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(NCBuy)   Recently-unearthed letter from Amelia Earhart to her husband shows the famed flyer was a fan of open marriages   ( divider line
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2003-02-25 02:21:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

When you look like that, take what you can get!
2003-02-25 03:43:37 PM  
Interestingly enough, J-Lo used that letter as the basis of her pre-nup with Affleck, adding only that small provision about making his insurance company get rid of that duck.
2003-02-25 03:58:42 PM  
Interpretation: "Don't be a playa-hater, baby."
2003-02-25 05:24:22 PM  
Strangely, I just lost my lunch never to be seen again.
2003-02-25 06:29:42 PM  
I wouldn't hit that when it was young and alive, old and alive or dead...ick...
2003-02-25 06:29:59 PM  
Reading between the lines:

"Darling, I am bi."
2003-02-25 06:30:21 PM  
Amelia Earhardt/Janet Reno--Seperated at birth?
2003-02-25 06:30:48 PM  
Ve are both svingers you see
2003-02-25 06:32:32 PM  
Whoah! Bizzare.
About 2 seconds before opening Fark I was just thinking of this poem that she wrote. One of my favs for its truth.
2003-02-25 06:32:40 PM  
Wow, such little respect for the dead.
2003-02-25 06:33:07 PM  
Amelia Earhardt went down? Say it ain't so!
2003-02-25 06:33:09 PM  
Nothing new. This has been known about her for quite some time.

And yes, if she were around and in her 30s/40s today, I'd hit it like a gong. homely girls appreciate sex better anyway.
2003-02-25 06:34:04 PM  
Please see thread below in regards to women, sex and marriage.
2003-02-25 06:34:32 PM  
biatches. Lets see you farkers do something that's never been done before and may well result in your death while millions deride you for not staying at home in the kitchen.
She had more guts than everyone in this room put together (including me).
2003-02-25 06:35:37 PM  
We get after the article about women who want to be with married men. Somehow or another I think the prude factor won't make this thread as interesting as the other thread of bitter, unsexed farkers ( not all of you ) who feel that because they have been screwed over, that the rest of their entire life will suck and they will never find happiness.

Happiness is realizing jeolousy is an ugly even from someone beautiful. And not standing for it.
2003-02-25 06:35:47 PM  
"Curator Craig Martin feels it's a really forward-thinking document that gives insight into Earhart's feminism and independence."

WTF?! So Feminism = Being Unfaithful? Is he just way off base or am I wrong, ladies?
2003-02-25 06:35:55 PM  

2003-02-25 06:37:32 PM  
By the way this woman made a huge difference in advancing women in the world. She was remarkable.
2003-02-25 06:37:46 PM  
That is so sad. If she'd been alive today, she'd know what all that open-marriage-free-love crap leads to -- broken lives and broken children and deep unhappiness.

We've learned something since your day, Amelia. Too bad you didn't learn how to navigate or you'd have been around a bit longer, too.
2003-02-25 06:39:05 PM  
Had a cockpit joke but post got screwed up. Sign from God. I won't repeat it.
2003-02-25 06:42:17 PM  

Yes, it appears monogomy is the only way to make things work. After all, the divorce rate is so low and all and... oh wait.

I have two very good friends who are both married and both have other lovers. Their husbands are aware of this arrangement, and approve. Heck, it gets them outta of the keeping the wife happy all the time business.

Their and my children (each of us has two) are some of the happiest, most well adjusted children I personally know.

Your bigotry to other's life style choices is no less ugly than the "black only" signs I saw growing up in the south.
2003-02-25 06:43:19 PM  
2003-02-25 06:44:44 PM  
They had sluts back then, too?
2003-02-25 06:45:15 PM  
Sxooter: I like the way you sling mud.
2003-02-25 06:45:19 PM  
My granddad wrote a book back in the twenties I think, and he and amelia were doing a book signing together, and she wrote a pretty nice little note in a copy of her book that she gave him. Now it makes me wonder really what it meant.
2003-02-25 06:45:44 PM  
Wonderful Response!:)
2003-02-25 06:46:27 PM  
Sxooter... then why did they get married? Sounds like a couple of selfish, self-centered biatches to me.
2003-02-25 06:46:33 PM  
Meanwhile, oldly unearthed letters showed that she was a 6 foot 2 inch bull-dyke.

And she couldn't fly for shiat.
2003-02-25 06:50:19 PM  
Ultra Hal:

Marriage isn't purely about fidelity. To reduce it to that one facet is to pay little or no attention to the other parts of it that help fulfill your life. and what exactly did I say that made them sound selfish? heck, they're the most unselfish women I know. They founded a Unitarian church in their small town, and they donate time for community events.

But then, maybe the world out there is a little bigger than you've ever bothered to notice. Sad.
2003-02-25 06:51:51 PM  
One last post.
The Ethical Slut
2003-02-25 06:53:30 PM  
So she liked to fark. So what?
2003-02-25 06:54:35 PM  
That's weird. I remember a recent issue of Natl Geographic that had a photo of Amelia. She looked like a real cute tomboy that would shag like a minx.

Plus she wore leather
2003-02-25 06:55:02 PM  
I KNEW she was a freak in the sack.
Oh, and I'd hit it just to hear her say I'm going down. At least then I would know what happened to her.
2003-02-25 06:57:18 PM  
Marriage isn't purely about fidelity.

No, but it's a damn big part of it. You vow to the other person that they are the center of your life. If you can't keep your farking legs together for only them, then you shouldn't go through with it.

what exactly did I say that made them sound selfish?

The fact that they are most concerned about themselves and being able to sleep with men other than their husbands is what makes them selfish in my eyes. If you can't devote yourself completely to your spouse, then maybe you shouldn't be married. Having lovers isn't complete devotion.

But then, maybe the world out there is a little bigger than you've ever bothered to notice. Sad.

Oh, yeah.... because I feel that cheating on your spouse is farking sad means I have a narrow view of the world. How DARE I have an opinion on this matter that these women are married out of convienence so their "husband" can pay for the kids and various other support needs while they keep their "boy toy" on the side in plain view of their men.

So, I think if you're going to plan on infidelity as part of your marriage, then maybe you should skip the marriage option. Yup... I'm a close-minded cavemen.
2003-02-25 07:04:13 PM  
Well. Isn't that some shiat?
2003-02-25 07:04:44 PM  
What a flighty hoe.
2003-02-25 07:06:03 PM  
Wow, Hal. Despite the fact that this was made public (anonymity preserved though), what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. WTF?

If it works for them it works for them.

Plus, everybody's got their inner freak on, some just more than others
2003-02-25 07:07:22 PM  
MorePeasPlease - Actually, I think it's more, "Darling, I'm a lesbian." I was always told that she was, at least - it was a common arrangement in those days before being gay was spoken of publicly. She would have her women, he would have his women (or more commonly in those arrangements men), and they both get the social advantage of being married at an age that both certainly should have been, by the standards of the time.

Nowadays, she'd go on the cover of Out or kiss a girl on the big screen and make a million bucks off it.

And get a facial.
2003-02-25 07:09:02 PM  
"Your bigotry to other's life style choices is no less ugly than the "black only" signs I saw growing up in the south."

just a LITTLE bit of a reach dont you think?
2003-02-25 07:13:36 PM  
Amelia...,the first member of the "Mile High Club"? You decide...
2003-02-25 07:14:29 PM  
I have been approached 3 times by swingers. I went to one of the parties (trying to keep an open mind) just to check it out and it seemed like all of them were the ugly people that just wanted a chance to sleep with someone who is 1 notch up from their spouse. I don't get it. Maybe I am old fashioned...but I like to know a little about the chicks I sleep with.

Waiting for sxooter to come back with "Actually, my friends are all models who donate their looks to..."
2003-02-25 07:19:40 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 07:27:33 PM  
Ultra Hal:
The old style value system of monogamy has been a real success in this country(USA). Half of all marriages end in divorce.While it is not the only reason marriages break up. It can be counted as a contributing factor. Countless relationships break up because "the spark was gone" both in and out of the bedroom.

A guilt free attitude about sex is much healthier when combined with a responsible attitude. And feeling that going outside of the marriage for sex should equal guilt is wrong. Going outside of the marriage for sex and not having your spouses permission is wrong. But if you are not communicating then you already have issues.

If a couple is happy in a monogamous relationship and that brings them fulfillment that is great. But that doesn't have to be every other couples view on it. and having a different one doesn't make them wrong.

To often people attach huge emotional weights to sex. Sex can be both emotional and physical. Sometimes both. Sometimes not. The "booty call" that is recognized for what it is between to people for what it is. Sex. Some people are bit more refined about it others less. If one is not clear than you have problems, again communication is key.

Sex is always at it's finest when it is with someone you feel a emotional attachment to. But that doesn't mean it is a prerequisite for sex to happen. I don't condemn couples who see monogamy as their chosen lifestyle. I do when they feel it is the only acceptable lifestyle. That would be saying there is something wrong with people who view a superior power differently. We all know where that has led.
2003-02-25 07:30:12 PM  
2003-02-25 07:33:26 PM  
one more time before I make a REAL ass of myself.
2003-02-25 07:47:42 PM  
Don't worry Miss Earhart, I'll make you reeeeel purdy
2003-02-25 07:48:10 PM  
Well I guess I know a little something about this subject. And those that think fidelity and betrayal have anything in common, well stock up on those crack pipes before Ashcroft gets them all. You obviously have a big habbit.
2003-02-25 07:48:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 07:50:06 PM  
Just goes to show you, desecration leads to desiccation.

Nah, not really, I just liked the way it sounded...
2003-02-25 07:50:43 PM  
I thought Amelia Earnhardt died when she crashed her plane at the Daytona 500.
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