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(Yahoo)   Macy's to launch Eminem clothing line; "Logic dictates this will be a very big business"   ( divider line
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5707 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2003 at 12:44 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-22 07:42:51 PM  
Common sense dictates there are plenty of morons out there.
2003-02-22 09:57:27 PM  
Do alot of Eminem fans shop at Macy's? I guess they do. Or at least, their mommies do and can buy the clothes for them. Angry white suburban rap fans rejoice!
2003-02-22 10:35:07 PM  
The only clothes I've ever seen Eminem pictured in are t-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. But I suspect that there are a lot of idiots willing to pay $40.00 for an oversized white t-shirt. His clothing line will be flying off the shelves in all its icy hotness.
[image from too old to be available]
Be sure to stop by Macy's jewelry department on your wat out for all your bling bling needs.
2003-02-22 10:35:51 PM  
wat = way
2003-02-23 12:27:33 AM  
Bullet holes in the shirt would be a nice touch.
2003-02-23 12:48:29 AM  
Comfortable clothing to wear while beating the shiat out of your biatch.
2003-02-23 12:51:30 AM  
I know that I will be first in line to buy, right after my lobotomy and someone shoves a red hot poker in my ass.
2003-02-23 12:52:00 AM  
if he sticks to his 8 mile roots, i have only two words: Value Village.
2003-02-23 12:52:05 AM  
They should include blood packets, to go along with those bullet holes, just incase you really want to play dead.
2003-02-23 12:54:12 AM  
Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy and a multitude of other artists have had clothing lines and they have all SUCKED. Who pays 200 bucks for a pair of short shorts? Or better yet a pair of sweatpants?

I am sure Eminem's line will be no better.
2003-02-23 12:54:47 AM  
Eminem is a fag
2003-02-23 01:01:27 AM  
The only problem with this line is the people who buy it.
2003-02-23 01:03:19 AM  

If Macy's want to sell a lot of his clothing to his core fan base, they'll have to start accepting food stamps and welfare checks.

"For every Eminem clothing item you buy, you qualify to win a year's supply of gubmint cheese !"

2003-02-23 01:04:37 AM  
Werd, yo. Knowhatimsayin.
2003-02-23 01:05:52 AM  

I hope Triumph the insult comic dog poops all over the Eminem clothes at Macys.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-23 01:07:59 AM  

Your kidding right?

His fan base, as in more than 70 percent of those who buy hip hop and rap music are middle class (surburban) white boys. Just have to go to one of his shows to see that. I don't think any of them will be hanging around Macy's with food stamps.
2003-02-23 01:08:25 AM  
Hmmmm, I don't think they have a candy shell in my size.
2003-02-23 01:09:00 AM  
Wow Sudie, that pic looks JUST like my middle son! I have to hand it the M boy, he raised himself up from the bottom. Though I don't always appreciate his anger, I repect the hell out of his accomplishment.
2003-02-23 01:09:54 AM  
I think this is grounds, in grand Detroit tradition, of torching a Macy's on Devil's Night.

Or any night, for that matter.
2003-02-23 01:11:14 AM  
Oh, and Levi's and Wranglers are just so much better.
Wait, dont forget American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch! Those styles r0x0rz!
2003-02-23 01:11:46 AM  
It's as if all the 1976 Buicks in the world, suddenly stopped running at the same time.

Odd indeed.
2003-02-23 01:13:03 AM  
Jesus. Who let the KKK out? "Food Stamps and welfare checks"
"Value village" Come on, people. One of the reasons that I like this site is because its free of that stupid schite.

Although I must admit, I think this is pretty dumb too. who in there right mind would pay like $200 for a sweatshirt, when you can get one for less than $20 at Wal-Mart?
2003-02-23 01:15:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
And the Douchebag Of The Year award goes to...
2003-02-23 01:15:55 AM  
eminem eats poop.
2003-02-23 01:17:34 AM  
I only buy Juggalo attire.

ICP > feminem
2003-02-23 01:17:42 AM  
Is it just me, or does he look sort of like a blonde PeeWee Herman?
2003-02-23 01:17:47 AM  
Heh apparently too many people would pay that much for a sweatshirt.

I took my 13 year old brother clothes shopping for his birthday. I figured I would be spending about 200-300 bucks on his wardrobe. Like maybe a pair of sneakers, a new coat and some pants and shirts.

Well he wanted a pair of sneakers. They were almost a hundred bucks. Umm I don't think so. And there was this outfit he was looking at in one store. It was nice but not worth the almost 250 dollar price tag it was carrying. Thank god my lil brother has more sensability (or just knew there was no way in hell I was spending that kind of loot) than other people at the store. He ended up scoping out sales and not caring as much about the elitist shiat. A pair of jeans for 100 bucks? I don't get it.

But there were other people in the store who were more than happy to shell out 4000 dollars for a purse. I don't get it. Must be about status or something.
2003-02-23 01:18:50 AM  
Will it include this shirt?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 01:20:19 AM  
Federated brought Jennifer Lopez's J. Lo skimpy, belly-baring teen clothing line to its stores in late 2001. But the popstar power hasn't helped the company recover from floundering sales

In other news, Macy's 16-year old marketing director was fired due to record sales losses.
2003-02-23 01:20:25 AM  
His own cologne?? How about *Eau de Honkyboy Buttfunk*?

Which mastermind of marketing came up with this little jewel encrusted idea? Just what you want in your store...a bunch of scumbucket pierced-up shiatbags hanging around driving the customers who actually have money over to the J. C. Penney to shop.
2003-02-23 01:21:00 AM  
This sounds like it would go better in a place with a more gun-related name, like Target.
2003-02-23 01:21:43 AM  
"Jesus. Who let the KKK out? "Food Stamps and welfare checks""

So mentioning welfare checks, ect. is = to KKK ? Must be the same person who also believes protesting against war is equal to supporting Saddam. WRONG CONCLUSION ! I mentioned those because Eminem want to keep it real. Do you think for a moment he want to admit hus fanbase is mainly suburban attractive and successful Caucasian-Americans ? What race is his bodyguards ? His producer ? Black. So it goes.

2003-02-23 01:23:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
When do they get their own clothing line?
2003-02-23 01:26:01 AM  
This is far too tame. Somebody kick France. I'll pile on.
2003-02-23 01:28:22 AM  

Actually Eminem makes it more than a point to make it clear who his fan base is. All you have to do is listen to his songs. Which most people don't do and judge anyway.

After his first album came out he did this whole tour in surburbia and he still does now. Publicly he has claimed that the thing he loves the most about his career, besides all the money and fame, is the fact that he knows it isn't just the typical ghetto kids he is attracting. He has been quoted on more than one occasion to saying that he wants White America to be listening to him. And he is pretty vocal about it. So much so it has hit many sore spots with the public. Both the black and white public.

I am not that big a fan of his. For I have some serious issues with some of his anger issues but I don't think the guy is stupid enough to alienate his fans.
2003-02-23 01:30:30 AM  
Man. Eminem was cool. .Still makes half decent music.
2003-02-23 01:33:36 AM  
I bet Moby could kick his ass.
2003-02-23 01:44:06 AM  
His main consumers...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 01:44:12 AM  
Skinink, I feel that those remarks are rather racist, or at the very least rude and highly insensitive. Ok, so maybe you were talking more about low class "White trash," but that is still rude and elitist. Then the word "whigger." That really and truly is racist. You really need to use your brain befor you open your mouth (or in this case type something.)

And, SunnyGirl, I know people spend that kind of money on that kind of schite. It is just beyond me. More then $150 for a pair of shoes, etc. And they're frkking ugly ass shoes to boot. That kind of nonesense is why there are problems in this country today. And it's just getting worse.
2003-02-23 01:44:29 AM  
Will the clothes come with constipation pills so you can get that ruff thug grimace?

Why rappers gots ta roll looking all pissed off, yo? Smile! :)

Busta and Redman smile, you can too!

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 01:48:55 AM  
I farked yo mama - I find that name you are using to be racist, rude, and highly insensitive.
2003-02-23 01:50:28 AM  
Recipe for success:

1) Take $10 jeans and $5 shirts
2) Print star's name on it
3) Boast of star's involvement in selecting the material and quality
4) Sell everything for $30 a piece
5) Be surprised when people figure out that the clothes are just like any other clothes
6) Fire people to compensate
2003-02-23 01:54:03 AM  
Can't wait for my very own Marshall Mathers baby blue velour jogging suit.
2003-02-23 01:57:31 AM  
Andonbray: Zing! :)

$110 gets you the icy-hot Escalade of basketball shoes:
[image from too old to be available]

Shiny anime hero boots slightly less:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 01:58:10 AM  
he sucks, shiat music
2003-02-23 01:58:26 AM  
I think it will work. And as for Eminem, I don't like the content of most of his music, but I think he is quite a clever and skilled musician and self-PR manager. He knows that his primary audience is suburban white kids, and adjusts his image accordingly. Quite the shrewd strategy in this day and age...
2003-02-23 02:01:41 AM  
Don't you have to have caps busted in your ass to wear rapper clothes ?
2003-02-23 02:01:48 AM  
Yep. White kids will eat it up.
2003-02-23 02:05:42 AM  
I'm probably being shortsighted and prejudiced or whatever:

When I see someone dressed in those kinds of clothes, I can't help but think, "There's a person who probably can't accomplish anything."
2003-02-23 02:09:17 AM  
Wigger Wear
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