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3819 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2001 at 10:04 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-11 10:06:08 AM  
This is nuts. Now a trade center tower collapsed???
2001-09-11 10:07:15 AM  
I hope ben laden or whoever gets nuked.
2001-09-11 10:07:23 AM  
2001-09-11 10:07:23 AM  
The dust cloud has completely obscured the river. You can't see where the water ends and New York begins.
Witnesses are seeing people JUMPING from the Trade Center (CNN)!
2001-09-11 10:07:26 AM  
Did it actually collapse or just part of it?
2001-09-11 10:07:40 AM  
Confirmation please. Did the tower in fact collapse??
2001-09-11 10:07:47 AM  
2001-09-11 10:07:48 AM  
eggyolkenema, lets hope not.
2001-09-11 10:08:10 AM  
Yes, tower is gone!
2001-09-11 10:08:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-11 10:08:34 AM  
The tower went down like a demolition job. There is no evidence that any part of the tower that fell is still standing above the NY skyline.
2001-09-11 10:08:48 AM  
i know everyone hates laden, but why are people so quick to blame him straight away? i geuss it's the same with london and IRA
2001-09-11 10:08:52 AM  
Goodness I hope california is safe.. I don't think suburbia an hour south of L.A. will get attacked though.
2001-09-11 10:08:55 AM  
Time to justify the amount of money we spend on the military.
2001-09-11 10:09:04 AM  
If I wasn't at work, I'd be on IRC right now. I remember the frenzy on IRC after the Columbine incident.
2001-09-11 10:09:20 AM  
Was it properly evacuated before the collapse? (hopes it was).
2001-09-11 10:09:32 AM  
This makes me feel like not going to school.
2001-09-11 10:09:49 AM  
NYC has been declared a no fly zone. Being patroled now.
2001-09-11 10:09:55 AM  
BP- heard that the tower has indeed colasped
2001-09-11 10:10:05 AM  
Debaser - you mean - time to justify an increase to the amount of money we spend on the military
2001-09-11 10:10:22 AM  
I'm from montreal and I'm not going to school. There's a lot of palestinian/israli tension at my school.
2001-09-11 10:10:29 AM  
The really galling thing is the panic, confusion and interruption of comms, etc. is exactly what the bastard, waste-of-sperm, terrorists wanted.
2001-09-11 10:10:36 AM  
Things that seemed so important this morning suddenly don't seem as much so now. God bless those people in the Towers.
2001-09-11 10:10:59 AM  

2001-09-11 10:10:59 AM  
Spunky- everythings closed, one emergency access tunnel into manhattan
2001-09-11 10:10:59 AM  
for those of us not in NYC area - how many people work at the WTC?
2001-09-11 10:11:38 AM  
I'm the only person in #fark... ::whimper::
2001-09-11 10:11:45 AM  
Amen porkgod
2001-09-11 10:11:55 AM  
Not only do I hope the towers were evacuated, I hope the area SURROUNDING them was evacuated. Imagine the tons of debris that came down on the streets!
2001-09-11 10:12:01 AM  
2001-09-11 10:12:02 AM  
I'm serious. Who else is on our list of suspects? Let's throw some names out here.

Also. Is today the anniversary of something?
2001-09-11 10:12:02 AM  
is there any political/religious significance to september 11th? (like waco/oklahoma city were on same day)
2001-09-11 10:12:19 AM  
ALL Canadian planes going to the US have been grounded - CBC
2001-09-11 10:12:25 AM  
military planes circling washington
2001-09-11 10:12:37 AM  
They've closed ALL airports in US.
2001-09-11 10:12:56 AM  
I can't get into chatroom for some reason... I think it must be because my computer sucks right now.
2001-09-11 10:13:17 AM  
sortakindaofftopicI wonder if the people at that Big Brother show are being told of this... are any from nyc?
2001-09-11 10:13:18 AM  
Farker who reported Palestinian claim reported wrong, so kindly STFU about Palestinians.

This is bad enough without blaming the wrong group.
2001-09-11 10:13:47 AM  
Oh, boy. Let the armchair quarterbacking begin. I'm leaving pinning the nuke on the terrorist game up to the FBI, CIA, and NSA. They have more facts than we do.
2001-09-11 10:14:12 AM  
Explosion on Capitol Hill??
2001-09-11 10:14:16 AM  
Dare I say Bush is got them scrambling as we speak?

I for one am in favor (once blame is established) of an all out strike. Men, women, children. Empty the tubes.

2001-09-11 10:14:18 AM  
Shogo Yahgi: That was me. I just passed along what CNN said. Not everyone has access to news right now.
2001-09-11 10:14:41 AM  
any word on other buildings being destroyed by the falling building ?
2001-09-11 10:14:52 AM  
yeah, they have footage of it collapsing, it went down into a larger pile instead of just falling over fortuanately
2001-09-11 10:15:19 AM  
We HAVE become a target for other countries. We've been that way for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. It comes with being the last remaining superpower.
2001-09-11 10:15:19 AM  
One of the major building here at the fort, the RDEC building, just got closed.
2001-09-11 10:15:33 AM  
Neojesus.. I heard that too.. can't confirm
2001-09-11 10:15:35 AM  
today is 9/11... 911, get it? (shrug) Could be the Nvidia Detonator XP driver release.
2001-09-11 10:15:45 AM  
ok...posting here...Fox Reports an explosion at that capitol
2001-09-11 10:15:57 AM  
BigPeeler: It sounds like it's a Palestine group, at leasts that what's ABC is reporting. This may be there way of saying that we should not support Isreal.
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