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(   Dan Rather encounters U.S. Army soldier in Kuwait who tried to steal his car in Texas 12 years ago   ( divider line 114
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2003-02-22 08:37:31 PM  
"Now son. I think you might be heading in the wrong direction in life. Its much better to kill foreign nationals then steal my car. I think you should join the army"
2003-02-22 08:41:46 PM  
Uncle Rather wants you.
2003-02-22 09:05:31 PM  
Why does all the wierd stuff happen to Rather? I think he must be an inter-dimensional-trans-para-looney-frequency vortex of some sort.
2003-02-22 09:26:20 PM  
Wonder if Rather checked to see if he still had his wallet after the inverview..
2003-02-22 09:39:40 PM  
What's the frequency, car jacker?
2003-02-22 09:57:06 PM  
What are the chances? It sounds like it may have been a set-up, actually. Oh, the chances of this thief coincidentally being there are pretty low too, but still....
2003-02-22 09:58:33 PM  
2003-02-22 10:02:09 PM  
I saw this story on the local news bacause it happened in Fort Worth where I live.
2003-02-22 10:22:02 PM  
He's been hypmotized!
2003-02-22 10:23:33 PM  
Dan Rather. How the man makes me laugh. He's the TV version of Casey Kasem.
2003-02-22 10:28:34 PM  
From people who kill people for a living. Gee, whoda thunk it?
2003-02-22 10:28:50 PM  
Cscx: What? He's got a face made for radio?
2003-02-22 10:29:25 PM  
2003-02-22 10:29:26 PM  
He's a putz.

Everyone in the media are putzes. They're all farking morons that only tell you what they want you to hear so they can shape public opinion any which way they want in order to boost their own ratings.
2003-02-22 10:30:10 PM  
2003-02-22 10:30:27 PM  
Soldier-boy is doing great in the military, he was even able to skip the class in how to hot-wire a helicopter!
2003-02-22 10:31:04 PM  
Boy i can rest easy now knowing our country is in good hands against terrorism if we had more car jackers in the military service there wouldnt be any terrorist at all.
2003-02-22 10:31:30 PM  
Boy, that story isn't short on details, is it?
2003-02-22 10:35:44 PM  
2003-02-22 10:36:01 PM  
Collywobbles Nice! and subtle. I was just going to say "Whats the frequency, Kenneth"
2003-02-22 10:36:46 PM  

I wanted to make some reference to that but
you beat me to it, and yours was better.
2003-02-22 10:36:46 PM  
2003-02-22 10:37:38 PM  
Just caught Solarismarketing's post too. ALso nice :)
2003-02-22 10:39:20 PM  
Oh and Collywobbles too... and GorjiraXP...I'm slow...
2003-02-22 10:41:44 PM  

is getting old.
2003-02-22 10:42:19 PM  
What Is the Frequency, Kenneth?
2003-02-22 10:42:41 PM  
"They're all farking morons that only tell you what they want you to hear so they can shape public opinion any which way they want in order to boost their own ratings."

Well, it seems to work... doesn't that mean the general are farking morons, and they are geniuses?
2003-02-22 10:43:19 PM  
Does this have anything to do with Rather's Canadianesque?
2003-02-22 10:43:58 PM  
That isn't getting old it is just getting started.. meet the new cliche baby.
2003-02-22 10:44:08 PM  

was old before it started.

I feel so bad for doing that. I'm going to go take seven minutes off my life, support terrorism, kill everyone around me, and whatever else calls it.
2003-02-22 10:48:17 PM  
Who is
2003-02-22 10:48:28 PM  
dan rather tried to buy me a drink in a pissy little bar one night and i said i'd RATHER not real loud and obnoxious like and there was much a-snickerin all around us see and he ran out cryin but i caught up with him in the parkin lot and he was so turned on we blew five g on coke w00t!
2003-02-22 10:48:48 PM  
"now you're a nice young negro, you wanna lift boxes or kill people for my rich librul ass?
2003-02-22 10:50:03 PM  
Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!

oh well
2003-02-22 10:50:08 PM  
I believe that is Drew's little brother
2003-02-22 10:52:45 PM  

2003-02-22 10:57:20 PM  
Help, this little fella keeps compelling me to rock with his hand signals!!!!

2003-02-22 10:59:00 PM  
Refresh my memory, for I am young and innocent yet virile. What was the "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" reference?
2003-02-22 11:01:39 PM  
That's Drew's little brother??
2003-02-22 11:01:46 PM  
Brian_cordell: check the link in Otis_my_man's post above. It explains everything.
2003-02-22 11:01:57 PM  

2003-02-22 11:05:22 PM  
It's what Dan's would-be assassassinnnn said when he didn't kill him, i think. and stipey wrote a song, then. but river still died. and that's the way it was.....
2003-02-22 11:08:17 PM  
Hey, have any of you guys ever seen this:

2003-02-22 11:09:08 PM  

2003-02-22 11:09:52 PM  
2003-02-22 11:09:59 PM  

Brokaw Kicks Ass
2003-02-22 11:10:02 PM  
he kind of looks like me, cept miniature
2003-02-22 11:10:29 PM  
2003-02-22 11:10:52 PM  
I liked the quizzical dog better than I like

Anybody have a link to the quizzical dog?
2003-02-22 11:11:02 PM  
You people all farking suck.
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