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(Fark)   Last night, Bostony had a dream and Drew was in it. Discuss the first time you realized you were on Fark way too much. Voting enabled   ( divider line 230
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574 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Feb 2003 at 5:35 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-28 10:15:07 AM  

When I realized I snicker whenever someone mentions the French.

That, and when I saw cliche kitty as someone's wallpaper and she had no clue as to what I meant by it. (she just thought the damn cat was cute)
2003-02-28 10:15:23 AM  
There's no such thing as being on Fark too much.
2003-02-28 10:25:56 AM  
Well, it was after I had lost my third jobs because I got caught viewing links on the clock.
2003-02-28 10:33:57 AM  
I was watching Headline News and was trying to come up with amusing FARK headlines that I could submit..
2003-02-28 10:47:49 AM  
When every picture you see, makes you think about what you could do to it for PS contest wins.
2003-02-28 11:07:25 AM  
When I went on vacation, and signed up for a trial month of AOhelL to make sure I could still Fark.
2003-02-28 11:16:51 AM  
When I got Drew's face tatooed on my ass.
2003-02-28 11:20:52 AM  
When I spotted a squirrel, and couldn't help trying to get a look at its package.

(no voting, as I already won the "how do you know you're a farkaholic" one with a variation on this joke)
2003-02-28 11:45:37 AM  
2003-02-28 11:50:23 AM  
I do not have a problem. I am not powerless. I can handle it. Really.

I am not an addict.
2003-02-28 12:46:36 PM  
when my girlfriend complained about it.

i'll miss her.
2003-02-28 01:12:18 PM  
On too much? . : are , but I find it yet that any from can be labeled as a . That's just .
2003-02-28 01:17:07 PM  
When Fark went down for a significant time period and I was so goddamn much more productive that my employer gave me a promotion and a raise.
2003-02-28 01:40:12 PM  
When I killed a guy for not knowing what Fark was (Oh and he was snoring too loud).
2003-02-28 02:15:19 PM  
AntiNorm, .
2003-02-28 03:21:24 PM  
The color commentator for the Detroit Red Wings is ex-NHL'er Mickey Redmond, and the other night during the game he quipped a remark about a Frenchman that 'didn't surrender.' I chuckled loudly and everyone else at the bar wondered what was so damn funny.
2003-02-28 03:25:28 PM  
Remember how dad used to never stop the car for a bathroom break while driving long distances?

Fark = dad. Computer chair = car. I recommend Gatorade jugs, btw.
2003-02-28 03:57:39 PM  
02-28-03 12:46:36 PM Guy Incognito
when my girlfriend complained about it.

i'll miss her.

Guess I'm on Fark so much I have no idea what the hell he's talking about...girlfriend? What?

In a unrelated note, go here
2003-02-28 04:03:38 PM  
When faced with a dilemma, the first potential solution that occurred to me was to submit my situation to Fark as a "Survey" or "Advice" thread.

And no, I'm not just saying that to poke fun at your dream. It's true.
2003-02-28 04:06:28 PM  
The day I got into and argument with myself using multiple log-ins just to amuse myself. I really need to get out more.

If that wasn't enough, I went out drinking to celebrate the day the "Boy 0f Jello" (damn filter) got banned forever. I think I wasn't the only one who did that either.
2003-02-28 04:11:33 PM  
The day I got into and argument with myself using multiple log-ins just to amuse myself. I really need to get out more.

If that wasn't enough, I went out drinking to celebrate the day the "Boy 0f Jello" (damn filter) got banned forever. I think I wasn't the only one who did that either.

A vote for me is a vote for me!
2003-02-28 04:34:57 PM  
When I paid for my own ISP at work so I could FARK unmonitored from 8-5. Actually, I was required by my former employer to provide my own ISP (totalling around $1,700) cause they didn't provide internet access to the graphics people on macs - just the PR people on PCs.

I pray for the day when festering maggots inhabit the orafices of Ted Fyock & Tim Klein. I truely do.
2003-02-28 04:35:56 PM  
When my finger started bleeding from scrolling the mouse down so much on Totalfark.
2003-02-28 04:38:11 PM  
When I reached a climax while jerking off to the icon.
2003-02-28 04:44:35 PM  
When I started making up my own fark-like topic banners. Just one more step to becoming a total .
2003-02-28 04:44:39 PM  
The last time I went to the beach I saw a well-endowed girl wearing a red bikini top. I kept wondering why I couldn't see the letters:

B    bies

around her breasts.
2003-02-28 05:38:20 PM  
181 articles posted. Enough said.
2003-02-28 05:40:25 PM  
I tried to Photoshop my dreams, woke up wondering where the missing layer went....
2003-02-28 05:40:32 PM  
When I submitted a photoshop with my kids in it.

Then, when it didn't go up, I was relieved because of what you guys would have done to them.
2003-02-28 05:41:16 PM  
$250 beer fund, so far.
2003-02-28 05:41:19 PM  
when i watch the news and say to the tv and everyone in the room, "hey i saw that on fark two days ago"
2003-02-28 05:41:39 PM  
When it was down and I just sat at the computer, refreshing about once every two minutes, because I had nothing better to do...
2003-02-28 05:42:40 PM  
When I realized that I signed up the day I first visited, that there are now 76,000+ registered members. If I'm still coming around there must be something wrong. Hell even pro wrestling couldn't keep me interested for this long.
2003-02-28 05:43:13 PM  
I realized I FARK way too much when....

...I have to make ".gif" files instead of normal ".jpg"s to really be happy with any PS contest

/pathetic ammounts of zilch
2003-02-28 05:43:42 PM  
I find myself mentally applying Fark tags to reality.
2003-02-28 05:44:23 PM  
When we named our orange tabby cat "Cliche Kittie".
2003-02-28 05:44:27 PM  
When I stopped laughing at Ackbar references. REAL funny the first 2,348 times, guys. Enough.

A vote for me is a vote for the end of Ackbar in Photoshops.
2003-02-28 05:45:21 PM  
Las tnight I had a dream and Drew was on me.
2003-02-28 05:45:32 PM  
Started using expression "teh gay" in everyday conversation.
2003-02-28 05:45:51 PM  
Everytime I hear Conan O'brian's monologe
2003-02-28 05:46:06 PM  
When the Bush Administration decided to bomb fark whether the rest of the world was in support of it or not... for killing all those kittens.
2003-02-28 05:46:35 PM  
Uuuuuh.. I didnt put my name in the topic when I submitted this.

...kicks Drew in the groin...
2003-02-28 05:46:37 PM  
When I noticed that I know more about the news than anybody around me.
2003-02-28 05:47:35 PM  
I stopped watching Jerry Falwell in favor of Bevets.

Also disowned my parents in favor of Fb-
2003-02-28 05:49:09 PM  
When I considered paying for "TotalFark".
2003-02-28 05:49:19 PM  
just now.... lord you people got nuthin..., errr... I mean... are pathetic.
2003-02-28 05:49:39 PM  
when I stopped making love and started hitting
2003-02-28 05:49:45 PM  
...but I did indeed have Drew in my dream, even though Ive never met the guy.
2003-02-28 05:50:16 PM  
when I had a homoerotic dream with bigpeeler in it. I didn't know I was attracted to his kind. :)
2003-02-28 05:51:42 PM  
...when someone told me about some breaking news and instead of going to or, I went to Fark.
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