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2003-02-21 03:16:49 AM
the odds are good but the goods aer odd
2003-02-21 03:17:48 AM
frost poot!!!
2003-02-21 03:19:18 AM
This is FARK-worthy...why?
2003-02-21 03:20:03 AM

i'd hit it!
2003-02-21 03:20:24 AM
Well I have 12. I must be a stud.
2003-02-21 03:21:28 AM
could someone PLEASE submit a news flash regarding the fire at the Station in Rhode Island? It is one of the biggest disasters RI has ever had. Damn fark wont let me post it. Thanks - Paul
2003-02-21 03:22:26 AM
2003-02-21 03:23:42 AM
<img src="http://pbskids.org/zoom/playhouse/images/sheep.jpg".

GIS fro sheep
2003-02-21 03:26:27 AM
could someone PLEASE submit a news flash regarding the fire at the Station in Rhode Island? It is one of the biggest disasters RI has ever had. Damn fark wont let me post it. Thanks - Paul

the shepe are ok!!
2003-02-21 03:26:53 AM
Sultan1798: could someone PLEASE submit a news flash regarding the fire at the Station in Rhode Island? It is one of the biggest disasters RI has ever had. Damn fark wont let me post it.

The reason Fark won't let you post it is it's already been submitted.

Now it has to go through Fark's extensive review process, in which every one of the thousands of links submitted daily is inspected for content and character by a highly-trained board of judges, to ensure that each story which reaches Fark's audience is of the highest quality and relevance.

Just like this thread, for example.
2003-02-21 03:27:21 AM

GIS for 'sheep' is aewsome!
take 2
2003-02-21 03:30:10 AM
I guess this is making the dating scene for the more inbred New Zealanders that much harder.
2003-02-21 03:31:06 AM
I guess this is making the dating scene for the more inbred New Zealanders that much harder.

for teh sheep you mean
2003-02-21 03:33:43 AM
I guess this is making the dating scene for the more inbred New Zealanders that much harder.

where their's a will, they're is away

2003-02-21 03:35:32 AM
Maintenance- I just tried posting the club fire article, too. 10 die at Great White concert, due to pyrotechnics. Sad.
2003-02-21 03:36:37 AM
2003-02-21 03:44:03 AM
thuo shalt not htread-jakc
yuor turn will coem, and wehn it does, i won't psot sheep to the fier thraed.
2003-02-21 03:45:03 AM
Check the forums. I've been updating fairly well(but nobody seems interested) It's the biggest fire in the history of Rhode Island. Death toll expected to reach 30. 150 injured. The worst event in the history of rock, even BEFORE the fire started.
2003-02-21 03:45:05 AM

2003-02-21 03:47:05 AM
I live about 10 minutes away from the place, one of my friends brothers was there.. barely got out alive... (yeah im talking about the station, not the stupid sheep article). Never thought I would see anything from RI getting national attention.
2003-02-21 03:50:49 AM
Saw the video clip from inside the club-- what the fark were they thinking, setting off pyro in a club that small? Looks like the wall behind the stage caught fire and burned very quickly.
2003-02-21 03:59:35 AM
I don't wan't to hijack this thread, so this will be all from me on the topic. The story can be found at MSNBC.com.
2003-02-21 04:02:18 AM
Ok sorry had to do it. Can't resist.

How do they define safe sex in New Zealand?
Branding the sheep that kick.

An Australian farmer was visiting a New Zealand
farm. In the back paddock, he comes across the
New Zealand farmer screwing a sheep. The Aussie yells, "Hey Mate--in my country we sheer our sheep!" The NZ farmer yells back, "GET STUFFED!! I'm not sharing this sheep with anybody!!!"

Q How do you get virgin wool?
A From New Zealand ugly sheep

Q Why do NZ racehorses run so fast?
A Cuz they have seen what gets done to the sheep

/me sits back and waits for kiwibastard to come online :)
2003-02-21 04:09:04 AM
02-21-03 04:02:18 AM Skin_

That reminds me of a funny pic of two NZ shagging sheep nexto each other and another eating one out in the next field. And one of the men shagging exclaims,"now that is just sick!"
2003-02-21 05:11:58 AM
I heard that in NewZealand, they recently came up with a new use for sheep..

/the only PatchAdams reference I will ever use...i swear
2003-02-21 05:14:13 AM
Only 10 per person eh? Woohoo, looks like they didn't find my top secret sheep-harem.

Seriously though, Aussie has more sheep than New Zealand - as Maintenance's picture would suggest - and China more than them.

Sad to hear about the Rhode Island Fire though, very tragic, Peace be with the people and their families at this time... Same goes for those involved in the Chicago Nightclub incident

Peace Out

the 10 sheep Kiwi S.O.B
2003-02-21 05:37:34 AM
seems like us kiwis are slipping.....

Contrary to popular beleif it is a foreign fascination with sheep shagging, and therefore, your foreign projections of New Zealanders shagging sheep is just another way for you to deny the true nature of your fiendish desires.......

You foreigners should all be sad, for the day you decide to take that leap into the unknown there may not be enough sheep to go round.

nice jokes Skin_
2003-02-21 05:41:08 AM
Hooray for flossies. Let there be velcro gloves, steep cliffs and lots of gumboots (-or wellingtons for the pommy contingent). Gonna get some sweet wooly lovin
2003-02-21 06:14:42 AM
Just remember this Goatman264 and Skin_, we may shage the sheep in New Zealand, but once we are donewith the loving we ship the meat out to you sory sonsabiatches for export... ever wonder why Kiwi Lamb makes such a juicy gravy?

- Kiwi S.O.B
2003-02-21 06:22:49 AM
Son of Bear That's why I make sure I only buy British.

It's good to have the rumours confirmed, though.
2003-02-21 07:00:12 AM
Did some research when you said oz has more sheep. Based it on sheep per person though to be consistent with the article. (obviously a bit out of date because of the drought etc)

1) Falkland Islands - 339.93 sheep per person (!!)
2) New Zealand - 14.60 sheep per person
3) Uruguay - 8.25 sheep per person
4) Australia - 7.70 sheep per person

Replace all those New Zealand jokes with Flakland Islander jokes but I still will never eat NZ lamb again :)
2003-02-21 07:06:32 AM
One thing they say about those sheep, they ain't BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD.....
/goes away now....care for some mint sauce?
2003-02-21 07:24:45 AM
Q: What do you call 2 sheep tied together in a Kiwi market square?
A: A leisure centre.
2003-02-21 07:50:07 AM
That's nothing, there's a law that says in Madera California, if you're a single bloke, you're not allowed to have just one sheep. You can have two, or seven, or eleventy-seven, but never just one.
2003-02-21 07:59:27 AM
Still enough for a different one each night and an orgy on the weekend.
2003-02-21 08:17:20 AM
If you're havin' trouble with your barnyard friends
You got a thing for ewes
Been countin' sheep, but you're not in bed
Here's what you gotta do

Get off the farm, stay outta the barn
Go read a nursery rhyme
Don't ring 976-BAAA, that kind of love's a crime

Dirty Deeds Done with Sheep
Dirty Deeds Done with Sheep
Dirty Deeds Little Bo Peep
Dirty deeds and they're done with sheep
Dirty deeds and they're done with sheep

My friend Larry has a little lamb
Her fleece is white as snow
He keeps braggin' 'bout her night and day
Someone should tell him NO.

Look at the flock, they're all in shock
Here comes that mutton fan
Knock off the fleece, give them some peace
Don't be a barndoor man, no.

Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep
Dirty Deeds Little Bo Peep
Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep
Dirty Deeds and they're done with sheep
Dirty Deeds and they're done with sheep

Velcro gloves, kneepads, late night dates
Done with sheep
Warning signs, electric fences, high voltage
Done with sheep

Dirty Deeds, don't tell them what I done to you!
Done with sheep
Dirty deeds, Dirty deeds!
Dirty deeds done with sheep --Baaaaa!
(Quiet gals, I think the shepard's comin')
2003-02-21 12:23:58 PM
Manditory George Carlin Joke:

"You know why it is when a rancher farks a sheep, he does it at the edge of a cliff? So the sheep will push back"

/har har har
2003-02-21 01:58:27 PM
Us Kiwis are proud of our sheep. They're the best quality in the world. Nice and fluffy and sweet as whatever. Do you know what they call an Australian sheep farmer wearing a suit? The defendent!
2003-02-22 03:35:22 AM
New Zealand. Where the men are men and the sheep are scared.
2003-02-22 05:17:39 PM
Goatman264, you would prefer a bit of foot n mouth british meat than clean NZ stuff? be my guest buddy. The fact that they feed the leftovers from the slaughterhouse to the rest of the animals is plain nasty. MMMMMmmmmm, leftover nerve tissue....

I love these stupid farking cliches.

PS, you will notice in Maintenances pic that the sheep is red. Obviously an australian sheep.

Proud to be a kiwi, unless we love the americas cup. Oh dear.
2003-02-23 06:13:54 PM

Ha Ha. I got nuttin....
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