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(Yahoo)   "Diddy is obsessed with his image as a connoisseur of the finer things in life"   ( divider line
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6762 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2003 at 4:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-22 01:07:10 PM  
He's also a talentless idiot with a rediculous "name". If he was so concerned about his image he wouldn't insist on being called "P-Diddy"
2003-02-22 01:34:41 PM  
"Music mogul Sean "P. Diddy Didily Daddy Didn'te Dumbass" Combs..."
2003-02-22 03:08:34 PM  
Is Athina looking for a house boy? He's really a man of refined taste. They have so much in common, he could discuss brooklyn gangsta life, and she could discuss how she wipes her ass with bank accounts bigger than his. Combs is the current version of the Beverly Hillbillys.
2003-02-22 03:27:07 PM  
Well, he WAS a connoisseur of one of the finer asses in life, J-Lo.
2003-02-22 04:55:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 04:56:07 PM  
Drinking your Malt Liquor out of a glass instead of the 40 does not make you a connoisseur.
2003-02-22 04:56:14 PM  
nothing to see here, move along.
2003-02-22 04:56:36 PM  
He's a talentless moron.

'nuff said.
2003-02-22 04:56:41 PM  
There's a good pickup line: "Hey, baby. You fit into my lifestyle and really help my image. Wanna come back to my place?"
2003-02-22 04:56:47 PM  
She fits into his lifestyle.

Ummm, something tells me that there aren't too many rappers in her world. He's a talentless douchebag.
2003-02-22 04:57:04 PM  
Though I'm agnostic, I pray that he ends up as broke as MC Hammer.
2003-02-22 04:57:06 PM  
What a dork.
2003-02-22 04:58:06 PM whippin' some hos and blasting some crack.

the guy is talentless; i wonder who his publicist is- he/she has done an amazing job of getting this mediocre guy's image all over the place.
2003-02-22 04:58:42 PM  
Life imitates the game of chess
You can be the rook or the pawn
If you have the strategy that's best
You can be the king or in this case the don
It's easy to get knocked out of the game
Depending on which way you want to play
You've got to have eyes in the back of your head
Now that we have that out of the way

Rev up the Lincoln
And lets get to drinking some caffeino
Lets go to nicolettis
Cause he makes a mean spaghetti sauce
I'm a connoisseur of the finer things in life
I'll take any flick with al pacino
I'm a man of respect and I prefer to be addressed as padrino

If you're the type that likes to spill the beans
You could be a stone in someone's shoe
You'll receive a kiss on each cheek
Then you'll know that pretty soon the stone will be removed
Everyone knows that crime does not pay
It doesn't pay the taxes anyway
You've got to be slick if you don't want it to stick
Now that we have that out of the way

[Repeat Chorus]

I know it's not a wise thing to do
Writing funny songs about the mob
But if it's all the same to you
I don't see it as a gang but a club
Where men sit like gentlemen
Plotting their events about
Things I shouldn't understand comprehend or care
Like...oh, I don't know maybe I shouldn't go there
After all it is a family affair

Stay out of the papers
Don't get caught
Leave the singing to Sinatra and always keep your big trap shut

The underworld is like an undertow - if you don't respect it
It will surely bring you down - when you least expect -
Hey expect it from all sides
Once you're in it it's for life
Don't be famous be infamous and you will live to see another day
Be wise about with whom you discuss
Now that we have that out of the way

[Repeat Chorus]

Padrino, Smashmouth

/me got nothing, first thing i thought of when i saw the headline
2003-02-22 04:58:52 PM  
What in the heal was Jennifer thinkin way back when ?
2003-02-22 04:59:33 PM  
I wonder if he'll insist that she's completely waxed.
2003-02-22 05:01:46 PM  
I think anyone that has to have a press conference to announce their own new nick-name is a total ass clown
2003-02-22 05:02:02 PM  
well, considering that she's with Ben Affleck now, I'd say she has a thing for talentless hacks who've made it only through their associations with a more talented friend.
2003-02-22 05:02:34 PM  
Heh, I hope newspapers publish the pussy I'm looking forward to hitting when I make it big next year with the bloodiest and intense cursing MMORPG of all time.
2003-02-22 05:03:24 PM  
"What in the heal was Jennifer thinkin way back when ?"

She actually thinks?
2003-02-22 05:03:36 PM  
This deserves the obvious tag with a drip of sarcasm. Farkin trendy ass pansy mother farker.
2003-02-22 05:04:34 PM  
I'm not sure the Onassis security detail will approve.
2003-02-22 05:05:02 PM  
Fact: Onassis=Bildeberg group

Fact: Bildeberg group=Illuminati upgraded for 21st century

Fact: Illuminati=THE MAN

Fact: THE MAN=Hitleresque racist

Result: Sean Combs is assassinated by Bildeberg geneticly engineered cyborg superhuman/alien hybred. Made to look like gang shooting. Scapegoat/fallguy is unjustifiably sent to jail for crime he didn't commit.

Although I don't care about Sean Combs, I hate the fact that some innocent and unfortunate humanbeing will be framed for murder with no chance in Hell of being cleared.
2003-02-22 05:05:49 PM  
People, please.

Don't disrespect the sexy.

(What an asshat!)
2003-02-22 05:05:51 PM  
this made my stool soften just a bit.
2003-02-22 05:07:23 PM  
Chinless f*ckin' wonder, aint he?
2003-02-22 05:08:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This is what he's after. I'd hit it for $1 billion dollars
2003-02-22 05:09:07 PM  
I heard Athina only likes Jewish boys.
2003-02-22 05:10:04 PM  
I'm a connesuer of... stuff too!

She'd fit into my lifestyle, too. I'd most definitely hit her bank accounts... err I mean her!
2003-02-22 05:10:29 PM  
He might as well by a chain with a gold shovel to wear around his neck.
2003-02-22 05:11:55 PM  
Money (power) is the most powerful insulation created by humans thus far.
2003-02-22 05:15:08 PM  
P Diddy is nothing but a dumb attractive and successful African-American.
2003-02-22 05:16:28 PM  
He's not even attractive. Just dumb.
2003-02-22 05:16:57 PM  
He is so overated. He's like the Bono of the rap industry.
2003-02-22 05:17:26 PM  
OK, the filter really went too far that time.
2003-02-22 05:17:35 PM  
Has anybody informed the lady in question that her Prince Alarming is on his way?
2003-02-22 05:19:39 PM  
Isn't he due to go back to jail?
2003-02-22 05:22:21 PM  
does anybody things he makes this girl sound like he wants a new car or fur coat. comes right out and objectifies her

2003-02-22 05:34:48 PM  
I agree with SmitetheRighteous, i think this headline definitely deserves an "obvious" tag.
2003-02-22 05:36:55 PM  
Boooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. You betta step off da black mans cryptonite!
2003-02-22 05:38:31 PM  
I believe I have to agree with everyone here. He is a no talent ass face. I mean, I am white, and I can "rap". Whatever you call it. I think "rapping" is kind of fun, like when I'm stoned or drunk and sittin around with my friends. I would say that I don't really have a "style", and I really like using quotation marks. My all time favorite b-boys are of course, ummmm.....gee, I wonder. But this guy, p-diddly-do-dod-daddy is helping ruin the art of MC'ing, there I finnally found a word that fits. Along with Nelly, those dirty southern people, Jennifer Lopez, um...Jermaine Dupris, people like that turned music into a way to be cool. I mean, look at kids in high school now, they all "rock" Tommy, LeBron James sweatbands, tape on their faces, "Err Force 1's", and such. I mean they all look the same. I graduated in 1998 and even when I went kids were doin the same thing, trying to be black. Face it people, white is "old and Busted" and black is the "new hottness". I'm glad I never went down that long and dark road, I probably would have ended up smoking crack, or in jail. Im satisfied with growing up listening to Pantera and Sepultura and such. Skating everyday after school. I never felt the need to get 2 purr of dem err force 1's. I have really no idea what I just typed, so sorry. I think this is by far my longest submission so for, and P-buddy started it all. Dumb biatch. Oh, but Snoop is still Ok with me. Fra Shizzle Mah Nizzlez! Now thats just plain funny.
2003-02-22 05:51:14 PM  
what a farking joke...
why didn't he get shot as well?
2003-02-22 05:54:31 PM  
I just heard he's changing his name again, toZip it ee Doo Dah.
2003-02-22 05:59:34 PM  
Doesn't he have enough filthy, undeserved money already?
2003-02-22 06:01:56 PM  
People need to quit disturbing "The Sexy".
2003-02-22 06:04:32 PM  
"Combs is the current version of the Beverly Hillbillys"

So funny...
So true
2003-02-22 06:04:53 PM  
I think he's trying to be her biatch. (That's probably all any man will ever be to her anyway)
2003-02-22 06:06:48 PM  
Damn, Psycho-Jay beat me to the punch. I was gonna say that.
2003-02-22 06:12:20 PM  
Please, Diddy. Athina is mine. Don't you know? Fool.
2003-02-22 06:18:43 PM  
Thats wonderful that he can truly care for someone enough to want to date them just to help his image.

Isn't it wonderful too how many classy people like him make the world a better place.

2003-02-22 06:18:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 06:22:17 PM  
"...finer things in life..."?

Don't you mean "Bling-Bling?"

Where's the Stuntaz when you need 'em?
2003-02-22 06:38:06 PM  
I thought Diddy was actually SmooveB from The Onion.

Girl...I will shower you with the finest bling that Kmart has on their ample shelves. Then I will freak you. Not once. Not twice. But thrice!

That's the promise of SmooveB (AKA PeeDoody)


[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-22 07:28:20 PM  
"You remind me of my Jeep..."
2003-02-22 07:38:05 PM  
Is P-Diddy even self aware?
2003-02-22 07:44:14 PM  
I am just sure that Athina has posters of him all over the walls of her bedroom, and has practised writing "Athina Diddy" hundreds of times in her diary.
2003-02-22 07:48:09 PM  
A little off the subject, but.. What is it with P. Duddy's mouth? It hangs open worse than if a St. Bernard and Matthew McConoughey fused at the molecular level. Does he lack the ability to close it?

/Back to your regularly scheduled program
2003-02-22 07:49:30 PM  
Apeman, that would be because of an evolutionary step he missed.
2003-02-22 07:50:05 PM  
or never made it to in the first place.
2003-02-22 08:00:19 PM  
If you have to go around broadcasting how classy you are, then you're not. Money can't buy class, just like you can't polish a turd.

Someone please buy this man a drool cup!
2003-02-22 08:40:56 PM  
2003-02-22 08:41:09 PM  
He IS obsessed with that image.

A lot of young black men grow up with the ideal image of man being "scarface"

not coincidentally, the biggest problem with the "black community" today is that there is no respect for hard work. Every rapper or sports star will say "either you rap, play ball, sell drugs, or you're a nobody"

Apparently going to college and getting a six figure job makes you a nobody.

P diddy is a douche. All this "playa" image shiat is fatal for the poor black youth.

But im sure that by saying this, someone will take the jesse jackson award and declare me a racist.
2003-02-22 09:48:16 PM  

Good point, though, for all that.
2003-02-22 09:50:03 PM  
Didn't he used to be called Sniff Doggy Drop?

Or was that someone else...
2003-02-22 09:57:46 PM  
Viddy? Come to viddy.
2003-02-22 10:00:55 PM  
A lot of men from all races grow up with the ideal image of a badass being "scarface"

Sure you gotta look past the gold, and understand you're wasting,conserving, or building the pie. I wanna be building the pie.
2003-02-22 10:11:15 PM  
Just so long as she does not disturb the sexy........
2003-02-22 10:20:25 PM  
I like girls with glasses. I'd hit it even if she was poor.
2003-02-22 10:21:05 PM  
What's up whith the artist formerly known as Puffy's teeth. I'm willing to wager that NOBODY can post a picture of that a-hole with his mouth closed.
2003-02-22 11:52:07 PM  
Angstmonger: I hear ya, he does seem to run around with a slack jaw showing off his lower teef most of the time, but I think in this picture, J.Lo told him to shut his mouf or she'd smack him one.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-23 12:27:00 AM  
His source actually refers to him as "Diddy"? How embarrassing is that?
2003-02-23 12:36:10 AM  
Madonna: Diddy?

J-lo: I don't know, I couldn't tell, he's so small.
2003-02-23 01:49:13 AM  
Man, I never really appreciated the size of his soup-coolers
2003-02-23 07:36:23 AM  
P-Diddy and all the other mouth-breathers.
2003-02-23 12:39:26 PM  
Good to know that he's making millions of dollars ripping off other people's songs.

Meanwhile people around the nation are starving in the streets, some of which are his target audience.

Well done, Diddydakadoodie, orwhatever you call yourself now. ;)
2003-02-24 01:10:46 PM  
attention poor people:

Being 'rich' like this asshat only makes you a talentless whore; $ dosnt mean respect or happiness.

you can be poor and still be a good person -- fark this moron, he's only out to sell you shiat.
2003-02-24 02:49:16 PM  
Steve Urkle in rapper clothes. can't buy class.
2003-02-24 02:53:42 PM  
Remember him crying like a biatch when he was indicted for that night club shooting?
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