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(Yahoo)   Restaurant owner to Val Kilmer: "I'm sorry, I thought you were Guy Pearce"   ( divider line
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10396 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2003 at 4:13 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-22 02:26:29 PM  
I'd rather be drinking.
2003-02-22 03:40:16 PM  
I don't doubt that Kilmer's a jerk on and off the set, that always seems to be the prevailing buzz, but this story sounds like somebody took some liberties. Anytime we get actual dialogue in a story that's already been passed down a few times before it gets to the "journalist", it's quite dubious.

Meanwhile, somewhere Guy Pearce is sitting at a good table in a good restaurant being thankful he's not Val Kilmer.
2003-02-22 04:15:19 PM  
I can't blame him... they do look similar.
2003-02-22 04:18:59 PM  
Later that day, Kilmer's handlers called the manager and said that Val made a mistake. He only wanted to leave a $20 tip, not a $50 one, and that someone will come by soon to collect the remaining $30. The poor manager had to go back to the busboy, cook and waiter and ask them to each fork over $10 to give back

That sucks...
2003-02-22 04:19:04 PM  
2003-02-22 04:19:39 PM  
hahah that's funny shiat. the manager should've just shut the fark up when he got that $50. damn, identifying wrong person.
2003-02-22 04:20:28 PM  
Don't knock Val. He was really good in Memento.
2003-02-22 04:20:33 PM  
2003-02-22 04:20:37 PM  
seems like
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 04:21:40 PM  
That â€" was an â€" interestingly written â€" articleâ€" .
2003-02-22 04:21:47 PM  
I just find it funny that Joel Schmacker (sp?) said Val Kilmer was the one actor he thought would flip out on set and kill everyone.
2003-02-22 04:21:50 PM  
I hate Val Kilmer, and this just proves that he is a big douche.
2003-02-22 04:22:51 PM  
Later that day, Kilmer's handlers called the manager and said that Val made a mistake. He only wanted to leave a $20 tip, not a $50 one, and that someone will come by soon to collect the remaining $30. The poor manager had to go back to the busboy, cook and waiter and ask them to each fork over $10 to give back

I call BS. Two cases:
a) He put it on a credit card. No one would collect the remaining $30 in cash, he'd just get credit and dispute the charges.
b) He paid in cash. Then how the fark could he say he didn't mean to leave $50 and only notice it when he got home?
2003-02-22 04:23:39 PM  
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA... damn! That guy's a prick! He took the money back! YES! They should have given him the money back in pesos.

Val's last big movie was, what? The Doors? Some cartoon voice? What a loser. I hope he reads this.

VAL! You're a LOSER! Stop picking on those more successful than you, LOSER. Guy Pearce should sue for defamation (and bloating) of character.

I hope that manager puts that picture up in his restaurant with a big red sign that reads "LOSER" over it.

Damn you, Val Kilmer. Damn you right to hell. Not even the faded glory of Doc Holliday can save you now. Bastard.
2003-02-22 04:23:57 PM  
I think Val Kilmer has made some good movies taht I like to watch. Whether or not he is an asshole is entirely irrelvant.
2003-02-22 04:24:14 PM  
Man, I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks they look and sound alike.

2003-02-22 04:24:19 PM  
Wow, a hollywood star acting like a complete asshat? Why am I not surprised.
2003-02-22 04:24:32 PM  
I'm pretty sure Val is known as a complete asshole.
2003-02-22 04:25:23 PM  
I think BoneStorm is a loser. He thinks Val Kilmer would A) Read Fark. B) Care what some stupid asshole on the internet thinks of him.
2003-02-22 04:26:30 PM  
You would be suprised.. it happens.
I work at a pizza place, and we had a call the other night. "Uhh... i gave the delivery guy a 50 and told him to keep the change. i thought it was a 20."
Well, our delivery guy came back talking about the 35 dollar tip he had just got. then the manager told him he had to bring it back.
Note to everyone. If you ever over tip, your money is gone. dont ask for it back, or we will remember your address and you will never get food again.
2003-02-22 04:26:38 PM  
Source: Star Magazine.

Great, at least the waiter didn't confuse Val Kilmer with Batboy or an 80 pound cat. Hooray for Fark's journalistic integrity!
2003-02-22 04:27:04 PM  
Making a movie? I thought he was taking Morrison's place in The Doors. "Where do we go to/Now that we died?"
2003-02-22 04:27:36 PM  
That was in response to optic eye, by the way.
2003-02-22 04:27:50 PM  
C'mon, give the manager a break... If Val was in full makeup, how can you really tell the difference?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 04:28:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The above example is in response to repeated e-mail about this soft appearing large protrusion on the elbow of actor Val Kilmer. While it is covered in dark makeup in this scene, it can also be seen elsewhere in "Heat" and in other Kilmer films. This most likely is an enlarged elbow (olecranon) bursa. The bursa is the membrane surrounding the elbow joint which can swell and fill with fluid. If this fluid sac becomes infected, it can require drainage and antibiotics. While this enlargement can be surgically reduced, it can often recur. Other conditions that can result in elbow bumps are rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
2003-02-22 04:28:57 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-02-22 04:29:40 PM  
I call shenanigans on this. Not on the fact that Val Kilmer is a cheap vain asshole, but on the claim he has friends.
2003-02-22 04:30:15 PM  
thanks for sharing that Donald

excuse me while i go puke
2003-02-22 04:30:44 PM  
Ironically, Guy Pierce is an absolute arseholio as well. Pretentious as all get out.
2003-02-22 04:32:37 PM  
Since when does Fark have journalistic integrity? Holy shiat that's funny. Simpleman, I hope to Vishnu that you are joking. If not, lighten up and hit the bong.

If you want journalistic integrity goto
2003-02-22 04:34:25 PM  
I don't need to know about Val's large protrustions. Thanks.
2003-02-22 04:36:09 PM  
Unrelated but..

Drew quipped, "Nice shirt, but as much as I love you, you really don't 'have what it takes' to fill it out, dearie!" Cam was like, "Yeah, I know. Neither do you! But a girl can dream, can't she?"

Haha, what the fark? Who writes these things anyway. That's just horrible.
2003-02-22 04:36:38 PM  
Expired coupons are expired. Not valid. Michael Jordan is one of the most recognizable faces worldwide, but that doesn't entitle him to use an expired coupon. If he can't, why should a second rate washed up actor think he can magically unexpire coupons?

Celebrities != superhuman.

As for demanding his tip back, that's utterly moronic. If he ever eats there again, he's getting his suggested FDA of semen.
2003-02-22 04:37:36 PM  
Comment: I think BoneStorm is a loser. He thinks Val Kilmer would A) Read Fark. B) Care what some stupid asshole on the internet thinks of him.

Allow me to retort:

A) You actually think? Loser.
B) You're reading Fark. Loser.
C) You have no sense of whimsy. Loser
D) I like to think that me calling someone a loser hurts him in some way, whether he knows about it or not. When Val wakes up screaming in a cold sweat, bumping his bulbous elbow on the orange crate that doubles as his nightstand, and wondering what the hell happened to his career, I would like to feel that I had some small part in that.

I'm not the storm, I'm just the butterfly flappin'

Oh, and by the way: Loser.
2003-02-22 04:37:54 PM  
Who the fark is Guy Pearce?
2003-02-22 04:40:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

And another one falls into the cliche trap. Why did it have to be me?
2003-02-22 04:40:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Gotta love Willow, though. What a fine piece of cinema that was. Surely he knew his career could get no better after taking on that fantastic role.

Or not.
2003-02-22 04:41:36 PM  
I would have told him to fark off. No way he'd have seen a dime back.
2003-02-22 04:41:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 04:42:31 PM  
Damn you Influx! A Photoshop contest on your house!
2003-02-22 04:44:05 PM  
What are you cursing Influx for, Diogenes? I'm the one that beat your sorry @$$ to the polaroid punch!
2003-02-22 04:44:10 PM  
Kilmer was good in The Salton Sea.
2003-02-22 04:45:13 PM  
I hate you, GUY!! Guy Pierce, if you're reading this, and I'm going to take the great mental leap and actively believe that you are, you are a farking PRICK!! Die you filthy bastard.
2003-02-22 04:46:19 PM  
Somebody's got an issue.
2003-02-22 04:46:21 PM  
Collywobbles: Browser probably wasn't fully refreshed. Regardless, great minds......
2003-02-22 04:46:25 PM  
Guy pearce is that aussie dude that starred in That "queen of the desert" film...

I bet that story is only half true, media vultures.

And to anyone that is saying what a penis with ears VAL is but has not actually met Val in person and had a chat with him, you can skull a big cup of STFU.

Remember.....dont believe all the media tell you.
2003-02-22 04:47:01 PM  
P.S. the girl in that herbolove ad really reminds me of a former girlfriend of mine looked a lot like that; we used to have crazy apeshiat maniac animal sex all day and night. Man, I would go sick on that girl's bod.

/dry spell
2003-02-22 04:48:19 PM  
You would be amazed how stupid some people are... I used to work in a movie theatre and this past fall I saw some people trying to use cupons that expired in 1995. Some people don't understand the phrase "expiration date".
2003-02-22 04:48:21 PM  

If you love Val so much, why don't you marry him?

2003-02-22 04:50:04 PM  
Is it just me, or is Val Kilmer one ugly motherfarker?
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