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2992 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Sep 2001 at 10:52 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-12 11:00:52 AM  
Could you imagine if we got China and Russia to back us up and we all invaded the Middle East?
2001-09-12 11:08:09 AM  
thats whats happening in all US embassies around the world, and all adjacent embassies too (if there are any adjacent)
2001-09-12 11:08:43 AM  
Wow, China on our side? That is amazing.
2001-09-12 11:11:41 AM  
Well except for that stupid taxi driver who said we deserve it because we have a strong economy. What kind of bastard logic is that?
2001-09-12 11:15:31 AM  
Well, he is a taxi driver after all. Obviously didn't pass his tests otherwise he'd be a scientist or something
2001-09-12 11:19:03 AM  
I really don't think that any country will oppose whatever we choose to do. (Except the country that we are doing it to... and to them I say... HA HA)
2001-09-12 11:32:58 AM  
and of course SKWIDD is your real name. jesus.
2001-09-12 11:40:56 AM  
It is encouraging though that many Chinese citizens are expressing concern, and also to read Vladimir Putin's telegram "Such inhuman acts must not go unpunished".

On another note, I heard that people were calling armed forces recruitment centers all day yesterday wanting to enlist.
2001-09-12 11:50:26 AM  
I have a ticket to fly to Beijing via Van Couver. It
leaves from JFK on Friday. My timing really sucks.
2001-09-12 12:27:28 PM  
I don't know why people think the missle shield is suppose to stop terrorism... it's not a terrorism shield... it's a missle shield. It stops (or is suppose to stop) enemy missles from damaging the United States. Besides, it is being built, and thus, not completed. Not completed = non functional. I've never supported the shield, but people should stop trying to put blame on the shield for not stopping the attack. Especially since it isn't ready....

We just have to make sure we strike the right opponet. I wouldn't walk around thinking the other powers will let us do anything we want in retalliation against the country and/or group that did this to us. We are not like them - we are better than that. We should seek to preserve life that had nothing to do with this. Of course there will be innocents dead and wounded, but wounding innocents should not be our driving goal, like it was theirs. There is no ground for error on who we attack (if we do attack...). we have to be right the first time, or things will only get worse. I wouldn't go so far to say China is now an allie, either. They appearently hate terrorism as much as we - doesn't mean they want to be allies. Means we have common ground on which to stand.
2001-09-12 12:31:33 PM  
the missile shield sounds like our Maginot Line. I don't like it and think that anyone who thinks that it could have prevented this is a farkhole.
2001-09-12 12:31:55 PM  
I don't know about the rest of you, but this is gettng more and more intense for me. I've never really been one for concern about international politics or events, but this really hit me hard (maybe, at the ripe old age of 26, I'm growing a sympathy organ or something). I keep watching the news and my thoughts are becoming more and more existentialist. I mean, what IS the point? Those poor farkers in those towers and on those 'planes, they were working for The Man. We're all working for The Man. This happens. They're dead. We're all dead somehow. It seems there's no point unless you take up some sort of religion or spiritual guidance, or become a complete hedonist. But even then, the world could be over tomorrow. This has made me really afraid for the future.

What the fark's happened to me? I'm going to join the ALF at this rate...
2001-09-12 12:33:18 PM  
Incidently, to avoid flamings, ALF is the Animal Liberation Front - militant UK version of PETA.
2001-09-12 12:34:17 PM  
I haven't heard anyone blame the missile shield. If anything (as you mentioned, 5th column) it just proves how useless a missile shield really is in the 21 century. I'm hoping that this will convince the president to divert the massive amounts of money going toward the missile shield to better intelligence. But I doubt it will happen.
2001-09-12 12:35:40 PM  
missile shield=maginot line
2001-09-12 12:39:43 PM  
"...and U.S. plans to build a missile defense shield which critics say will not prevent terrorist attacks"
2001-09-12 12:40:16 PM  
Also a good reference, Bugster. Wonder how many people know what a maginot line is... :)
2001-09-12 12:42:26 PM  
I think that maybe someone posted yesterday that even Iraq said that they gave us their support after this mess. Absolutely incredible. It's kind of amazing how the world can pull together when crap like this happens.
2001-09-12 12:45:58 PM  
Iraq was also saying on their TV stations that what happened is the "fruit of America's crimes against humanity"
2001-09-12 12:46:15 PM  
And that is straight from BBC's broadcast last night..
2001-09-12 12:46:31 PM  
Bugster: missile shield=maginot line

FifthColumn: Also a good reference, Bugster. Wonder how many people know what a maginot line is... :)

Is it in poor taste to use a "France Surrenders" reference now?
2001-09-12 12:50:18 PM  
To anybody that does enlist after this: Like Desert Storm back in 91, this too will be over by the time you finish boot camp.
2001-09-12 12:59:15 PM  
maginot line = big defensive system of forts built following World war I. It was suppose to keep france safe from future german attacks. it didn't.
2001-09-12 01:11:30 PM  
If you look at the list companies in the world trade center, China had a couple companies located in it. Matter fact, lot of countries had operations located in the building. The attack was against the world, not the US.
2001-09-12 01:13:16 PM  
What do you expect? Russia and China are dying for the U.S. to take a hard stance on "terrorism", since it's "terrorism" that they're fighting against in Chechnya, Tibet and other places. If the U.S. starts bombing places in its "fight against terrorism", how can it condemn Russia or China for doing the same thing elsewhere?
2001-09-12 01:13:35 PM  
and somebody flamed me last night for posting the iranian stock exchange site when all the farkers were hacking afgani sites. hey folks you gotta understand islamic fundamentalist hate your country. now what you gonna do...keep what you have or face east to pray so they wont hurt you.
2001-09-12 01:19:18 PM  
Here's an interesting article from Pravda on what they call 'air terrorism."

Of course, there is always the translation problem - I think this guy is probably head of the Russian Air Force and not the Navy (doesn't look like a Navy uniform and I believe that the Air Defence Command (PVO-Strany, as it used to be called) is under the Air Force). But I believe that the Russians still have their Antiaircraft missle sites around every major city, and of course they take a very proactive (so to speak) stance against what the article called "uncontrolled flights."

Admittedly, no U.S. Air Force officer would have given shoot down orders prior to yesterday and besides which, it all happened too quickly. But in the future, in the event of a transponder shutoff and a equally sudden and dramatic change in course, I'd think it prudent to at least send up some armed interceptors to see what the problem is and if necessary, force the plane to land using whatever means it takes - including shooting them down as a last resort.

Had the hijacked planes been shot down, the passengers and aircrew would still have been killed, but at least the people in the WTC and the Pentagon would have survived.

Yes, that is a brutal solution but given the actions of the passengers on United 93 who, knowing that they were going to die anyway, attacked the hijackers. We don't know where that plane was headed, but how many lives did they save by their sacrifice?

Of course, hindsight is always 20-20 and it's easy to come up with solutions after the crisis occurs. In addition, I did spend 10 years in the US Army during which time I exposed my skinny young bod to enemy action on several occasions to rescue others. So you can call me a self-sacrificing SOB if you like and judge my remarks in that context.

What would y'all do (or want to be done) if you find yourself on a hijacked airliner?
2001-09-12 01:23:00 PM  
suspect arrested in boston westin hotel still ongoing activity.
2001-09-12 01:25:46 PM  
If it turns out this was orchestrated by Americans, I wonder how all the people that enlisted to kick ass in the middle east, are going to feel....
2001-09-12 01:27:33 PM  
Of course it still looks like Bin Laden had his hand in this... which means there is a certain government protecting him....
2001-09-12 01:56:15 PM  
I have seen no statements from Saddam. Has anyone?
2001-09-12 01:57:15 PM  
Food for thought:

911 operators can always divine the race of people who call, because someone reporting a visual description of a perpetrator will always define the perpetrator's race if it is different from their own, and most times will not mention it if it is the same. It is one of those little things that people don't think about, as a function of visual interpretation.

Nobody mentioned the race of the hijackers on any of the calls out from the planes.
2001-09-12 02:14:37 PM  

Not specifically from Saddam, but...


In Baghdad, Iraqi state television hailed the attacks as "a natural reaction to American rulers hegemony, deception and foolishness."

In a broadcast monitored by the BBC the television station said: "The American cowboy is reaping the fruits of his crimes against humanity."

You can generally equate "Iraqi state television" with "Hussein's broadcating orifice", AFAIK.
2001-09-12 02:19:10 PM  
Not saying it is right or anything but clear your mind.. Now say terrorist.. What image comes to your mind... First I got hanson but that was for the terror part.. Then I saw Mr Bin laden... It may not be right but that is the first image that pops into my head and I think most people even arabs...
2001-09-12 02:25:36 PM  
A missle shield doesn't sound so crazy after all. Suppose these terrorists decide to hijack a missle silo; they might have the resources to do it, and it might not be a hard as you think, given the current state of the former USSR. Of course, it wouldn't do anything about attacks like yesterday's; we need better intelligence and technology to combat that.

As far as China and Russia teaming up with us to stop this, could this be one step closer to world peace? I read on CNN that even Libya's Mommar Khadafi expresses regret and sympathy, as well as Iran.
2001-09-12 02:37:55 PM  
HeywoodJablomi--Instead of using "France surrenders" I think we should start saying "Afghanistan surrenders" or whatever idiot country dares to screw with us!

I think the Taliban knows something....
2001-09-12 03:02:49 PM  

Good point... I sort of noticed myself that no one mentioned what the hijackers looked like...
2001-09-12 03:16:53 PM  
Oh please. Do any of you have transcripts of the calls made from the airplanes? Huh? I didn't think so. They were trying to get out emergency calls. In a hijacking of a plane thousands of feet in the air, it really wouldn't have mattered if the terrorists were red, white and blue. it was a detail that the people simply left out. Human nature or no, the tendency to describe race is overridden in this instance by shear panic. Would you say "someone is trying to kill me?" or "some Asian/chinese/black/hispanic man/woman is trying to kill me". You people who are trying to grasp at straws to show "evidence" that they may have been Americans need to get your head examined.
2001-09-12 03:39:29 PM  
I highly recommend reading the graphic novel "Watchmen" its scary how it reminds me of this situation.
2001-09-12 04:03:29 PM  
Watcher, I wasn't trying to provide "evidence" of anything. I am merely trying to offer an alternative persepctive.

As for your question, I just told you, when people call 911 to report an intruder, often times they WILL say "some Asian/black/Hispanic man is trying to kill me" if they happen to be of a different ethnicity. I just said that.

Not that this "proves" anything about who hijacked the plane, but it does offer an alternative way of looking at things. People are two quick to jump on the "THOSE DAMNED ARABS" bandwagon, without stopping to *think* first. If you recall, hundreds of hapless Arabic and Indian people got the crap beat out of them directly following the Oklahoma City Bombing, because we were so sure that Osama bin Laden was behind it. Turned out to be some cracked out white kid from somewhere in the midwest. Boy, didn't we feel dumb.

I, personally, think that Al Queada or some other Islamic fundamentalist group did have something to do with it. However, I'm not going to assume anything. And I think our recent declaration of war against "those and anyone who harbors them" is a really, really stupid thing to say on the world stage, unless the US government has a much more solid idea of who did this than the general public does. (which they very well may...insert conspiracy theory of choice here.)
2001-09-12 04:34:49 PM  
``China would not bomb any country and is peaceful with every country.''

Did someone tell Tibet that?

2001-09-12 05:07:09 PM  
Cheshire_cat_sf: Tibet isn't a country in china's Point of View..

Bardicmisfit, I agree that this important detail is missing. What does it mean?
Simply that we don't know the facts about this at all. Probably intelligence information on this is going to be highly speculative and even more secretive than usual.
Watcher, common man. We seem to be able to assume who did it already. If we disagree with this because we are trying to make a critical or atleast reasoned decision it does not mean that Americans or even the Watussi did it. Just cause we aren't saying A-rabs did it does not mean Americans did.
given the majority of police activity with Arab-Individuals it is getting more and more definite, pity we can't trust it though.. I just wish the bastiges that did this came out and bragged about it so that we could get a clean shot...
2001-09-12 06:03:32 PM  
Alterian--yup that's what I was thinking about when I made that last post. Of course, there were more problems between the different nations in that than there are today, but still...
2001-09-12 08:30:15 PM  
Don't worry. This is not some masssive change in China. This is the least they could do. They aren't going to come over and give us (and the rest of the world) big hugs and say they're sorry anytime soon.

Funky_Thrasher For Hegemon
2001-09-12 09:43:13 PM  
Has anyone given a thought that the callers may simply have not known the race of the terrorists? Before you start flaming me for being on crack, think of how maybe they were wearing balaclavas or ski masks. If one saw them from more than just a few feet away (which is likely if they were far enough away to use a cell phone without being caught), they may not have seen enough to determine race.
2001-09-13 06:27:21 AM  
Let's take down the various Palestine servers. How? a 0 x 0 pixel image from a site such as:

<img src="" height=0 width =0>

Let's bring their servers down!  Search for other sites and find images,
and do the same, if ya like...

[image from too old to be available]
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