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(Reuters)   War with Iraq delays production start of Mad Max 4   ( divider line
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7189 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 10:22 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 10:24:22 AM  
Well, Ok.
2003-02-28 10:25:06 AM  
damn their black hearts!
2003-02-28 10:25:28 AM  
There just may be a god
2003-02-28 10:25:57 AM  
But a baby with a gun doesn't stop them from filming?
2003-02-28 10:26:02 AM  
What was Mad Max 3????
2003-02-28 10:26:19 AM  
what war?
2003-02-28 10:26:45 AM  
Umm... Thunderdome? Two men enter, one man leaves.
2003-02-28 10:26:49 AM  
You know, Mel Gibson has been doing a lot of crappy movies lately (Signs) where he seems to like playing the role of a good father.

But Ransom was awesome.
2003-02-28 10:27:09 AM  

Wait, hold on a second.... yup. Can't bring myself to sympathise with the film-makers.
2003-02-28 10:27:11 AM  
Mad Max 3 was the Beyond Thunderdome fiasco with Tina Turner in that metal outfit. *shudder*
2003-02-28 10:27:26 AM  
Ironbar surrenders....but can't wait to buy the action figures.
2003-02-28 10:27:51 AM  
Rats! I was just thinking that I couldn't wait for Mad Max IV. Now I guess I'll just have to find something else to occupy my time.

/sarcasm. *doesnt want people thinking that me was serious*
2003-02-28 10:27:52 AM  
Smegma, didn't you know you were Enduring your Freedom? Just barely... hanging... on....
2003-02-28 10:28:01 AM  
I think we better send Tina Turner over there, so she can turn those muthas out. Or something.
2003-02-28 10:28:13 AM  
Yup, that sure is amusing.

2003-02-28 10:28:29 AM  
I bet all you people against the war feel pretty stupid now huh?

2003-02-28 10:29:36 AM  
What are you taling about Thunderdome was a fiasco, it has pig poo in it!
2003-02-28 10:29:40 AM  
one wonders who greenlighted the movie in the first place...


why do people patronize sequels and keep them in existence...

if the lot of us would just wake up to the fact that sequels pretty much always suck and quit giving Hollywood our money, then maybe...

just maybe...

we'd exist in this strange realm where sequels were produced on thier merit as part of the original story rather than meal-tickets riding on the popularity of the last film just to turn a quick buck.
2003-02-28 10:29:49 AM  


/Just thought I'd throw that in
2003-02-28 10:32:02 AM  



roll on,woo :)
2003-02-28 10:34:15 AM  
So, who do we have to go to war with to stop Episode III?
2003-02-28 10:34:35 AM  
Well, if they wait that long, the world could very well be post-apocalyptic... were'nt these movies usually filmed in Australia?
2003-02-28 10:35:48 AM  
OK, that's the last straw! This war thingy is a total bummer!

...also, when did Mel Gibson start smoking?
2003-02-28 10:36:13 AM  
TheseBurgers, I somehow don't think that's what they meant.
2003-02-28 10:36:37 AM  
Let it be known I officially rescind my "war doesn't solve anything" stance.

(okay: so I never really believed it anyway - I just need to make a cheap joke, okay?)
2003-02-28 10:36:53 AM  
Max max 4 in the motha-farkin heeeeeouuuuusssseeee!!!
2003-02-28 10:36:59 AM  
I concur Buster_hymen
2003-02-28 10:37:16 AM  
At first I said, "so what." But then I considered that Mel's getting a little long in the tooth. Every day counts.
2003-02-28 10:37:32 AM  
Still, according to my TV guide, the live ground war coverage starts on CNN at 10 o'clock next Friday evening. Must get the beers and some munchies in.
2003-02-28 10:38:38 AM  
That's high-tensile steel.
It'll take ya ten minutes to cut through it.
If you're lucky, you can hack through your ankle in five.
2003-02-28 10:40:40 AM  
Zzzzz.... *Snore* Not amuzing at all. Should make up a duh tag.
2003-02-28 10:42:06 AM  
I like the series, but i guaranDAMNtee you this movie will suck ass.
2003-02-28 10:42:50 AM  
We don't need another hero.

or Mad Max movie.
2003-02-28 10:46:47 AM  
So it's:

Road Warrior
Mad Max
Road Max Dome 4


I guess I forgot MM.
2003-02-28 10:51:27 AM  
Well the war will start when Turkey gives us the go ahead. Then add a couple of weeks to prepare and we're off. I'd say middle of march. It looks like this time instead of invading from the south, we'll be hitting irq from the north or perhaps from both directions at once.
2003-02-28 10:51:36 AM  
War with Iraq? What did I miss something. The war has already started?
2003-02-28 10:54:57 AM  
Huh? Why don't they just film it in Australia, like they did with the others? That's where the damn film's supposed to take place anyhow...
I've been praying for another Mad Max film for over a decade, but I fear Mel is too old by now to pull it off...
2003-02-28 10:57:49 AM  
Mad Max 4 - Handy Capable
2003-02-28 10:58:05 AM  
aww yeah baby!

Mad Max RULZ!!1!1
2003-02-28 10:58:29 AM  
I didn't know Saddam was even cast...
2003-02-28 11:01:34 AM  

check your local tv listings.
2003-02-28 11:02:04 AM  
This is the best argument in favor of war that I've heard yet.
2003-02-28 11:04:10 AM  
hehe Angusyoung you said "pull it off"

and hardly related but I thought I'd drop it in - did anyone else hear about Bruce Willis phoning Dubya saying he'd tried to join up but was too old, could he do anything to help?
2003-02-28 11:34:46 AM  
Awwwwwwwww and I was hoping to get some Dinki-Di to celebrate
2003-02-28 11:42:30 AM  
It has only been 17 years since #3. Who cares if it's another ... never.
2003-02-28 11:44:52 AM  
What's with all this 'war with Iraq' nonsense? We're not at war. Idiots.
2003-02-28 11:45:18 AM  
I'll watch it. Post-apocalypse stuff manages to be entertaining even when it's horrible.

Case in point:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-28 11:48:41 AM  
See, I knew this war with Iraq was all about the guzzeline.
2003-02-28 11:50:18 AM  
el presedente,

Damnation alley?
2003-02-28 11:51:29 AM  
Damnation Alley! Hell yeah!
A bad film that everyone thought
would beat star wars!
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