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2389 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2001 at 10:55 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-11 12:24:39 PM  
I live down here in the Space Coast..
Kennedy Space Center is shut down, just like everything else. Total chaos reigns.
2001-09-11 12:25:23 PM  
All skyscrapers in downtown Houston have been evacuated, Air Force squadrons based here are on alert.
2001-09-11 12:25:34 PM  
Anyone who tries to say that they know who did this right now are only using their political agendas to get us riled up.

Finger-pointing at this point is obviously premature.
2001-09-11 12:25:55 PM  
Little Rock, AR

Various government office closed, at State and Local level. Most businesses in the tallest downtown building closed for the day. Stupidly the local news pointed out that some federal gov't offices are located in this building.
2001-09-11 12:27:48 PM  
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was evacuated. CDC was preparing bioterrorism teams in case they become necessary. (Lets hope not)
2001-09-11 12:28:28 PM  
Our local news is confirming that Air Force one has landed here at Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, LA.....
2001-09-11 12:29:29 PM  
Harveyfish, thanks for the voice of reason, I agree completely.
2001-09-11 12:29:51 PM  
Here in SLC the national terrorism board was meeting today about security for the olympics.
2001-09-11 12:29:53 PM  
Drew, kill last statement and this one, leave room for news. Sorry.
2001-09-11 12:30:34 PM  
2001-09-11 12:30:50 PM  
Downtown Austin, Dallas, and Houston are shut down and evacted.
2001-09-11 12:31:41 PM  
Dunnski -

Doesn't matter, Dubya is going to need a scapegoat, and the masses will be crying for blood. If bin Laden is in fact responsible (that is, if noone else can be blamed) I strongly suspect that US troops will be paying a visit to the Taliban.

For Bush, this is a blessing. He's had a waning approval rating. There's nobody of importance who'd oppose an attack on the Taliban right now. (Except maybe China, but that wouldn't be a real protest, just typical Chinese policy.) Wait for the conspiracists to start suggesting that either the CIA/NSA/FBI knew about the attacks and let them happen, or that the attacks were actually carried out by the CIA/NSA/FBI.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:32:16 PM  

World Trade Center crumbles in terrorist attack
Posted: September 11, 2001

People walk away from the World Trade Center as ash rains down.

(CNN) -- Two airplanes crashed separately into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan shortly before and after 9 a.m. EDT in terrorist attacks that erased the 110-story towers from the Manhattan skyline.

The FBI was investigating reports that the first plane, a commercial flight from Boston, Massachusetts, may have been hijacked, The Associated Press reported. An eyewitness told CNN that about 8:35 a.m. he saw a 767 flying low down the center of Manhattan and veer left to fly directly into the south side of the north tower.

As witnesses gathered on the street observing the disaster in the north tower, a second, smaller plane crashed into the south tower. The towers can accommodate as many as 50,000 occupants, and witnesses reported that people panicked as smoke and fire swept through the structures.

" People were jumping out of the windows," an unidentified woman said through tears to a CNN reporter. "You can see them jumping out of the windows, if you go by there you can see them jumping out the windows right now!"

The Federal Aviation Administration closed all airports in the United States just before 10 a.m. EDT and routed all international flights bound for New York to Canada.

It was the second terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. Six people died in a basement-level explosion at the towers in February 1993.

New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani said the casualties from the tragedy would be enormous, given the number of business and workers in the towers near the city's financial district.

Hospital emergency rooms throughout the city began receiving hundreds of people suffering from smoke inhalation and critical injuries, CNN's Maria Hinjohosa reported. Passersby by began streaming into the hospitals to donate blood.

Each tower's collapse occurred within 30 minutes of the other, with the south tower crumbling first.

Inches of ash from their destruction cloaked buildings, emergency vehicles and people who were in the immediate area of the disaster. People scrambling from the streets near the building crouched behind cars and covered their heads as police officers screamed for people to leave the area as the south tower began crumbling.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:33:32 PM  

Explosion rocks Pentagon, terrifies Washington
Posted: September 11, 2001

People walk away from the World Trade Center as ash rains down.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A portion of the Pentagon collapsed Tuesday after it was struck by an aircraft as an apparent coordinated attack spread fear throughout the U.S. capital.

The symbols of U.S. power came under attack as all federal government buildings, including the White House, the Capitol building and the Supreme Court, were evacuated.

The explosions and evacuations came shortly after two planes flew into the World Trade Center tower buildings in New York City.

Fighters jets scrambled to intercept what was reported to be second aircraft headed toward the area around the Pentagon, but the second aircraft never appeared.

The FBI suspects the events in New York and Washington were part of an organized terrorist campaign, a senior government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press.

Among the developments in Washington were reports of:

n An explosion at the Pentagon. n A car-bomb explosion outside the State Department. n A loud explosion reported in the vicinity of the Capitol.

In a remarkable scene, security guards brandishing automatic weapons patrolled outside the White House.

The Federal Aviation Administration ordered the entire nationwide air traffic system shut down and diverted to Canada all international flights inbound to New York.

Explosion, smoke
At the Pentagon, a huge plume of smoke rose from the grounds of the building, headquarters for the U.S. military.

"A plane hit the building," David Cook, director of administration and management at the Pentagon, the world's biggest office building.

Eyewitnesses told local television stations that a commercial airliner appeared to have smashed into the side of the building, which is near the Potomac River running through Washington and close to Washington National Airport.

"I saw the tail of a large airliner. ... It plowed right into the Pentagon," said an Associated Press Radio reporter. "There is billowing black smoke."

President Bush pauses for a moment of silence in Sarasota, Florida, before heading back to Washington Tuesday.
Gray smoke billowed from the five-sided building. The more than 20,000 civilians and military men and women who work in the building streamed into the surrounding car parks, driven by blue-and-white strobe lights and wailing signs.

It was not immediately clear whether Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was in the building at the time of the crash, which occurred on the southwestern side of the complex.

Lisa Burgess, a reporter for the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes, said she was walking in a corridor near the blast site and was thrown to the ground by the force of the blast. Sirens wailed as the whole building was evacuated.

CNN Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre reported that the Pentagon had gone to "threat condition Delta," which is implemented when "a terrorist attack has occurred or intelligence has been received that action against a specific location is likely," McIntyre said.

White House employees evacuated
There were also reports of a fire on the National Mall, a stretch of open, green space between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. That report was not immediately confirmed.

At the White House, employees ran out of the executive mansion as police cleared it. Aides said a "credible threat" against the White House had come in.

At first, the evacuation was orderly but, under orders from the Secret Service, employees were soon ordered to run out of the gates.

Officers, some with automatic rifles, were lined outside the White House.

From Pennsylvania Avenue, CNN Correspondent Kate Snow reported that members of Congress were evacuating the Capitol grounds.

Incidents connected
At the State Department, a senior government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the incident at State appeared connected with the events in New York and at the Pentagon.

"Something has happened at the State Department," the source said. "We don't know what yet."

A voice on the building loud-speaker system said there was a fire in the building, but reports on that were sketchy as sirens blared throughout the building.

One official said there may have only been a fire alarm pulled. People were allowed into the building only to retrieve secure information.

Following the World Trade Center incident, a State Department official told CNN they will be involved in determining who carried out these attacks.

State Department officials sent cables U.S. embassies worldwide, advising representatives at each that they could decide their security posture and determine whether to remain open.
2001-09-11 12:35:30 PM  
Just got confirmation of Annon's submission, Downtown Dallas is being evacuated. Friend lives in Deep Ellum, was told to leave his home.
2001-09-11 12:36:17 PM  
Fox News : faa is concerned about two flights from europe that have pilots who have not responded to calls. They do not want to speculate the reason.
2001-09-11 12:36:17 PM

news story about news break down.
2001-09-11 12:37:10 PM  
Fox news - NORAD has control of all airborne craft now.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:37:35 PM  

All flights stopped nationwide
Posted: September 11, 2001

(CNN) -- All airports in the United States have been closed by order of the Federal Aviation Administration -- the first time in U.S. history that air traffic nationwide has been halted.

All international flights heading for the U.S. have been diverted to Canada, the FAA said.

The orders came after two separate airliners crashed into the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center Tuesday morning, collapsing them in clouds of smoke in what U.S. officials called "an apparent terrorist act."

Terror attacks hit United States

Another aircraft crashed at the Pentagon and part of that building collapsed.

And in another incident, an airliner crashed near Somerset, Pennsylvania, and police said initial reports indicated no survivors.

American Airlines said it had lost two planes in "tragic incidents" and United Airlines said one of its planes was the crash in Pennsylvania and another had also crashed, but would not say where.

United Airlines has grounded all of its flights worldwide.

A 9:45 a.m. EDT message from the FAA hotline in Atlanta, Georgia, said that all domestic flights en route to their destinations will be able to continue. The pilot and airline involved will make the decision on where they will land.

"This was a measure we took because we thought it was prudent," FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown said.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:39:08 PM  

World shock over U.S. attacks
Posted: September 11, 2001

People walk away from the World Trade Center as ash rains down.

LONDON, England -- World leaders have reacted with revulsion to the aircraft attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington. A sombre and visibly shaken British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the world's democracies must "fight this evil" perpetrated by suspected terrorists in the U.S..

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed deep sympathy to the people of the U.S. "in connection with this terrorist act, this terrible tragedy," the Kremlin quoted spokesman Alexei Gromov as saying.

Gromov said Putin had been informed immediately of the attacks, Reuters said.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat condemned the attack, saying he "sent his condolences and those of the Palestinian people to Bush and the American people."

EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten told Reuters."This is an act of war by madmen."

He compared the attack with that deployed by the Japanese at the U.S. naval base Pearl Harbor in 1941.

"It is the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor," he added.

"This is one of those few days in life that one can actually say will change everything."

NATO Secretary-General George Robertson called it an "intolerable aggression against democracy," Reuters reported.

French President Jacques Chirac, in a live televised address, condemned the attacks as "monstrous" and expressed his solidarity with the American people, The Associated Press reported.

"France has just learned of these monstrous attacks -- there is no other word for it -- that have hit America," Chirac said from Rennes, in the western region of Brittany.

Prime Minister Lionel Jospin talked of his "sadness and horror," before calling a security crisis meeting.

Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told Israel's Army Radio it was "simply a tragedy," Reuters reported.

"All I can say is I sympathise with the American people. We don't have any more details than what has been reported on CNN. It's simply a terrible thing."

Guy Verhofstadt, the prime minister of Belgium, which currently holds the chair of the EU, expressed "deep shock and dismay" on hearing of the attacks.

"On behalf of the European Union, [Verhofstadt and foreign minister Louis Michel] condemn in the strongest possible terms this type of cowardly attack on innocent civilians."

A spokesman for the German foreign ministry said: "The foreign minister is dismayed and shocked by the reports from New York."

The interior ministry said it had set up a cross-ministerial crisis committee but it was not immediately clear what steps would be taken to boost internal security, Reuters said.

The British prime minister cancelled the speech he was due to give at a meeting of the Transport and General Workers' Union in Brighton, southern England.

Blair described the plane attacks as the "most terrible and shocking events taking place in the United States of America."

He added: "I am afraid we can only imagine the terror and the carnage. Many, many innocent people will have lost their lives.

"I know you will join with me in sending our deepest condolences to President Bush and the people of the U.S."

He went on to describe mass terrorism as "the new evil in our world today."

Blair said these sort of attacks were "perpetrated by fanatics, utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life."

He added that the world's democracies must come together to "fight this evil and eradicate it from the world."

Blair will chair a meeting of the Cabinet's emergency security "Cobra" committee in No 10 Downing Street.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Britain would provide "whatever help we can" to the United States to catch the perpetrators of a series of apparent terrorist attacks.

Queen Elizabeth II sent a message of condolence expressing her "disbelief and total shock."
2001-09-11 12:40:44 PM  
09/11 12:19
U.S. Military on Highest, Act of War Alert, Fox News Says
By Rachel Katz

Washington, Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. military is at its highest possible alert, Fox News reported.

The Air Combat Command in Norfolk, Virginia, and other military agencies are at threat condition ``Delta,'' Fox News said. That is the level to which the U.S. military goes when it perceives an act of war, Fox News said.

(Fox News 9-11)
2001-09-11 12:41:06 PM  
Senator orrin hatch is on CNN (voice) right now. higher level authorities now strongly believe Osama bin Laden is responsible for this attack. information gathered by CIA/NSA lends credibility to this.

senator john mcCain is in WA (capitol hill)
on CNN now(voice) - he has not been informed yet as to whom is responsible for this.

these incidents constitute an act of WAR. Defcon threat assessment is still high.

no one is certain just who to declare war on though WAR is expected to be declared within 48 hours.

2001-09-11 12:41:12 PM  
Fox News says President Bush is in Shreveport, LA... I live in Shreveport
2001-09-11 12:42:47 PM  
Senatro Orrin Hatch just said "We will find out who is responsible and we will get the bastards"

NTSB is short staffed for Emergency Response Teams at this time.

2001-09-11 12:42:50 PM  
Can anyone confirm the following please?:

One of the downed planes came from Ireland, didn't respond to calls and got shot down.
2001-09-11 12:43:46 PM  
Bomb found and de-activated in Cleveland Federal building
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:44:50 PM  
Reuters: (my posting this is illegal. sorry.)

Disney closes Orlando parks because of U.S. attacks
Posted: September 11, 2001

MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday closed its theme parks and most other facilities in the Orlando area of Florida because of the attacks on U.S. targets in New York and Washington.

"In an abundance of caution, Walt Disney World resort has made the decision to close its theme parks, water parks, shopping, entertainment and recreation complexes," a Disney statement said.

Resort hotels would remain open, it said.

"In response to today's events in Washington, D.C., New York City and elsewhere, Walt Disney World is immediately taking steps to heighten security throughout its property," it said.

Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are among the Disney attractions that bring millions of tourists to central Florida each year.
2001-09-11 12:45:07 PM  
5 bombs total have been found cross country.
2001-09-11 12:46:12 PM  
where are you getting this bomb info? quote sources please
2001-09-11 12:46:16 PM  
2001-09-11 12:46:41 PM  
hearing rumors (rumors mind you) from the PEO C3S support center, which is staffed by people I work with, stating that troops are being deployed, but the purpose and location is not known
2001-09-11 12:47:06 PM  
TO: Fuzzymonkey, MmeM, Rage, Jl, RacerX, Bloodpulp, Obscene Pickle, Toriko and all other Farkers who answered my post regarding my daughter.

SHE IS SAFE!!!!! I thank you all for your hugs and prayers and support.

To all who have lost someone: I am sorry for your loss. Please keep your spirits up. Farkers really do care.

Love you all,

2001-09-11 12:49:11 PM  
AnnonMythra: Austin is not being evacuated, just secured.
2001-09-11 12:51:07 PM  
Sheriff's department has confirmed a bomb was found in the the guardian building - 500 Grsiwald downtown detroit. fire companies on the scene.
2001-09-11 12:51:45 PM  
Sources, people! we need sources!
2001-09-11 12:52:46 PM  
Not the whole city. Just the downtown buildings. The Bomb info came from a friend of mine that works in army intel at camp mabry
2001-09-11 12:53:38 PM  
Squinth, I am happy to hear about your daughter.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:54:07 PM  
Adjennin SOURCE!?!?!?!?!?!?

2001-09-11 12:55:57 PM  
KTRH News Radio (Houston ABC feed):

All federal offices here (including NASA Johnson Space Flight Center) closed. All Oil/Gas Corporations closed. Texas Air National Guard on alert.

Unconfirmed report that a passenger on United 93 (crashed in PA) barracaded in restroom and called out on his cell phone and reported a hijacking - there was then an explosion and the phone went dead.

We're expecting a FBI report about noon (CDT) - not sure if it's the local office or the National office. Will post further info.
2001-09-11 12:57:07 PM  
Canadian and Mexican borders closed.
-CBS News

Any confirmation on this?
2001-09-11 12:57:08 PM  
the sheriff's department
2001-09-11 12:58:06 PM  
Fox news - expecting an official FBI statement in a 'matter of minutes' as well the president from shreveport, also in 'a matter of minutes'
2001-09-11 12:58:14 PM  
President will make announcement in a feww minutes
Fox News
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 12:58:32 PM  

Taliban diplomat condemns attacks
September 11, 2001 Posted: 12:41 PM EDT (1641 GMT)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Afghanistan's Taliban ambassador to Pakistan has condemned the string of astonishing terrorist attacks on the United States.

"We want to tell the American children that Afghanistan feels your pain. We hope the courts find justice," Ambassador Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef said in Pakistan on Tuesday night after America was hit by a series of attacks that have been called the worst since Pearl Harbor.

U.S. President George W. Bush has said they were "terrorist attacks."

The Taliban has in the past angered the U.S. for giving sanctuary to wanted Saudi dissident Osama bin laden, described by Washington as "the world's most wanted terrorist."

Apart from the embassy bombings, U.S. officials also link bin Laden to last year's bombing of a U.S. navy ship in Yemen and with foiled plots in the United States and Jordan at the turn of the millennium.

The Taliban sprang from religious schools in Pakistan near the Afghan border and, with almost no military experience, swept from obscurity to their 1996 capture of the capital in only two years.

Beyond Pakistan, the Taliban have few friends.

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the only other countries to recognize the Taliban as the legal government, but they have not joined Pakistan in maintaining embassies in Kabul.
2001-09-11 12:58:37 PM  
Squinth, glad to hear that!
2001-09-11 12:59:29 PM  
Confirmed by ABC radio news (as I keyboard this):

Air Force One at Barksdale AFB, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA. - and its just taken off from Barksdale for an undisclosed location.
2001-09-11 12:59:36 PM  
ABC NEWS Radio: Air Force One has just left Shrieveport.
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-11 01:01:04 PM  
Adjennin- The Sherriff Channel? SNN? What we mean by source is: who were you listening to when you heard it. If you were listening to an employee of the Sheriff's department in person, that's fine, most of us imagine otherwise.
2001-09-11 01:02:01 PM  
Red Cross is asking for all NY State-certified psychological workers to please come to help at downtown centers.

NYC blood donation centers: click here.
2001-09-11 01:02:44 PM  
Undisclosed location: I can think of only two possiblities. Norad or area 51.
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