walked to the register and rang up my stuff, while the other stood in the isle and watched. When she hit the total key, she paused and said " wanna buy somethin' else?" I had an idea why she asked, but played along and asked "why?".

She said "That ain't a good number!" I looked at the readout, and it was $6.66. She asked me again, to see if I wanted to change the total, and I said "Look what register you're checking on..." She looked up, and she was on register 13. "OOHHH, that ain't funny, that ain't funny at all!!" The other girl was in hysterics.

2003-02-28 07:04:20 PM  
/begin rant

So, last night, i'm in the union of my University, looking at the freezer that contains the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. While deciding what flavor i want, this attractive girl comes up next to me. "The ice cream all looks good, doesn't it?" she says. We begin to have small talk about the ice cream and on which one i prefer. At this time this kind of brightens my day. And amist the conversation, what does she say? " Oh, i also wanted to tell you that we are having a Bible study upstairs in a few. Well, i gotta go and i'm going to try that ice cream after it's over, you better be right"(jokingly). She was giving me a goddamn sales pitch. That really pissed me off.

/end rant
2003-02-28 07:08:08 PM  
Hit it in the name of the beast.
2003-02-28 07:08:21 PM  
for those who wish to experiment

/too lazy to tag it
2003-02-28 07:14:21 PM  
I just called "666" it's a wrong number. There is no beast there.
2003-02-28 07:14:51 PM  
Irockalot Dude! You missed your chance.. she was begging for you to invite her back to your dorm room for some sacramental wine and a little confession, then some spanking. Wait, I mean pennance. By means of a ride on the baloney pony.
2003-02-28 07:16:56 PM  
after i realized she only talked to me because she thought i was a pathetic loser who was stupid enough to do whatever a girl who talks nice to me once, all i wanted to hit her with was a lead pipe. But having sex with her in Satan's name does sound funny.
2003-02-28 07:18:28 PM  
once...wants? I'm not that retarded i swear.
2003-02-28 07:20:18 PM  
is there another name to have sex in?
2003-02-28 07:21:08 PM  
""If people start giggling when I give my phone number, I know they have at least read the Bible."
Actually, I learned that from the Omen movies.
2003-02-28 07:21:11 PM  
Hum, Rob Roy Mcgregor, he must be dutch.
2003-02-28 07:21:45 PM  
I do whatever a girl who talks naughty to me wants.
2003-02-28 07:22:35 PM  
"We're just elated that the number has been changed," said Rob Roy MacGregor, the college's vice president of business affairs. "It was like we had this Scarlet Letter attached to us."

This from a man whose name includes a drink made from scotch and vermouth. Now there's a scarlet letter at a Bible college....
2003-02-28 07:23:11 PM  
Yes. The two-backed-beast.

*runs away and hides*
2003-02-28 07:25:53 PM  
In junior high school we used to dial bogus 1-800 numbers during lunch. We would call, 1-800-VIBO-FUN, and just laugh at whoever picked up.



It was great "Hello, this is the Environmental Protection Agency. How may I help you?"

"Did you know your phone number is 1-800-VIBO-FUN?"

2003-02-28 07:27:09 PM  

Anyway, That is funny, especially if you listen to Heavy Metal like I do, and have been asked if you worship the devil as many times as I was in high school.

"Just ring 362-4390, I lead a life of crime!"--Bon Scott, 1976

BTW, Irockalot, I know you're not retarded, it's just that there's no spellcheck on these forums, and I know I don't always proofread my posts, and I've done some really dumb typos.
2003-02-28 07:28:28 PM  

the MacGregor Rob Roy...

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
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