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(CorporateMofo)   A Trip Down Memory Lane with Faith No More   ( divider line
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9731 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2003 at 11:24 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-23 05:42:39 PM  
Patton is great, I'm heading up to Canada to see the Fantamos show at victoriaville.

On a side note, Phish sux. =) kidding, Phish isn't that bad I'm just teasing them for the Westin fire.
2003-02-23 08:34:04 PM  
I saw Faith No More in concert. The show was Soundgarden, Faith No More, Queensryche, and Metallica. Faith sucked, Queens sucked, Metallica was good, Soundgarden was mindblowing. This was pre-Superunkown. When Soundgarden was at their best.

If anyone is starting a religon where Chris Cornell is the messiah, I might join.
2003-02-23 11:30:39 PM  
I had no idea that song was about trying to suck your own peener.
2003-02-23 11:31:35 PM  
For once, I can't get that tune in my head.
2003-02-23 11:32:00 PM  
I have no idea why this was posted on fark...but I will not complain. Patton is my favorite musician ever. Faith No More is my favorite band. Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Lovage, Peeping Tom, Maldoror, etc. all rule.
2003-02-23 11:32:02 PM  
Queensryche rules. Chris Cornell blows now. Faith has always sucked, and no comment on Metalliwhores.
2003-02-23 11:32:23 PM  

now i must find a tall building to jump off of
2003-02-23 11:33:09 PM  
You want it all, but you can't have it, brother.
2003-02-23 11:33:24 PM  
im glad that someone who proclaims Queensryche as ruling isnt a FNM fan.
2003-02-23 11:34:16 PM  
faith no more wasn't that bad, but i hardly see how their recorded output warrants a greatest hits compilation.
2003-02-23 11:34:55 PM  
Needs more cowbell.
2003-02-23 11:35:10 PM  
Memepool style multi-crap-links must die!

Seriously, cut to the chase. This webstyle is an abomination, an abomination I tell you, and must be nipped in the bud before it spreads!
2003-02-23 11:35:35 PM  
Operation: Mindcrime, quite possibly one of the best albums of its time.

And Faith No More SUCKS. They had one damn song that was even remotely worth listening to, and even IT sucks!
2003-02-23 11:35:42 PM  
I thought "Epic" was about rain.

2003-02-23 11:36:09 PM  
I saw them in 92 at the Orange Bowl, they opened for Metalica and Guns N Roses. They rocked.
2003-02-23 11:37:25 PM  

he really does rule....

and as if FNM sucked....epic sucked.

and whats with the second greatest hits cd, stupid record companies.
2003-02-23 11:38:08 PM  
Queensryche, Isnt that a Pro-Homosexual movement?

Queens Rights?

That would certainly explain why they SUCK so much!
2003-02-23 11:38:12 PM  

The OZ finale sucked. But then again, OZ always had some suckin in each episode.
2003-02-23 11:38:15 PM  
if you've heard Cornell's latest stuff, he might just start that religion himself.
I was never a big fan of FNM, but I've liked what I've heard from Patton since then. He's original, that's for sure.
2003-02-23 11:38:33 PM  
Everyone knows Epic and seems to think that, that is a good idea of FNM's music. Faith No More wasnt truely Faith No More until Angel Dust, when Patton had taken over completely as the frontman.

Most of The Real Thing was written before Patton joined.
2003-02-23 11:38:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 11:38:45 PM  
This "trip down memory lane" barely mentions the music. I'd rather read about the band than some random guy missing a show. I'm glad they mentioned Jim Martin getting fired though.
2003-02-23 11:41:16 PM  
This reminds me of a column I wrote on my site (link notably absent!) about my first ska CD I bought. Except my column ruled and this sucked.
2003-02-23 11:42:11 PM  
Ascicles: im glad that someone who proclaims Queensryche as ruling isnt a FNM fan.

Queensryche AND FNM rule in my opinion. So there.

And I would so hit Chris Cornell ...
2003-02-23 11:42:53 PM  

Trez... FNM had some awesome songs: See "Evidence", "Falling to pieces", "epic", "from out of nowhere", "underwater love", "collision", "Stripsearch", "digging the grave", "midnight cowboy", "A small victory", "everything's ruined", "midlife crisis", and "caffiene".

These are simply a few of my favorite FNM tracks. If you had to get any FNM Disc, get Angeldust.

2003-02-23 11:44:23 PM  
Angel Dust is better than most bands entire collection.
2003-02-23 11:46:43 PM  
I'm also working on a video collection of Mike Patton performances. If you have any Fantomas, Bungle, FNM, Tomohawk, etc. video files, let me know (with an email).
2003-02-23 11:48:23 PM  
Mofostudio if you ever finish it and post it let me know! Just drop a line somehow in the fark boards. Do NOT FORGET Footage of LOVAGE! That was one funny ass show.
2003-02-23 11:49:56 PM  
i may have only been 17 when the real thing came out, but i don't remember most of those songs being "hits".
2003-02-23 11:50:02 PM  
"Can I get a transfer man?
95 CENTS???
fark you, I'll skate to the beach!
And I'll look better getting there!"
2003-02-23 11:50:19 PM  
Valdemiro-- Right now I have a few early FNM concerts and an appearance on SNL, alot of Mr. Bungle and very little Fantomas. That's about it... I need more!! Patton is a nut on stage. He's a very captivating performer.
2003-02-23 11:50:38 PM  

Bunlge till I die....
2003-02-23 11:50:59 PM  
FNM had a good bass player...and that's about it. Queensryche was better in every category: guitar, VOCALS, drums, bass, and intelligent songwriting.
2003-02-23 11:51:02 PM  
the real thing is one of the greatest metal albums

at least they never used pyro when they played clubs
2003-02-23 11:51:18 PM  
Ah, the days before good metal was forced underground, wish I had been paying attention then.

//goes back to listening to Symphony X
2003-02-23 11:51:57 PM  
I saw Fantomas with Tool and wasn't overly impressed with Mike's new project, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Fantomas and Mr. Bungle are just a little too out there for me.

However, I'll always be a huge FNM fan and I think Lovage is the ticket for smoove lovin.

Rock Hudson, Rock!
2003-02-23 11:53:27 PM  
The video for "Midlife Crisis" was cool with the white horses attempting to pull the guy apart...or maybe I'm just strange...
2003-02-23 11:54:31 PM  
I've seen Patton live twice (Both with Bungle) and to be honest, I didn't really "get" the music at first. I'd known about him from FNM and loved that stuff, but Bungle was too weird for me. But I saw him play live and I was blown away.
2003-02-23 11:55:04 PM  
StopMakingSense. I saw Tool with Fantomas at Madison Square Garden and let me tell you THAT was a farce of the show. Half of the audience just wanted Tool and wasn't really there for patton. The sound was awful, Fantamos andmost of Patton's new shows need to be seen in a SMALL area. They just aren't meant to be a stadium band. Its more fun when Patton can run through the crowd or at least get them pumped through his antics. My favorite was when Lovage was around and he fed ladies chocolate from his mouth.
2003-02-23 11:55:16 PM  
i agree with whoever that guy was that said if you get one album get angel dust. that album is mind blowing. there is absoloutley no filler on that album, every song is f\/cken amazing. kindergarten and RV being my 2 favorites.
2003-02-23 11:55:45 PM  

I was at that same show. That was the one where Axl was ripping on Courtney Love and Kobain.
2003-02-23 11:56:43 PM  
I agree that Angel Dust is their best. I don't know what's different from this Greatest Hits cd from the last one but the first one was very nicely put together. Who else can cover the Bee Gees and make it sound awesome?
2003-02-23 11:56:50 PM  
Thanks Embryo66... RV is so hickishly-hilarious!
2003-02-23 11:58:29 PM  
mr. bungle is/was okay, but for that type of thing i prefer to go straight to the source and put on torture garden by naked city.

one of my favorite records of all time, but i don't wonder anymore why my friends hated me for playing it constantly.
2003-02-24 12:00:52 AM  
OMG Faith No More! Good band, dammit I feel old.
2003-02-24 12:02:14 AM  
I was not a fan, but Angel Dust wasn't completely horrible and their cover version of the theme to "Midnight Cowboy" is unbelievably great.

In fact, now that I think about it, I only liked their 'ironic' cover versions: "Easy", "Midnight Cowboy", "This Guy's in Love With You" and even the Bee Gees' "I Started A Joke."
2003-02-24 12:05:26 AM  
Saw them open for Billy Idol in the late 80's. To me it was a Faith No More show... with Billy Idol closing.
2003-02-24 12:09:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I thought the headline said a trip down mammary lane.
2003-02-24 12:10:18 AM  
it wasn't even a goldfish in the video. dork.
2003-02-24 12:10:58 AM  
Trez you know bugger all about Mr Bungle. Torture Garden is SLIGHTLY like Disco Volante, but nothing like either Mr Bungle self-titled or California.
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