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(NBC)   Christopher Walken hosting SNL this weekend   ( divider line
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5008 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2003 at 4:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-20 02:17:48 PM  
I hid this uncomfortable hosting appearance up my ass for two years. Then, after seven years, I was sent home to my family. And now, little man, I host SNL for you.
2003-02-20 03:56:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-20 04:24:31 PM  
He had some sweet hair on Conan the other night
2003-02-20 04:40:50 PM  
A simple question, why does Fark like Christopher Walken?
2003-02-20 05:31:56 PM  
Dear lord, I finally got a submission posted! I swear it's been a year since the last time. :)

I will probably miss this ep though because I'll be out of town this weekend and all our VCRs are broken. Maybe bittorrent can help when I get back ;).
2003-02-20 05:38:04 PM  
Dapper_Dan: He sure did, and the band played the Blue Oyster Cult song from the SNL skit when he walked out.

[image from too old to be available]

"More cowbell!"
2003-02-20 09:50:02 PM  
DudeskeePersonage, the real question is "Why the Fark not?"
2003-02-20 11:28:48 PM  
Maybe this will help, DudeskeePersonage. Fark makes their faq's frickin hard to find.
2003-02-20 11:48:28 PM  
I have to agree, his hair was incredible last night. I think they spent 10 minutes on it.
2003-02-21 04:13:43 AM  
Can I interest you in some sham-pan-ya?
2003-02-21 04:15:15 AM  
You ask too many questions DudeskeePersonage
2003-02-21 04:17:49 AM  
As far as I can tell, it will be a new episode. More Cowbell part 2?
2003-02-21 04:19:30 AM  
Let us hope that there is some cowbell, hmmmmmmm?
2003-02-21 04:19:35 AM  
Anybody got hold of a demo version of the Foo Fighters new album? It was re-recorded after Grohls stint in Queens Of The Stone Age and he got a proverbial kick up the ass to re-motivate himself. I'd be interested to hear what he was going to release.
2003-02-21 04:21:15 AM  
Mas Cow-Bell!!!!
2003-02-21 04:22:54 AM  
Yeah its new:

"22-Feb-2003, This will be Christopher Walken's sixth time hosting. He had previously hosted in 1990, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2001." resource
2003-02-21 04:24:44 AM  
This guy is a true artist. He gets coveted 10 f*cking skulls award for excellence. My fav actor.....high marks in all his roles. Anyone remember Brainstorm.....that was a kewl farkin movie.
2003-02-21 04:28:03 AM  
Jay Mohr doing the Walken as the spokesman for Skittles on SNL, Laughed my balls off!
2003-02-21 04:40:04 AM  
Walken rocks. Hard.

That is all.
2003-02-21 05:15:47 AM  
We don't hire dirty centaurs!
2003-02-21 05:39:34 AM  
Peter_hookHere's a little background: Everything in pop culture was stolen from the Black man, from Jazz to Rock to comedy.

I think most of best comedy these days come from jewish humour. The rest I agree with though.

White people are so boring.
2003-02-21 05:40:22 AM  
i know at least i am dumber now hearing peter_hook, anyone else?
2003-02-21 05:41:36 AM  
Bugger: thought that must have already been submitted. I think the admins are having a 'no bad news' day or something. Either that or mass death until 15 people doesn't rate a mention.

Disclaimer: White people are boring EXCEPT FOR WALKEN !
2003-02-21 05:42:13 AM  
i am so ashamed to be white. i wish i was bread.
2003-02-21 05:47:02 AM  
Maybe Walken will do that "Continental" skit again. That's a good thing because he's the only one in the skit and you don't have to see any of those painfully unfunny cast members like Kattan and Fallon.
2003-02-21 05:55:25 AM  
Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more cowbell!

Transcript and clip. Your welcome!
2003-02-21 05:56:04 AM  
Why do we like Walken? Well he plays just about every type of role and isn't above making fun of himself. I still remember him as the exterminator in Mouse Hunt. He picks up a mouse dropping with a tweezer, pops it into his mouth, nulls for a bit, then says "calcium deficiency."
2003-02-21 06:19:01 AM  
2 Great White members also not accounted for.
2003-02-21 06:21:13 AM  
I was about ready to call it quits with SNL, Lets see if the writers can turn this Saturdays show into a peice of crap like last weeks.
2003-02-21 06:46:04 AM  
OMG, it's Leonard_Cohen!
I wants your body!
2003-02-21 07:11:07 AM  
Hopefully that entire band will see significant time.

Rock is more than 50 years old. There are antiques younger than Rock N' Roll. Move on already! Invent something new.
2003-02-21 07:15:12 AM  
Even if they do the cowbell II, it'll suck because no Will Ferrell belly. I'm the cock of the walk, baby!
2003-02-21 07:21:21 AM  
HurlyBurly, thank you!

I've been craving some cowbell for months now.
2003-02-21 07:26:48 AM  
Woah...Walkne AND the Foo Fighters???? Oh man....this is gonna be great!!!
2003-02-21 07:27:21 AM  
There is NOTHING to funck a woman by then FUNK MUSIC. The wah, the funky bass, everything about it. It's perfect. Everyone's groovin'
The Band
Yo' Woman
2003-02-21 07:28:23 AM  
Phish has to be the richest band out there. So many concerts to so many people for so much $
2003-02-21 07:36:44 AM  
I gotta tell a Walkenesque story. In True Romance Dennis Hopper tells Walken about the ummmm genetic heritage of the Sicilian people in rather graphic terms. Well my wife is Sicilian born, so as a gag my computer start up and shut down wav's are the final line of that speech..."Sicilians are part egplant."
2003-02-21 07:52:08 AM  
Walken appears in at least 4 of the best 10 SNL moments of all time.

I don't like Phish, but I hate them less than the mother of all horrid bands --> Dave Matthews. I think folk music is country music for yuppies.

Althought there are a few decent folk songs...
Circles, she's spinning me in circles. That skinny blonde girl...........
2003-02-21 07:52:20 AM  
That settles it! I'm staying home on Saturday! Well, I was going to stay home anyway because I'm sick...but now there's just no option.
2003-02-21 08:12:58 AM  
This all just signifies the coming of walken...or bill brasky...
2003-02-21 08:13:26 AM  
fallenangel...Brainstorm weirded me out.
2003-02-21 08:14:54 AM  
Walken was great on Conan. Said while his hair was getting big, he was gaining weight, and that to lose weight, he would just cut his hair and his body would shrink to match it. He was laughing, but he seemed like he meant it.

On the threadjack of this thread- did anyone see the footage of the club on CNN? The ceilings looked to be about 8-10 feet. FIREWORKS???? Tragic.
2003-02-21 08:15:19 AM  
I think this was an excellent use of the Walken tag.

Should be a great episode! Don't Fear the Reaper playing in my head at this moment.
2003-02-21 08:18:54 AM  

Yup, my early teenage years were affected by that flick, and I am still a little trange because of it.
2003-02-21 08:19:38 AM  
Strange, even.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-02-21 08:27:23 AM  
"Foo Fighters?

for some reason, I thought you guys would've been chinese"
2003-02-21 08:29:07 AM  
Jay-Tea, it will probably sound like Rocket From the Crypt, the band they ripped off of with their recent single.

(oh christ that's poor grammar)
2003-02-21 08:47:28 AM  
How 'bout the photo of Walken with the goatee that Conan had? Scary scary scary.
2003-02-21 09:17:33 AM  
Peter_hook, I would have never known you could be so passionate about something after seeing some of your video appearances.
2003-02-21 09:34:10 AM  
hey this is a Walken thread not a phish thread

I'd buy Walken for a dollar, phish I might just download on kazaa...
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