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(Some Guy) Boobies And he spoke unto them: "Go forth and see the not safe for work Tia Carrere pictures. Duke sucks."   ( divider line 170
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83226 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2003 at 8:20 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-22 07:25:22 PM  
"In the bible, cause thats where its written. 'If ye loveth Jesus, ye must kill a kitten!'" -Stephen Lynch
2003-02-22 08:10:15 PM  
Thank you God
2003-02-22 08:10:26 PM  
speaking of Duke, where'd that link to the transplant story go?
2003-02-22 08:11:38 PM  
Damn artsy pictures. Make like CNN and show some bush, motherfarkers!
2003-02-22 08:21:14 PM  
Goddammit, stop making those farking duke references.

All of you!
2003-02-22 08:24:44 PM  
Yes, I agree. Dear god, we know that some of you hate Duke already. WE DON'T CARE! REALLY!
2003-02-22 08:25:43 PM  
I'd nail it in the duke-y hole.
2003-02-22 08:25:44 PM  
Bout time she got nude.
I'm off to murder some kittens.
Not cause she is sexy, mind you...but cause i like to listen to them die.


2003-02-22 08:26:07 PM  
Why, Duke does suck. where just stating the truth
2003-02-22 08:26:12 PM  
i click the link, no picture. so click again following the instruction. still no picture. where are the boobies direct link at? submitter sucks.
2003-02-22 08:26:14 PM  
"Goddammit, stop making those farking duke references."


Stanford sucks?
2003-02-22 08:26:51 PM  
I agree Tlink

Can people not think for themselves? Try to be original people. Or better yet, don't try anything at all. Keep your lame unoriginal comments to yourselves...

Mr Mephisto

...France surrenders!
2003-02-22 08:26:58 PM  
Playboy is way too artsy. Hotter poses would be welcome. Oh and less airbrushing--she looks like a cartoon.

That having been said, I would Pearl Harbor it!
2003-02-22 08:27:00 PM  
It's completely unnecessary and obvious for me or anyone else to bother saying that they'd hit it. Not that it's gonna stop me.

I'd hit it!
2003-02-22 08:27:38 PM  
You guys kick ass! You're double life Gonzo, intensity in ten cities, live at bouttacot! You know if you guys got a break you could really make it!

(fap fap)
2003-02-22 08:28:02 PM  
When was there doubt that Duke sucked? Why do you need to remind us of such an obvious fact?
2003-02-22 08:28:09 PM  
2003-02-22 08:28:28 PM  
Shwing! If she were a president she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln!

...she will be mine. Oh, yes...she will be mine.

/had to do it.
2003-02-22 08:29:00 PM  
those pics are horrible, god damn Play Boy and their overused airbrushing, could they just lay off of it for just one god dammed minute? It doesn't even look like her anymore for christ's sake.
2003-02-22 08:29:01 PM  

Just use your penis like a divining rod to point you to the right links. It worked for me.
2003-02-22 08:29:16 PM  
2003-02-22 08:29:28 PM  
Like I said in the other post:
The site is kinda weird, they have this picture.
2003-02-22 08:29:29 PM  
weird... was here, then gone, now back again.
2003-02-22 08:29:30 PM  
Nebraska sucks.
2003-02-22 08:29:39 PM  
For a change of pace... Yesno0001 DOESN'T suck.
2003-02-22 08:30:49 PM  
I assume the moderator pulled the transplant news article because of what appeared to be a very tacky and tasteless medical ad next to it, captioned "Chest Nurning Inside?".
2003-02-22 08:30:53 PM  
"...unecessary for me or anyone else to bother..."

I'd get inquisition style on her ass!
2003-02-22 08:31:19 PM  
Babe-o-rama. I would bump it like their was no tomorrow.
2003-02-22 08:31:48 PM  
"Botched transplant victim pronounced brain dead

Still there. The second one was a dupe.
2003-02-22 08:32:02 PM  
Zagadka: Huh?
2003-02-22 08:32:06 PM  
Nurning = Burning
2003-02-22 08:33:10 PM  
2003-02-22 08:33:25 PM  
2003-02-22 08:34:30 PM  
The pictures are HOT!! Although few... What is Duke?
2003-02-22 08:35:28 PM  
I'd hit till it split.
2003-02-22 08:36:06 PM  
I would hit it even if she was named Duke.

I really hope that she sucks and swallows!
2003-02-22 08:36:34 PM  
2003-02-22 08:36:37 PM  
Dude, Wayne's gunna be pissed...
2003-02-22 08:36:59 PM  
I agree that Playboy sucks with their artsy photography. Just one clear shot of the boobies, that's all we want.
2003-02-22 08:37:33 PM  
2003-02-22 08:38:22 PM  
Maybe Hugh should just fill his megazine with pictures of Barbie dolls because that's about the same level of realism the pictures have after Viagra Boy gets through with them.
2003-02-22 08:38:35 PM  
Cursed HTML:

2003-02-22 08:39:20 PM  
Creed sucks.
2003-02-22 08:40:33 PM  
that poor poor kitten
2003-02-22 08:41:16 PM  


"And I quote the bible 'cause that's where it's written
If ye loveth Jesus ye must kill a kitten"
2003-02-22 08:42:16 PM  
The photographer did a great job of making those sepia images appear to be computer-generated.

Doesn't really look like her, somehow.

2003-02-22 08:44:28 PM  
2003-02-22 08:47:09 PM  
Everybody was Kung-Fu fapping.
2003-02-22 08:49:23 PM  
Is it just me, or is this rash of new "I'd **** it." pictures highly annoying?
FNG [TotalFark]
2003-02-22 08:50:27 PM  
on the contrary, I love all the new "I'd hit it" pics. keep 'em coming photoshoppers!

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