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878 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2001 at 4:38 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-11 04:40:31 PM  
what is the current tally for posts on this one?
2001-09-11 04:40:35 PM  
what's the concern over the bandwidth?
2001-09-11 04:41:15 PM  
too much will crash the site
2001-09-11 04:42:15 PM  
~~ Has anyone seen any pictures of security cameras for the flights that were hijacked?

Is it possible for the terrorists to have boarded the plane some other way rather than through the airport terminal?
2001-09-11 04:43:31 PM  
oh, allright
2001-09-11 04:44:36 PM  
Is it possible for the terrorists to have boarded the plane some other way rather than through the airport terminal?
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

Sure, disguised as maintenance workers, baggage handlers....pretty easy to get on board
2001-09-11 04:45:29 PM  

That has already been started being investigated, as has questioning of all relevant airport workers (security personelle, ticketing agents, etc).

-= rei =-
2001-09-11 04:45:50 PM  
As someone at FreeConservatives thought.. maybe they snuck in thru the Mexico-US border.

Although going from Mexico to Boston would be awhile
2001-09-11 04:46:06 PM  
My boyfriend who is an nyc emt just called to let me know he is alright. He told me they are just starting the search and rescue..but pessimistic at finding people.
2001-09-11 04:46:06 PM  
WHOA! Rei appears.
2001-09-11 04:46:07 PM  
people are posting at about 30 a min, we're going to be switching discussion boards about every hour and a half.
2001-09-11 04:46:13 PM  
The concern with the bandwidth is this:

each letter is a byte.
1024 bytes is a kilobyte.
1024 kilobytes is a megabyte.

So, every time somebody loads the discussion, they are downloading megs and megs of tpye, plus any pics that people posted. By keeping the discussions small, that keeps people from bogging the server.
2001-09-11 04:46:30 PM  

This attack has been planned for a long time. Think about it. They had to train 12 to 24 people to smuggle weapons on planes, capture the plane, kill the pilots, fly the plane, and navigate it into a building at 300mph. This all coordinated to happen at the same time. This took a long time to plan.
2001-09-11 04:47:24 PM  
you already said that charlie.
2001-09-11 04:47:38 PM  
rescue efforts are being made on the fringes, but you can't near the WTC, debris is still falling, burning.....chaos
2001-09-11 04:47:49 PM  
mike what the hell?
2001-09-11 04:48:07 PM  
The bandwidth concern is also so folks with modems can still read somewhat
2001-09-11 04:48:07 PM  
Moved this here since the last forum just closed. Not trying to spam, just want to share some insight.

It seems like United Airlines might be covering up some details about what happened today concerning the particulars of Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles. They are refusing to give details about this aircraft, other than confirming that it crashed (with 56 passengers and 9 crew members) and emergency personnel at the scene say there are no survivors. Now, if I followed all of the chaos earlier today, Flight 175 did not hit the WTC, the Pentagon, or crash in PA. If that's the case, then this is a fifth plane that crashed today. What happened to the reporting on the plane that the military forced down near Camp David? I think this is it and the information is being suppressed (at least for now) so the government doesn't have to face the public about shooting down a commercial aircraft. I'm in no way saying that they were wrong to do so, as it probably saved countless more lives, merely that it would just be a sensitive subject to approach in light of the other tragic events that occured today in the US. I'd keep an eye out for this Flight 175 to see what washes up.
2001-09-11 04:48:07 PM  
"I fear we have but awakened an sleeping giant, and filled it with a terrible resolve". General Yamamoto, 12-07-41.

Payback is hell. Part II.
2001-09-11 04:49:21 PM  
I've just seen a video of a man with a handheld camera, running through the smoke from the collapse. He was saving people. Why the hell are you guys at your pc's?
2001-09-11 04:49:42 PM  
I'm out to donate blood or sumthin
2001-09-11 04:50:19 PM  
It's kinda hard to be in nyc i'm in Ocean City Maryland
2001-09-11 04:50:25 PM  
My guess is that they used ceramic knives to hijack the planes. It is really hard to get a gun on board. Unless as someone said, they were on the ground crew. And Yes, they had to have killed the pilots and brought their own because no pilot would have flown into the building, they would have taken a bullet first (and probably did).

The passengers probably had no idea what was going to happen because if they did, you can bet that enough of them would have rushed the terrorists to overpower them.
2001-09-11 04:50:39 PM  
Why the hell are you guys at your pc's?

uh, because all flights into NY or anywhere else are cancelled....
2001-09-11 04:50:42 PM  
Flight 175 was the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, intended to hit Camp David. At first, new sources made it sound like it was two seperate planes, but was all the same plane.
2001-09-11 04:50:54 PM  
Thank you Drew, you are doing an awsome job!
2001-09-11 04:50:58 PM  
I'm working for a bank, so I need to be here working so people can make sure they can get cash. We have many branches in manhattan.
2001-09-11 04:52:46 PM  
there was so much banter about you in your absence Rei... it was touching.
2001-09-11 04:53:15 PM  
It's really easy to fly a plane once it's in the air and you aren't worried about landing...

2001-09-11 04:53:16 PM  
A bunch on untrained people going in to the city to try and help would only make things worse.
2001-09-11 04:53:32 PM  
This took MONTHS of planning... maybe even longer than that. The terrorists were smart... I'm afraid to admit but they planned this out brillantly. They hijacked planes that were going to LA so that the planes would have lots of fuel. More fuel... more explosion. And the planes were also not even near their full capacity. I believe that none of the planes had even half their capacity on board. Which would mean, if the passangers did happen to retaliate... there wouldn't be that many to do so in the first place. I'm not surprised such an attack as this has happened. I just hope it doesn't hit closer to home.
2001-09-11 04:54:12 PM  

yes....the call is out for 'professionals only'...emts, doctors, fire etc...
2001-09-11 04:54:21 PM  

Two stewardesses on one flight were determined to have been stabbed (not shot). You can stab with almost anything.

Modern commercial aircraft are designed to be easy to fly.

Buying tickets for flights at the same time isn't a hard task.

It still takes coordination, but its nothing superhuman.

-= rei =-
2001-09-11 04:54:23 PM  
Just because I heard someone ask... at the current time, there are 2,245 posts on the subject. well, I'm sure we added a few more in the time it took me to add and type...
2001-09-11 04:54:34 PM  
I don't think it's Rei; that post didn't have a single statistic.
2001-09-11 04:54:42 PM  
They need blood. For the past few years there has been a major lack of blood, and this is going to drain their reserves down to zero. If the death and injury toll is anywhere near 10,000 or even 50,000; we need to donate!

JUST IN! Osama Bin Laden has been proved to be responsible thanks to electronic spying!!!
2001-09-11 04:54:42 PM  
kenh: That usenet thread is FARKED UP!

Click Here

I hope that worked
2001-09-11 04:54:44 PM  
~~ So what's up with the airports? I have a flight on Friday, but now I'm a little bit hesistant to go. I'll be visiting Chicago, and you can be sure as hell I'm not gonna be anywhere near the Sears Tower or John Hancock building.
2001-09-11 04:54:53 PM  
yeah I am working to but then again I work in the IT industry and need to make sure that networks and such are still running. Two of my co-workers who were in the Reserves just got called to active duty about an hour ago.
2001-09-11 04:55:00 PM  
Is there gonna be a Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart? Isn't it filmed in Manhattan?
2001-09-11 04:55:10 PM  
Apparently not:

Here's that usenet thread:
2001-09-11 04:55:10 PM  
News just in from MS NBC
2001-09-11 04:55:59 PM  
Someone asked for a picture of Palestinian wankers celebrating earlier. Here is one.
2001-09-11 04:56:44 PM  
where did u get the osama bin laden info zeusgod?
2001-09-11 04:56:45 PM  
that didnt work.
2001-09-11 04:56:51 PM  
stop posting pictures...have a little care for those on lower bandwidth legs...they want to read too....
2001-09-11 04:56:53 PM  
so 4 planes went down...AA11, AA77, hit the WTC.
UA93 hit pentagon?
UA175 crashed near Camp David?

It's the last two that I am hearing conflicting reports on...could some one help me out.
2001-09-11 04:57:09 PM  
A few things to chew on:

Does this explain Bush's out of the ordinary LONG vacation? The pentagon may have been tipped off earlier.

Unexplained explosions near the capitol and the white house?

More blame games without proof, wasn't bin laden also the "mastermind" behind the U.S.S. Cole? A Palestine group has taken credit and I'm sure 20 other groups will also.

A nuclear warhead, just saying this is possible, could have been aboard any number of those planes and a crash would not have set it off. For all we know there could be a live nuke in NY or elsewhere waiting to go off at a predetermined time.

There's an obvious HUGE hole in airport security that no one has been able to track down yet, at least regarding american airlines.
2001-09-11 04:57:40 PM  
well i've made a huge mess.

it's not "coonts.jpg"... use your imagination
2001-09-11 04:58:21 PM  
The coordination is not so much hijacking the planes at the same time, but to hit there targets close to the same time. That would be harder I think.

Hotdog: That would make sense, I didn't catch that part. I took the post to mean that everybody should be out helping.
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