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(Yahoo)   In a bizarre mass-malfunction, Venezuela's clocks are ticking too slowly. All of them   ( divider line
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15534 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 6:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 12:14:03 PM  
Maybe this explains why my days at work seem so goddamn long...
2003-02-28 12:36:56 PM  
If Venezuela can't keep up with the rest of the world, it will be left behind in the past. Quit dawdling.
2003-02-28 12:41:17 PM  
Tick tock...ya don't stop.
2003-02-28 12:44:29 PM  
My computer clock is always wrong. Do I live in Venezuela? Oh wait, the dude said computers are OK, just not clocks... Hmm.
2003-02-28 01:36:59 PM  
And by "All of them.", the submitter means to say, "Those clocks which are electrically powered from the power socket."
2003-02-28 05:55:18 PM  
Are they slowing down, or is the rest of the world speeding up? Spooooky.
2003-02-28 06:24:37 PM  
Good Point stevearooni, battery powered clocks (or water clocks and sundials for that matter!) would not be affected by the change of frequency.
2003-02-28 07:04:37 PM  
Fark seems to be ticking rather slowly right now as well.
2003-02-28 07:05:02 PM  
So when, exactly, is "Hammer Time" if you're in Venezuela?
2003-02-28 07:05:17 PM  
does this include biological clocks too? 'cuz if it does, i am movin' my ol' lady to venezuela...
2003-02-28 07:06:36 PM  
Maybe the Travisonline messageboard's clock is run from Venezuela?

(Travis fan inside joke, sorry)
2003-02-28 07:06:52 PM  
Nothing to worry about here. It's just the first sign of the apocalypse.
2003-02-28 07:07:21 PM  
As in that the clock is always slow
2003-02-28 07:08:54 PM  
i want my 2 1/2 minutes back!

2003-02-28 07:10:02 PM  
It's a jackass stunt!!
2003-02-28 07:10:27 PM  
Venezuelans have a lot more to worry about than slow clocks. Like the little Saddam who runs the country. :(
2003-02-28 07:11:37 PM  
so if I move to Venezuela, I will live longer?

2003-02-28 07:11:41 PM  
Slow clocks? Don't you mean 'sow cocks'?

/really, really got nuthin
2003-02-28 07:12:04 PM  
It's the start of the TimeCube!

/goes into bunker
2003-02-28 07:12:29 PM  
I'm glad I lost my job today, otherwise I wouldn't have had time to read fark and learn all about this interesting event.
2003-02-28 07:12:48 PM  
This is a repeat.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2003-02-28 07:13:36 PM  
"Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so."
2003-02-28 07:13:39 PM  
they need to fix that, time is awastin'
2003-02-28 07:15:01 PM  
It Worked...Muahahaha
2003-02-28 07:15:17 PM  
Look at it this way. Happy Hour lasts an extra 6.25 seconds.

Get the drinks in!
2003-02-28 07:15:23 PM  
I've got 2 computers set to the same internet time server ( Not once since I've set thme have they displayed the same time. I realize, of course, that they said computers aren't affected, just made me think of this completely unimportant fact that no one but me cares about and I decided to share it anyway :)
2003-02-28 07:15:30 PM  
Venezuela: it's called digital, look into it. I hear it's the wave of the future.

Wizkid: Ha ha. (Just kidding, you'll be back on your feet soon, man.)
2003-02-28 07:18:11 PM  
any clock that you plug in basically counts the number of times the AC currents shifts from positive to negative. I don't know about Venezuela, but here in america the current runs at 60Hz. So the clock counts the current shifts and when it counts to 60 it knows a second has passed. when it counts to 3600 a minute has passed.

Not so much these days but in decades passed the power companies kept close track of how fast the the current was shifitng and if the cycles were too fast or too slow they actually changed the speed of the generators to compensate. These days it's so computer controlled that it's always perfectly dead on.
2003-02-28 07:19:04 PM  
my love for you is ticking clock ber ZER kerrr
2003-02-28 07:21:40 PM  
Let me see if I can understand this. Electric clocks are synchronized to the frequency of the power grid. The frequency of the power grid changes . . . and the clocks lose their accuracy.

Gee, this is a mystery! Somebody call those meddling kids . . .
2003-02-28 07:22:26 PM  
man..they're so behind the times...
2003-02-28 07:23:09 PM  
I think this explains a lot.
2003-02-28 07:23:57 PM  
...nothing is real...
2003-02-28 07:25:49 PM  
(PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING) does not compute ! beep beep beep!!!!
2003-02-28 07:26:47 PM  
"Even a broken clock is right twice a day"
or in this case, maybe not.
2003-02-28 07:26:51 PM  
power shortage ... a likely story ... we all know the whole country really went through some sort of time warp! Its a conspiracy!
2003-02-28 07:29:14 PM  
US power companies need to keep the frequency dead-on since so many different generators are sharing power over the grid. If one of the generators drifted slow and got 180 degrees out of phase, it would cause mayhem on the power lines connecting them. So they synchronize everyone up precisely, and make sure that exactly 5,184,000 cycles happen every day, which is why your cheap-ass plug-in kitchen clock keeps such good time.
There's some nerdliness for today. Now, bring on the boobies.
2003-02-28 07:29:20 PM  
There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.
2003-02-28 07:30:44 PM  
I say we fire up the ol' Flux Capacitor.
2003-02-28 07:31:56 PM  
Damn history monks must have fallen asleep again...

2003-02-28 07:32:32 PM  
2003-02-28 07:33:07 PM  
Flava Flav was unavailable for comment.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-28 07:35:36 PM  
Even plug-in clocks that use quartz are not effected.

Aurorous They still watch it closely. I have seen a TVA control room with 2 ten foot wide digital clocks, one keeping time using the AC, and one with a quartz crystal (or other material used for that purpose). They make sure at the end of the day that the two are on the same time. During peak days it can get behind.
2003-02-28 07:35:37 PM  
Looks like the CIA forgot to switch the energy savers on their laptops...
2003-02-28 07:36:02 PM  
thank you, have a good night...
2003-02-28 07:36:21 PM  
LOL! i was just going to say cue the twilight zone music- Imcguyver
2003-02-28 07:36:26 PM  
This has been happening for a few months now.
2003-02-28 07:37:29 PM  
Clocks in Venzuela? I don't think so. Sounds like someone is having fun with us gringos.
2003-02-28 07:38:03 PM  
"...nothing is real..." And nothing to get hung about, Strawberry Fields forever.............

*knee-jerk reaction*
2003-02-28 07:39:44 PM  
'course if they had one-o-them thar new fanled digital clocks (and not the ones with the digital number on reels that rotate by, a real mind bogglin', eye bewilderin' LED type digitial clock) then they wouldn't have noticed.
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