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(Washington Post)   Dean at catholic high school forced to resign over lewd Internet pics found by alumnus searching for info about vegetarians   ( divider line
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2003-02-26 09:22:10 AM  
Alas...poor Al...I know the guy. He was going to get googled sooner or later.
2003-02-26 09:55:58 AM  
To Catholics, his involvement with homosexual communities was considered inappropriate & grounds for his termination.

What kind of jobs would consider involvement with Fark inappropriate? I can think of plenty. Maybe my own... hmm... (goes and removes Fark profile)
2003-02-26 10:08:31 AM  
I believe that the guy found the pics by accident. If he was researching vegetarians, that would lead him to PETA, and then that would lead him to PETA's local picketing at the Mid-Atlantic Leather event, and then that would lead him to Al Santora. Whoopsie! It just goes to show that no matter how big teh intarweb gets, you never know when one of your little hidey-holes might get uncovered.
2003-02-26 10:17:19 AM  
Jacqueline Wakefield, 18, who graduated from Paul VI last year, said Santora had a reputation for being strict. "He thought we got away with too much," she said, adding that he once scolded her for wearing a skirt too short.

I wonder if he posed for any "naughty schoolgirl" web sites? This all sounds like a bad porn flick.
2003-02-26 10:27:00 AM  
Sure they were searching for vegetarian.

Why do you have to answer questions to read the Washington Post? Oh well I guess I am now a 103 year old woman living in Beverley Hills.
2003-02-26 10:27:05 AM  
Ummmm....I doubt Al was into the schoolgirls.
2003-02-26 10:32:49 AM  
I agree, Peteykins, a search for vegetarians could easily lead to those types of pictures.

Buppaprog, if anyone from my daughters' Catholic school ever saw some of the comments I made here on Fark, I would probably be kicked out of the Parent/Teacher Organization. But at least I don't have to worry about those nude pictures haunting me anymore. I took care of those. Yep, you can search for them, but it will yield nothin'. ;)

Interestingly, I had to go through a criminal background check with their school just to help out in the classroom. But if you're a priest or interested in taking your vows, I think the diocese might forego that formality. After all, it just us parents and teachers they need to worry about it.
2003-02-26 11:07:10 AM  
Hey, when you're a member of an organization that actively seeks to have its political and social opinions forced on nonmembers, you get to take the fall. Most jobs, I'd say "who cares what this bozo wears off the clock". But not godbotherers like the Catholic Church. Throw the Book at 'im (and make it Leviticus -- it's pretty lethal).
2003-02-26 11:25:36 AM  
When I linked to the article, I stated I was a female from Guatamala born in 2003. It wouldn't accept 2004 (and won't take anything from before 1900, the 113 year old dude that just passed away was really kinda bitter about that).

Sudie, er, I dunno what to say. I had to pass a criminal background check to become a foster parent, and they told me it was OK to look at your nude pics. Send em on over, please. I won't tell anyone at school :-)
2003-02-26 11:31:42 AM  
Maybe he should have just claimed that he was the subject of an Aarkieboy photoshop.
2003-02-26 11:39:41 AM  
Ha! Weaps, he has been in an Aarkieboy photoshop. I won't say which one.
2003-02-26 11:42:58 AM  
... or a Lucky Charms pickle posting...

What did they expect? The guy's surrounded by catholic high school girls in those little outfits.... (fap fap fap)... he's only human. Just another example of repressed sexuality seeping out anyway it can.
2003-02-26 11:47:33 AM  
I honestly didn't have a real problem with the criminal check; however, I was unhappy about my fingerprints now being on file somewhere with Big Brother.

I'm now that much more careful about leaving trace evidence.

You're on file somewhere too, Numberz. Hehe.

My daughters' PE teacher is a lesbian (aren't most female PE teachers?), but she is discreet (and very nice, I might add.) But if any "peculiar" pictures were to show up of her, I don't think she would be able to keep her job there. With Catholics, sin is pretty much ok as long as it stays in the closet (or confessional.)

All in all, most Catholics are heathens. I mean, look at me for God's sake.
2003-02-26 12:02:50 PM  
I'm going to get flamed when this thread goes 'live.' Oh well.
2003-02-26 12:14:32 PM  

and the alumnus is:

[image from too old to be available]

and yes Sudie, most catholics are nonpracticing catholics.
2003-02-26 02:24:04 PM  
VAGitarians maybe
2003-02-26 02:24:26 PM  
This sounds like a bit of overkill to me. "This would affect his ability to do his job." Note the 'would' instead of 'could.' How so?

And as to the Post, do what I do and fill in the sample info; 1965 and 20171 or whatever it is.
2003-02-26 02:24:59 PM  
This needs the [image from too old to be available] tag
2003-02-26 02:26:29 PM  
What, no links yet?
2003-02-26 02:26:58 PM  
Hmmm, ooops.

Make that the [image from too old to be available] tag

/cut and paste insanity...
2003-02-26 02:28:21 PM  
....He treated us like he was there to serve us....

He was there to serve you, mistress. On his knees. With a ball-gag in his mouth.
2003-02-26 02:29:25 PM  
My ex sends my sons to catholic's very un-nerving to me. I hope they make it through unscathed.
2003-02-26 02:29:55 PM  
All I know is that PETA is behind this somehow...
2003-02-26 02:30:42 PM  
I can see how it happened, he was searching for a file named "pickle" and came across the Fark photo.
2003-02-26 02:31:25 PM  
How the hell do you find a gay leather site when searching for vegetarians?

I'm guessing he pissed off a priest by not allowing access to schoolboys, and this was the priests revenge.
I'm going to hell.
2003-02-26 02:32:28 PM  
vegetarians... yeah that's it, I was looking for things about vegetarians!

I was most definately not searching for gay leather biker boys.
2003-02-26 02:33:25 PM  
Im not only a contestant of the Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest, Im the founder!
2003-02-26 02:35:29 PM  
It couldn't have been VAGitarians, they ended up on a gay leather site.
2003-02-26 02:35:32 PM  
what no gay bashing yet?

/set flame=on
2003-02-26 02:36:14 PM  
It said the site was for people promoting the wearing of leather.
2003-02-26 02:36:17 PM  
LOL that's so farking funny I used have friends that went to this school. All the rich kids went there and I tell you the best drugs came from Paul the VI (not that I would know).
2003-02-26 02:38:36 PM  
Unfortunate. I am torn I guess. On one hand, I am very much of the belief that what someone does outside of work, as long as it is leagl, should not affect their professional life. However, this is a Catholic instition, and well, one has to question his judgement.

Leather contests - hmmm - wonder what this guy looks like. Some of those leather biker dudes are hot. ;-)
2003-02-26 02:41:29 PM  
On their way to get married, a young couple is involved in a fatal car accident. The couple find themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven. While waiting, they begin to wonder: Could they possibly get married in Heaven?

When St. Peter shows up, they asked him. St. Peter says, "I
don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me
go find out," and he leaves. The couple sat and waited for an answer....for a couple of months. While they waited, they discussed that IF they were allowed to get married in Heaven, SHOULD they get married, what with the eternal aspect of it all. "What if it doesn't work?" they wondered, "Are we stuck together FOREVER?"

After yet another month, St. Peter finally returns, looking
somewhat bedraggled. "Yes," he informs the couple, "you CAN
get married in Heaven." "Great!" said the couple, "But we were just wondering, what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?"

St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slams his clipboard onto the ground. "What's wrong?" asked the frightened couple.

"OH, COME ON!!" St. Peter shouts, "It took me three months to find a priest up here! Do you have ANY idea how long it'll take me to find a lawyer?
2003-02-26 02:42:58 PM  
Saddest part was that the student was one of the most mature people quoted in the article. "It's his private life." Umm, yeah, it was.
2003-02-26 02:42:58 PM  
It's sad that everyone's still so homophobic that if an administrative figure in a school is found to be homosexual, he's fired or 'removed', or forced to resign. I know quite a few homosexuals. They work harder than anyone else I know, and they most certianly are not pedophiles.
2003-02-26 02:43:48 PM  
Here's the site.

His picture is a little more than halfway down.
2003-02-26 02:44:28 PM  
vegetrians - It's a thing without meat - But I can see where meat would be involved in lewd pics HERE KITTY KITTY

2003-02-26 02:46:56 PM  
Let's try that again:

Not Entirely Safe For Work
2003-02-26 02:48:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Contest judge Al Santora, founder of the Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest, addresses outgoing Mr. Northeast Pa. Leather 2000 Ralph Wood prior to his step-down speech.
2003-02-26 02:48:44 PM  
Ohhh my Otoscope
2003-02-26 02:49:00 PM  
was this one of them?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-26 02:49:20 PM  
I searched on his name and this came up second or so:

(y'all can cut and paste if it means that much to you)
2003-02-26 02:50:03 PM  
I think the issue the administration would like to claim is this. Now that the kids know that he's hosted a gay leather convention, the power of his authority is undermined.

It's not my place to say whether it's true or not, but couldn't they have at least given him the dignity of finishing the year off? According to the article, he wasn't even dressed in scantily clad leather. He was just hosting the event.
2003-02-26 02:50:06 PM  
Mudbuddha, I don't think he got to a gay leather site, I think he got to PETA's local site.
2003-02-26 02:50:39 PM  
from the leather weekend site:

[image from too old to be available]

Icy Hot Homos?
2003-02-26 02:51:58 PM  
Or not! Yup, that's Al.
2003-02-26 02:53:45 PM  
woah, it wasn't that big on the meat eating, vegetarians site
2003-02-26 02:53:48 PM  
Sash queens!
2003-02-26 02:54:25 PM  
Note to self: don't become a local "celebrity" in something anyone would find offensive if I have a position such as 'Dean of Students.'

Google takes it's job seriously.

If it's a private school, about one phone call from a 'concerned parent' is all it would take.
2003-02-26 02:57:08 PM  
That's the real lesson to learn, Numberz.
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