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2001-09-10 11:42:04 PM  
For Sale: One used naval memorial bell. No Reserve.
A picture is worth a thousand words. I took the photo at the actual dedication ceremony myself. See Below.
2001-09-11 12:20:36 AM  
Half-assed attempt:

2001-09-11 12:38:53 AM  
2001-09-11 12:46:24 AM  
2001-09-11 12:49:02 AM  
2001-09-11 12:50:26 AM  
2001-09-11 12:51:59 AM  

"So that's where they went..."


2001-09-11 12:56:57 AM  
My army of bad photoshops will take over the world!!! Or at least one small third-world country.

2001-09-11 12:58:22 AM  

2001-09-11 01:03:51 AM  
2001-09-11 01:11:04 AM  
2001-09-11 01:13:07 AM  

a huge amount of credit goes to Plastic_Peso on this one.
2001-09-11 01:16:01 AM  
Maybe screwing with DNA ain't so bad...
2001-09-11 01:19:32 AM  

ho ho ho
2001-09-11 01:23:59 AM  
2001-09-11 01:25:06 AM  
2001-09-11 01:28:36 AM  
Mmmmmm Bunny Pancakes. Howdya know?
2001-09-11 01:35:02 AM  
2001-09-11 01:46:23 AM  
2001-09-11 01:54:03 AM  
Okay, this was spotted on the Paris runways recently.

2001-09-11 01:59:07 AM  
2001-09-11 02:01:16 AM  
2001-09-11 02:03:17 AM  
2001-09-11 02:05:36 AM  
The President unveils the new and improved Gallagher!

Forgot to check the photoshop box in the above post...
2001-09-11 02:07:41 AM  
2001-09-11 02:11:09 AM  
2001-09-11 02:12:29 AM  
2001-09-11 02:14:37 AM  
Help me Obi-... Damn, wrong number!
2001-09-11 02:15:55 AM  
2001-09-11 02:20:50 AM  
Moments after President Bush unveiled the USS Pollutionation
at the 1st International Pollution Forum, Godzilla went on
a rampage, destroying most of downtown Washington DC before
dissapearing again into the Atlantic Ocean.
2001-09-11 02:25:23 AM  
2001-09-11 02:30:15 AM  

I swear to God, If I dont hit the Photoshop/voting button this time I'll kill myself.
2001-09-11 02:31:50 AM  
2001-09-11 02:32:26 AM  
2001-09-11 02:35:32 AM  
2001-09-11 02:35:40 AM  
And for my finale.......

2001-09-11 02:37:40 AM  
Oook. Aussie for once. And in time for me to get something done. I had to rush a bit though... :)

2001-09-11 02:39:38 AM  
I'm very excited (and not a little nervous) to post my very first photoshop job.

2001-09-11 02:54:02 AM  
2001-09-11 03:02:28 AM  
No ma, They threw it out for a reason.
2001-09-11 03:22:13 AM  
I know it ruins the suprise, but I just had to show you what I got you!
2001-09-11 05:22:14 AM  
2001-09-11 07:10:06 AM  
Noone going to see this anyway, but what the hell.
Tadao - it's a crime that the Princess Leia hasn't got more votes. You should all be ashamed.
2001-09-11 09:55:08 AM  
2001-09-11 10:34:23 AM  
2001-09-11 08:31:11 PM  

2001-09-12 03:43:07 AM  

Sorry its off topic and truly tasteless, but we couldnt help ourselves
2001-09-12 03:44:55 AM  

Hopefully this works
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