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(eBay)   For a mere $500, this unusually large Cheeto can be yours   ( divider line
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44676 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Feb 2003 at 1:39 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-25 10:05:03 AM  
And too late for Valentine's Day. Shame.
2003-02-25 10:07:14 AM  
60 ounces? I doubt it. perhaps 60 grams..
2003-02-25 10:08:13 AM  
ahhh, i didn't see the decimal point! 6/10ths of an ounce.. that's more like it.
2003-02-25 10:08:41 AM  
Disgusting. What are Chee-tos anyway? Globs of fat doused in powdered artificial cheese? What makes them so popular in our African-American culture?
2003-02-25 10:23:52 AM  
icky, and I'm not saying that because it looks like a fish
2003-02-25 10:40:41 AM  
... and when I did, it was slightly labor intensive to masticate to.
2003-02-25 10:58:49 AM  
Flavorflanks if the fish your eating looks like that then put your fork down immediately.
2003-02-25 11:17:07 AM  
I bet it's got a razor blade in it.
2003-02-25 11:18:16 AM  
Picture of Homer Simpson drooling in 3...2...1...
2003-02-25 11:18:21 AM  
Cheetos are great! Cr@p in terms of nutritional value, but they're cheesy, they're puffy, and they just have some kinda crunch.
</guilty pleasure>
2003-02-25 11:44:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 11:48:14 AM  
Who pulls an oversized Cheeto out of a bag and thinks, "Cool, an oversized Cheeto. I can sell this on Ebay?"

My brain doesn't usually make those kind of connections.
2003-02-25 11:56:51 AM  
what if it's a big lump of flavoring (god knows what's in the orange powder but it probably isn't cheese)?

plus, i'm disappointed. i was hoping it was the size of a coconut or something.
2003-02-25 12:10:39 PM  
I find Cheetos the size of my penis in every package I purchase. AMAZING!!!!
2003-02-25 12:29:26 PM  
the cheeto eventually found its way into the corridors of power.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 12:30:39 PM  
Please don't bid on this. I hate to encourage these people. $500 for a mutant Cheeto. Good lord, what's next.

Maybe I should save my belly button lint. Think I could get $50? I'll even vacuum seal it to keep in that lovely odor. What? Like you don't smell your belly button lint or toe jam.
2003-02-25 12:45:51 PM  
Good lord, what's next?

How about a half eaten burrito?
2003-02-25 12:49:42 PM  
Belly button lint.. NO, but toe jam is the shiznit. There's nothing like cleaning toe jam with a good coke fingernail. Wonder if there's a market for this
2003-02-25 12:52:10 PM  
I imagine if this cheeto symbolizes all of the telekinetic activity in the area, it would be a cheeto half a mile wide weighing almost 3 tons.

That's a big cheeto.
2003-02-25 01:04:36 PM  
Deep Fried Spooge with orange dust.
2003-02-25 01:06:32 PM  
Mayor: Is this true?
Peter: Yes sir, it's true. This man has no dick.
2003-02-25 01:06:53 PM  
Great obscure reference, Bump.
2003-02-25 01:18:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 01:43:07 PM  
Opportunity of a lifetime.
2003-02-25 01:43:58 PM  
ugh, it looks like a hemmoroid i had once
2003-02-25 01:45:32 PM  
Looking at this item... scratching my head...

All I can say is...


And if someone actually bids on this, they need to be hit in the head with a tack hammer.
2003-02-25 01:45:32 PM  
I just bid $1 for the quarter.
2003-02-25 01:45:44 PM  
I found a 14" crinkle-cut french fry last week. Guess I ate my meal ticket...
2003-02-25 01:46:31 PM  
Hey....that's my wife!!!
2003-02-25 01:46:34 PM  
Here is a better one...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 01:46:50 PM  
The Frito Lay company will pay big bucks for this item.

Then sell it back to them, asshat.

What the hell would the company who made the farking thing pay big bucks for it when they could probably produce thousands of the things to begin with?

What's so special about it?
2003-02-25 01:47:08 PM  
First Strong Bad's burrito, and now this...
2003-02-25 01:47:22 PM  
I've had lumps that were at least that big, but I never thought to sell them on ebay.

Although mine were brown.........
2003-02-25 01:48:03 PM  
If I can't eat it, I don't want it.

Seriously, why not make an entire bag of those things?
2003-02-25 01:48:30 PM  
Ah, eBay... hey, there are people out there who are willing to buy just about anything. it doesn't cost much to try and sell something, so why not try? the secret to a strange object selling is this: 1.) it needs to be original. Enough people have literally sold their souls on eBay that those don't get much anymore. 2.) there need to be at least 2 people who are interested and have a good bit of money to waste on said weird object. then, you can get a bidding war going, and pretty soon, you have someone stuck paying $1,000 for a unique piece of rust off your car's fender or something.
Don't quote me on this, as I have never sold weird things on eBay before. However, I've watched enough weird auctions out of curiosity to know what happens.
2003-02-25 01:48:41 PM  
Quick, where do I bid?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Oh there, forget it.
2003-02-25 01:48:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available] The King of Town has eaten unusually large Cheeto; auction cancelled
2003-02-25 01:49:50 PM  
I found a really disturbing cheeto pic.

Bidding starts at $10 for me not to post it...

2003-02-25 01:50:23 PM  
*Digging through my drawer right now for a piece of lint or something equally useless to sell to some big dumb animal*
2003-02-25 01:50:39 PM  
EbolaMay: Is that a reference to... "no anchovies, please"?
2003-02-25 01:51:17 PM  
GCD stole my thunder. I was going to say the exact same thing. On a related note, remember the great Carson bit when he had the woman on the Tonight Show who collected potato chips that looked like famous people and she looked away and Carson grabbed a normal chip and took a bite.
Oh man the look on her face. Pricless.
2003-02-25 01:51:21 PM  
I thought you have to PAY to start an auction? How much does it cost? I mean, even though auctioning off a cheeto is funny, I wouldn't pay five bucks or so to do it!! I could buy...Well...Cheetos with that!
2003-02-25 01:51:26 PM  
The really scary part about eBay is that only 1700 Farkers have clicked the link, but the auction has received 2200 page views.
2003-02-25 01:51:32 PM  
"I've got an unusually large Cheeto for you, baby!"

doesn't quite have the right ring to it.
2003-02-25 01:52:00 PM  
$500!? Where'd that come from?
2003-02-25 01:52:06 PM  
Yep. And pass the bannanas.
2003-02-25 01:52:20 PM  
...there's lumps of it, 'round the back.
2003-02-25 01:52:48 PM  
ooooh maaaaan this is the ultimate cheese globule. I have only heard of this kind of thing in folklore. Its like a super concentration of the artificial cheese flavoring powder compressed into a ball.

Ther are a few things every many wants to do in his lifetime - jump out of an airplane, bunjee jump, give a woman 3-rd input, go on a safari, and eat one of these things.
2003-02-25 01:53:01 PM  
Neuroses (spelling??)has struck - I now have J. Geils music stuck in my brain!
2003-02-25 01:53:10 PM  
aren't you charged to place something on e-bay? and what farker posted this? did s/he go to ebay and search for giant farkin' cheeto?
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