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(   Medieval Dutch themed park goes under. Backers place blame on misunderstanding of "put your finger in a dyke" ride   ( divider line
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4859 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2003 at 4:17 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-26 03:16:53 PM  
Whoever wrote the headline kudos.
2003-02-26 04:27:27 PM  
This was the place with the ever so clever "catapult people into a net" accident right?
2003-02-26 04:29:46 PM  
Did they have different themed areas like Disney? You could have Peasant Repression Land, Dungeon Torture Land, and Black Death Land!
2003-02-26 04:30:57 PM  
Best way they could shut the Medievel park down for good ... infect their customers with the bubonic plague, the Black Death !

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-26 04:34:38 PM  
"The company filed for bankruptcy in Nagasaki District Court today, company spokesman Shinichi Yoshino said."

Hey! Wait a minute. Didn't we level Nagasaki with an Atomic Bomb back in 1945.
2003-02-26 04:36:53 PM  
Hey! Wait a minute. Didn't we level Nagasaki with an Atomic Bomb back in 1945

We did, but it didn't take.
2003-02-26 04:40:05 PM  
I'll bet people thought the Clog Flume ride was boring, too.
2003-02-26 04:41:50 PM  
"The complex included 12 museums, 70 shops and a hotel, as well as a vacation home and condominiums."

That's it? No games? No rides? Just a Wooden Show Museum, a bunch of Teddy Bears, some cheese, and faux-windmills? The Japanese concept of an amusement park is not quite in synch with mine.

[image from too old to be available]

A vacation home? As in ONE vacation home? That was a powerhouse complex, right there.

You do have to admire the chutzpah of the investors who thought they could make their mark with a medieval Dutch theme park in Nagasaki. Does Japan have a theme park for every historical period of every obscure nation on earth, or was this an exception?
2003-02-26 04:47:49 PM  
Well, I hope that West World and Space World are still operating.

2003-02-26 04:48:33 PM  
Does Japan have a theme park for every historical period of every obscure nation on earth, or was this an exception?

Next year they're coming out with the Irish Potato Famine Theme Park, American Indian Smallpox Theme Park (everyone gets a free blanket), and the African Slave Trading Theme Park.
2003-02-26 04:50:59 PM  
My favorite was Sanrio-Land.
Kitty-chan walks up and scares the bejeezus out of small children with her giant deformed head.
The Ramen museum's pretty good too.
2003-02-26 04:52:46 PM  
thanks down south- it took a long time to get a decent headline up...

I was sure my 'Using the force Blair twarts rebellion. Labor backbencher squeals "its a trap"' post (re: Iraq vote) was going to make it ...

ah, well you can't go wrong with making fun of the dutch..... I looove gold.....
2003-02-26 04:55:21 PM  
I have been to this place. Back in '96 the submarine I was on pulled into Sasebo, Japan. Everyone took the train up to Nagasiki(ground zero is a big tourist attraction now). Me and two buddies got off on the wrong stop and ended up at this place. The windmills and fake tulips all over the place in the Japanese countryside were somewhat disconserting.

2003-02-26 04:57:03 PM  
Uh, why go to Japan to see the pretend Dutch when you can just go to The Netherlands and see the real Dutch. It's cheaper and you have the whole "hash and a hooker" option too.
2003-02-26 04:57:59 PM  
Waiddaminnit! They still got 3,500,000(+) visitors last year?! Three and a half MILLION! That's like 100,000 people a day decided NOT to go to Universal Studios or join the local Bukkakefiesta, but went to a fake medieval dutch village!

How many psychiatrists per capita are there in Japan, and how do we increase their numbers!?!!??

2003-02-26 05:06:07 PM  
Actually the girl working the line swung both ways...sshhh
2003-02-26 05:10:25 PM  
Tokyo Disneyland? That reminds me once when I was at Parliment House in Orlando and got to fark mickey mouse. Well, the guy that wore a mickey suit during the day anyway. I'll never look at large cartoon characters the same way again.
2003-02-26 05:16:37 PM  
Ookdalibrarian ...

I think that actually works out to fewer than 10,000 visitors per day. At 100,000 per day, you'd get a million in ten days, therefore three million in a month, n'est pas?

But still ..... you have a point.

I wonder if they used real Dutch people, or Japanese people dressed in blond wigs, carrying accordions?
2003-02-26 05:23:36 PM  

That just dawned on me. This is a MEDIEVAL Dutch theme park, and the guy in the picture is playing an accordion? Wasn't the accordion developed in the mid nineteenth century? Was Holland still in medieval times in 1850?
2003-02-26 05:24:31 PM  
once on a particularly busy day at work a coworker asked me if i needed help 'fingering the dyke'. I couldn't help but laugh in her face.
2003-02-26 05:34:00 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-26 05:34:11 PM  
I wonder if they used real Dutch people, or Japanese people dressed in blond wigs, carrying accordions?

Have you ever seen the Japanese movie (English title) 'Sumo do, Sumo don't' (very funny actually)?
The actor playing an Englishman speaks with the broadest American accent you could imagine.

They use any white person they can find. It's all the same to them.

Kinda' like how we use Chinese actors for Korean and Japanese roles and vice-versa...

And why is that tulip joke in my head now?
2003-02-26 07:45:51 PM  
Ku_No_Ichi - So, an American speaking Dutch in the wrong accent (Flemish) could get a job at this place if it weren't going under?
2003-02-26 07:47:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-26 07:52:11 PM  
You gotta remember, the Japanese also go nuts over "Anne of Green Gables" land up in Prince Edward Island. So I'm not surprised by a Dutch theme park.
2003-02-26 09:54:45 PM  
I seem to remember a couple of Russian women, a Swede, and several Americans. They didn't seem to be picky...
2003-02-27 09:27:20 PM  
Retro TveSt
2003-02-28 12:04:08 AM  
props on the headline :)
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