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(Local6)   KKK to demonstrate in support of Augusta National's all-male membership policy   ( divider line
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3581 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 9:52 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 09:56:54 AM  
If I wanted to put public pressure on the country club to allow women, I would hire the KKK to demonstrate on behalf of the country club.
2003-02-28 09:58:01 AM  
You know you're in the right when the KKK is on your side.
2003-02-28 09:58:02 AM  
"Where'd those Klan clowns come from?"

[/Jackie Gleason, Smoky & The Bandit]
2003-02-28 09:59:13 AM  
"Did you every join the Klan, Daddy?"

"No. But your momma did. When she put on her sheet, she looked like an iceberg with feet."

2003-02-28 09:59:20 AM  
I think the Klan is spreading the franchise a little too thin. They need to stick to their core competencies of irrational racism and anti-semitic paranoia.
2003-02-28 10:01:03 AM  
Hmm, is there anything I care about less than golf?
2003-02-28 10:01:30 AM  
"Where all da white women at?"

[/Cleavon Little, Blazing Saddles]
2003-02-28 10:01:32 AM  
"We fully support Augusta National's membership policy. They should be allowed to have whomever they want as members. Well, except that one black guy."
2003-02-28 10:01:33 AM  
That's just not good for golf.
2003-02-28 10:01:48 AM  
Does anyone remember the KKK for Kids website?
2003-02-28 10:01:52 AM  
They are just using this to pick up chicks.
2003-02-28 10:03:07 AM  
They can protest, but they'll have to whisper. (Golf clap)
2003-02-28 10:03:10 AM  
Feel free to chip in with your own "great comic relief moments in cinema featuring the Klan."
2003-02-28 10:04:02 AM  
With friends like these...
2003-02-28 10:04:22 AM  
I'm sure this is exactly the kind of support they're looking for. I mean, when has the KKK been wrong? Seriously, they're like the moral beacon of america.

wow thats a lot of sarcasm in one entry
2003-02-28 10:05:19 AM  
Apparently, the KKK have become confused and are still waiting for Arnold Palmer's "driver" to chauffer them home!

2003-02-28 10:06:14 AM  
Women suck at golf.
2003-02-28 10:06:47 AM  
Next thing you know, them women folk'll be wantin' to join the He-man Woman Haters club too

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-28 10:07:18 AM  

Now all you need to destroy any organization is to have some organization like the KKK or Neo-Nazis support them.
2003-02-28 10:08:31 AM  
White men dressing like black men - I'm surprised that the Klan endorse any form of golf.

What's the big deal here anyway? Nick Faldo often plays a round with his Fanny at Augusta.
2003-02-28 10:08:36 AM  
I think Augusta should admit women just to make those asses in the Klan look bad. Serves em right.
Pinko commie black-hating, cross-burning, sheet- wearing teabaggers.
2003-02-28 10:08:38 AM  
Does anyone feel like the KKK has a right to exist?

I mean, freedom of beliefs or whatever, right? Even if they are wrong?
2003-02-28 10:09:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-28 10:09:08 AM  
How many guys are actually in the Klan? I mean, I think it's just the same 10 or so nitwits who show up everywhere and then they do some Spielberg CGI thing or maybe use cardboard cut-outs to enhance their numbers.
2003-02-28 10:09:22 AM  
Aw crap, you win, let the chicks in ... it's just easier.
2003-02-28 10:09:47 AM  
great comic relief moments in cinema featuring the Klan

"Why, brother Jed, I told you you shoudl always wash your hands after a cross burning. See, it's coming off."

and earlier,

"Where all the white women at?"
2003-02-28 10:09:49 AM  
The Augusta National...brought to you by the Ku Klux Klan..burning crosses proudly since 1850! Bob, let's go back to the 15th hole where Tiger Woods is putting for an eagle.
2003-02-28 10:11:45 AM  
I guess the ladies in the KKK don't play golf then. Then again, they proly can't spare the space in their trailers for a bag.
2003-02-28 10:12:12 AM  
How many guys are actually in the Klan? I mean, I think it's just the same 10 or so nitwits who show up everywhere and then they do some Spielberg CGI thing or maybe use cardboard cut-outs to enhance their numbers.

I think you're giving people way too much credit. Unfortunately, there will always be people stupid enough to join the Klan, Neo-Nazis, etc...
2003-02-28 10:12:39 AM  
The KKK has a right to exist, Pablogott, as do all organizations and belief structures that society considers outside the accepted realm of thinking. However, you also have the right to protest them even more loudly than their little racist voices can carry. They also have the right to be protested and made fun of in FARK....

"But Master, does not the fire need water too? Does not the mountain need the storm? Does not your scrotum need kicking?" Beavis
2003-02-28 10:12:50 AM  
It's a private club. They can allow or disallow anyone they want.

But if I were them, I'd make it clear that the KKK isn't the kind of support we want or need.
2003-02-28 10:13:53 AM  
The KKK took my baby away...
2003-02-28 10:14:27 AM  
Yeah, Pablogott. Because as long as the KKK exists "openly", it isn't an underground movement that gains sympathy because of its persecution. Hateful ideas? Still covered by 1st Amendment.
2003-02-28 10:15:28 AM  
Can you imagine being the high paid, over stressed PR guy for Augusta and having such an dubvious group publicly take you side?
I can just see some Duke grad southern blue blood trying to find a nice way to tell the sheet wearing, miseducated twits to please STOP HELPING!
2003-02-28 10:18:51 AM  
isnt it hard to have a good backswing wearing a sheet?

2003-02-28 10:21:10 AM  
I was slightly amused that the link above the KKK story went to NASCAR news. Hehehe.
2003-02-28 10:23:24 AM  
The KKK has the right to support whomever they want.
Augusta has the right to exclude women.
Women have the right to petition the exclusion.
I have the right to smoke my 2nd jay this morning.

I have the right to enjoy the illusionary expansion
of time and space that I'm currently experiencing.

All is right with the world.
2003-02-28 10:23:53 AM  
This is how you win protests, hire extremists to help the other side. See my profile for more details.

2003-02-28 10:24:05 AM  
BaconFarker: No... its pretty much a protest against the club.
2003-02-28 10:24:21 AM  
Hey, if your going to be racist, you may as well be sexist, too.
2003-02-28 10:25:16 AM  
does the KKK have to observe anti-discrimination laws, thereby preventing them from denying membership based on race, religion, or sex?
2003-02-28 10:26:10 AM  
They should be allowed to allow whomever they want to allow being allowed in the allowed. I mean Club.

Reallt, they're the ones who look sexist. If they don't mind that then let them make their own rules, doesn't hurt my feelings.
2003-02-28 10:26:35 AM  
What I don't understand is how these women expect to be out the kitchen long enough to get a round of golf in.
2003-02-28 10:26:38 AM  
Should I protest to force the KKK to intregate?

2003-02-28 10:27:35 AM  
CoolBeans: lol that would make an awesome Jackass-style sketch! Have a bunch of black guys show up wanting to join the KKK.
2003-02-28 10:28:26 AM  
I like how Augusta National dropped the sponsors that wanted them to initiate a woman. "We don't want your money... goodbye."
2003-02-28 10:29:17 AM  
PurpleJack - Or whose gonna do the laundry?
2003-02-28 10:29:44 AM  
Should I protest to force the KKK to intregate?

That'd be pretty funny....
2003-02-28 10:31:20 AM  
At what age is the following lesson learned folks??:

For every CORRECT stance on an issue, there is a group of morons somewhere supporting that stance for moronic reasons.
2003-02-28 10:34:43 AM  
BaconFarker.. wtf you talkin about?
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