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2001-09-11 04:40:52 PM  
AP Top News at 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001
The Associated Press
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001; 1:57 p.m. EDT

Terrorist Attack Destroys World Trade Center

NEW YORK (AP) - In one of the most audacious attacks ever against the United States, terrorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in a deadly series of blows today that brought down the twin 110-story towers. A plane also slammed into the Pentagon as the government itself came under attack. Thousands could be dead or injured, a high-ranking New York City police official said. Authorities had been trying to evacuate those who work in the twin towers when the glass-and-steel skyscrapers came down in a thunderous roar about 90 minutes after the crashes, which took place minutes apart around 9 a.m. But many people were thought to have been trapped.

Pentagon Hit by Aircraft

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon took a direct, devastating hit from an aircraft and the enduring symbols of American power were evacuated today as an apparent terrorist attack quickly spread fear and chaos in the nation's capital. The nerve center of the nation's military burst into flames and a portion of one side of the five-sided structure collapsed when the plane struck in midmorning. Secondary explosions were reported in the aftermath of the attack and great billows of smoke drifted skyward toward the Potomac River and the city beyond.

Two United Airlines Jetliners Crash

SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (AP)- Two United Airlines jetliners crashed this morning, one in western Pennsylvania and the second at a location the airline did not immediately disclose. A total of 110 people were aboard the two planes, the airline said. An emergency dispatcher in Pennsylvania received a cell phone call from a man who said he was a passenger locked in the bathroom on one of the flights, said a dispatch supervisor. The man repeatedly told officials the call was not a hoax. "We are being hijacked, we are being hijacked!" the dispatcher quoted the man from a transcript of the call.

Air Traffic Across U.S. Halted

NEW YORK (AP)- Air traffic around the nation was paralyzed today as stunned travelers watched television screens in horror over the smoking wreckage caused by apparent terrorist attacks at New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Federal Aviation Administration ordered all outbound flights grounded following the fiery twin disaster at the World Trade Center. Runways were kept open for incoming flights.

Bush: U.S. Will Find Attackers

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. (AP) - As chaos unhinged New York and Washington, President Bush commanded the full force of the United States government to "hunt down and to find" the terrorists responsible. "Terrorism against our nation will not stand," he declared today. In Florida for a pair of education speeches, the president scrapped his schedule and said, at the first reports of attacks on New York's World Trade Center, that he was hastening back to Washington.

Taliban Rulers Condemn Attacks in U.S.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghanistan's hardline Taliban rulers condemned the devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington today and rejected suggestions that Osama bin Laden could be behind them. "We never support terrorism. We too are targets of terrorism," Abdul Hai Muttmain, the Taliban's spokesman in the southern city of Kandahar, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. After the attacks, a London-based Arab journalist said followers of bin Laden warned three weeks ago that they would carry out a "huge and unprecedented attack" on U.S. interests.

U.S. Attacks Watched Across Globe

LONDON (AP) - Astonishing terrorist strikes in the United States quickly reached a global audience today, with many around the world watching live coverage. In the West Bank city of Nablus, thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets to celebrate, chanting "God is Great" and distributing candy to passers-by, even as their leader, Yasser Arafat, expressed horror over the attacks. Audiences were transfixed by the awful images from New York and Washington, and world leaders expressed solidarity with an America that looked more vulnerable than ever, offering a stream of condolences.

Attacks Bring Wall Street to Halt

NEW YORK (AP) - The U.S. financial markets came to a halt today after two separate planes crashed into the World Trade Center and similar assaults occurred in Washington. The Securities and Exchange Commission said all exchanges had decided to close. The announcement followed a suspension of trading on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market. The World Trade Center is located a few blocks from the New York Stock Exchange in the area known as the Financial District.

Baseball Calls Off Day's Games

NEW YORK (AP) - Major league baseball postponed its entire schedule of 15 games tonight following terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig made the decision about 3½ hours after the attacks began in New York. "In the interest of security and out of a sense of deep mourning for the national tragedy that has occurred today, all major league baseball games for today have been canceled," Selig said in a statement.

2001-09-11 04:41:59 PM  
List of Planes That Crashed Today
The Associated Press
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001; 1:20 p.m. EDT

Details on the planes that crashed Tuesday:

-American Airlines Flight 11: A Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots. The location of the crash has not been determined.

-American Airlines Flight 77: A Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots. The location of the crash has not been determined.

-United Airlines Flight 93: A Boeing 757, crashed southeast of Pittsburgh while en route from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco. The plane was carrying 38 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants.

-United Airlines Flight 175: A Boeing 767. The flight was bound from Boston to Los Angeles. It was carrying 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants. The airline would not say where the plane crashed.
2001-09-11 04:42:11 PM  
On the Alaska story:

Plane forced to land in Canada amid hijack fears

US military aircraft have forced a Korean passenger plane to land at a Canadian airport amid concerns it may have been hijacked.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police says there had been communication from the plane that suggested it may have been hijacked.

The situation is now being dealt with at the airport in Whitehorse.

"It was escorted in such a fashion because there was communications on the plane that would suggest that it could possibly be a hijacked aircraft," said Corporal Al Lucier, of RCMP in Whitehorse.

Canadian military planes also took part in the escort.

Mr Lucier said schools in the area were evacuated, as well as government facilities.

"What we were considering was the possibility of that aircraft coming down somewhere other than the airport," he said.

"The airplane has successfully landed here and has been taken to an area on the ground where we can now deal with the situation at hand."

A second Korean aircraft, a cargo plane, landed at the airport just before the 747, but that one didn't prompt concern from officials, the Canoe website reports.
2001-09-11 04:44:21 PM  
CNN was on all throughout school today, the following was reported:

There is a school very close to the WTC, almost across the street, and someone called in a bomb. The school was empty at the time.

Thats all for now, God be with all victims and all touched by this horrible tragedy.

--(| psyk0mantis |)--
2001-09-11 04:45:45 PM  
Clinton says, 'Rally behind the president'
By RON FOURNIER-- The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former President Clinton, who led the nation through the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, urged Americans to rally behind President Bush in the aftermath of Tuesday's terrorist attacks.
"We should not be second-guessing. We should be supporting him," Clinton said in a telephone interview while traveling in Australia.

complete story:
if its relevant. at least it's not nostra-freaking-damus
2001-09-11 04:48:29 PM  

Fed to Provide Funds to Banks

AP Economics Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Reserve, seeking to provide assurances that the nation's banking system will be protected following the terrorist attacks, said Tuesday it stood ready to provide additional money to banks if needed.

``The Federal Reserve System is open and operating. The discount window is available to meet liquidity needs,'' the Fed said in a two-sentence statement.
it's news
2001-09-11 04:48:35 PM  

2001-09-11 04:56:11 PM  
Slashdot is reporting that the USS JFK and George Washington have been ordered into NYC. Also, there's a link to the videos of the plane crash here. May be slashdotted.
2001-09-11 04:59:25 PM  
Nunchaku_nc there were reports of various TV stations.. NBC CNN etc of eyewitnesses seeing people jumping from the WTC buildings before they collapsed. Unconfrimed
2001-09-11 05:00:25 PM  
CNN just reported Bush is now headed to Washington. Also, CNN has a better video/image gallery than the one I just posted here.
2001-09-11 05:01:13 PM  
Fox News headline says the President will address the nation this evening.
2001-09-11 05:02:11 PM  
For information as it happens, see #farknews on the DALnet IRC network, a crew of people including myself, Drew, Bit0mike, sgamer and many others (who deserve a great thanks, but I am rushing this message) will be monitoring the various news agencies and reporting whatever information we can gather, save bandwidth and use #farknews as your news source (moderated, no chat, just news)
2001-09-11 05:02:13 PM  
building #6 down... they're waiting on #5 i believe it was, say its doomed...

2001-09-11 05:02:19 PM  
2001-09-11 05:02:41 PM  
"NBC CNN etc of eyewitnesses seeing people jumping from the WTC buildings before they collapsed. Unconfrimed"

Saw the video clips. Very unsettling.
2001-09-11 05:02:42 PM  
ThreatCon Delta

Here's what they are
2001-09-11 05:03:24 PM  
ok 175 hit one tower, 11 hit the other, 77 hit the pentagon, 93 hit pittsburgh
2001-09-11 05:03:46 PM  
CNN just reported the flight that crashed in PA was clearly headed for DC. It even radioed air traffic control to say it needed to change from it's DC-San Francisco route and come back to DC.
2001-09-11 05:03:57 PM  
NBC: There is at least one other building in the area of the WTC that may collapse. It was described as 'Building 7' by the port authority.
2001-09-11 05:07:43 PM  
flight 11 - into WTC south tower

flight 77 - crashed into pentagon

flight 175 - crashed into north tower

flight 93 - crashed in Pennsylvania

Taken off graphics on NBC right now
2001-09-11 05:08:35 PM  
Law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the plane that struck the Pentagon was an American Airlines jetliner that had taken off from Dulles International Airport on a scheduled flight to Los Angeles.

Officials said one of the passengers was Barbara Olson, the wife of Solicitor General Theodore Olson, who argues President Bush's cases before the Supreme Court.

--from the AP
2001-09-11 05:09:31 PM  
Barbara Olson: wife of U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson. Was on the Pentagon flight. Called her husband from her cell phone and reported that all passengers and the flight crew (including the pilot) were herded to the back of the plane by the terrorists before the crash.
2001-09-11 05:09:59 PM  
Newsmax story:

A violent struggle with knife-wielding terrorists took place outside the cockpit of one of two hijacked planes before it slammed into the World Trade Center Tuesday morning, a flight attendant on board reported to American Airlines before her death.

"A flight attendant on that plane was apparently able to call the American Airlines operations center to tell them that two flight attendants had been stabbed and that the perpetrators had broken into the flight deck," ABC Radio News reported.

The plane was enroute from Boston to Los Angeles when it was commandeered by terrorists for its kamikaze mission.
2001-09-11 05:10:12 PM  
I can cofirm as well, saw video on fox. People falling from the top of the building. The church floor collapse didn't bother me that much, but seeing these people fall for that long before hitting was horrid
2001-09-11 05:10:45 PM  
2001-09-11 05:13:29 PM  
NBC: The executive producer of the show Frasier and his family were on one of the flights, coming home from Cape Cod. They apparently talked to his brother.
2001-09-11 05:17:18 PM  
ABC Australia Uncomformed: Bill Clinton is in far North Queensland Australia and heavily protected. Can someone check into that?
2001-09-11 05:22:43 PM  
night vis, can you post a link to #farknews?
2001-09-11 05:22:45 PM  
Emergency Response
. . .
Because the attacks occurred within U.S. borders, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is primarily responsible for coordinating response teams. According to a Federal Emergency Management Agency press release, the FBI's Strategic Operation Information Center has been activated.
. . .
The military is officially under the direction of the FBI. Regular troops are being used, as are National Guard members, who are often closer to the scene of the emergency. Members of the National Guard are on the scene in New York City.
2001-09-11 05:24:37 PM  
TORIKO - Clinton is in Australia and safe. Confirmed. He's asked the US to put their support behind Bush.

ABC REPORTS (TV) that there are no less than 125 firefighters missing after the collapse of the 1st WTC tower.

CONFIRMED: Building Seven collapsed!! The FEMA had their headquarters in that building and people were trapped inside because the 2nd WTC tower fell on it.
2001-09-11 05:26:10 PM  

Sociologically speaking looting only occurs when internal strife causes a disaster. Looting does not occure after natural disasters or external strife causing an internal disaster.
2001-09-11 05:27:43 PM

Link to pic of 7 World Trade Center.

Lets pray everybody was out of there.
2001-09-11 05:27:49 PM  
The Washington Post has just published a late edition and their website appears to be holding up fairly well:
2001-09-11 05:29:40 PM  
NBC just said that WTC #7 had been completely evacuated before it collapsed.
2001-09-11 05:30:06 PM  
"Washington, D.C. and San Francisco declare states of emergency"

Why would san Fransisco declare a state of emergency?
2001-09-11 05:33:01 PM  
CNN.COM reports:

"Unexplained explosions were reported in the vicinity of the State Department and the Capitol. They apparently were no more than sonic booms."
2001-09-11 05:33:46 PM  
CBS: Defense department reports 100 people killed or injured at the Pentagon.
2001-09-11 05:38:56 PM  
SEATTLE NEWS reports Washington Ferry service has resumed - three Naval Destroyers from Everett have deployed into the Puget Sound and will remain there.

Also, 3 squadrons of the radar planes (can't remember the nomenclature) all took off from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station this morning and have not been seen since.
2001-09-11 05:39:07 PM  
Discuss news on Dalnet, #farknews

2001-09-11 05:41:11 PM  
Greenwich villiage live web cam

may not exactly qualify as news but definately not more Nostradumbass trash
2001-09-11 05:41:57 PM  
People appear to be clamoring for gasoline. They're lined up all the way down the street.
Source: My window, 3 doors down from a gas station in Fort Wayne, IN.
2001-09-11 05:42:29 PM  
CNN reports that the US Government fears more attacks to come soon.
2001-09-11 05:47:10 PM  
W will address the nation tonight at 9 PM Eastern according to CNN just now.
2001-09-11 05:48:18 PM  
I've read some people reporting at various localities that Arabs/South Asians are being attacked on the street. Way to shine America (ugh).
2001-09-11 05:49:54 PM​a/headli nes/010912/world/afp/Russia_goes_into_high_alert__Putin_supports_tough​_respons e.html

Russia goes into high alert, Putin supports tough response
2001-09-11 05:50:18 PM  
Building #3 just collapsed. You didn't miss anything, Colt.
2001-09-11 05:50:25 PM  
*NO* comments. No speculation. No graphics. Cite a source. I'm deleting everything else
2001-09-11 05:52:00 PM has some pics and news.
2001-09-11 05:58:20 PM  
CNN: explosions reported in Kabul, Afghanistan. No details yet.
2001-09-11 05:59:24 PM  
I posted my account of what happened today here.
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