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(Yahoo)   105-year-old car, off the road since 1947, fined for not passing smog requirements   ( divider line
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19072 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2003 at 7:05 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-27 12:48:13 AM  
It was that 112-year-old guy's high school graduation present.
2003-02-27 01:04:26 AM  
A funny story and an entirely incorrect headline... What more could you want?
2003-02-27 01:09:05 AM  
Smog requirements? London? bah!
2003-02-27 02:25:51 AM  
Bah back in my day we didnt have the Internal net thingy ma jiggy to read Fark. We got Fark the OLD way, I had to walk in 2 feet of snow to get to Ye Old Shoppe and pick up my copy of the FARKETTE GAZETTE. And there was no total farkette, EVERYONE had to pay 2 cents for it. If we wanted to comment on a topic we had to be fast, we'd send a pony express to try and make it for the next days paper. And the Canvasshops were made on thick canvas and cost us extra, but it was worth it! It was funnier back in the day, I remember when we had a canvasshop this picture of General Burnsides and what he's doing with the bugle in his hands. Baah humbug!
2003-02-27 02:46:01 AM  
Big Ben! Parliament!
2003-02-27 07:13:04 AM  
2003-02-27 07:13:57 AM  
Are they leveling the same fine on people leaving Curry shops?
2003-02-27 07:21:16 AM  

I read that a dead woman got a fine for driving in centeral london too. on the first day they issued fines to a value greater than the charges they collected.

It makes london look like a terribly wealthy city, every second car on the road is an S-class merc.

2003-02-27 07:26:43 AM  

I was worried crap like this might happen. How long be fore every other car owner in the country has recived a incorrect charge notice?
2003-02-27 07:28:33 AM  

Well it will take them a while to fine everyone in the country, but they appear to be trying their best.

There is a real problem with people just not registering their cars in their name too.

2003-02-27 07:29:24 AM  
And they call America stupid....
2003-02-27 07:32:09 AM  
I'm gonna fine my neighbor for being too damn old, while were at it.
2003-02-27 07:32:19 AM  
just because the major of london is a red mentalist doesn't necessarly mean Americans aren't stupid :-)
2003-02-27 07:39:24 AM  
Perhaps I'm blind, or my browser censors odd words, but I don't even see the word "smog" in that article ANYWHERE.
2003-02-27 07:39:35 AM  
come on now. any mass of people larger than 5 is stupid.
2003-02-27 07:42:57 AM  

You're not blind-- the poster is a moron. This article has to do with the anti-traffic charge, not air pollution.
2003-02-27 07:52:44 AM  
who needs articles? the posts are just about the headlines anyway.
2003-02-27 07:53:33 AM  
The problem has increased from Fakers posting comments before reading the artcile to people posting an article before they've read it themselves. What's next eh?
2003-02-27 07:59:06 AM  
"Those cops got you name, your address.
No they don't got my address, I falsefied my renewal. I but down 1060 W. Addison.
1060 West Addison? That's Wrigley Field."
2003-02-27 08:04:42 AM  
next is the planitary take over by sea monkeys.
2003-02-27 08:05:45 AM  
nobody noticed the previous story "man cuts off his penis for his wife"?
2003-02-27 08:06:35 AM  
and where's the mister rogers link?
2003-02-27 08:11:09 AM  
Are the rumors realy true that Mr. Rogers was a marine sniper in vietnam? God bless that man. I spent many a hour learning the ways good doing from him.
2003-02-27 08:19:24 AM  
I remember when the speeding cameras were introduced in Ontario. The fines were supposed to be sent to the owner of the car...

So, a vehicle owned by the federal gubmn't was pictured speeding, and some (overzealous or trying to make a point) civil servant sent the fine to the queen c/o Buckingham palace. Wheee...
2003-02-27 08:23:09 AM  
Well ... a headline acurately describing the contents of the article would have been even better. Bad farker. Stupid, dumb farker. No cookie.

As for the article ... feh. OCR is not perfect. News, anyone?
2003-02-27 08:34:48 AM  

I'm pretty sure Mr. Rogers was a sniper in Vietnam. I have also been told he's an ordained minister but I don't know what faith.
2003-02-27 08:35:09 AM  
Are people in such a hurry to submit articles to Fark that they don't even read them? Of course!
2003-02-27 08:38:16 AM  
Was the car parked in a museum when it was fined or what?
2003-02-27 08:57:39 AM  

that's right, it was parked in a museum at the other end of the country. i think it would take over a day to drive the car to london.

old registration plates were much shorter than they are now, cos there were less cars obviously. you could have a modern plate say ABY 991 T which the camera only caught part of ie. Y99.

2003-02-27 09:10:49 AM  
i was gonna say i thought if it was 20yrs and a car wouldnt have to pass emissions......but then i read the article and say it was in London not the US......

*switches brain on*
2003-02-27 09:17:23 AM  
I just cant get right!
2003-02-27 09:30:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wow, cars sure looked different then.

What a completely irrelevant picture.
2003-02-27 09:40:15 AM  
it's not that irrelevant, the big 'C' marks the boundary to the congestion zone.
2003-02-27 09:52:59 AM  
Similar emissions regulations apply in the UK as well.
Cars over a certain age don't have to pass emission regulations, and cars about 10 years old have less stringent requirements.
2003-02-27 09:53:23 AM  
Eh, I want to see the car.
2003-02-27 09:59:37 AM  
Smog has nothing to do with the article. those farking farkers.
2003-02-27 09:59:58 AM  
What the article fails to mention is one of main problems of the scheme is the widespread fraudalent use of vehicle registrations, literally 100,000s of cars are "untraceable" in the UK and thus regularly avoid parking fines, road tax, insurance, even paying for petrol, etc.

I have been a victim, some moron rear-ended my car whilst it was at the lights, my wife was driving at the time, he got out and started threatening her when she asked for insurance details, and then drove away, the number plate was falsified and the police couldn't trace it at first, finally ending up with an old lady who'd been dead for a while, if it hadn't been for a mistake by the insurance people I'd have ended up paying for it.

It's obvious someone has been using this old car as their own registration.
2003-02-27 10:04:16 AM  
In an related story:

The entire American power generating industry and American SUV manufacturers not fined for emmissions that are completely avoidable and have been choking up the sky for generations.

Thank you for your time.
2003-02-27 10:08:35 AM  
Uhh, did the headline writer actually read the article?
2003-02-27 10:20:52 AM  

In an related story:

The entire American power generating industry and American SUV manufacturers not fined for emmissions that are completely avoidable and have been choking up the sky for generations.

And if you're really driving in what your nick is, then you're probably producing more polution than any SUV made in the last five years.

2003-02-27 10:22:11 AM  
That's a mighty interesting picture. Was the car abducted by aliens?
2003-02-27 10:24:23 AM  
02-27-03 10:20:52 AM Zjbs14

In an related story:

The entire American power generating industry and American SUV manufacturers not fined for emmissions that are completely avoidable and have been choking up the sky for generations.

And if you're really driving in what your nick is, then you're probably producing more polution than any SUV made in the last five years.

yeah but if its 20yrs old it doesnt matter and the last elcamino was made in either 87 or 88 i believe so it dont matter because emission standards were different then.
2003-02-27 10:34:54 AM  
All you 105-year-car users are so selfish! Can't you think about what you're doing to the enviornment? Do you really need a 105-year-old car? Whine biatch moan...

Sound familiar?
2003-02-27 10:36:58 AM  
From yahoo: "A 105-year-old car which has been off the road since 1947 has been slapped with a penalty notice for allegedly evading London's recently introduced congestion charge scheme."

It has nothing to do with SMOG. It has to do with London charging you to drive into it. Bah...Read the farking article.

On that note: If you maintain an older car, then then tend to pollute about as much as an SUV (at worst) and at best most aren't that bad....Just keep your car in good working order and they tend to do OK on smog tests (unless you live in California...yeez!)

And older cars usually don't have to take smog tests, or if they do they don't have to meet the same requirements as the newer cars.

Oh, the the poster of the link should be flogged for not even reading the damn article
2003-02-27 10:37:54 AM  
Millay: Nope...should it?
2003-02-27 10:43:35 AM  

105-year-old car = SUV.
2003-02-27 10:53:40 AM  
Boot20, flog the submitter along with the admin who approved it. Stupidity ensues.
2003-02-27 10:54:19 AM  
How so? How does a 105 year old historic car => a gas guzzling soccer mom people killing SUV?
2003-02-27 11:07:47 AM  

Recalibrate your satire radar. I give up.
2003-02-27 11:08:58 AM  
Has Vodafone advertising no limits?
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
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