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(NIU Star)   Female college journalist surprised to discover that using sex appeal at a job fair achieves results   (star.niu.edu) divider line 158
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2003-02-26 08:38:52 PM
Hey, I wrote a better article on this ten years ago (pre-internet, otherwise I'd link it for you).

It might have occured to her, as it did to me when I wrote my piece, to go into the job fair twice: once as a hottie, once as a plain jane.

The first time I went in without makeup, hair pulled back conservatively, dressed plainly (beige business suit, below the knee line skirt, modest buttoned collar under jacket). Made direct eye contact, was polite, friendly, smiled.

Went back in about three hours later wearing makeup, with long blonde hair flowing about my shoulders, wearing a red business suit with an above the knee skirt and unbuttoned to cleavage shirt under jacket. Made direct eye contact, was polite, friendly, smiled.

Result? Women recruiters were friendly and receptive to the plain jane. I was actually called in for two interviews with female recruiters. Men were generally polite but wore poker faces.

The blonde vixen look got me three interviews with male recruiters and one date invitation. No interviews with women.

Since it was supposed to be a straight news piece (on what makes a good impression during job searches), I wasn't able to include my own conclusions. But my impression was definitely that men like an attractive job seeking woman, women prefer someone who doesn't outshine them in the appearance category.

Working in journalism the last 10 years I can tell you that there are a LOT of young, attractive women in newsrooms run by men. The occasional newsroom with women in management have more of a mix of people. Same for the ad staff.
2003-02-26 08:40:56 PM
the more i read the article, the more i think that maybe this chick doesn't get a postive male response on a regular basis...
now THAT i don't understand ; )

those with sex appeal, real sex appeal, don't have to try so hard...

but jeho, i see your point!

and vici--don't you love that logic???
2003-02-26 09:03:59 PM
Shouldn't be surprising that an intelligent, attractive and flirty woman would get any other reaction. Did she expect them to tell her to stop???

BTW, the photo of the paper's publisher (Barbara) is nice. However, she clearly doesn't like "dumb men" so that leaves everyone on this thread that said "I'd hit it" out of the running I bet.
2003-02-26 09:11:08 PM
penthouse letter. hilarious
2003-02-26 09:15:53 PM
And guys are dumb enough to fall for it. Sad really.

your hired!
2003-02-26 09:25:13 PM
She might want to look in the mirror before she goes on any further. Maybe they felt bad for her and were trying to be nice to the handicapped girl.

Eeeek. Fug-ly.
2003-02-26 09:40:18 PM
Fugly or not, I'd still recruit it but I'd probably shout out a guy's name during the middle of it.
2003-02-26 09:41:50 PM
Hey--that's my school...what a terrible time for me to admit to that one...
2003-02-26 09:45:17 PM
"My discovery was that many of the representatives were slightly taken aback at the sight of intelligence combined with sex appeal."

biatch, please! They just wanted to get into your panties. Slut.
2003-02-26 09:46:07 PM
According to the student directory, her major is undecided. After someone sends her this, I think she will decide against journalism. Another example of Fark shaping the minds of America's youth.
2003-02-26 10:38:40 PM
"It was as if the men I spoke with had expected me to present myself in an airheaded, flirtatious manner because of the way I appeared."

Duh, I'm completely clueless about the real world. I've obviously never noticed that even moderatley attractive women can have 80% of men eating out of their hand with a few coy remarks.

And you know what? I know a lot of women, even intelligent ones, who take advantage of that, because it's easier to use sex appeal than it is to use hard work.

Cynical: The way you behave when you grasp reality.
2003-02-26 10:41:12 PM
Being in a position where I often conduct interviews - most of the applicants being female, I would say that this kind of thing happens rather often. If this young lady were to act this way in one of my interviews, she would receive a pretty cold and negative response. Women who use their sexuality for gain are always a danger in the workplace, and have no business working anywhere except the local pub.
I recently had a young lady who "flipped her hair and did the cleavage shot" during one of my interviews.
The only thing that went through my head was "whore."
2003-02-26 10:41:31 PM
"but jeho, i see your point!"

that's funny.. cause I never really made one. :)
2003-02-26 10:42:46 PM
I'm just not sure I see her point. People at jobs fairs are always really nice, even to ugly people like me. If they're there, they want people. You don't get people by being a jerk.

2003-02-26 10:47:51 PM
This story could have been written by someone in high school. Most of it is hackneyed fluff and conversation, then when she is just beginning to touch an insightful thesis, she realizes she needs to conserve space for an ad for Shane's Chicken Shack and wraps it up midstream. Then this junk is fodder for women's studies classes to gripe about.
2003-02-26 10:47:55 PM
Glad to see the insight of reporters at the Norther Star has not improved in the last 12 years...
2003-02-26 10:52:30 PM
"Every employer I regurgitated teasing remarks and coy laughter to ate it up."

what the fark does THAT mean? it's not even a complete sentence. she needs redmedial classes AND a makeover.
2003-02-26 10:55:36 PM
Just goes to show that people will act the way you expect them too. What bullsh*t. Even if you get an interview, and maybe even a job, if you can't do the work you will not be employed for very long! What a waste of time.
2003-02-26 10:58:47 PM
She had the article written before she even put on the skirt.
2003-02-26 11:05:57 PM
This girl is jumping to the conclusion that anyone there was going to give her a job. Maybe they all just intended to string her along for a blowjob.
2003-02-26 11:07:05 PM
She needs a nose job.

Maybe if she renounces her citizenship then sneaks in illegally she can get it for free.
2003-02-26 11:14:14 PM
"Well, I can tell you obviously it is male-dominated, but women do try," he replied warmly.

I'm sure the high ranking female Marines on post would be pleased to hear this.
2003-02-26 11:24:40 PM
Back in the day this chick would go to the local meat market on Friday night and by noon the next day the same amount of attention would have been drawn to her.

But I'm old school.
2003-02-26 11:45:32 PM
I don't get it, when *I* where a mini skirt to a career fair, or job fair, potential employers don't even make eye contact with me, let alone review my resume.

I soviet russia columnists, ....never mind.
2003-02-26 11:59:36 PM
wierd. I went to that school. The dude that took the picture was my old roomate.
2003-02-27 12:03:08 AM
This is cool! My school makes the big board and there's a picture of a Marine Captain I know.

Technically, he's an "Officer Selection Officer" who is looking for qualified applicants to the USMC commissioning program to become Second Lieutenants.

Marine "Recruiters" are looking for applicants wishing to be in the enlisted ranks.
2003-02-27 12:27:54 AM
02-26-03 08:20:40 PM Boobalicious
What she doesn't see are the guys rolling their eyes and joking with each other about "the trampy chick" after she walks away.
that's the kind of stuff i'm talking about...
a lot of malicious stuff.

I don't think what I said was malicious - if the behavior she was exhibiting was as blatantaly inappropriate as she'd have us believe, then odds are good that when she walked away, a lot of guys would make some joke about her.

Men are easy to manipulate, that's true enough - but a lot of us are smart enough to know when we're being manipulated.
2003-02-27 12:30:52 AM
"Well, I can tell you obviously it is male-dominated, but women do try," he replied warmly."

I REALLY doubt a recruiter (that has a reputation for saying anything to get you to sign up) would say something like this to a female interested in joining.

I wonder if this girl did anything except get the picture and write up a quick page about something she knew would happen without actually doing the things she said she did.

Obviously a male bashing news story and anyone wonders why some men posting here call her names? She's trying to show an example of how all men are pigs in her war against men.
2003-02-27 12:42:37 AM
Wow, she was nice and chatted with people and they were nice and chatted back. An epic case of investigative journalism! 1 minute of my life was wasted reading that article. And Sonymanc is right, she's too full of herself.
2003-02-27 12:46:16 AM
oh, and don't forget to vote in the upper right hand corner. Too bad they don't allow write-ins.
2003-02-27 12:46:57 AM
or comments.
2003-02-27 12:58:40 AM
You could email her if you click on her name.
2003-02-27 01:02:50 AM
Betcha half of the Northern Star's readers didn't get the Cake reference in the headline.....goooood listenin'!
2003-02-27 01:12:35 AM
Is it just her shoes, or does she have Peggy Hill clown feet? And I think the premise of her article is flawed; the premise being that she's some kind of beauty. I mena, she's nice enough looking, but I wouldn't treat her any differently than I do a waitress at a restaurant: Friendliness with a slight hint of "you can leave now."
2003-02-27 01:20:08 AM
Is it just me or is this article horribly written? Especially at the end, I had to really think to figure out what the hell she had concluded...
2003-02-27 02:58:33 AM
Ummm. did anyone else notice that this experiment had no controls? she should've tried the same response with women recruiters and also tried to approach the recruiters with appropriate behavior. Otherwise there are certain confounds that could be interfering with her hypothesis that flirting makes a difference: 1) that the treatment is based solely on gender, and 2)that it is the flirting that makes the difference. Sociological experiments need certain checks on them just like experiments in the hard sciences.

Damn, I need a life.
2003-02-27 03:44:25 AM
It was as if the men I spoke with had expected me to present myself in an airheaded, flirtatious manner because of the way I appeared.

Well no shiat sherlock.
2003-02-27 04:06:18 AM

No conclusion drawn. Not that their would be. The writer can't seem to decide if their warm, friendly responses were because they are professional, or that they are being completely unprofessional.

come back not having showered for 2 days, dreadlocks for hair, wearing i've-been-living-in-the-streets clothes and see if they give you the same reaction.

My guess? You'll get almost the same.
2003-02-27 04:47:50 AM
People see what they're looking for in the first place.
Bad article in SO many respects, worst of all its utter lack of journalistic worth.
2003-02-27 05:24:38 AM
Women are meat for reproducing, nothing more.
2003-02-27 05:33:33 AM

"Well hello!"
2003-02-27 08:03:21 AM

That I can be embarrassed about my University brings me great pride and joy... I must share this. Beware the NIU farkers, you'll see us in a few hours enmasse :)
2003-02-27 08:13:07 AM
but i wonder how many jobs she could actually get, compared to the amount of jobs she could get without the mini-skirt.

all this shows is that men are prepared to talk to women who come-on to them, and are wearing a mini-skirt. wow.
2003-02-27 08:29:26 AM
"My discovery was that many of the representatives were slightly taken aback at the sight of intelligence combined with sex appeal."

What does intelligence look like????
2003-02-27 09:31:50 AM
"My discovery was that many of the representatives were slightly taken aback at the sight of intelligence combined with sex appeal".

You didn't learn anything in College did you? Nobody noticed that you had any degree of intelligence>
2003-02-27 10:31:10 AM
I'd hit it.
2003-02-27 11:18:39 AM
Is it my imagination, or has there been a rash lately of "naive college student writes an entire newspaper article about something that should be incredibly frigging obvious to anyone who's ever written their own rent check" links?

Were we all this terribly naive when we were in college?
2003-02-27 11:19:08 AM
SHE is a journalist?!
My 12 year old sister could write a better article!
2003-02-27 12:26:35 PM
My discovery was that many of the representatives were slightly taken aback at the sight of intelligence combined with sex appeal.

Discovery? ... Intelligence??

Acting like a sl00t got her noticed by men, who then answered her questions. This caused her to worry about their professionalism?


2003-02-27 02:35:22 PM
So what can we all learn from this "article"? Nothing about sexuality, feminism or misogyny, despite the author's claims. What we can learn is a simple fact of life that is this...


Every time I grab a copy of the rag on the campus I work at, I'm embarrassed for them. I mean, freaking spelling errors? Even if you can't write well, can you hit the spell check?

BTW, am I the only one who thought her "sexy pose" looked a little bit stiff and.. you know- NOT sexy? She looks like she has a 2x4 up her ass.
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