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(NYPost)   Gas hits $2.00 a gallon in New York. Tom Wopat says "It's crazy"   ( divider line
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9324 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Feb 2003 at 12:31 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-25 08:38:40 AM  
Tom Wopat? Brings back some memories.

Just two good old boys, never meanin' no harm...
Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born.
Straightenin' the curves, flattenin' the hills...
Someday the mountain might get 'em but the law never will.
Makin' their way, the only way they know how...
That's just a little bit more than the law will allow.
Just two good ol' boys, wouldn't change if they could,
Fightin' the system like two modern-day Robin Hoods...
2003-02-25 08:59:42 AM  
2003-02-25 09:01:34 AM  
If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times, until gas is more expensive than bottled water AND American start driving economical vehicles I have absolutely NO sympathy.

The huge amount of exploration capital and risk to find and drill for hydrocarbons, then the capital to refine and bring it to market deserves a HIGHER profit margin than is currently the case.

We need to wean ourselves from the reliance of fossil fuels and by driving vehicles that get 50mpg rather than 15 we would drop our daily consumption of 90 million bbls/oil/day down to 55 million bbls/oil/day. Do you think we'd be bothering with Iraq if we could fulfill 80% of our domestic consumption? Not right now anyway.

So scrap that farking SUV you POS and drive something more economical!!!

/steps off high horse
2003-02-25 09:36:02 AM  
California mandates that all new cars sold must have zero emissions by 2009.

If we told the middle east that we were no longer buying oil from them, and only buying/using oil from The americas and Europe, they would be on their knees so quickly, gas would be a nickel a gallon.

We have the technology. Bigger. Stronger. Faster.
2003-02-25 09:42:16 AM  
Hydrogen fuel cells will be here in just a few years.

The technology is proving itself and consumer applications are just around the virtual corner. I'd guess that the internal combustion engine is going to go the way of the steam engine within the next 10 years, other than a few special applications like antique cars, farmers in West Texas that still use old V-8 engines to pump water, etc.

OTOH price gouging is rampant across the US. Lynch mobs looking for gasoline distributors may also be just around the virtual corner.
2003-02-25 10:48:59 AM  
We can reduce our dependence on oil by switching to alternative fuels. You know what I mean, I'm talking about harnising the power of women talking.

I've been developing a mechanism that will directly convert the motion and frequency of the female jaw muscle into fuel reserves that can be used instead of petrolium based products.

In my initial test, I rigged the prototype up to my wife, then left the toilet seat up. For the next 30 minutes, she generated enough power to drive from LA to NY and back again.

I'm also working on a device that will harvest the heat of the friction created when FARKers fap.
2003-02-25 11:12:25 AM  
Bump, even when you don't make me laugh, you always make me smile. :)
2003-02-25 12:02:13 PM  
Cigarette smoking SUV driving New Yorkers are going to be some broke ass farkers.
2003-02-25 12:08:03 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-25 12:09:28 PM  
Sudie If I wanted to make you laugh, I'd drop my pants. Well, laugh or cry...
2003-02-25 12:33:59 PM  
*wwaaaahhh* we have to pay ALMOST AS MUCH AS THE REST OF THE WORLD!!! ***WAAAAHHHHH****
2003-02-25 12:35:18 PM  
It's Bush's fault!
2003-02-25 12:35:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 12:36:16 PM  
Just got back from San Francisco, saw $2.19 a gallon in some areas.
2003-02-25 12:36:24 PM  
For some reason, this thread makes me want to kick Ed Begley Jr. in the teeth until he looses his siblent S.

Just sharing.
2003-02-25 12:36:33 PM  
If Tom Wopat says it's crazy then by God It's crazy!
2003-02-25 12:36:44 PM  
better get that war started soon then.
2003-02-25 12:36:54 PM  
Gas at $2.00/gallon? Europeans who pay $5/gallon surrender.

Quit yer crying you big SUV owning babies!
2003-02-25 12:37:34 PM  
I live in San Francisco. I've been paying over $2.10 for a couple weeks.
2003-02-25 12:37:36 PM  
I'm glad. I hope all SUV drivers go broke, or flip over.
2003-02-25 12:37:45 PM  
yes, California has been well over $2 for a while now in some places.
2003-02-25 12:37:50 PM  
How is it that gas stations raise their prices at a moments notice even though the gas in their massive tanks was purchased at the lower price? Often wondered about this.
2003-02-25 12:38:15 PM  
We must bomb Saddam NOW!!

And look....Clinton's penis! It's all it's fault!
2003-02-25 12:38:30 PM  
That's Crazy.. I'm Brian Fellows..
2003-02-25 12:38:33 PM  
1 gallon = 3.785 litres
$2.00US / 3.785 = $0.53US/litre
$0.53 * = 1.49 conversion = $0.79CAN/litre

Yup, looks familiar here in the Great White North. Of course, it's been up around $0.80 in Toronto for several weeks now, and up to $0.87 in some of the eastern provinces.
2003-02-25 12:38:55 PM  
Taking inflation into account, gas was about $4 when Carter was running the show.
2003-02-25 12:39:31 PM  
Add Galumph200 to list of trolls...
2003-02-25 12:39:36 PM  
15 Miles to work + VW 4 Banger = I don't give a shiat
2003-02-25 12:40:27 PM  
I was going to say the CA has been above that for a while now. The real reason gas costs so much?

1) Tax
2) The oil companies in the US. The reason I say this is that I usually live in CA (when Im not in school). Gas costs more in major metro areas less than 5 miles from where the stuff is made than it does in the middle of nowhere. Thats just greed on the part of the oil company and/or dealer.
2003-02-25 12:40:30 PM  
How about if we boycott middle east oil altogether? Let's give Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Nigeria etc.. our oil bucks and give the middle east our middle finger.
2003-02-25 12:40:52 PM  
Wopat pumped $10 worth of gas into his 1996 Ford Bronco to put some distance between him and New York so he could buy "cheaper gas" near his New Jersey home.

Wow a 96 Ford Bronco.... the crown jewel of good gas mileage!
2003-02-25 12:40:59 PM  
I'm not a troll! I'm a hobgoblin!

There's a big difference, y'know.....
2003-02-25 12:40:59 PM  
For the Escalade owners:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-25 12:41:23 PM  
My 93 Honda Accord still gets about 450 miles on a full tank, so I really can't compare to 3mi/gal SUVs. Besides, it's still a "manageable" $1.70 in Philadelphia.

I am looking forward to breaking out my Segway, and cruising town at 17mph!
2003-02-25 12:41:24 PM  
"Better bomb Iraq"
2003-02-25 12:41:50 PM  
Another example of a needed Wisconsin tag.

(Wopat was raised a cheesehead)

Anyway, this is all Clinton's fault.
2003-02-25 12:41:54 PM  
Jesus, can't Bo get him a guest-gig on "Smallville?"

Luke needs work, you heartless bastich.
2003-02-25 12:42:04 PM  
couldn't the oil execs live with a little bit less money? just to help the little guys a little? i'm a college student, and this is really getting hard to deal with.
2003-02-25 12:42:11 PM  
Just getting a jump on the $3.00 barrier that we're sure to hit in mid-March.

WickedWanda: I'm all for H2, but I want to burn Hydrogen, not run some crappy fuel-cell.
2003-02-25 12:42:13 PM  
Feh. Gas is already 2.05 in South Cali. We're just hoping it doesn't hit 2.50. Its hard to save up for a new car with a part time job when they sting you for $30 a pop to fill your tank.
2003-02-25 12:42:22 PM  
It's been flirting with $2.00 for a while in Florida. Little bro Bush won't start the investigation into gouging. I guess he wants to support the war push by generating resentment of the oil producing countries.
2003-02-25 12:42:48 PM  
I love Bush!
2003-02-25 12:42:50 PM  
Tom Wopat + HAZZARDous gasseous material = WMD in the South. The Union Surrenders.
2003-02-25 12:43:32 PM  
I guess I would care more about this if I actually owned a car.

As it is, I know exactly one person who owns one.

So I say, feh.
2003-02-25 12:43:32 PM  
New Yorkers are dumbasses for paying it
2003-02-25 12:43:49 PM  
22 miles to work + 1 Escalade + Wifes Expedition + 210K p/y = I don't give a shiat either
2003-02-25 12:43:52 PM  
Who needs gas? All I need is a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion and I'll be set.
I hope I got the reference right and it gets noticed...
2003-02-25 12:44:13 PM  
"It's absurd. I think it's price gauging," said Susan Freimark, a social worker who stopped for a fill-up.

Do you think she really said "gauging?"
2003-02-25 12:44:15 PM  
02-25-03 09:42:16 AM WickedWanda
Hydrogen fuel cells will be here in just a few years.

Stationary applications (home-sized 5 kilowatt power generators) by 2005. GM is building these now. Perhaps as many as a million fuel cell vehicles by 2010. And maybe half of all vehicle sales by 2020. Doesn't sound like it, but that actually represents very rapid growth, not unlike the PC revolution.
2003-02-25 12:44:59 PM  
Over here in Europe it's a little over one dollar... for one liter!
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