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(Some Guy)   Dr. Hank Wesselman claims that after having sex with his wife, he can travel into the future.   ( divider line
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2818 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2001 at 8:55 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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Rat [TotalFark]
2001-09-10 09:03:23 AM  
me too!!! why, after sex with my wifey, its like boom!!!! then all of a sudden its the next morning...holy bejeebus!!!
2001-09-10 09:08:15 AM  
A large steamy pile of excrement!!!!
2001-09-10 09:13:52 AM  
"It's just a bunch of new-age hippie crap" - Cartman
2001-09-10 09:14:39 AM  
I have nothing clever to say . . . yet!
2001-09-10 09:26:32 AM  
does Herpes travel time as well?
2001-09-10 09:35:02 AM  
Hmm, so how does this work? Forward in time == fellatio. Backward in time == Anal. Return to the present == Vaginal.
2001-09-10 09:42:35 AM  
I just love all of these dipshiat elitist new age whack jobs. "My friends and I KNOW what is good for you, me, and the rest of humanity. Let me tell YOU what we ALL should do to become uber humans." Please, as if being human right now with your present characteristics is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. No. You must strive to become some head farked new age spiritualist ninja. Bite me.
2001-09-10 09:44:58 AM  
If I had sex with his wife, I'd want to travel into the past not the future...back when she looked good! that joke sucked.
2001-09-10 09:53:20 AM  
...One minute into the future, that is.
2001-09-10 09:53:25 AM  
To be doesn't say that anywhere on the website, hey, who submitted this and can point out where that claim is made?
2001-09-10 10:02:19 AM  
Creepy. This guy looks like Spock's brother in Star Trek V. BTW the Star Trek movies were all on TV over Labor Day weekend; I don't own them or anything, I swear!
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-10 10:16:25 AM  
i can do this too.. it is called sleeping.

then magicaly I awaken .... IN THE FUTURE!!!
2001-09-10 10:29:03 AM  
Sometimes WHILE banging my wife I travel to the past and think about all the hot TIGHT 17-18 yr olds I banged in Highschool.
2001-09-10 11:02:43 AM  
Ooh, you're gonna burn in hell, Hemroid. heh heh
2001-09-10 11:07:12 AM  
Hemroid, is that wifey's pet name for you?
2001-09-10 11:19:08 AM  
2001-09-10 11:19:49 AM  
Just a joke, seriously, I'm not joking.
2001-09-10 11:23:45 AM  
Makes you travel into the future? Damn! That's one hell of an orgasm.
2001-09-10 11:35:45 AM  
From this website was this info:

9/11/01 - Tue/Wed
Guest: Dr. Hank Wesselman
Dr. Hank Wesselman claims that after having sex with his wife, he can travel into the future. He discusses sex-induced time travel in his new book, "Vision Seeker". Research paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD is one of those rare cutting edge scientists who truly walks between the worlds. He did his undergraduate work, as well as his Masters Degree, in Zoology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to receive his doctoral degree in Anthroplogy from the University of California at Berkley. For the past 30 years, he has worked with an international group of scientists, exploring East Africa's Great Rift Valley in search of answers to the mystery of human origins. He is also a shaman in training, now in the 20th year of his apprenticeship.
2001-09-10 11:48:41 AM  
Time travel is possible...if you travel through a black hole.
2001-09-10 11:57:58 AM  
"Time travel is possible...if you travel through a black hole."

Yeah, good luck with that.
2001-09-10 12:05:31 PM  
I think Pretnar missed the joke.
2001-09-10 12:13:26 PM  
Indeed, your double entendre cleared my head by a good six, seven feet.
I'll shut up now.
2001-09-10 12:26:08 PM  
My initial reaction was "Can I try sex with your wife?" Then I saw the picture. Nevermind.

20th year of apprenticeship to be a shaman? Must have a helluva union.

And I really can't believe that someone this loopy went to the UCo-Boulder AND UCa-Berkley....
2001-09-10 12:45:39 PM  
Nutcakes. I can just see them in their purple departure clothes, neatly shoe'd in Nikes.
2001-09-10 12:58:16 PM  
initiate the Omega 13.

or Orgasmitron.

I can't remember which.
2001-09-10 01:03:35 PM  
Which way does he travel in time when he's blowing Deepak Chopra?
2001-09-10 01:05:55 PM  
Her vagina can send you into the future... and her face can stop a clock!
2001-09-10 01:06:51 PM  
Wow, isn't he worried that after this gets out, everyone will want to have sex with his wife? figure that's the point huh?
2001-09-10 02:08:28 PM  
Hehehhe... Bang Mrs. Wesselman, travel to the future and see what the winning PowerBall numbers will be! Then come back and "lease" a few freshmen cheerleaders....
2001-09-10 02:24:16 PM  
It's called a chronogasm. I thought everyone had them.
2001-09-10 02:33:35 PM  
the banner at the top of the page set off my new age hippy bullshiat detector before it even finished loading.
2001-09-10 02:41:17 PM  
...where the hell is that claim on the site?

naturally they'd be HQ'd in California and come to Hawaii for their meetings. Somehow these kind of guys don't show up in places where it's freezing cold, they only seem to show up in places that are warm all year.

Well, as long as he doesn't goof and compare his wife's vagina to a TARDIS, he should be fine. After all, when Art Bell said, "Next guest is Dr. Hank Wesselman", would not most listeners reflexively respond, "Dr. WHO?"

"Now-if my calculations are correct-when my ejaculate hits 88 miles per hour, we're gonna see some serious shiat."
2001-09-10 03:00:45 PM  
I hope this guy comes on Art Bell.
2001-09-10 03:34:15 PM  
If he can travel into the future, does this mean that he can "see" that mullets will come back into style?
2001-09-10 03:41:25 PM  
Cum with me and 'blast-off' with YOUR own time-travellin' 'rocket-ship' into the future with my hippie-afterburnout-sex-niques! Secure your order to blast-off now by calling 1-800-NAT-URAL, and for the mystical-magical price of only $69.95, secure your spot to view the exclusive web-cast-only event of me and my unshaven wife's cosmic-pussy and our galactic-orgasmic, time-travellin' adventure!

'Blow' your mind... into the future! WHOA!

2001-09-10 04:07:14 PM  
I'm traveling into the future Right NOW!!! Of course, I never get there, but I'm travelling, dammit!
2001-09-10 05:10:42 PM  
LargeYam, thanks for the laugh, i needed that today.
So, in college, I'm havin sex with my girlfriend, suddenly travel to the future, and see what she'll look like. Thank god for time travel baby!
2001-09-10 05:31:04 PM  
Now THAT'S funny, Ishidan.
2001-09-10 06:03:03 PM  
Actually, it is common for Jews to travel time after having sex. It's a Jew thing, I guess you wouldn't understand. I had trouble understanding it at first, but then realised his last name of Wesselman - very Jewesque. So I did some research, and it turns out that when Jews have sex it's like traveling back in time to Auschwitz - Holocaustarific!

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-10 06:04:31 PM  
Courtney Cox-Zucker: Funniest so far.
2001-09-10 07:26:39 PM  
freakin' WHACKJOBS!

mmmmm.... whaaaackjooooobs.
2001-09-10 09:27:57 PM  
Everything just has to be scientific these days.
Why, in my day people saw God in these situations.
Oh well.
2001-09-10 10:18:44 PM  
i must just be horny..but I think I would do her..
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